Takarazuka GRAPH Sep. 2004 - 90 Questions Feature!
Hiromu Kiriya

Music School

Your cleaning area?
--Classroom number one.
Your favorite class was?
--Tap. I had wanted to do it even before I entered the music school, so I really enjoyed it.
Ever get a lecture?
--More than I can count. Among them the strongest memory is... a secret (laugh).
Dorm student? Commuting student?
--I was a dorm student.
School trip?
--Hokkaido. In the end I, just like all my classmates, ate endlessly and got fat (laugh).
When did you decide on otokoyaku or musumeyaku?
--From the time I took the entrance exam I had decided to be an otokoyaku.
What surprised you?
--There wasn't anything that particularly surprised me.
When did you decide to take the exams?
--When I finished junior high school.
The Culture Festival (what role did you play)?
--A hotelman who was a former safe-breaker, named Pierre. It was my first time playing a male role, so I felt both glad and embarrassed.
What left an impression on you?
--All of that concentrated time spent with friends who were classmates moving toward the same dream.


If you go to Tokyo, do you take a plane? The shinkansen (bullet train)?
--A plane. I like being up high.
Do you have a license?
--I have a normal car license.
Do you get motion sickness?
--I don't.
Something you'd like to try to drive?
--A motorcycle (a large one).
Can you ride a bike? A unicycle?
--I can ride a bike, but I've never ridden a unicycle.
Your favorite ride in an amusement park?
--The rollercoaster. Any ride which takes you up and spins you high in a swing.
When you ride in a plane, what drink do you chose from the service cart?
--Hot coffee.
If you went around the world, what would you want to ride?
--I don't like boats, so other than boats I'd use everything else freely. I'd go across all of the contiguous countries of Europe by train, and I'd want to fly over deserts in a plane.
Have you ever ridden any animals?
--I've ridden a horse.
What kind of license do you want?
--I want to try and ride a motorcycle, so a two-wheeler license. And after that I'd like to try to get a Cessna plane license.


--Oval-shaped with a sharp feel.
Hours of sleep?
--7~8 hours.
--A person who is emotionally mature, yet still has the heart of a boy.
--I guess that would be my dog Finch (laugh).
--The Japanese-style meal that you get when you stay at a ryoukan.
--It would have a canopy bed, and would feel like a Bali resort hotel bedroom. Although I hate mosquitos (laugh).
Alarm clock?
--One that gives you a snooze alarm five minutes after the time it first goes off. Although I usually wake up naturally and don't oversleep...
Hair type?
--Thin and soft, and it can blow in the wind.
Town? (The ideal town you'd live in)
--A town with mountains and the sea, close to both the country and a city.
Old age?
--I'd want to be isolated on a mountain where I would make pottery in the wilderness.


What's a view that's left an impression on you?
--When I was a child we went skiing at a snow-covered mountain. The view from the top of the lift was beautiful.
Mountain vacation? Seaside vacation?
--A mountain vacation.
What starry sky do you want to see?
--So long as it's beautiful, any starry sky is fine.
A natural panorama you'd like to see?
--The aurora.
Cherry blossoms or fall foliage?
--I like both, but... if I had to choose one I would probably say cherry blossoms.
Favorite season?
--Fall. It's the season was born in, and I like how it feels as if time passes more slowly.
Have you ever seen the first sunrise of the New Year?
--I haven't. I'd like to see it at least once.
Something from nature that you want to eat?
Are you the kind of person who worries about the weather report?
--I don't really worry about it. The first time I know what the day's weather is like is when I step outside.
Do you grow any plants in your home?
--The potted agave is more there than being grown (laugh). It doesn't need any care and it grows rapidly, so it's perfect for a person like me who's managed to let even cactii dry out (laugh).

What would you do if?

If you couldn't sleep?
--When I think, "I can't sleep!" I get overly impatient, so I watch TV, or read a book and wait until I get sleepy.
If you're on stage and you're not supposed to laugh, but you think you might?
--I focus on resisting it. Though there have been times when I've looked really funny while resisting (laugh).
If you fell down in front of someone?
--While laughing I'd try to turn it to my advantage (laugh). Or I'd stand up as if nothing had happened.
If you could be a teacher for a day, what would you teach?
--I'd like to try being a cooking teacher.
If you had to spend a thousand dollars in one day?
--I'd spend half going out to eat delicious food everywhere, and I'd use half shopping.
If you were going to sing at a wedding reception, what would you sing?
--That standard of all standards, "Tentou Mushi no Samba" ("Samba of the Ignored Heaven") [from Neon Genesis Evangelion] (laugh).
If you had to play a female role?
--I'd give myself a waist (laugh).
If you were invisible for a day?
--I'm curious about what Finch does all day while I'm gone, so I'd try watching him.
If there was a copy robot of you?
--I'd want it to clean up and put my house in order. Meanwhile I'd go out and enjoy myself (laugh).
If you could go back in time to the Edo Period?
--I'd want to be a warrior.


How big is your palm?
Right- or left-handed?
Have you ever had your palm read?
--I have. I was told something like: "If you were a man, this would be a good fortune." (laugh)
Do you wear rings?
Are you good at rock-paper-scissors?
--When I want to win I lose, and when I want to lose I tend to win... what do you think? (laugh)
Are you skillful with your hands?
--I'm neither skilled nor unskilled.
Can you do magic tricks?
--I can't.
What shape do you make your onigiri (rice balls)?
Your hand temperature?
The one thing you'll never let out of your hands?
--Nothing in particular.


--My feet (laugh).
--The sun.
--An absence of sound... I like quiet.
--A trip into outer space. I've seen it on the news (laugh).
--I saw it when I was in Hanagumi, Miki Maya-san and the others "Amens." They were imitating hosts, and it was really fun entertainment.
Japanese Things?
--Habutae [a type of silk].
First Day?
--Rest for the heart and body.


Someone you're interested in, or something?
--Korean drama. Everyone seems to be talking about it, so I'd like to watch it once.
Something you want to eat?
--Thai cooking.
A shampoo you use?
A place you want to go?
--Argentina, where we staged a Hanagumi play that I acted in.
What question is this (now)?
--Eeeh!? Um... About 60? (The correct answer is 75th.)
Something you're addicted to?
--Nothing at the moment, but something I'd like to attempt is "Nigari". I've heard from a lot of people that listening to the newsletter is good for your body, so I'd like to try it when the next issue comes out.
Something you have to do?
--Tidy my room (laugh). I moved recently, so there's still a lot of things still sitting in boxes...
A problem?
--My room isn't tidy (laugh).
Something important to you?
--A peaceful world.
Are your shoulders stiff?
--No. More than my shoulders getting stiff, I'm the type who gets pains in her neck.

Takarazuka 90th

When you compare where you were ten years ago with were you are today?
--Ten years ago I was always in a hurry, "There's no time", but now I'm much less impatient than I was before. I think I've stopped rushing, and started letting myself move at a more natural pace. Compared to ten years ago, I suppose it feels as if the flow of time has slowed.
What Takarazuka production from the past would you like to have seen live?
--The one that gave me the motivation to decide to take the entrance exam, Tenshi no Bishou * Akuma no Namida (Angel's Smile * Devil's Tears) [Based on Faust]. I only saw it broadcast on TV, and I'd like to see it live.
Where (or when) do you feel the 90 years of history?
--This year there's a heap of 90th anniversary events (laugh), and when I'm participating in those events I can feel the 90 years of history. However, for me, because I'm here now in the current Takarazuka, I think I feel the "now" more than the "history."
How long does it take you to put your make-up on for a performance?
--Wig and make-up, 30 minutes. I'm comparatively fast.
When do you feel glad that you joined Takarazuka?
--Being surrounded by friends, and supported by fans, when I'm troubled by a role, or something is bothering me... in other words, when I'm in the process of developing a production and I'm riding along on the huge waves I feel happy.
What's your favorite Takarazuka song?
--I have so many I can't narrow it to one, but... the one that moves me the most is "Forever Takarazuka."
What happened when you first saw yourself in Takarazuka make-up?
--"Achaaa!" (laugh) And after that I told myself: "you'll get better" (laugh).
Is there a role you've done in the past that you'd like to do once more?
--Arno from Nagai Haru no Hate ni (At the End of a Long Spring). It was my first role as an adult man, and at the time I was hard put to do it. Now I think I could put more power into it, because of the other male roles I've traced out.
Something that Takarazuka students hold dear?
--To be true to yourself and to have a natural body.
What do you think about Takarazuka's 90th anniversary?
--I think it is a special theater, one of a kind, which hasn't stopped fascinating its many fans, and from now on I'd like to see it keep running along more and more on its own path. I, as part of that Takarazuka, would like to polish my own individuality more.