This is an unofficial fan website for Jun Shibuki, a former Takarazuka actress. Most of the information on this page comes from two sources: the Official Takarazuka Revue Website and her official website évoluer online.

Stage Name: ~ Shibuki Jun
Nickname: Rika
Birthday: Nov. 19, 1969
Birthplace: Gunma Prefecture
Sign: Scorpio
Favorite Hobby: Travel
Blood-Type: A
Skill: Dance
Height: 170 cm (5'7")

Jun Shibuki was trained in modern dance and ballet as a young girl. However, when she was in junior high there was a problem when she was in a ballet production, because she was too tall for the role. Her dance instructor suggested she try the Takarazuka Music School, since she would fit in well as an otoko-yaku.

Her Takarazuka line-dance debut was in 1986, in Revue Kokyogaku (Revue Symphony). In 1992, she took on the lead role in the shinjinkoen (newbie) version of Spartacus. In 2001, she became the Top Star of Moon Troupe, and she retired in March of 2004. In April of that same year, she joined Oscar Production talent agency. 2004's Kassai ~Ai no Bolero~ (Applause ~Love Bolero~) was her debut in a normal female role.

Takarazuka Roles

  Revue Kokyogaku (Revue Symphony) (Moon Troupe)
  May - Assigned to Flower Troupe
( 1988 - 2003 )
  Bara no Fuin (Seal of Roses) ~Vampire Requiem~ / Francis
  March - Retired from Takarazuka Revue

Current/Recent Roles

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  [TV Drama] Antique Shop Muenzaka (guest appearance)
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  [Tour] JUN SHIBUKI 20th premium CONCERT XXSPLASH! [ flier pdf ]
  [Tour] Malaysia 20th Anniversary of Shibuki Jun's Stage Debut Concert Tour
  [Show] Jacques Brel is Alive and Well & Living in Paris
  [Show] Youhen Genji Monogatari ~ Moonflower Chapter / Genji
  [Show] Kurokawa no Techou [ flier ] / Club Mistress
  [Dinner Show] 20th PREMIUM Shibuki Jun Christmas Dinner Collection 2006
  [Show] Titanic / Kate McGowen
  [Show] Thoroughly Modern Millie / Millie
  [Show] Dancin' Crazy [ flier pdf ]
  [Show] Onna Nezumi Kohako [ flier jpg ]
  [TV Drama] Jigoku no Sata mo Yome Shidai
  [Show] Dracula / Lucy Westenra
  [Show] Loving and Youthful Takarazuka / Mineno Shirayuki (Ryuutan)
  [Show] SHOUT! / The Blue Girl