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Princess Comics ($2 an issue)

A shoujo manga monthly "telephone" magazine, so-called because it's the size of a telephone directory. Roughly 560 pages, containing chapters of serial comics, such as the popular "After School Nightmare", as well as short-story comics, short gag strips, and columns.

I hate to sell them when the year's subscription cost me $160, but I need the space. T_T

[ October Contents ]
October '05, February '06, June '06

Hana no Asuka-gumi Bunko Vol. 1-4 ($4 a comic, $12 for the set)
by Takaguchi Satosumi

The story of Asuka and her odd adventures as a tough yankee girl on the streets of Tokyo. Turns into an almost shounen-esque storyline as she fights to outsmart various female gangs manipulated by a mysterious evil woman.

Patalliro Saiyuki! Vol. 1-3 ($2.50 a comic)
by Mineo Maya

The Patalliro cast wrecks havoc on the Saiyuki classic.