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Akechi Kogorou's Incident Report -The Black Lizard-

A Flower Troupe Performance, 2007
Based on Edogawa Rampo's novel The Black Lizard
Script Written and Directed by: Kimura Shinji

Akechi Kogorou (a brilliant private detective): Haruno Sumire
Madame Midorikawa ~ The Black Lizard (a famous thief): Sakurano Ayane
Amamiya Junichi (a former boxer): Matobu Sei
Namikoshi (a police inspector and Akechi's friend): Sou Kazuho
Iwase (a jeweler): Natsumi You
Sanae (Iwase's daughter): Nono Sumika
Detective Amagi (Namikoshi's assistant): Takashou Mizuki
Detective Oka (Namikoshi's assistant): Hanagata Hikaru
Oshige (Iwase's housemaid): Rika Masumi
Terasaka (a houseboy in the Iwase household): Aine Harei
Otaka (a houseboy in the Iwase household): Misuzu Aki
Kobayashi (a boy who works for Akechi): Sakura Ichika

Scene 1 – Ginza, The Black Lizard Club

A black stage. The sounds of war. A small girl crouches in the spotlight.

The Black Lizard’s Voice: (A little girl’s voice) Help me, brother! Help me!

A club in Ginza. The Black Lizard is lost in daydreams at the bar counter. The girl sinks from sight.

Black Lizard: (Mature voice) Brother!

She jumps to her feet and the music stops.

Black Lizard: (A low voice like a man’s) Hunh. The war? What an unpleasant dream.

Amamiya appears. He is unshaven and ragged-looking.

Amamiya: Madame.

Black Lizard: (Her Madame voice) Oh my. You’ve come all the way to the club?

Amamiya: Please lend me some money.

Black Lizard: Money?

He clutches at her shoulders.

Amamiya: Quickly. There’s no time.

Black Lizard: You’re going to flee, or something like that?

He’s taken aback.

Black Lizard: Bull’s-eye. Jun-chan, what have you done?

Amamiya: I can’t say. It’ll bring trouble.

Black Lizard: Don’t I owe a debt to you for helping me? Fleeing… Hey. Did you perhaps kill someone?

Amamiya is resigned.

Black Lizard: Who was it?

Amamiya: That bastard Kitajima and Sakiko. They died when I hit them.

Black Lizard: (laughs) Your strength is something to take note of! You helped me; you killed someone. What about the bodies?

Amamiya: They’re still in my apartment… (desperately) Please. Please lend me some money.

Black Lizard: Please give up this idea of fleeing. They’ll capture you at the docks and that will be the end of it.

Amamiya: Then should I hide in Tokyo?

Black Lizard: That is preferable. Wait. Jun-chan, your apartment is five stories, right?

Amamiya: Yes.

Black Lizard: (suddenly laughs in a deep voice) Ah, how pleasant, and there are perfect corpses!

Amamiya: Corpses?

Black Lizard: Leave it to me. There’s a way to make things safe.

Amamiya: How?

She strokes his beard.

Black Lizard: You’ll die, Jun-chan.

Amamiya: I’ll die?

Black Lizard: Yes. The man named Amamiya Junichi will be killed, neatly and simply.

“The War is Over (Charlston)”

Black Lizard:
The war is over
Life become so valuable
Although I threw it away calmly
The war is over
Life can be bought
Although I sold it cheaply
But it can be bought
I can still buy it
For a moderate cost
I can buy a life!

Black Lizard: We’ll open soon. The night at The Black Lizard Club begins.

Amamiya: Wait. If the police come—

Black Lizard: Kitajima? Sakiko? In two or three days' time no one will care about their deaths.

Amamiya: And what about me?

Black Lizard: Come back again when the club is jumping. (Madame voice) All right? You’re my thing now.

A crowd of customers fills the club.

The war is over
Japan is so at peace
Days now when we can drink joyfully
Be joyful!
Bewitching nights
Hey! Hey!
Come dive in!

Black Lizard: Welcome to the Ginza night! Do you know who I am?

Customers: The Black Lizard!

Black Lizard: Do you want to see it again tonight? That black lizard?

Customers: Show us! Show us!

The music stops. The Black Lizard turns and reveals the black lizard tattooed upon her back.

Customer 1: He’s come out! The little lizard.

Customer 2: Ohh, tremendous!

Customer 3: Dance for us!

“The War is Over (Slow Latin)”

The Black Lizard dances as her customers call out. Her eyes fall on one of them.

Black Lizard: Oh my. How stylish. Your name?

Akechi: Akechi Kogorou.

He turns around to face her.

Akechi: Midorikawa-san. I’ve come to meet you.

Black Lizard: (her mood sobers) Stop it, don’t call me that.

Akechi: The Iwase family’s eldest daughter, Sanae-san, says she wants you with her.

Black Lizard: If I don’t work, I can’t eat.

Akechi: But you don’t really have to work, do you, managing this club for its rich owner?

The customers get restless.

Customer 4: What’s going on?

Customer 5: Dance some more!

Black Lizard: Impossible tonight, you see.

Akechi: Tomorrow?

Black Lizard: I wonder.

Akechi: I’ll come again tomorrow.

He turns to go.

Black Lizard: Dance. Let’s have fun together.

Akechi: Unfortunately I won’t feel enjoyment even if I’m dancing. Not when I’m drinking, and not when being rowdy either.

Black Lizard: If you don’t dance with me, I won’t go tomorrow either.

“The War is Over (Slow Latin ~ Latin)”

They dance.

Scene 2 – Ginza Hotel (The Lobby)

“The War is Over (Ballad)”

The war is over
Japan has become wealthy
So many different
Buildings lined up in a row

The war is over
This beautiful hotel has been built
With so many guests visiting

In the Ginza Hotel lobby, the jeweler Iwase is standing with Inspector Namikoshi and police detectives Amagi and Oka.

Namikoshi: Where is Akechi-kun?

Iwase: You are?

Namikoshi: I’m Namikoshi. An inspector.

Iwase: An inspector? After all that I asked of the police office, why now?

Namikoshi: The police can’t help you until after an incident occurs.

Iwase: Please leave.

Namikoshi: Akechi-kun is on the move. That means something is definitely going to happen.

Iwase: Leave! Listen well. Nothing is going to happen. I employed Akechi Kogorou so that nothing will happen.

They leave reluctantly. Sanae arrives.

Sanae: Father, were those policemen?

Iwase: Yes. Useless louts. What do they think I pay taxes for?

Akechi and Midorikawa (the Black Lizard) arrive.

Black Lizard: Iwase-san. You can do anything with money, can’t you?

Sanae: Midorikawa-san! I was so sad when you didn’t come yesterday.

Black Lizard: (points at Akechi) Because you sent him to fetch me.

Iwase: He’s a famous detective.

Black Lizard: Just because he’s famous doesn’t mean he has to be capable.

Iwase: Akechi-san, is it all right for you to be coming and going from the hotel?

Akechi: I've spent my hand.

Iwase: I paid you a large fee.

Akechi: When I remove expenses, there's almost nothing left.

Black Lizard: (to Sanae) What shall we play? I took a room here as well, so we can spend the whole night together. Trump?

Sanae: I don’t really feel up to…

Black Lizard: Of course. (points to Iwase) A threatening letter to a jeweler. (points to Sanae) They say they’ll take his daughter, Sanae. (points to Akechi) So then he employs the “famous detective”. It all looks so foolish.

Iwase: It will be too late after they’ve kidnapped Sanae.

Black Lizard: If you pay the ransom?

Iwase: I have no intention of doing that.

Black Lizard: (laughs) And there it is! It really is money, then.

Iwase: No, a jewel. And my daughter is not for sale.

Black Lizard: You don’t want to give away what belongs to you. Ah, how tedious. Sanae-san, what do you do when you’re bored?

Sanae: I talk to someone and distract myself.

Black Lizard: That’s no good. You’re just deceiving yourself. When you’re bored, you see, you have to enjoy the boredom.

“The Wager”


Black Lizard: Is this a novel? Are we all characters in the novel?

Bellboy and Maid:
Work is so boring

Black Lizard: So you've decided that the threatening letter which came was a bluff. It’s certainly someone who feels bitter towards Iwase-san. But what if it’s real? Then they are a master thief.


Black Lizard: A normal thief would be dull. It’s a woman. A female thief. Perhaps someone like me.

Sanae: How frightening.

Iwase: That’s mad.

Black Lizard: That’s right. Mad. Akechi-san.

Akechi: What?

Black Lizard: I’m a great thief. Let’s make a wager on what will happen.

Akechi: A wager.

Bellboy and Maid: Work is so boring

Black Lizard: If Sanae-san is kidnapped, you’ll stop being a detective. You’ll throw away your pride and reputation, and become a normal human. On the other hand, if you catch the criminal, I’ll give you all the jewels I own.

Akechi: I decline.

Black Lizard: Why?

Akechi: I will protect Sanae-san to the end. To take all of your jewels would be too much compensation.

Black Lizard: Aren’t you bored?

Akechi: Yes, I’m bored.

Black Lizard: So then take the wager.

Akechi: My own boredom is sufficient. I can’t be burdened with other people’s.

Black Lizard: You’re too serious. Only half of you is alive.

Akechi: Half?

Black Lizard: Detective? Shall I divulge the truth? Only the things which are so tedious. You have to live more in the world of lies. Are you listening? The false thief and the false detective will wager everything for a lie.

“The Wager”

Bellboy and Maid:
Work is so boring
So boring I want to run away…!

Akechi laughs loudly.

Akechi: You like lies that much. All right. Let’s make a wager.

Black Lizard: I’m so pleased.

Iwase: Wha- Stop fooling around! You’re absolutely mad!

Sanae: Father, I’m sleepy.

Iwase: Oh, of course. Go on back to our room and sleep. This isn’t a conversation for you.

Black Lizard: I’ll go too. (to the bell boy) An evening paper, please.

Akechi: I’ll stay in the lobby. …Sanae-san. No matter what happens, stay calm.

“The War is Over (Bridge)”

Scene 3 – Ginza Hotel (Lobby and Rooms)

Akechi remains on the sofa in the lobby while Iwase, Sanae and the Black Lizard take the elevator up to their rooms.

Black Lizard: Oh, that’s right. Sanae-san, won’t you come to my room? I have that doll I mentioned earlier.

Sanae: A doll? I love dolls.

Iwase: Sanae needs to go to sleep.

Black Lizard: Just for a moment.

Sanae: I must.

The two go into the Black Lizard’s room. She stops Iwase from following and speaks to him in the hallway.

Black Lizard: This is a lady’s room.

Iwase: Uh. But-

Black Lizard: Don’t worry. I’ll see her back to your room.

Iwase: Sanae, don’t intrude on her for too long.

Sanae: Yes.

Iwase goes into his own room.

Sanae: Where is the doll?

Black Lizard: Let me turn on the lights.

The room brightens, and Amamiya comes up behind Sanae. He has shaved. He grabs her, and she passes out.

Amamiya: Is this really all right?

The Black Lizard strokes his jaw.

Black Lizard: Shaved, you make a lovely man.

Amamiya: Am I really safe now?

She hands over the newspaper.

Black Lizard: Yes, here’s the evening paper. Your accident is in it. Read it later. Undress Sanae.

The Black Lizard and Amamiya carry Sanae behind a curtain. Meanwhile, Inspector Namikoshi comes up to Akechi in the lobby.

Namikoshi: Akechi-kun.

Akechi: Namikoshi-kun? It’s not time for the police to make their appearance yet.

Namikoshi: You’re my friend, so I’ve come.

Akechi: You’ll make me cry.

Amagi and Oka arrive.

Amagi/Oka: Inspector.

Namikoshi: Amagi. Oka. You didn’t go home?

Amagi: We were out drinking and then couldn’t go home.

Oka: All of the last trains have gone.

Akechi: Good evening, policemen.

Namikoshi: Akechi-kun, I’ve got a hunch from my many years. I have a premonition that something is going to happen tonight.

Akechi: A hunch? A premonition? Oh, cut it out.

In the Black Lizard’s room, Amamiya comes out from behind the curtain pushing a large trunk. The Black Lizard’s voice sounds from behind the curtain.

The Black Lizard’s Voice: Did you read the paper?

He has the newspaper in his hand.

Amamiya: I don’t believe it. "A former boxer kills a man and woman. The criminal, Amamiya Junichi, commited suicide by jumping from the room." That’s me. I killed myself.

The Black Lizard’s Voice: A simple trick. I picked a corpse that looked like yours from the morgue, smashed up the face, and sent it through the window of your room. We owe the morgue worker. He’s one of mine.

Amamiya: It’s just like magic.

The Black Lizard’s Voice: Well then, is this magic too?

Sanae emerges from behind the curtain.

Amamiya: Wha-? (he points at the trunk) Ahh…

The Black Lizard (Sanae): (in the Black Lizard’s voice) Sanae-san is both there and here? It’s me. A perfect transformation, wouldn’t you say?

Amamiya: Impossible.

Black Lizard (Sanae): Sanae-san, you have such a pretty body. Don’t just stand there admiring. Do as we planned.

There is a knock. Iwase has come for Sanae. The Black Lizard (pretending to be Sanae) picks up an object wrapped in a red cloth and goes to the door.

Iwase: Sanae.

He knocks again.

Black Lizard (Sanae): (in Sanae’s voice as she opens the door) Oh, father.

Iwase: Come on back to the room.

Black Lizard (Sanae): (facing into the room) My father has come for me. (in the Black Lizard’s voice) Oh, already?

Iwase: I should say hello to Midorikawa-san…

Black Lizard (Sanae): She’s changing. (to the room) See you tomorrow!

The-Black-Lizard-as-Sanae exits and goes into the hall. They go into Iwase’s room. Amamiya looks into the trunk at the real Sanae. He appears worried, and stuffs a blanket in with her before closing the door. He wheels it out into the hall and into the elevator.

Iwase looks at the cloth in “Sanae’s” hands.

Iwase: What’s the cloth?

Black Lizard (Sanae): The doll. She let me borrow it.

Iwase: Isn’t it important to her?

Black Lizard (Sanae): It’s just a decoration.

The head of the night shift passes by.

Head: Have a good night.

Iwase locks the door behind him.

Iwase: I don’t think I’ll sleep again tonight.

Black Lizard (Sanae): How about a whisky?

Iwase: Yes, that should calm my nerves.

She prepares him a whisky and slips a drug into it before giving it to him.

Iwase: Sanae.

Black Lizard (Sanae): What?

Iwase: Are you happy?

Black Lizard (Sanae): Yes. I live a life without a single discomfort.

Iwase: To hear you say that is worth all the effort it took to go from being penniless to where I am now.

The drugged whisky takes its effect and he falls asleep. In the lobby we can hear snoring. Namikoshi, Amagi and Oka are asleep on the sofa.

Akechi: So they fell asleep. (he whispers to Namikoshi) So, friend. What about your hunch?

Namikoshi opens his eyes.

Namikoshi: I’m not sleeping.

Akechi: My apologies.

Namikoshi: Akechi-kun, are you just going to wait like this?

Akechi: Something will happen when it happens.

Namikoshi: If Sanae-san is kidnapped, it will hurt your reputation.

Akechi: I don’t care about my reputation. I don’t even use my real name.

Namikoshi: Oh? It’s different?

Akechi: When I became famous I was using Akechi by chance.

Namikoshi: What’s your real name?

Akechi: Who knows? And why not? Things you seem to know, you don’t. It's a common enough story, even among best friends.

Namikoshi: By the way, I’m married.

Akechi: Really. Congratulations. You’ve just gotten married then.

Namikoshi: We had a huge fight yesterday. She’s saving up secretly or something.

Akechi laughs.

Namikoshi: You don’t feel like marrying?

Akechi: No.

Namikoshi: The criminal is your lover?

Akechi: Criminals are all men.

Namikoshi: She could be a woman.

Akechi: I wonder. Can I ask you something?

Namikoshi: Anything.

Akechi: Why did you get married?

Namikoshi: Hm. Well, I wanted children.

Akechi: …Got it. Namikoshi-kun.

Namikoshi: Hm?

Akechi: Whenever I chase down a criminal, I’m searching for the thrill. That thrill is something that is disappearing.

In Iwase’s room he has fallen asleep in his chair.

Black Lizard (Sanae): (in Sanae’s voice) Good night. (in the Black Lizard’s voice) That calmed your nerves, didn’t it? The sleeping powder mixed in. Father, you probably won’t see Sanae again.

“The Ache in My Chest”

The Black Lizard unwraps the red cloth and takes out a doll’s head that looks exactly like Sanae. While Akechi sings, she dances with the head.

I’ve lived this long
By chasing after that thrill

Taking up every hour
With the pursuit
Chasing crime
And then one day
I didn’t understand anymore

Sanae puts the doll’s head in Sanae’s bed and arranges things so that it looks like the girl is sleeping. She returns to her room and disappears behind the curtain.

For whose sake am I pursuing?
Why am I pursuing?
For the sake of the people
For the sake of justice
Only the words spin on fruitlessly

For whose sake am I pursuing?
Why am I pursuing?
For the sake of the people
For the sake of justice
Only the words spin on fruitlessly…!

We can hear the Black Lizard’s voice.

The Black Lizard’s Voice: You have to live more in the world of lies.

My chest aches…
Who is that woman?

Namikoshi: Akechi-kun.

Akechi: Eh?

Namikoshi: What’s wrong? You’re staring into space.

Bellboy 1 comes up to Akechi.

Bellboy 1: Are you Akechi-sama?

Akechi: I am.

Bellboy 1: A telegram for you.

Akechi reads the telegram, and then shows it to Namikoshi.

Akechi: Your hunch was correct.

Namikoshi: “Tonight 2 am.” What time is it now?

Akechi: It’ll be 2 am in five minutes.

Akechi heads for Iwase’s room. Namikoshi wakes up Amagi and Oka, then follows. Akechi knocks on the door.

Akechi: Iwase-san. It’s Akechi.

There’s no reply. The head of the night shift walks by. Akechi calls him over.

Akechi: You!

Head: Is there something?

Akechi: Do you have a master key?

Head: A master key?

Namikoshi pulls out his police badge.

Namikoshi: Police. Hurry.

The Black Lizard opens her door across the hall.

Black Lizard: Has something happened?

Iwase at last opens his door.

Iwase: (groans) Do you know what time it is?

Akechi hands him the telegram.

Akechi: This. Where’s Sanae?

Iwase: Sanae is sleeping.

Everyone enters the room and looks at the bed. The Black Lizard takes the telegram from Iwase.

Black Lizard: What time is it now?

Namikoshi: It’ll be two in a moment.

Akechi: (to the Black Lizard) You look like you’ve been waiting for something like this.

Black Lizard: That’s right. I’ve been waiting.

Somewhere, a clock chimes. It’s two am.

Akechi: It’s two. No crime occurred. Midorikawa-san, since it was a fake bet, I’ll take the fake jewels.

Black Lizard: I’m serious.

Akechi: How childish.

Black Lizard: Have you really made sure of the results?

Akechi: Wha-?

“The Doll Head”

Akechi goes to the bed and discovers the doll’s head. He pulls it out while everyone gasps.

Iwase: It’s a head! Sanae’s head!

Namikoshi: A doll?

Akechi: To buy time. This crime didn’t happen at 2 am.

Iwase: Then, Sanae…

Black Lizard: She’s already been kidnapped.

Akechi: Namikoshi-kun, a police search.

Namikoshi: Amagi. Oka.

Amagi: Yessir. (to Oka) What’s wrong?

Oka: I think I'm going to puke.

Amagi: Stand up. Come on!

Iwase: Akechi-kun…

Akechi: After you left me, you returned straight to your room?

Black Lizard: Sanae-san came to my room.

Iwase: But I went myself to walk her back.

Akechi: When was that?

Head: Just after midnight. I saw them.

Akechi: Please check all the guests who have left the hotel.

Head: Understood.

The head of the night shift and his men leave.

Black Lizard: (holding the head) I’ve been looking for something like this.

Iwase: Ah, Sanae…

The phone rings.

Akechi: (to Iwase) Please answer it.

Iwase answers it, then holds it out to Akechi.

Iwase: It’s for you.

Akechi takes the receiver.

Akechi: I see… I see. That’s too bad. Anyway, get over here fast.

He hangs up.

Head: I’ve gotten the information. No female guests left after 12 o’clock.

Akechi: Was there anyone hauling large baggage?

Bell Boy 2: Someone left rolling a trunk. I offered to call a taxi for him, but he walked.

Akechi: Thank you.

Iwase: (to Akechi) Hey. Where is Sanae!?

Akechi: Please, calm down.

Iwase: “Calm down”…!?

Black Lizard: He’s a cold one. Akechi-san must be worrying about his wager with me, so it can’t be helped.

“Quit Detecting”

Namikoshi: Wager?

Black Lizard:
Now then, quit detecting.

Namikoshi: He’ll quit detecting?

Black Lizard:
He’ll become just another man.

Iwase: Ah, I trusted this kind of fellow? Sanaeeeee!

Bell Boy/Maid:
The famous detective
Akechi Kogorou
Will quit detecting!

Even though all his successes
Have piled up
Everything is spoiled
Over only one failure

My friend,
Akechi Kogorou

Namikoshi/Black Lizard:
Will quit detecting!

Bell Boy/Maid:
The great detective has bungled it
The famous man is simply human
The same as all of us
He is beneath all of us
He’s nothing special; he’s simply human!

Akechi laughs loudly.

Akechi: Midorikawa-san, you’re a terrible person. Turning a fake wager into a real contest without notice.

Black Lizard: Do you intend to make excuses?

Akechi: No. It’s too late, for I’m serious too.

Iwase: Who cares about your wager!? Sanae has been kidnapped!

Akechi: Sanae-san is fine.

Iwase: What?

Amagi and Oka return.

Akechi: Namikoshi-kun, please put up a barrier around the hotel. Don’t let anyone escape.

Namikoshi: Got it.

Akechi: Iwase-san, I’ll give you what you paid for. I’ve had this hotel surrounded by tenacious watchers. It’s true they’re very expensive. That phone call was from one of the watchers. Sanae-san was put into a trunk and taken from the hotel.

Iwase: Put in a trunk…

Akechi: They grappled, and the watcher has recovered Sanae-san. The perpetrator got away, however.

Black Lizard: Oh my, he got away?

Akechi: Wait. Let’s confirm this. If Sanae-san was kidnapped, I said I would quit being a detective. And if the criminal is caught, Midorikawa-san, you hand over your jewels.

Black Lizard: That’s right.

Akechi: (holds out his hand) Well then, your jewels.

Black Lizard: The criminal?

Akechi points.

Akechi: The true criminal is you.

Everyone gasps.

Black Lizard: What is your proof?

Akechi: Proof. There’s quite a lot…

The boy Kobayashi comes racing in.

Kobayashi: Akechi-sensei!

Akechi: Kobayashi-kun, what are you doing? Earlier you said you were going to sleep.

Kobayashi: How could you? After I was the one who noticed that the trunk looked suspicious…

The watchers enter with Sanae.

Watcher 1: Sensei.

Watcher 2: We’ve brought her back.

Iwase: Ah! Sanae!

Akechi: Midorikawa-san. Won’t you confess? The state of worn-out and kidnapped Sanae-san speaks for itself.

The Black Lizard gives an evil laugh.

Black Lizard: Akechi-san, how like you. It seems I’ll fall in love with you without meaning to.

Akechi: Is that false as well?

Black Lizard: Of course it’s false. But isn't love, like a lie, something that can become real?

Namikoshi: (to Amagi and Oka) Let’s take Midorikawa-san in.

Amagi/Oka: Yessir.

The policemen move forward and pull out their guns. The Black Lizard pulls out a gun as well.

Black Lizard: Lower them!

Everyone freezes.

Black Lizard: Japanese police are pathetic. They won’t shoot until after I do. Please, shoot. You won’t shoot? No backbone. That’s why Japanese men lost to America. …Akechi-san. I always take what I say I’m going to take.

Akechi: And that will be the moment when I capture you.

Black Lizard: Hah. Until then, the woman will only become more refined.

She shoots into the air and everyone ducks.

Black Lizard: There, now I’ve shot.

She flees from the room.

Namikoshi: After her! …Akechi-kun.

Akechi: Namikoshi-kun. That’s big game. That’s the female thief “The Black Lizard”.

Akechi and Namikoshi also chase after the Black Lizard.

Scene 4 – The Silver Bridge (In Front of the Frame City)

"Passion Revived"

I can see it, I can finally see it
I can finally see the excitement
This prey is the big one
Someone else just like me

It would be a pity to catch her
I want to chase her forever
But I want to try to hold in these arms
That black, wriggling lizard

It's gone, it's gone at last
The melancholy is gone at last
This prey is the big one

I can't wait for the day I catch
Her and make her my woman
No one can catch her
Only I can catch her
The black, glorious lizard

I had started to forget
I had started to lose it
I can see it again –
The excitement!

Akechi bumps into a gentleman with his face hidden by a fedora.

Akechi: Sorry.

Gentleman: Pardon.

Akechi leaves the stage. The gentleman takes off his hat. It’s the Black Lizard.

Black Lizard: (to the audience) Everyone, if you make an appearance in a theater, you can’t walk around with your mind wandering. After all, even if you meet your first love, you might not even notice.


Scene 5 – The Iwase Household

“The Young Lady Has Changed”

The living room of the Iwase House. All of the women servants have gathered.

Female Servants:
The young lady has changed
Even when she was happy before
She never showed her teeth
When she smiled
That Young Lady, Sanae has…

The boy Kobayashi is there. Sanae comes rushing in with Iwase and Oshige following after.

Sanae: No! I don’t want to be in the mansion anymore!

Oshige: Miss, please, you must be patient—

Sanae: No!

Iwase: Sanae, if you stay here I’ll buy you anything you want.

Sanae: Anything?

Iwase: That’s right.

Sanae: I want a sofa.

Iwase: A sofa?

Sanae: Not a normal one. It’s no good if it’s not expensive and fluffy.

Iwase: But why a sofa?

Sanae: So I can bury my face in it when I cry. Go and buy it! Right now!

Iwase: Wait, I’ll bring it.

Iwase leaves.

Sanae: Now we have a party!

Oshige: A party?

Sanae: You want me here, right? Well then, everyone has to entertain me.

Oshige: Oh no…

Sanae: Gather the whole household. Those stupid-looking detectives too.

Oshige: “Stupid-looking”… Miss, where did you learn a word like—

Sanae: Call them!

Oshige: What on earth has happened to our young lady…?

Oshige runs off stage weeping.

Kobayashi: You’re being too spoiled.

Sanae is walking in circles.

Sanae: Why did Akechi-san leave a little boy keeping watch over me?

Kobayashi: Because I’m the only one other than sensei who knows who you are.

She stops suddenly.

Sanae: Eh?

Kobayashi: I’m keeping watch over you to make sure you don’t start acting oddly.

Sanae: Wha-? You don’t trust me?

Kobayashi: Sensei believes in you. He told me he promised to protect you.

Sanae: Then why are you watching over me!?

Kobayashi: Because I, Kobayashi, can’t trust you.

Sanae tries to kick him in the shins, but he dances away.

Sanae: Dammit!

Kobayashi: Watch your language.

Oshige returns, along with the household servants and Namikoshi and the others.

Oshige: Miss, I’ve brought them. The houseboys, the servants, even all of the detectives.

Namikoshi: Sanae-san, I truly understand how irritated you must feel.

Sanae: Well then, entertain me.

Oshige: Entertain you?

Sanae: Namikoshi-san, you do it.

Namikoshi: Me?

Kanzaki: Please.

Namikoshi: All right.

Namikoshi and the houseboys break into “Soran-boshi”.

Sanae: What are you doing!? I’m a rich young lady!

Amagi and Oka belatedly break into “Soran-boshi” as well.

Sanae: (coldly) Stop.

Kanzaki: Hey!

The houseboys surround Sanae.

Terasaka: Sanae-san, how about bridge?

Sanae: Bridge?

Kanzaki: You liked it, didn’t you?

Sanae: (thinking) Bridge…

Kobayashi: If it’s trump, I’m pretty good too.

Sanae: I hate trump!

Ootaka: Well then, how about playing piano with me?

Mase: That would be good.

Sugenoya: Sanae-san’s piano-playing is wonderful!

Sanae: No, everyone else should do something!

Oshige: That’s a problem, isn’t it?

Sanae: Well then, seduce me.

Oshige: What? “Seduce”?

Sanae: If you marry me, you’ll become very rich.

Oshige: Miss, this joke is going too far.

Sanae: I’m not joking. I promise. If you can get my attention, I’ll marry you.

Oshige: (lets out a shriek)

Sanae: Well? If you don’t hurry up I’m going to leave the mansion.

Maehara: Sa-Sanae-san, please marry me.

Kurahashi: No, me.

Muramatsu: Me!

Amagi, Oka and all the houseboys surround Sanae.

Sanae: What about me do you like?

Maehara: You’re cute.

Katsuta: Everyone loves you.

Sane: Wait! (she points at Namikoshi) You. Why aren’t you trying too?

Namikoshi: I just got married. I can’t flirt with anyone other than my wife, even as a lie.

Sanae: Hmm. How did you propose?

Namikoshi: Oh, I can’t…

Sanae: Say it. I want to hear. “Propose (Namikoshi)”

I'll probably bring you pain
But I'll work as hard as I can to make you happy
So please,
Please marry me

Sanae: Why hasn’t anyone said anything like that to me…?

She sits down and hides her face behind her hands.

Kobayashi: Hey. Don’t cry.

Don’t cry
Don’t cry
You'll become sad

Akechi arrives.

Akechi: Kobayashi-kun. Namikoshi-kun too.

Sanae: Leave me alone with Akechi-san.

Everyone else leaves. Akechi calls out to Kobayashi.

Akechi: Kobayashi-kun. How are things?

Kobayashi: Her real father hasn’t realized that this is a replacement for Sanae. (he looks at Sanae) Not yet.

Akechi: I see.

Kobayashi: I can’t understand how she hasn’t been found out yet. She looks alike, and her voice is the same, but she acts completely different.

Akechi: Think carefully about the circumstances. Sanae-san is being tracked down. It would be hard to tell her behavior apart from normal, even if she’s a little different from the real thing.

Kobayashi: Ah!

Kobayashi leaves.

Akechi: What did you want to say? Youko-san.

“Propose (BG)”

Sanae: I’ll keep my promise. I will definitely be the substitute for Sanae-san.

Akechi: I’ll keep my promise too. No matter what happens, I’ll come to help you.

Sanae: How can I believe those words?

Akechi: You can’t believe?

Sanae: Before, I believed you up until I was kidnapped. But since that day you’ve changed.

Akechi: Changed?

Sanae: Before, you lived only for your job. But now you’re different. You’ve become obsessed with something else.

Akechi: So you think I can’t protect you.

Sanae: Am I bait? So you can fulfill your passion…?

Akechi: Is that right…?

Sanae: I love you.

Akechi is silent.

Sanae: (she grabs him) Please. Tell me you love me. Then I could happily be your bait.

Akechi: Even if it were a lie?

She lets him go.

Akechi: I have faith in you. Let’s trust each other once again.

Iwase returns, and a huge, gaudy sofa is carried in behind him.

Iwase: Sanae. (he senses the mood in the room) What’s wrong?

Akechi: She got too excited. She’s calmed down now.

He leaves.

Iwase: (cheerfully) The sofa has been delivered. The most expensive…

Sanae: Get out. Everyone, get out!

Everyone exits, leaving the sofa behind.

“Propose (Sanae)”

A hidden compartment in the sofa is revealed, and Amamiya crawls out.

I wonder why
In the end
I am always alone…

He covers her mouth with a cloth, and after a small struggle she passes out.

Amamiya: Forgive me, Sanae-san. It’s her command. I have to carry out her orders exactly; I’m captivated by her.


He hides her in the secret compartment of the sofa, which he then liberally pours alcohol onto, as well as onto himself.

Amamiya (vagrant): Sake!

Everyone comes running.

Oshige: Kyaa! A thief!

After a scuffle, they capture the disguised Amamiya and start carrying him across the room.

Amamiya: Let me go! Let me go!

Namikoshi: How did you get in?

Amamiya: Give me back my sake!

Oka: Ugh. He stinks.

Namikoshi: He’s a trespasser. Let’s take him in.

Amamiya vomits.

Amagi: Waah, stop! I just bought this suit!

Amagi and Oka drag Amamiya out.

Oshige: Ah, it stinks, it stinks!

Okuda: He vomited on the sofa.

Ushioda: Even if you wipe it down, it’s never going to come out.

Terasaka: Let’s get it out front.

Oshige: Please.

The houseboys carry the sofa outside. Iwase returns.

Iwase: What’s all the commotion about?

Oshige: A drunkard was in the parlor. Because of him, the sofa has been spoilt.

Iwase: And Sanae?

Oshige: Oh. The young lady.

Namikoshi: That’s right. Where is Sanae-san?

Oshige: Everyone! Look for the young lady.

Everyone begins looking for her. Kobayashi enters.

Kobayashi: Inspector Namikoshi.

Namikoshi: Kobayashi-kun. Where is Akechi-kun?

Kobayashi: The inspector wants you to do him a favor. Could you call the furniture dealer, please?

Namikoshi: The furniture dealer?

Kobayashi: The furniture dealer that brought the sofa. Hurry.

A maid brings in the furniture dealer.

Maid 1: Maruyama Furniture’s store owner is here.

Iwase: You’re the furniture dealer.

Furniture dealer: Ah. Yes. Sorry to interrupt when you are busy. It’s about the sofa that you ordered.

Iwase: It was delivered earlier.

Furniture Dealer: Delivered? Here? That’s impossible.

Kobayashi: What do you mean?

Furniture Dealer: Oh, um. About the sofa. I barely took my eyes off of it, and it disappeared. I mean, it was stolen, I suppose…

Namikoshi: Stolen?

Furniture Dealer: It’s a rare item, and there isn’t another like it, so I came here to consult with you on what to do.

Kobayashi: It’s exactly like sensei said.

The houseboys return, supporting Amagi and Oka.

Tomimori: Inspector. The detectives…

Amagi: Inspector, I’m sorry.

Oka: We let that drunkard escape.

Namikoshi: Let him escape. He attacked you?

Amagi: He’s no ordinary fellow.

Oka: (groans) He had an amazing punch.

Amagi: We reported in to the station. As drunk as he is, they should catch him quickly.

Kobayashi: How do you know he was drunk?

Kobayashi runs out.

Namikoshi: Kobayashi-kun! Where are you going?

The houseboys and maids return.

Maid 2: The young lady isn’t anywhere.

Kanzaki: No one saw her leave either.

Iwase: What was Akechi doing!?

Mitsumura: He was gazing at the sofa earlier.

Namikoshi: The sofa again?

Sugino: Ah! I have a message from Akechi-san. He said: “Don’t worry.”

Iwase: “Don’t worry”? Where has he gone?

Sugino: He said something about going out to buy cigarettes.

Iwase: Cigarettes!?

Oshige: (with tears in her voice) Miss~!

Namikoshi: (to Amagi and Oka) Put out an emergency search bulletin. Then do a thorough search inside the mansion.

Amagi/Oka: Yessir.

Iwase: All of you, out! You’re all useless!

Everyone but Iwase leaves. The phone rings.

Iwase: Iwase. (he is shocked) What?

Scene 6 – Ueno Park

“Homeless Children”

Homeless Children:
The war is over
Japan has become wealthy…

Oishi: In other words, it’s become even more difficult for the poor to find homes.

Hara: It’s unbearable for us homeless kids.

Kataoka: It’s always…

Homeless Children: …unbearable for the poor.

Homeless Children:
Do you know what “wealth is?
Compare yourself to anyone and you’ll understand
You know what “poverty” is, right?
Look at yourself and you’ll understand

Please look

Homeless Children:
Please look

We want you to look

Homeless Children:
We want you to look at our poverty

Have pity

Homeless Children:
Have pity


Homeless Children:
And if you’re compassionate, please give us…

Homeless Children: Hyahahahahahaha…

Homeless Children:

They run and scatter into Ueno Park. There is a small stand at the foot of the hill. In the distance, on the hill, a Buddha head stands alone. Iwase is there in the park, along with a couple, and various others. The Black Lizard appears wearing Japanese clothing and glasses.

Black Lizard: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Iwase: You are?

Black Lizard: Oh, how mean. (she slides her glasses down)

Iwase: You!

Black Lizard: That’s right. Midorikawa. You came alone?

Iwase: Yes. As you told me to.

Black Lizard: Then you brought it for me? That jewel, the “Egyptian Star”.

Iwase: Where is Sanae?

Black Lizard: She’s well.

Iwase: If you don’t return my daughter to me, I won’t hand over the Egyptian Star to you.

Black Lizard: My, my.

Iwase: I’m a man, you’re a woman. And this is Ueno Park. I could just catch you and hand you over to the police.

Black Lizard: Hold back the jewel, and I kill your daughter.

Iwase: “Kill her”?

Black Lizard: All right? If I wave this red cloth in my obi here, swish swish, then the red blood flows from Sanae-san’s heart, drip drip. This is the signal. Shall I test it?

She pulls out the red cloth.

Iwase: Wait. Stop.

Black Lizard: I’m a woman, after all. I have to take care of myself.

Iwase gives her a jewelry box. She opens it.

Black Lizard: No mistake.

Iwase: Give me Sanae.

Black Lizard: Please go on home. There’s something good there.

Iwase: Has my daughter come home?

Black Lizard: Who can say? Hurry.

Iwase leaves. The Black Lizard looks up at the Buddha statue.

Black Lizard: Great Buddha of Ueno Park, are you lonely? They needed steel for the war, so they took your body, and now no one comes to pray by you. (in a low voice) Did anything good come from the war?

She stands for a moment, reflecting. Then she goes up to the stall. There is a bearded old man and the proprietress Katsuyo.

Black Lizard: Are you closed?

Akechi (Old Man): (in a higher voice) No, no. What can I get for you?

Black Lizard: Please, I want your help!

Akechi (Old Man): Hah? My help?

Black Lizard: You saw that man just now, didn’t you? He’s a scoundrel. He’s definitely going to come after me.

Akechi (Old Man): That’s a problem!

Black Lizard: So, that’s why I’m terribly sorry, but I’d like to change clothes with the mistress.

Katsuyo: Switch clothes!?

Black Lizard: And after that, won’t you walk with me? If you’re with me, I’ll never be recognized.

Katsuyo: What should I do?

Black Lizard: It’s not much, but… here.

She gives Katsuyo some money.

Akechi (Old Man): Weeeell, we should help people.

Black Lizard: Thank you. Well then, in here.

The Black Lizard and Katsuyo go back behind the stall. One of the homeless children (Oishi) runs up and grabs some candy from the stall.

Akechi (Old Man): Hey! Wait, you!

Akechi grabs Oishi.

Akechi (Old Man): Today's the day you won't get away with it! I’ll have you thrown out of here.

Oishi: No! I won’t be able to see my friends.

Akechi (Old Man): Friends? Look, eeeeveryone is watching from a distance, and they’re not going to come help you.

Oishi: Let me go!

The Black Lizard’s Voice: Let him go.

The Black Lizard and Katsuyo come out, having switched outfits.

Black Lizard: Hey, he’s just a child, after all.

Oishi pulls his hand free and runs away.

Black Lizard: Now, shall we go?

Akechi (Old Man): Sure.

Black Lizard: Are there lots of homeless children around here?

Akechi (Old Man): Compared to before, there are considerably more.

Black Lizard: I’m an orphan too. My parents died in the war.

Akechi (Old Man): Ahh… Me too.

Black Lizard: You’re an orphan too?

Akechi (Old Man): Yes. That’s why I can’t forgive them when they go too far. When they steal other people’s things, for example.

Black Lizard: All wars are no good. That must be how all those homeless children lost their parents.

Akechi (Old Man): Ah… It's the people who are no good. It’s people who hurt people. And sometimes they kill them.

Black Lizard: That’s true. If they were killed by earthquakes or lightning, I wouldn't regret it.

Akechi (Old Man): But it would be sad, somehow ….

Black Lizard: What would be?

Akechi (Old Man): People. We can't live without other people.

“Propose (BG)”

Black Lizard: Hah, that would be sad! But even when they’re at their saddest, people are happy creatures. After all, to live – that’s a sad thing to begin with, isn't it? If you understand that, you’re blessed with more happiness than you deserve.

Akechi (Old Man): You’re so pure.

Black Lizard: That’s right. I haven’t known any men yet either.

Akechi (Old Man): It’s embarrassing, but me neither.

Black Lizard: That mistress from before?

Akechi (Old Man): That’s my younger sister.

Black Lizard: Your younger sister. I had an older brother. My beloved, precious brother.

Akechi (Old Man): A long time ago, I had a younger sister too.

Black Lizard: A long time ago?

Akechi (Old Man): Ah…

Black Lizard: I know. I won’t ask. Hey, somehow I suddenly want to run away like this, just the two of us.

Akechi (Old Man): You and I?

Black Lizard: But there’s a car waiting over there for me.

Akechi (Old Man): Be careful.

The Black Lizard leaves. Akechi watches her go and then removes the false beard.

Akechi: Suiting that my first date would be like this.

He runs off stage as well. There is the sound of car engines starting.

Kobayashi: The Black Lizard’s men?

Oishi: There were two.

Hara: First was that woman who was over there. She was watching the Black Lizard intently in her hand-mirror.

Kataoka: And then there was the man sitting on the bench. He had a million cigarettes, and he crushed them out right away. Seemed like he didn’t have much courage.

Onodera: Horibe-kun and Okano-kun went after them.

Kobayashi: Good. Juvenile Detectives, together!

“Juvenile Detectives (Homeless Children)”

Please look

Homeless Children:
Please look

We are

Homeless Children:
We are
Oh, Oh, Oh,
Oh, junior detectives!

Kobayashi: Any note from sensei?

Oishi: I have one.

Oishi hands it over to Kobayashi, who reads it.

Kobayashi: Sensei still hasn’t been able to make headway to her hideout. The car’s license number?

Isogai: (raises a notebook) I made a note of it.

Yada: At any rate, these coats bring back memories.

Hayamizu: We were all homeless, huh?

Hara: It’s all thanks to Akechi-sensei.

Hazama: Yeah, we can eat until we’re full.

Fuwa: We can wear respectable clothes.

Chino: We even go to school.

Oishi: But it’s not a hand-out. We work for it, like this. Everything is payment.

The Black Lizard’s Voice: Hahah. Hello, little detectives.

Juvenile Detectives: The Black Lizard!

Katsuyo, who has switched clothes with the Black Lizard, appears.

Katsuyo: (laughs) It’s me.

Hara: Oh, Katsuyo-san?

Kobayashi: Just what you’d expect from a veteran actress. A perfect performance as the mistress of a stall.

Katsuyo: Please tell Akechi-san if he ever needs anything to give me a call again. I can do young girls and old women; I can even do men. This is much more exciting than performing on stage. See you.

Junior Detectives: Be careful!

Katsuyo: See you!

She leaves.

Oishi: Kobayashi-kun, any instructions?

Kobayashi: We’ll leave pursuing the car to sensei. (he holds up the paper) We’ll do as his note says and head for the Black Lizard’s boat. Let’s go!

Scene 7 – Pursuit (In Front of the Frame City – Two Cars)

"Passion Revived (Pursuit)"

In front of the city, the juvenile detectives run. Amagi and Oka are with them. Part of the set moves aside to reveal a car with Akechi in it. Namikoshi is driving while Akechi works on taking off his disguise.

Akechi: Wait for my signal before you arrest the Black Lizard. If you don’t, the hostage will be in danger.

Namikoshi: All right, I promise. By the way, what was the puzzle of Sanae’s abduction?

Akechi: A human chair.

Namikoshi: A human chair?

Akechi: The criminal hid inside the sofa. They shut her inside the sofa and carried her out.

Namikoshi: That drunkard was the perpetrator?

Akechi: If he had been drunk, he wouldn’t have been able to do his job.

Namikoshi: But why did he vomit on the sofa?

Akechi: He had to ruin it so that it got taken outside of the mansion, so he vomited and made it stink, right? There’s an old story like it from the West.

Namikoshi: …Hey.

Akechi: Is there still something you don’t understand?

Namikoshi: You mean you had it all figured out before the sofa was taken away?

Akechi: Most of it.

Namikoshi: Then you stood back and watched her get kidnapped on purpose?

Akechi: This isn’t a job I’m doing to see justice done. I’ve become obsessed.

Namikoshi: With what?

Akechi: With completely defeating that woman!

I can see it
(I can’t see it)

I can finally see it
(I can’t understand)

I can finally see the excitement
(What does my friend want?)

This prey is the big one
Someone else just like me

The Black Lizard’s car appears as well. Amamiya is driving.

Black Lizard:
At last

Black Lizard:
I have obtained it
I want to obtain it

Black Lizard:
I’ve obtained what I longed for

I want to obtain what I long for

This prey is the big one
A jewel which is simply, dazzlingly beautiful

Like a jewel…
Like a young girl…
Like a demon… this woman

It would be a pity to catch her
I want to chase her forever

I want to try to hold in these arms

That black, wriggling lizard

No matter the sacrifice,
I don’t want to catch her

What I long for…

I can surely see it!

Scene 8 – The Black Lizard’s Boat

The Black Lizard’s boat. In the main cabin there is the infamous sofa, a table with a transceiver radio, and a large walk-in closet. Sasori, the Black Lizard’s underling, and the houseboy Terasaka are present. Sasori was Maid 1 in the Iwase household.

Terasaka: Give me the money. … Give me the money!

Sasori: You did well, didn’t you? It’s all thanks to you. It’s because you told us about the sofa order that we could carry off Sanae-san.

Terasaka: Being praised by a scoundrel doesn’t make me happy.

Sasori: You’re a scoundrel now too.

Terasaka: I’m only hired. Give me the money. When I get the money I can forget all of you.

Sasori: Too bad for you.

Terasaka: If only my father back in the country were still alive, I wouldn’t have had to do this…

Sasori: (as she hands over the money) Payment for a scoundrel. So now you can live a more enjoyable life than the virtuous.

Terasaka leaves.

Sailor 1: The Black Lizard has arrived.

The Black Lizard and Amamiya appear. The Black Lizard has on a bath robe.

Sasori: How was your bath? Black Lizard: Refreshing. Hey, Sasori, how was it? Working as a maid in the Iwase household? Sasori: Cheap wages and they worked me hard.

Black Lizard: You did well. Cast off. Let’s go home. After that, bring Sanae-san here.

Sasori: Yes, ma’am.

Black Lizard: (hands Amamiya the box) Look. It’s the Egyptian Star.

Amamiya: It’s amazing. It shines with more than five, no seven, colors.

Black Lizard: A coal baron wants it. I’m selling it to him.

Amamiya: You’re not interested in the jewel?

Black Lizard: If I’ve obtained it, I’m not interested. After I have it, the money is better.

There is the sound of a fog horn as the boat leaves the harbor. The Black Lizard picks up a toy, a spinning top.

Amamiya: What is that top?

Black Lizard: I got it from the older brother I adored a long time ago. Today brought back some memories.

Amamya: Your older brother?

Black Lizard: We were pulled apart by the war. I gave him a pressed flower in return. To give to his wife someday. And this I’ll give to my husband.

Akechi creeps into the cabin. He’s disguised as one of the sailors named Matsukou. He hides in the closet.

Amamiya: You're like a little girl.

Black Lizard: Eh?

Amamiya: Give me that top.

Black Lizard: Jun-chan.

Amamiya: The more I serve you, the more I love you.

Black Lizard: Don’t you feel sorry for yourself?

Amamiya: What do you mean?

Black Lizard: (in a low voice) To love me is your ruin.

Sasori returns, bringing Sanae.

Sasori: I’ve brought Sanae-san.

Black Lizard: It’s been a while. Sorry to greet you in this. How does it feel to be kidnapped by a great thief?

Sanae: I’m fine, thank you.

Black Lizard: Don’t worry. I won’t kill you.

Sanae: Please don’t trouble yourself over me.

Black Lizard: Take the favors people offer you.

Sanae: Please don't even think of me.

Black Lizard: You’re really not frightened? I have the jewel. I can do whatever I like with you.

Sanae: I’m not frightened.

Black Lizard: Why?

Sanae: Because I believe.

Black Lizard: In what? In who?

Sanae: (laughs through her nose) You don’t know?

Black Lizard: Sasori, take her away.

Sasori leads Sanae out.

Black Lizard: Jun-chan, search the ship. It’s strange that she’s so calm.

Amamiya leaves, and the Black Lizard sits on the sofa.

Black Lizard: “You don’t know?” that child said. … Eh?

The sound of a heartbeat is loud in the room. The Black Lizard touches the sofa. Someone is inside.

Black Lizard: Who’s there?

Akechi’s Voice: It’s been a long time.

Black Lizard: Akechi-san…! How did you get inside this sofa?

Akechi’s Voice: (in the old man’s voice) You’re so pure.

Black Lizard: The old man.

Akechi’s Voice: How terrible, calling me an old man.

Black Lizard: (she goes to the door) You were the one in disguise. And you followed me from Ueno Park. You’re the terrible one. You just touched my rear, after all.

Akechi’s Voice: Just doing as you would.

Black Lizard: But I’ve never touched anyone.

Akechi’s Voice: You’ve thought about it; you just haven’t done it.

The Black Lizard opens the door and silently calls in Amamiya. She mouths at him to bring rope.

Akechi’s Voice: Can I come out from the sofa? I’d like to see you.

Through pantomime, Amamiya and the sailors are shown that it’s Akechi in the sofa, and that they should bind it shut with rope.

Black Lizard: Let’s talk like this. As though it’s a fairy-tale. As if the prince hidden in the sofa is calling for me.

Akechi’s Voice: A little girl’s make-believe.

Black Lizard: But how sad. The prince in his sofa will get tossed into the sea.

They’ve finished tying the rope.

Black Lizard: Carry him to the deck. We’ll throw him into the sea.

Sailor #1: The end of the great detective!

Everyone leaves. Akechi comes out from the large closet, where he had been hiding. He fiddles with the radio.

Akechi: Namikoshi-kun. In a minute, a sofa is going to be thrown out of the boat. That’s right, a sofa. There’s someone in it. One of the Black Lizard’s men. I’d like you to save him.

Akechi goes back and hides in the closet. The Black Lizard and Sasori enter.

Black Lizard: (laughs) I did it! Akechi Kogorou has sunk into the sea!

Sasori: Now there’s no one to get in the way of the Black Lizard!

The Black Lizard looks startled, and the joy fades from her face.

Black Lizard: No one?

Sasori: That’s right. Neither the police nor any detective can bother you now.

Black Lizard: You’re very happy.

Sasori: Well, yes.

Black Lizard: You’re glad.

Sasori: What could be greater than this!

Black Lizard: Get out!

Sasori leaves. The sound of waves.

Black Lizard: Idiot. Akechi-san, you idiot. Why hide in the sofa, of all things? Why not come straight here?

Akechi (disguised as Matsukou) comes out of the closet.

Akechi (Matsukou): (in a low voice) Madame.

Black Lizard: You. Matsukou.

Akechi (Matsukou): Oh, don’t be angry. You called for everyone, but I didn’t know where to go. So I was here and didn’t call out… I’m an idiot.

Black Lizard: Matsukou, you’re dim-witted.

Akechi (Matsukou): Well, yes.

Black Lizard: That’s fine. I’m dim-witted too. I’ve become a complete idiot.

Akechi (Matsukou): You are?

Black Lizard: I’m an idiot, you’re an idiot. So I’ll tell you. I don’t know why I’m upset. I’ve killed Akechi. I wanted him killed. And yet…

Akechi (Matsukou): I may be an idiot, but I understand. It’s not something to be upset over.

Black Lizard: Why?

“Propose (BG)”

Akechi (Matsukou): Akechi was hiding in the sofa, right? I heard that earlier.

Black Lizard: That’s right.

Akechi (Matsukou): To make matters worse, he didn’t come straight to you, right?

Black Lizard: Right.

Akechi (Matsukou): Well then, even if that fellow Akechi was killed by you, he was happy.

Black Lizard: Why? He’s a detective.

Akechi (Matsukou): (falters) Ah. Ahh.

Black Lizard: That’s enough. Please go.

Akechi (Matsukou): Akechi…. That. He loved you so much he would be happy to be killed.

Black Lizard: Matsukou.

Akechi (Matsukou): I was mistaken. I’m sorry.

He moves as if to leave.

Black Lizard: Wait. If you tell anyone what I’m about to do, I’ll kill you.

He bows his head in agreement. She moves up behind him and holds him, resting her head against his broad back.

Black Lizard: (in her little girl’s voice) I liked Akechi-san. I liked him very much.

“Propose (Ending)”

Scene 9 – The Black Lizard’s Hide-Away (Paradise)


The girls of Paradise dance and sing.

People of Paradise:
If you live in this paradise
All your days are happy ones…
Before long the wounded heart is healed
And painful memories are forgotten

Paradise Singer:
The pains

People of Paradise:
The pains of the war

Paradise Singer:
The grim reaper

But here

Paradise Singer/People of Paradise:
Are friends

Paradise Singer:
Give praise!

People of Paradise:
Let’s give praise!

Paradise Singer:
Give praise!

People of Paradise:
Let’s give praise!

Paradise Singer:
To the one who

Paradise Singer/People of Paradise:
Created this paradise!

Sasori: The Black Lizard has returned!

The Black Lizard appears on the Silver Bridge. Amamiya and Sanae follow, as does “Matsukou”.

Amamiya: What is this place…?

Black Lizard: My home. The paradise on this earth.

Amamiya: And these people?

Black Lizard: People left alone by the war. Those who find their way here can all live without worries. Like innocent children. Like normal children raised by parents who love them.

Amamiya: This is why you continue to steal?

Black Lizard: Right. Come here, Matsukou. You've pleased me. I’ll give you some clean clothes to wear.

Akechi (Matsukou): Thank you.

Black Lizard: Sanae-san.

Sanae: What?

Black Lizard: You knew that Akechi was on the boat. …Sasori, now do as I told you.

Sasori: Yes.

She signals, and the girls surround Amamiya.

Black Lizard: (sweetly) Jun-chan. You love me, right?

Amamiya: Yes.

Black Lizard: (grimly) You’re finished. From now on please pass your time together with Sanae-san in the jail.

Amamiya: (as he is buried in their feathers) Why?

Black Lizard: You loved me, didn’t you? You wanted to be loved. And because I don’t love you, some day you will certainly betray me. I can’t trust someone like that.

Amamiya: You can’t trust me just because I love you!?

Black Lizard: Please look at Matsukou. The only person I can believe in is someone like him.

Scene 10 – The Black Lizard’s Hide-Away (Prison)

Amamiya is alone in the prison.

Amamiya: Why? What did I do wrong…?

Sanae’s laughter is heard.

Amamiya: What’s so funny!?

Sanae: You look like a fool.

Amamiya: What?

Sanae: I’m sorry. I was speaking to myself. Falling in love with someone who will never love me in return; I look like a fool. I loved Akechi-san. But when I saw you, I realized. I was an idiot.

Amamiya: You love Akechi? The lady daughter of a great millionaire?

Sanae: Lady? I’m not Sanae. I’m Youko. A replacement Akechi-an brought in to be kidnapped in Sanae’s place.

Amamiya: What!?

Youko: Will you tell the Black Lizard? Though she won’t believe anything you say now.

Amamiya: A replacement, you say. Since when?

Youko: Since you carried me out in the trunk.

Amamiya: So from the very begining…

Youko: That’s how Akechi-san works. …Hey, why did you become one of the Black Lizard’s men?

Amamiya: I killed someone. She helped me from that dangerous situation.

Youko: Hmmm. So then please give yourself up.

Amamiya: Give myself up?

Sanae: Are you listening? Akechi-san is definitely still alive. He’ll capture the Black Lizard. And then what will you do? Do you intend to stay on the run?

Amamiya: I’ve already died.

Youko: You’re dead? That’s no good. Then you won’t be in the census and you can’t get married.

Amamiya: Married? To who?

Youko: …Would I be no good?

Amamiya: To you, you’re saying? Don’t be ridiculous.

Youko: You know, I never actually fainted. I was conscious when you undressed me and when you put me in the trunk. You gave me a blanket, didn’t you? You were kind.

Amamiya: …So?

Youko: I want to bet on that kindess now. I’ll wait for you until you finish your sentence. So give yourself up.

Amamiya: How on earth can I believe in anything?

Youko: I’m offering myself. So believe in only me.

Amamiya: Eh?

Youko: I’m the chaste woman that I seem. I’ve never gone with anyone. I’ve had a difficult life, and thought of dying. But I’ve never before thought of asking someone: Let’s live.

Amamiya: And even so, are you sure I’m all right?

Youko: Give yourself up… for me.

Amamiya decides to give himself up. He pulls her close.

Youko: Wait. Propose properly. Ever since I was small, that’s been my only dream.

"Propose (Amamiya)"

Sweet one, beloved one
It will probably take some time
To make amends for my sin
But I'll come back to you
So please,
Please marry me

Youko: Please, darling. Just say it once more.

So please,
Please marry me

Amamiya and Youko hold each other tightly.

Scene 11 – The Black Lizard’s Hide-Away

Black Lizard: Matsukou, I’m bored.

Akechi (Matsukou): Bored.

Black Lizard: Yes, so bored I think I might die. What should I do?

Akechi (Matsukou): Listen to the radio, look at the newspaper.

Black Lizard: Doing that is just searching for the misfortunes of others. Everyone compares themselves to the misfortunes of others, and confirms their own happiness that way.

Akechi (Matsukou): Today’s newspaper.

Black Lizard: Thank you. Maybe I’ll find my own misfortune. Eh?

She reads it.

Black Lizard: It can’t be! "The Great Detective Akechi Kogorou’s Triumph! The royal family of jewelers is rejoicing!" (She throws down the paper) Matsukou! Matsukou!

Akechi: In other words, that’s how things stand.

Black Lizard: Akechi-san.

Akechi: We meet at last.

Black Lizard: You lived….

Akechi: Wasn’t that what you wanted?

Black Lizard: Yes. I didn’t want to part like that… But that fake newspaper doesn’t fool me.

Akechi: It’s real.

Black Lizard: But Sanae-san was just…

Akechi: The Sanae that you kidnapped was a substitute. Her name is Sakurayama Youko-san.

Black Lizard: Ah…

Akechi: Any other questions?

Black Lizard: The one I threw into the sea was?

Akechi: The real Matsukou. The police rescued him.

Black Lizard: At that time, your voice…

Akechi: When I should have been deep in the sofa, I was in the closet. It muffled my voice well enough that you couldn’t tell the difference.

Black Lizard: Ha! How foolish.

Akechi: Yes. Just about all of it, like a fairy-tale. I did as you did.

Black Lizard: Prince. Tell me. Is my paradise finished?

Akechi: Yes. All of the people here are under my protection; why don’t we all go back to civilization?

Black Lizard: To that drab civilization?

Akechi: No, to the civilization of the living. It’s good to help others. But we can’t spoil them. Once they understand how things are done, people can make their own way in life.

Black Lizard: You’re saying I was wrong?

Akechi: No. Only that I’d like you to live like that as well.

Black Lizard: Me?

Akechi: Give yourself up, please.

Black Lizard: (laughs) Akechi-san, you’re forgetting something important.

Akechi: What?

Black Lizard: Pride. Pride. I can’t live without it.

She pulls out a gun and points it at him.

Black Lizard: There’s nothing more unrefined than a forced double suicide. Let me die alone.

Akechi: Well then, forget society. The world has vanished. Only you and I remain.

Black Lizard: What is it you’re trying to say?

Akechi: I love you.


Black Lizard: Akechi-san…

Akechi: (smiles) Is it so surprising? The first one I’ve ever told I like – I love, is you.

Black Lizard: Saying that you love me is a lie.

Akechi: I see. It’s a difficult thing to win your trust.

Black Lizard: You’re lying so that I give myself up.

Akechi: Do you want proof? I’ll quit being a detective.

Black Lizard: Eh?

Akechi: Please think. Is there any other way for a detective in love with a criminal? Much less married to one – they’ll only call me a fool.

Black Lizard: Married?

Akechi: Yes. Please stop committing crimes, and marry me. I’ll quit being a detective; it’s nothing. On the contrary, I feel that the reason I continued being a detective was to meet you.

What am I looking for?
What am I searching for?
I don't know even that
After all these days of wandering

I've found her, at last I've found her
This person I have spent all my days seeking
My beloved
My beloved!

Heavy memories that no one understands...
No matter what you say to me, I'll wait only for you
So please,
Please marry me
So please,
Please marry me
So please,
Please marry me...

Black Lizard: I’ve lost to you. Completely.

Akechi: Then…

Black Lizard: I give myself up.

Akechi: Come here.

He pulls her close.

Black Lizard: Are you really all right with me?

Akechi: Of course.

Black Lizard: (she pulls the gun once more) I’m the kind of woman who will probably kill you if you’re fickle.

Akechi (Masukou): Even if that fellow Akechi was killed by you, he was happy.

Black Lizard: Idiot.

Akechi (Old Man): You’re so pure.

Black Lizard: Truly, I’ve never known a man before.

“Propose BG”

Black Lizard: (In a young lady’s voice) Hold me. My sentence will probably be ten years. Twenty, perhaps. During it, I’ll always think back on this moment.

Akechi: Let’s go. The police are waiting.

Black Lizard: Wait. Let me change. I want to dress up in something extraordinary, so that you can’t forget me.

Akechi: I’ll wait out front.

He pauses and turns back.

Akechi: That’s right. This. (He pulls out a bag) It’s something that was remade by time. It has many memories of someone precious to me.

He leaves. She opens the bag and pulls something out.

Black Lizard: What is it? Oh! A pressed flower.

The music stops.

Black Lizard: This is… from that time when… Then he is my (her mouth soundlessly shapes the word) brother…

Black Lizard: Haha, I thought things would work out like this. Nothing can turn out so perfect. This isn’t a fairy-tale. I wonder why he calls himself Akechi Kogorou? I wonder why he fell in love with me? … I wonder why I love him so much?

She picks up her spinning top.

Black Lizard: Well then. Which? Do I chose life? Or do I chose love? … There’s only one answer.

She puts down the top for a moment and writes something on the back of the paper with the pressed flower inside. Then she takes up the top once more, as well as a gun. There is lightning, then a gun shot. She has shot herself in the chest.

“Propose (Conclusion)”

Akechi comes running in, with Namikoshi, Amagi and Oka following him. Youko and Amamiya appear. Akechi pulls the Black Lizard into his arms.

Akechi: Why? Why did you do this?

She shows him the spinning top in her hand, then speaks in a little girl’s voice.

Black Lizard: Brother. It would have been better if there wasn't a war, wouldn’t it?

Akechi: This top is… (He realizes everything).

Black Lizard: I love you.

She dies.

Scene 12 – Epilogue

"I Can't Forget"

I can't forget those lips
In the end, she died
With a smile on those pale lips

I can't forget her palm
In the end, that palm grasped mine
That soft palm

Because I loved her
Because of that love
Because of that love
Which drove her to her death

Because I
Because I loved her
I couldn't save her
I couldn't!

Those lips
That palm, I can't forget
I can never... forget!

Youko: Half a year has already passed by.

Namikoshi: Akechi-kun has… quit being a detective?

“Those Who are Unwilling to Use Their Talent (The Detective Quits~Propose)”

Namikoshi, Youko, and the chorus.

Akechi has quit living
To the extent that he has left it all behind –
The talent he was blessed with
Over only one despair

So please,
So please,

Youko and Namikoshi:
Please open your eyes once more

So please,
So please,
Please open your eyes once more
Please open your eyes once more

Akechi: What do you mean, “talent”? What do you mean “great detective”? I never saw through to this end. (He holds the top and the flower) These things are left, and she is dead. What do I care about a spinning top?

He throws it away.

Akechi: What do I care about a pressed flower…?

He looks closely at the pressed flower; he has noticed the words she wrote on it.

The Black Lizard’s Voice: Live. Don’t blame yourself. That’s what I die for.

“Akechi Revived (I Can’t Forget)”

Kobayashi runs onto the stage.

Kobayashi: Sensei…

He stirs.

Akechi: What is it?

Kobayashi: It’s a case. It’s a case that no one but you can solve!

Akechi becomes resolved.

Akechi: Kobayashi-kun. Leave it to me.

Kobayashi: Sensei…

Akechi: Let’s go.

“Grand Ending (I Can’t Forget)”

The End