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2003/05/14 Flower Troupe: 瀬奈じゅん Sena Jun [The name of Takarasienne]
My father's beloved Ayrton Senna

Her stage name was chosen by her parents' wishes: 「瀬奈」 for her father, 「じゅん」 for her mother.

"My father was an Ayrton Senna (a genius F1 racer) fan, and it just sounded lovely to me. His death in the racing accident was a shock. My mother went to high school with Ariake Jun (a former Takarasienne)."

She's a popular 2nd tier otokoyaku star. She's had lead roles in shinjin koen and Bow Hall performances, and was steadily stepping up, but she says that her turning point was the dinner show in her ninth year.

"Before then I took whatever they gave me cheerfully and without a care, but suddenly I began to wonder what I really wanted to do. I changed inside, and became conscious that I wanted to be the kind of person who was always searching to improve her peronality."

Last year she had her first female role, the huge role of Scarlet in "Gone With the Wind", and the important supporting role of Luchini in "Elisabeth."

In the beginning of this year she is participating in Flower Troupe's Takarazuka Kageki Hall productions of "Nokaze's Flute" and "Revue Rebirth" with Senka member Todoroki Yuu (until July 7th).

"In this historical play my role is the commander's martial arts instructor, Yagyuu Muneyoshi. In the revue show you can feel the atmosphere of the new members of Flower Troupe, and it's a great feeling. It's a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it."

And in October she'll be staring in a Bow Hall production of "A Tale of Two Cites", "so please look forward to it!"

* Flower Troupe Sena Jun, joined in '92, and is from Suginami District in Tokyo.