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Eroica yori Ai o Komete
(From Eroica with Love)

Dorian Red Gloria, Earl of Gloria, is a member of the British nobility with an appetite for art, beauty, and adventure. In his pursuit of these things, he has taken on a second persona: That of "Eroica", an international art thief.

Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach is a German NATO officer, a major in the espionage division. He is a man obsessed with doing his duty, and a man who despises those (the majority of humanity) who can't live up to his exacting standards. When you see this man smiling, someone is about to pay in blood and mayhem.

The year is 1976 when the two cross paths and purposes for the first time. After a rocky start, Dorian falls in love with his "twisted wire". Klaus, naturally, cannot stand homosexuals. Through the height of the Cold War, Klaus matches wits with many KGB agents all across the world. Dorian often manages to get himself involved in Klaus' missions, but whether he helps or hinders more is never certain.

There are diversions for pleasure, diversions to tease, and diversions of necessity.
Note: This story is now complete, and was included in the Eroica 'zine Iron & Silk. Many thanks to Jenny for taking a stand on commas, and Louise for leading me to a life of elegance. Also, an abundance of gratitude to Mosellegreen and Sindeniirelle for sharp eyes and kind words, and to Esda, whose edits unfortunately didn't make it into the print version, but are here.
Introduction: Introspection
Ch 1 - In which nothing much happens to advance the plot and Dorian is faced with the horrors of long underwear.
Ch 2 - In which Dorian takes an unexpected dive and Klaus gets a fetish for bony ankles.
Ch 3 - In which the charms of alternative transportation are explored and a discussion of Russian fauna occurs.
Ch 4 - In which we discover that aviation and driving are not a good mix, and there is much conversation.
Ch 5 - In which someone is shot, someone is ill, and someone says something he didn't mean to.
Ch 6 - In which someone visits Mischa, someone makes a phone call, and the author finally finishes the story.

Ficlet. Response to the Castle Gloria January Challenge - ie November Choices Challenge.
Summary: Bonham gives James a choice.

Zoom In
Summary: Altogether, it was not the kind of place you expected to find Charles Laurence.

Ficlet. Response to the Castle Gloria Giving Challenge.
Summary: The Christmas spirit must be in the air, as Mischa learns when someone asks him to do them a favor. Good thing he's in a giving mood....

Jack o' the Lantern
Ficlet. Response to the Castle Gloria Halloween Challenge.

Ficlet. Response to the Castle Gloria Transportation Challenge.

Conversations in the Dark
Ficlet. Response to the Castle Gloria Patriotism Challenge.

No Appetite
Ficlet. Response to the Castle Gloria Packing Challenge.

Unnamed Drabbles