The Afterglow of Eire

Moon Troupe 1994

Playwright: Tani Masazumi


Count Walter Shamrock: Amami Yuuki

Rosey Fitzgerald: Asano Kayo

Daniel McNeal: Kuze Seika

Father O’Mally: Wakao Risa

General Charles Russell: Shizuki Asato

Shankul: Shiokaze Kou

Joseph: Natori Rei

Michael Shamrock: Otaka Tsubasa

Arthur: Mayama Haru

Alec: Yoshizuki Eri

Catherine: Hanazono Yukari

Lord Seymour: Aoi Miya

Lady Seymour: Rika Masumi

Mary Seymour: Natsuki Mami

Sinead: Kuni Natsuki

Edward: Kouki Subaru

Barris: Misato Maya

King Singh: Omine Mayu



Amami: This is Moon Troupe’s Amami Yuuki. We will now perform Tani Masazumi’s “The Afterglow of Eire”, a classical romance in 18 acts.


Scene 1 - Shamrocks of the Wind


Rosey: Has the wind stopped? When it reaches him, even the wind bows in humility…..That’s why it’s always warm by his side….


“Shamrocks of the Wind”


Because you loved someone, even to the point of giving up your life

Because you were loved, you'll be born again


The white crescent moon cuts through the clouds

The sleeping greenwood begins to shine

Love calls on the wind, the wind carries it on

The scenario is the wind, a one-act drama


Because you loved someone, even to the point of giving up your life

Because you were loved, you'll be born again


The three-leaved clover, the shamrocks

They crowd this field

A tapestry woven from tears


The river flows on, deep and silent

To the ocean of heaven, as if it's reporting

Love is hate, love is joy

During the most sorrowful times, love shines


Because you loved someone, even to the point of giving up your life

Because you were loved, you'll be born again


The three-leaved clover, the shamrocks

They crowd this field

A tapestry woven from tears


When spring comes, I'll forget the winter

I'll hold you and forget the winter

If spring comes, I'll forget the winter

I'll hold you and forget the winter

I'll forget the winter



Scene 2 - Roar of the Sari



A dance of beautiful Indian ladies in sari, lead by Princess Sharmila.



Scene 3 - Gardens of the Ladies Maids



The king and some of his men enter the garden.


Princess Sharmila: Father!


Grand Chamberlain: King of Mewar Province, His Highness Fateh Singh. Colonel Walter Shamrock has come to pay his farewell respects.


Colonel Shamrock enters from stage left.


King Singh: Colonel Shamrock, that you have to return home upon your father's death causes everyone in the province much sorrow.


Shamrock: It wasn't my wish to leave partway through my tenure, but please forgive me; it is the order of the English king.


Singh: As the old proverb: "A man without water is a man without a country", so this country which has suffered a repeated flood of troubles has, thanks to your guidance with the irrigation works, become what you see now – a land enriched and fruitful. All of this is due to the sheer amount of effort you put into it, colonel. For this, I thank you.


He bows his head.


Shamrock: Your Majesty, it is because I love this country. Its beautiful climate, the abundant sunlight, and most of all the beautiful hearts of its people.


Singh: Historically all the controlling administration has wanted was to exploit the colonies and demanded obedience to the British Empire. But you even go so far as to disobey the commands of the English government.


Shamrock: The Great War lent momentum to the collapse of the Empire, and a tide of self-government has swept across the world. The era of empires controlling colonies is finished. They say that river there flows calmly, but the wind that travels across this country flows with magnificent calm. As if you can feel the depths of India.... The three thousand years of history and the 300 million people. If the King of England could see this reality, he must realize that it is the height of madness to rule India with a hundred thousand Englishmen.


Singh: Those words sustain the hearts of 300 million people..... Colonel, at this moment of parting, will you accept a modest gift from me?


Shamrock: I will gladly accept anything from Your Highness.


Shankul: Rabi Shankul, as the gift of King Singh of Mewar Province, shall accompany you to Ireland.


Shamrock: Shankul, you're the gift.....? Your Highness—


Singh: When Shankul was to be executed as ringleader of an anti-British resistance movement, you spared him, colonel, although you had just taken up your post. Ever since then he has looked up to you as a teacher, and worked under you. Since it is Shankul's earnest wish, couldn't you please agree to listen?


Shamrock: Shankul, you plotted this, didn't you?


Shankul: It was a tactic that I learned from you, Sir. When facing a strong opponent, aiming for the weak point in their commander's nature is sometimes an effective strategy. ..... Your personality, Sir, won't allow you to say no to a request.


Shamrock: Your Highness, if I leave this sly man by your side, his clash with my successor is more apparent than spotting a fire.


Shankul: You mean—!


Shamrock: For the sake of the province, I'll take Lieutenant Shankul away with me.


Shankul: Colonel Shamrock!


Princess Sharmila approaches with a flower wreath.


Sharmila: They say that the flowers of the southern countries are infused with the passion of girls in love. Please take this flower necklace from the girls who admire you so.


She puts it around his neck.


Shankul: Isn't there a flower necklace for me?


A soldier comes along with Shamrock's luggage, and hangs it around Shankul's neck.


Singh: Shankul, what a stupendous flower necklace!


Everyone laughs.


Shamrock: Time to go, Shankul.


Shankul: "Headed for Ireland!" Is that right?


Shamrock: That's right. Ireland, the land of my birth. ....But there probably won't be any welcome for us. Not if we arrive wearing a British military uniform, when Ireland desires independence from England.


Shankul: But you're inheriting a dukedom, aren't you? Wide lands and a big house. And many servants to look after them. Count Shamrock.


He bows to Shamrock.


Shamrock: Shankul, it seems like I won't have to worry about boredom traveling with you.


Shankul: Yes, Sir!


They bow to the king and depart.


Shamrock: Farewell.


Singh: Safe travels.


Shamrock: Until we meet again.


Singh: Yes.



Scene 4 - Holy Land Beyond the Mist



Shamrock: Shankul, whose luggage are you leaving strewn about?


Shankul: Ah, yes! Wait a moment, they’re really heavy, Colonel!


Shamrock: Don’t wriggle around and follow me!


Shankul: Ah-! Sir~! Ireland, right?


Shamrock and Shankul make their 8,000 km journey.


"Holy Land Beyond the Mist"



Our aim is the other side of 8,000 kilometers



Via Lisbon, Bordeaux, Malta

Resting at the Suez Canal


Shankul: A sacred green land - Ireland! Colonel, I've heard that the Irish love talking, but are they all loud and annoying like you?


Shamrock: Argh! It's regrettable but true.



Our aim is the other side of 8,000 kilometers



Via Cairo, Bombay, Plymouth

One more step to Dublin


Shankul: A treasure house of legends and folk tales - Ireland! Colonel, I've heard that the Irish love humor, but do they all tell tasteless jokes like you?


Shamrock is busy fishing.


Shamrock: (mumbling) It’s big!


Shankul: That’s a whale! A whale!


Shamrock: What a whale of a lie!



Our aim is the other side of 8,000 kilometers



Via Lisbon, Bordeaux, Plymouth

One more step to Dublin


Shankul: An island of saints and scholars - Ireland! Colonel, I've heard that the Irish are devout but love alcohol, but is it true that they spend more time in pubs than in church?


Shamrock: Shankul, this is Ireland!


A steam whistle blows.


Shankul: We’ve arrived. We made it, Colonel! W-wait a minute, Colonel…!


He rushes after his departing colonel.



Scene 5 - Love and Hatred in Dublin Harbor



Mid-summer, 1920. Dublin Harbor. Daniel McNeal, leader of the Irish Independence Movement "The Sword of Light", moves through the crowds of British soldiers carrying a bundle and singing.


"Blantyre Explosion"


By Clyde's bonnie banks

as I sadly did wander

among the pit heaps

as evening grew high

I spied a young maiden

all dressed in deep mourning

a weeping and wailing

with many a sigh


Rosey Fitzgerald, Daniel's fiancée and a member of the Sword of Light, appears. Their eyes meet, and they climb aboard a ship. Gun shots ring out. A Sword of Light member, Alec Bolton, runs on stage, chased by British troops. He puts his hands together and begs.


Alec: Don't shoot! I'm not doing anything! There must be some mistake. I haven't turned against the English, so...!


Scott: Quiet! You'll explain in the interrogation room, though I doubt anyone will listen.


Catherine O'Toole, a childhood friend of Alec's, comes running after them.


Catherine: Alec! Alec!


Alec: Catherine!


Catherine: (to the soldiers) Alec-! Please save Alec! He was waiting to meet me! His mother is sick, and I promised to give him some medicine that I had bought.


English Soldier 1: Shut up! An Englishman will question him; we don't need help from you Irish.


English Soldier 2: Unless you want to get taken in as an accomplice, don't get in our way.


Catherine: Alec!


She grabs hold of Alec, but the soldiers break them apart. General Charles Russell, commander of the Irish Garrison of the British army, and Lieutenant Glen appear.


Lieutenant Glen: What's going on?


Scott: Sir! (he salutes) He was doing something suspicious behind the weapons shed on pier 4, so we arrested him. I thought he might be one of a gang of terrorists.


Alec: No! You've made a mistake-!


Glen: General Russell, what should we do?


General Russell: They call themselves the "Sword of Light", and act with thorough calculation, causing the army a lot of trouble. They may be simply terrorists, but they attract a great many to their cause. We must not allow anything to happen on the day that the new viceroy arrives. Question him sharply!


Glen: Yes, Sir! Bring him in!


Alec: Let me go! I'm telling you, I didn't do anything!


Catherine: Alec! Alec!


The English troops take Alec into their ship, but block Catherine from following, knocking her down roughly.


Alec’s Voice: I didn’t do anything! Help me, please!


Starting with Rosey, the Sword of Light members in disguise as vendors and such begin to gather around Daniel.


George: Daniel, what'll we do? We need Alec to act as liaison for the attack tonight; without him the operation will....


Nora: More than the usual strict security; with General Russell here, if we don't confront him with a perfect operation, it's hopeless.


Robert: And if he gives in to the torture, there is the fear that he might confess our attack plans.


Nora: That's right, faced with torture, Alec would collapse without resistance.


Cornelius: No, Alec would die rather than confess.


Sean: In any case, it would seem better to hold off.


Rosey: No, we can't put off the attack!


George: Rosey....


Rosey: The danger is greater than you know. If the viceroy is able to enter the fiercely guarded Dublin Castle, he'll be out of our reach. No matter what, we must attack before that happens!


Nora: But, Rosey-


Rosey: If the viceroy of Ireland is assassinated, then even the king living in his happy-go-lucky way in Buckingham Palace must realize how earnestly we want independence.


The English soldiers arrive, and the members break up and disappear into the crowd.



I stepped up beside her

and this I addressed her

"Pray, tell me fair maid

of your trouble and pain."


Sobbing and sighing

at last she did answer

"Johnny Murphy, kind sir,

was my true love's name."


The soldiers upset a flower cart being pushed by a flower seller and her daughter, and the bouquets fall everywhere. They pass on, uncaring, while the two women struggle to pick up the scattered flowers.


At that moment, Shamrock and Shankul arrive in port.


Shamrock: This is Dublin...? As Ireland's door to the world, it was always gay and lively, but.... Although it's not yet seven, even the lights in the pubs are out and the city's center is wrapped in darkness. Only the English residential neighborhoods are lit.


Shankul: The sailors said it was under curfew, but it really is strictly guarded, isn't it?


Shamrock: It's quiet. No, it's too quiet.


He catches sight of the mother and daughter picking up their flowers, and picks up a few under his feet, handing them to the daughter, Shannon.


Shamrock: What happened? Are you all right?


She sees his uniform.


Shannon: Go home, Englishman!


Helen: Shannon! Stop that.


Shannon: Go home! Go home! Get out of Ireland!


Daniel begins to sing again, while the other townspeople help the mother and daughter pick up the rest of their flowers.



The explosion was heard
all the women and children
with pale anxious faces
made haste to the mine.

When the truth was made known
the hills rang with their mourning.
Three hundred and ten
young miners were slain.


Military music rings out, and the new viceroy of Ireland (Lord Richard Seymour) and his wife Barbara and daughter Mary appear, following General Russell.


The people scatter and disappear, while Daniel takes a good look at the viceroy and quietly fades back into the shadows.


Lord Seymour: General Russell, isn't security a little too severe? I came to be viceroy of the colony, but I seem to be a prisoner!


Barbara: That's right. For a viceroy of the great British Empire to face off against these weaponless Irish terrorists like this, it makes me laugh. Let's go, dear.


General Russell: If you wish to walk about, I shan't prevent you. However, if the gun shot of a terrorist rings out just around that corner, I shall be writing to the home government requesting them to select a new viceroy.


Barbara: General Russell, are you threatening us?


General Russell: Not at all. I am merely informing you of the status quo of Ireland. The circumstances, without lies and exaggerations.


Seymour: So the Irish resistance is that fierce?


General Russell: Yes.


Seymour: General Russell, we shall follow your advice.


Laughing, Shamrock and Shankul emerge. Russell sees Shamrock.


General Russell: Walter Shamrock.


Shamrock: It's been a while, Charles Russell.....


Russell: General Russell.


Shamrock salutes.


Russell: We might have been classmates in officers school, but now I'm commander of the Irish Garrison. The garrison that guards your country, eh...? You should be punished for that blunder in India, but because your father acted with such servility to the English royal family, your first-rate crime was diminished, and you were allowed to inherit the dukedom? I guess you're grateful to your dead father. Although from an Irish bumpkin noble house, to see you able to attend the same school as us, and even go so far as to contemplate marriage with a good, noble English family like the Seymours... your father endeavored to preserve the dukedom. And he even made it possible for Lord Seymour to become viceroy of Ireland. (laughs) They had a rare edge, viceroy, the words you gave Colonel Walter Shamrock when you refused his request for your daughter's hand.


Shamrock salutes the viceroy.


Barbara: My dear, this is abominable. Let us go!


Seymour: From terrorists to country nobility, what a truly terrible place we've come to.


Mary: Colonel Shamrock, I would just like to say that you have my sympathies over the death of your father.


Shamrock: Thank you, Mary.


Mary: I liked your father. He chose me to be your wife, after all.


Barbara: Mary, stop that. This man is....


Seymour: General Russell, we set out immediately!


Russel: Yes, Sir!


Russel and the Seymours exit, leaving behind Shamrock and Shankul.


Shankul: (brightly) I heard that your marriage offer was refused, but I never dreamed the woman was so beautiful! What a shame. Colonel, we must make you marriageable, goin- ah, no, proceeding slowly. W-wait, Colonel!


They exit stage left, while Daniel and the Sword of Light members enter stage right, following Lord Seymour.



Scene 6 - The Sword of Light Slashes the Darkness



Daniel aims his gun at the viceroy's back.


George: Daniel!


Daniel: (lowers his gun) Lord Seymour, shall we let you enjoy life in Ireland for a bit?


George: Then, tonight's strike-?


Daniel: Cancelled.


Rosey: But what if he escapes tonight!


Daniel: The security is so tight that a noble English family will grow bored in the tight space of Dublin Castle, right? They'll certainly come out from the castle, and if there is no attack for two or three times, then the number of soldiers around them will decrease as well. Let's postpone the assassination until that time.


George: All right!


Rosey: We didn't come here to go hiking, so why are we just following the viceroy around, watching him and doing nothing?


Daniel: My hatred for the English is no less that yours. I was born the son of a poor tenant farmer, and every day was simply a struggle to survive. No, everyone here has been drained to the lees while under English rule...... Companions gathered together by the last dream they have left – independence. We have few weapons and few people in our fight for independence, so our plans must always be flawless – that is the battle philosophy of the Sword of Light. Alec's arrest wasn't in our calculations, and that's why we must alter the plan, and postpone.


Rosey: Calculations, calculations.... You're a university professor, that's why you like your bookish calculations. Everything consists of calculations, and will you fight by calculating the number of bullets that they'll shoot at us!?


Daniel: Rosey, you're exhausted. When the fight drags out like this the tension takes so much from your body, and you forget how tired you are. More than arguing, what we need to decide on now is how to rescue Alec. All right, Rosey?


Rosey nods.


Alec's voice: You don't need to worry about helping me.


Alec arrives, entering from stage left.


All: Alec!


Daniel: You couldn't have...


Alec: It's all right! The English soldiers aren't behind me or anything.


Nora: But, how..?


Alec: Those English bastards are simple minded. I confessed a false plan of attack, and I got taken along with one of the platoons. Luckily the base for the viceroy's guard is nothing more than an empty house. I knocked down my guard and escaped to come here, is about all it amounted to.


Cornelius: Just like you, Alec.


Alec: Daniel, there's still time, we don't need to change the plan. This is the day we planned for and came for, to get the viceroy, no matter what.


Rosey: Daniel!


All: Daniel!


They throw off their overcoats to reveal the uniforms of the Irish Volunteers. Gathered about Rosey and Daniel they begin to sing.


"A Nation Once Again"



When boyhood's fire

was in my blood

I read of ancient free men,



For Greece and Rome

who bravely stood,

three hundred men and three men


And then I prayed I yet might see

our fetters rent in twain,



and Ireland long a province

be a nation once again



A nation once again

A nation once again

And Ireland long a province

be a nation once again



Scene 7 - Sunset at the Count's Residence



The scene opens on a room with a big fireplace in the center. The door on stage right leads outside, while a staircase on stage left leads to the second floor. Shamrock stands, listening as the family lawyer, Edward Keene, goes through the inventory of everything he has inherited.


Edward: I shall explain the catalogue of the Shamrock family's inheritance. 32 acres of territory in Knock, in Clare County


The inventory is interrupted by the entrance of several female servants.


Sinead: Milord, what shall we do with your father's clothing?


Shamrock: If there is anyone who would like them, let them have them. Burn the rest.


Sinead: Yes, milord.


Edward tries again.


Edward: I shall explain the catalogue of the Shamrock family's inheritance. 32 acres—


Shankul enters, along with the doorkeeper Arthur O'Brien, the stable keeper Kevin Cuchulain, and the cook Barris Armstrong.


Arthur: Count, what shall we do with the portraits?


Shamrock: Dispose of them all.


All: Yes, milord.


Edward: (catching sight of the paintings) That's the tenth lord of the Shamrock House, Lord Henry. And that's the fifth lord, Lord Gerald. These were all commissions your father had done by famous English artists- (he catches sight of the medals Shamrock is holding) Ah-! Those medals were given to your father by His Majesty, King George V!


Uninterested, Shamrock throws the medals into the fireplace.


Edward: Ah! Ahhh~


The count's eyes are riveted on a single photograph.


Edward: … I shall explain the catalogue of the Shamrock family's inheritance.


Shamrock: Enough!


Edward: But the catalogue is not yet-


Shamrock: I don't need an inventory of my inheritance, because I didn't return to become a landholder. Every last bit of Shamrock land will be divided up and given to the tenant farmers.


The servants drop what they're carrying, then scramble to pick them up.


Servants: Excuse us.


Shamrock: Draw up the documents of transfer, I'd like to execute them sometime this week.... What are you doing, Edward? These are my orders.


Edward: Y-yes, milord.


Edward rushes off.


Joseph: Milord...


Shamrock: Honor, reputation, dukedoms..... Everything in this estate exists solely so that the Shamrock family can boast of them. The only thing here with memories attached to it is the single photograph of my entire family taken on the day my brother Michael was born. My father, my mother, me, and Michael, just born, smiling innocently without reason..... But that was the day when the last laughing voice vanished from this estate. Soon after my sickly mother had seen Michael's birth with her own eyes, she went to God. To forget his unhappiness, that the day Michael had been born was the day my mother passed away, my father cruelly sent Michael away for adoption. Then my father placed the future of the dukedom squarely on me, and forced me to live in England..... For a boy who never knew the warmth of a family, life in England where the Irish are looked down upon was hard; how often did I dream of being held by my mother, and hearing her sing a lullaby? I want to go home to Ireland! Over and over Michael's circumstances would come back to me.... I did not return for the Shamrock family inheritance. I came back to see that the line ends with me. For one person such as myself, more than this estate, a tiny field somewhere is enough. Just a field where I can live, alone.....


Joseph: Milord-!


Shamrock: Joseph, I'll pay you and the others your retirement pension, and then-


Sinead: Milord, Master Michael is-!


At that moment, Rosey and the others arrive, carrying a wounded Daniel and fleeing from the English army. The members surround Shamrock with their weapons.


Voice: Don’t move! Do as we say!


Daniel: (with pain in his voice) Alec, keep watch outside! Robert, search inside the house. Don't let anyone escape!


The two leave to carry out Daniel's orders.


Daniel: (to Shamrock) I didn't know this was the estate of an English army colonel. Even though you're an officer of the enemy forces, if you follow my orders, I intend no harm to you.


Shamrock: It's a wonderful custom of Ireland to willingly take in travelers, but it is not the custom for the traveler to command to be taken in.


Daniel: You're the one standing in front of a gun. When you're in front of a gun, the way to continue living is to be obedient.


Shamrock: You're Irish Volunteers, are you? ..... You adhere to your ideas without thinking. That gun is the newest model in English small arms. You're carrying guns that haven't even been distributed to the English army yet. I doubt that the English army is giving you presents, which means you raided an arms depot of the garrison and took them..... I don't think I'm inclined to listen to demands of obedience at the end of a gun, from the mouths of those who fight the violent rule of the English.


Daniel: Shut up!


He collapses from the pain.


Rosey: Daniel!


Shamrock catches Daniel, and Rosey levels her gun at him.


Rosey: Don't move! Don't think this gun is a toy just because a woman is holding it. And don't think anything ridiculous, like that a woman won't fire.


Shamrock: More than boasting about your womanhood, shouldn't we take care of this injured man first?..... Shankul, give me a hand.


Shankul: Yes, sir.


He moves toward Daniel, but Rosey shifts her gun to him.


Shamrock: Shankul is a man who also fought against England for his native country's independence, the same as you all. He also has knowledge of medicine, so if you want to help your friend, you should let Shankul look after him.


George: Rosey, hurry up and let him treat him.


Rosey: (pointing her gun at Shankul) Fine. Treat him! Your life is the guarantee, so don't make any funny moves.


Shankul is motionless.


Rosey: Hurry up and treat him!


Shamrock: The people of India think highly of their honor. Rather than bend beneath a gun, they will surely choose death.


Nora: Rosey!


Rosey lowers her gun.


Rosey: Treat him! Please.....


Shankul: With pleasure. … Now, bring him here.


Shankul sits Daniel on the sofa, and begins to treat him.


Rosey: (to Joseph) We are the Irish Volunteers, until his wound heals we will be borrowing this house. Don't worry, we won't harm you Irish men and women. And if you pledge to aid us, we will release you immediately.


Joseph: Miss, it is my job to bind together the servants of this house, and so they follow my orders. But I take my orders only from the lord, from his family, and from his acknowledged guests. Are you guests?


Shamrock: All of this household is bullheaded. What will you do, miss?


Rosey: We don't need any more of your help. Robert, lock all the servants in the cellar.


Shankul: Count, I can't treat him here. The bedroom!


Alec returns.


Alec: English soldiers! They're coming this way.


Rosey: We can't escape carrying Daniel, we fight.


The Volunteers raise their guns.


Shamrock: Don't be foolish! You really make the worst choices, miss. .....First, carry the wounded man into the bedroom. Joseph, they are my guests. And everyone must behave as they usually would.


All: Yes, milord.


Shamrock: What are you doing? The men should follow Shankul's directions.


Shankul: Quickly, get him to the bedroom! … The second floor.


The men lift Daniel.


Joseph: Ladies, this way, please.


Shamrock turns to call Joseph, then spots Rosey, who hasn’t left the room, and is still staring after Daniel.


Shamrock: Jose-! … You seem very concerned about him, is he your lover, miss?


Rosey stares at Shamrock.


Shamrock: (laughs) It's none of my business, your angry eyes tell me..... By the way, do you have a handkerchief, miss?


Rosey: Enough ridiculous conversation.


Shamrock: (seriously) If you have time to get angry, mop up the blood that's fallen on the floor! If the English soldiers see it there won't be any way to talk us out of it!


Rosey begins wiping up the blood when there is a knock on the door. Joseph returns.


Shamrock: Joseph, we have visitors. Show them in, slowly.


Joseph: Yes, milord.


Shamrock: And, miss, won't you go to one of the rooms on the second floor and change into something more fitting to this household?


There is another knock.


Shamrock: Hurry!


Rosey runs up to the second floor. Joseph leads in Lieutenant Glen and Scott, and some soldiers under their command.


Glen: (salutes) Lieutenant Glen of the colonial garrison. Colonel Shamrock, I apologize for intruding on your property. It seems that the criminals who attacked the viceroy have taken sanctuary on this estate, will you hand them over to us?


Shamrock: Joseph, have you seen guests of that sort?


Joseph: No, indeed not.


Shamrock: Lieutenant Glen, are you sure there’s been no mistake?


Scott: One of them was wounded, his blood led to this house.


Glen: Colonel, I have been vested with full authority by General Russell. I can arrest even my superior.


Joseph: If you have doubts, you are free to search the house.


Shamrock: Joseph.....


The soldiers scatter to search.


Scott: Blood!


Soldier: Lieutenant, here too.


Glen: It seems there wasn't time to wipe it all away. (He looks towards the second floor.) The blood trail leads to that room.


Having been waiting for those words, Sinead comes out, wrapped in a bandage.


Sinead: Milord, I'm sorry, that's blood from earlier when I cut my hand on the scissors. I thought I would clean it up later, but I'm quite late.


Glen: A wound like that wouldn't produce all this blood.


Arthur emerges, with his leg wrapped in bandages.


Arthur: Half the blood is mine. I was cutting branches and stabbed myself, and I sat in that chair when I was being treated.


Other servants emerge, wrapped in bandages.


Kevin: That's my blood. From when I hurt myself when repairing a harness.


Kate: No, that's my blood from when I broke a vase and injured myself.


Barris: It's a cruel embarrassment for a cook, but I injured myself on a kitchen knife. The blood-


Glen: Enough! Quite the collection of servants who enjoy acting. But I won't be made a fool of. Remove the bandages and check the wounds.


English Soldier 1: It's not a lie, this is a real injury.


Glen: What!?


Soldier 2: This one is real as well.


Soldier 3: No mistake.


Glen: What!? Let me see!


Glen looks for himself.


Shamrock: Lieutenant Glen. I went to officer's school with General Russell, and he is not a man to forgive another's mistakes. ....... The remaining traces of blood tricked your eyes. Even so, you fell beautifully into a rudimentary trap.


Glen: This isn't the place! It's somewhere else. (salutes) Excuse us!


The English soldiers leave, as if routed. The servants cheer. Rosey appears, lurking at the top of the stairs and watching them.


Shamrock: Because of my caprice, you all injured your precious bodies. How can I apologize?


Sinead: Apologies are unnecessary. We are happy to be of service to our lord.


Arthur: And we are Irish too. Such small wounds as these are nothing if they are for the sake of the Volunteers who fight for independence for our country.


Kevin: Even if I gave my life I wouldn't regret it.


Barris: And we showed up the English soldiers, which gives me great satisfaction.


Kate: Truly enjoyable!


Arthur: Everyone, the characters for "enjoyable" are written as "painful and happy". Exactly so, for the body is in pain, but the heart is happy. Painful but happy, enjoyable, enjoyable, enjoyable.


Shamrock: Laughter has returned to this house...... I'm happy to have such servants as you here. You've given me the first taste of joy since I returned home.


All: Milord.


Arthur: We are the seven servants of the Shamrock family. Joseph the butler, Sinead the head maid, the maid Kate, my wife, Kevin the stable keeper, Barris the cook, and myself, Arthur the doorkeeper. We've waited for your return with all our hearts.


Shamrock: Everyone, thank you for taking such wonderful care of the estate. I'll depend on you from now on.


Kevin: Then, my lord, we don't have to....


Barris: Quit?


Shamrock: Of course. Even with all the land gone there will still be assets enough left to employ you all. If that runs out, I'll plow the fields too. Living off the land, that's how an Irishman should live, after all. That's it, I'll request release from the army! I'll shed the English army uniform and plow the fields, I'll return to being an Irishman.


All: Milord!


Sinead's daughter Sara wheels in Michael, who is sitting in a wheelchair.


Shamrock: It couldn't be....


Michael: May I call you "brother"?


Shamrock: Michael, is that you?


Michael smiles at him with all his might.


Shamrock: I never thought I would see you again.... Michael!


Michael: Brother!


They embrace.


Shamrock: But… how?


Joseph: As you know, sir, your mother's death was a grief to your father, and his orders were that Michael was to be sent as a foster child in another county.


Sinead: Although it was the master's order, I couldn't send Lord Michael away to be fostered..... Not Michael, whom the gentle mistress had worried over to the very end.


Joseph: Sinead made an appeal, and the decision of all the servants was to report falsely to your father, and Michael was raised secretly in an underground room of this house.


Sinead: To disobey a command is an unworthy deed for a servant. I know it's unforgivable.


Shamrock: No, Sinead, you did well to disobey.


Sinead: Milord!


Michael: Then I can live together with you from now on, right?


Shamrock: That's right. Michael, from now on it's up to us to watch over this family that everyone has protected so well.


Michael: Yes! ....... But won't someone handicapped like me be a nuisance?


Shamrock: I've lived without privation for all of my life. From now on it's your turn to act as you like.


He pushes Michael's wheelchair out along the ginkyo.



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora, li

Toora, loora, loora

Hush, don't you cry



Scene 8 -- An Irish Lullaby



Michael: Brother, brother, you lived in India, didn't you, as part of the government of Mewar Province? Mewar is in the western part of central India, the capital is Udaipur, and the capital floats in a lake, an oasis in the desert.


Shamrock: That's right. The beautiful capital, where flowers of the southern countries bloom in profusion, and gentle people walk..... Michael, you've studied hard.


Michael: I was never allowed out of the underground room, on account of father being able to find me. So Sara and I always traveled together over the maps, and there's nowhere in this world that I haven't been. But even though I know all the maps, I can't imagine the real landscapes. To me, even that forest over there is an unknown world.



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora, li

Toora, loora, loora

It's an Irish lullaby


The two return to the main stage, and the song ends. Rosey appears, having changed clothes.


Shamrock: You don't seem like the type who would care for adjectives used to describe women like "beautiful" or "charming", so I'll refrain, but this is much nicer than when you were carrying a gun.


Rosey: I didn't come to show you my outfit, nor to argue...... Thank you for helping Daniel.


Shamrock: Humans are mysterious things. You who affect to be so firm, become very gentle when it comes to him. No one watching you can doubt that you're in love.


Rosey: He's my fiancé. Or are you saying that soldiers in the Volunteers can't be in love?


Shamrock: Towards me you're truthfully unfriendly. No one watching you can doubt that you dislike me. (He laughs.)


Michael: Brother.


Shamrock: Let me introduce you..... My younger brother, Michael.


Michael: Hello. I'm Michael, who's been missing for 17 years.


Shamrock: We've just had our tearful reunion.


Rosey: ...... Rosey Fitzgerald.


Michael: Rosey, you're a soldier? Who fights with a gun?


Rosey: Y-yes.


Michael: That's amazing. Everyone is fighting for independence, but I can't do anything. I knew it; I'm a nuisance.


Rosey: That's not true at all. You can do splendid things without fighting....


She catches herself and turns away, flustered.


Shamrock: Michael, independence isn't something you can get fighting, by hand. Even if you get independence, if you're economically relying on other nations, that's not true independence. Can Ireland, with its poor soil and lack of major industry, walk on its own? The other nations of the world are watching intently. If people can recognize that, then we can achieve independence even without fighting...... Hatred calls revenge, and develops into a slaughter. If we get into a fight like that, then this land will always be mired in war. Don’t fight. That is the path to independence.


Michael: Well, I can do that.


Rosey: .....


Shamrock: Of course you can. … Michael, Rosey looks like she can sing Irish songs for us, doesn't she?


Rosey: What? Me?


Michael: Please, Rosey, sing?


Rosey: But...


Shamrock: Poor but merry. Barren soil, but fairies live here. The gentle melodies born from relentless nature. Songs are the heart of the Irish.


He begins to sing.



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora, li

Toora, loora, loora

Hush, don't you cry


Rosey: There were many children in my family, and my job was to look after my younger brothers and sisters, but the babies were hungry and even when they heard the songs they wouldn't stop crying. But still I sang.


Shamrock: We didn't have anyone to sing us lullabies. The warmth that lullabies bring to a family, the warmth that our family never had......


Rosey sings softly.



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora, li

Toora, loora, loora

Hush, don't you cry


Rosey pushes Michael's chair off stage, with Shamrock leading the way.



Scene 9 -– The Plan to Assassinate the Viceroy



The setting is night in Ireland, with the distant lights of the city behind them. Far away is the shadow of an island, floating in the moonlit sea. A woman enters, pushing a baby carriage and singing.



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora, li

Toora, loora, loora

It's an Irish lullaby


Daniel appears, and the soldiers gather from all sides.


Daniel: Alec, how’d it go?


Alec: The viceroy has many hobbies for pleasure: last week was horse racing, the day before yesterday was watching cricket, and today was fox hunting.


George: Just like Daniel said, he’s come outside more and more often.


Daniel: How’s the hunting ground?


Daniel: He brings a close guard from the garrison troupes even out to Knock, so we can’t touch him at all. But there is a point where we can assassinate him. Midway through the hunt, they stop for a rest in a village. The guard will be small, and places to go are limited.


Daniel: All right, Alec, Cornelius, check out this village.


Both: Yes, Sir!


They depart.


Daniel: Nora, can we find out ahead of time what days he’ll be hunting?


Nora: I can try.


She departs.


Daniel: Robert, the explosives—


Robert: We have the ones we stole from the English army. Not many large ones, but more than enough to deal with one viceroy.


He departs.


Daniel: George, I won’t allow any mistakes this time.


George: More importantly, Daniel, how’s your injury?


Daniel: The pain of it is nothing, when compared to the agony of the mistake.


George: Then let’s leave that house. They helped us then, but after all he is a colonel in the English army.


Daniel: And again, he’s the hated nobility. That’s why it’s safe.


George: Daniel….


Daniel: And the Garrison has already searched his house once. There’s no better place to hide. The master of the house has bid us stay as long as we’d like, so I say we take him up on his sweet words.


Daniel and George leave.



Scene 10 – Pub During the Hunt



Behind the bar counter is the proprietor, William O’Toole. Sitting at a table, glancing at the clock constantly is Alec, who can’t seem to calm down.


In front of the pub, English soldiers are patrolling.


Catherine, daughter of the pub owner, appears, walking with some village girls.


Village Girl 1: There’s a lot of English soldiers here. I wonder if something happened?


Catherine: The viceroy is here on a fox hunt.


Village Girl 1: A fox hunt, and so this is only his guard?


Catherine: I was surprised at first, but I’ve gotten used to it.


Village Girl 2: If he’s frightened of being killed by the Volunteers, wouldn’t it be better not to go fox hunting?


Village Girl 1: It’s unforgivable, making a quiet village like this stink of blood, just for some fox hunt.


Catherine: That’s true. …..Well, see you tomorrow. Goodbye.


Village Girls: Goodbye.


Catherine parts from her friends and goes into the pub. They leave the stage.


Catherine: I’m back. …..Oh, Alec, what’s been wrong with you this afternoon? Is your mother all right on her own?


Alec doesn’t answer.


William: (with a laugh) He’s been like that for a while, he’s in a bad mood today.


Suddenly, there’s noise of an explosion. As if he’s been waiting for it, Alec jumps up and flies out the door.


Catherine: Alec…… Father, was that-?


William: That was the sound of a bomb.


Catherine: A bomb….. I wonder what’s happened?


English soldiers are gathering out back.


William: I dare say the Volunteers have attacked the viceroy or somesuch. Nothing to do with us, so best not to get involved.


Catherine: But, Alec-


William: He wouldn’t hurt a fly. Perhaps the sound of the explosion startled him and he ran away…….. Geh, this’ll be a bother. With English soldiers prowling about, none of the regulars will come by.


A worried Catherine goes out back. From the side of the stage emerges Lord Seymour in hunting dress, guarded by Lieutenant Glen and a large number of English soldiers. The one showing them the way is Alec.


Alec: Viceroy, this way, hurry!


Catherine catches sight of them.


Catherine: Alec!


Alec: Catherine……


Catherine: What’s going on? What are you doing?


Alec: No, it’s not-


Lord Seymour: Is this woman one of them?


Alec: No, no! This girl has nothing to do with it.


Seymour: Then lead us, they’re following.


English Soldier 1: If we don’t meet up quickly with the soldiers who are waiting, we’ll be surrounded by citizens and exposed to danger.


English Soldier 2: Where is General Russell’s troop!?


Catherine: Alec, you…. can’t be….


Alec: You’ve got it wrong, Catherine.


Lieutenant Glen: Don’t forget that we have your mother.


Seymour: What’s the delay? Hurry up and lead us!


Alec: ….This way.


Catherine: Alec. Alec!


William: (whispering) Catherine, oi.


With Alec in the lead, the soldiers head for the ginkyo on stage left. Daniel and the members of the Sword of Light follow behind them.


George: There they go, that way!


Daniel: Attack only the viceroy, got it?


Just as they head for the bridge, Shamrock appears and blocks their way.


Daniel: Shamrock.


Shamrock: That’s rather extreme equipment for hunting foxes.


Daniel: Don’t get in our way; clear the path.


Shamrock: Sorry, but this path has become one-way. Won’t you go back that way?


Daniel: There’s no time to play games. Move!


He lifts his gun.


Rosey: Daniel!


Daniel: Even for the sake of reaching your goal, killing is unacceptable. Such a high-minded ideology.


Daniel: What could a dog who’s lived wagging his tail at the British Empire know about our suffering? This is your last warning: Move!


Rosey: Stop this, Daniel!


Daniel: Don’t interfere, Rosey.


Rosey: This man saved your life. Do you intend to kill someone you owe your life to?


Daniel: I won’t forgive anyone who blocks my path, no matter who they are. Not even my benefactor.


Rosey: Daniel!


As Daniel prepares to fire, Russell appears, coming across the ginkyo from the other end and leading his troop of English soldiers.


George: Daniel, it’s a trap, run!


Daniel: A dirty trick, Shamrock!


General Russell: Don’t leave alive a single one of the criminals who would assassinate the viceroy!


The English soldiers raise their guns. Shamrock steps in front of Daniel and his soldiers.


Shamrock: Wait! Charles, you’ve made a mistake, we’re only out to enjoy a fox hunt. You heard the sound of an explosion, but that was only because we had to use an explosive against a really big fox.


Russell: Shamrock, you intend to ally yourself with the terrorists?


Shamrock: I’m not allying myself with anyone. No, I’m just a poor pacifist that both sides see as an enemy.


Russell: Colonel Shamrock, this is an order from your superior. Clear the path!


Shamrock: Unfortunately, yesterday was the fixed date of my discharge. At this moment I am a free-willed citizen, with no obligation to obey orders from anyone. No, I‘m an Irishman with the right to come and go as I please.


Russell: What rights do the Irish have? People of the colony should follow orders obediently. Prepare to fire!


At that moment, Joseph arrives at the head of the household staff and tenant farmers, who move into place to protect Daniel from the guns.



A nation once again

A nation once again


Shamrock: Joseph, you all….


Joseph: Our sense of duty calls on us to protect our master and his guests.


Russell: Ah, no matter. Fire!


Glen: But, the non-resisting citizens are-


Russell: Fool!


Russell pulls out a pistol and fires. Arthur is hit, and falls.


Shamrock: Arthur!


Kate: Dear!


Kate hugs her husband.


Michael: Please throw down your weapons.


Michael in his wheelchair has appeared at the head of a crowd of townspeople, along with Shankul. They’re all holding weapons.


Shamrock: Michael!


Shankul: Armed might against armed might. Whose weapons will win? The soldiers know.


Russell: Where did you get so many weapons?


Shankul: Let me say that god gave them to us.


Russell: Shamrock, with this you’ve made the English army your enemy, completely. ….. Let’s go!


Russell and the English soldiers depart. Everyone cheers. Shamrock goes to check on Arthur.


Shamrock: Arthur, are you all right? Hang in there.


Arthur: It happened in the blink of an eye. I thought I’d run when the bullets started flying, but I was too slow, and then here I was. …..But, although the wound hurts, I feel heroic, and it’s very enjoyable.


Arthur collapses.


All: Arthur!


Shamrock: Shankul, Shankul! Help him, you have to save Arthur!


Shankul: Yessir!


Shamrock: Arthur. Arthur!


They pick up Arthur, and depart. The only ones left are Shamrock and Rosey.



Scene 11 – One Life, One Love



Shamrock goes onto the ginkyo, while Rosey stands on the main stage. Both remember various things.


“Still as the Afterglow of Sunset”



Although it has sunk,

Still the afterglow of the sunset dyes the sky

In this same way,

There is a love which can never end

Even if my life is whittled away

By the flow of time

Our declarations of love will continue to ring out

Across the warm meridian

Even though I should wander about a world without end,

I’ll never let go of the hand entangled with mine



The resplendence of the afterglow,

Staining everything from dark red to bluish purple

That’s the grave-post of love

Our everlasting grave-post


Shamrock leaves the stage silently.


Daniel comes out.


Daniel: Rosey, the English army’s military oppression has truly begun. We’re returning to Dublin.


Rosey: To Dublin?


Daniel: The English army annihilated the Volunteers, and then moved to attack our base, and street fighting has broken out in Dublin. If we let this go, we’ll have no chance of victory…..  That bastard viceroy, he may intend this to be his revenge for the attack today, but it’s simply proof that we have them driven to the wall. ….. Rosey, the townspeople being coerced at gunpoint are going to arise. We need to stir them up, tell them that now is the time to revolt, with independence as the goal.


Rosey: How will you tell people without weapons to fight? With nothing to face off against the English bullets they’ll fall, and the victims will be countless.


Daniel: We can’t stop because of a few sacrifices. No, the more victims, the greater the numbers of citizens who will rise up.


Rosey: Is this more calculations!? For the revolution, you calculate even human lives!?


Daniel: Rosey!


Rosey: …..Daniel, I wonder, when was the last time the two of us smiled while exchanging words? Attacks, assassinations, explosions, coercion – Do our conversations consist of nothing but these words….?


Daniel: Rosey, we swore that we wouldn’t be married until we had been granted independence. If there’s peace, then we can think of everything, of living one life, one love. But this is a time of war, for the sake of independence we can’t exist as individuals.


Before Rosey can reply, George appears, dragging Alec.


George: Daniel, I’ve brought Alec.


Nora: He’s admitted to the truth, that he betrayed us. He secretly told the English army about our second attack on the viceroy.


Rosey: You must be making some mistake. Alec is—


Daniel: The second attack was executed flawlessly, according to plan. However, we were unable to kill the viceroy. Why? We reviewed our tactics to see if there was some flaw in the plan.


George: But the plan was flawless.


Robert: And all of our tasks were accomplished.


George: And yet we fell into the enemy’s ambush.


Nora: An ambush which seemed to circumvent our plans.


Anna: Which means there’s only one conclusion.


Daniel: Betrayal! But who? The answer was simple. In those circumstances, I give you the only one who could have colluded with the enemy: reconnaissance and communication, Alec.


Rosey: Alec…..


Alec: I’ve admitted everything, hurry up and kill me! I know the rules.


Rosey: If you know the rules, then why?


Daniel raises his gun.


Rosey: Daniel! Stop!


Daniel: Step aside, Rosey.


Rosey: Enough killing!


George and the others hold Rosey back.


Rosey: Let me go, he’s one of us, isn’t he? Stop this, Daniel!


Catherine comes running out, and shelters Alec.


Catherine: Alec!


Alec: Catherine.


Catherine: Forgive Alec! Please, spare him! They took his sick mother as a hostage…… Could someone so devoted to his mother cast her aside? There was nothing else he could do so…… please, forgive him.


Alec: Catherine, thank you. You couldn’t rely on me, and so I caused you nothing but trouble. But this is the last time, so please forgive me. I betrayed my compatriots….. If my mother knew that I had betrayed my mother-land, would she forgive me? ………


Catherine: Please, kill me too.


Alec: Catherine!


Catherine: If I let you die alone, you won’t be able to repent of your sins before God, because without me you really are a fool who can’t do a thing…… you really are unreliable.


Daniel levels his gun and shoots next to Alec’s foot.


Daniel: The punishment is finished.


Rosey: Then—?


Alec: Daniel, you’ll forgive me? A traitor like me?


Daniel: Shut up! A dead body is of no use.


Cornelius: Daniel!


Catherine: Come on, Alec, let’s go.


She helps him to his feet and begins to lead him away.


Daniel: Leave this country. So long as you’re in this country you’ll never erase the dirty title of “traitor”. Forget all this in some unfamiliar land, among unfamiliar people, and make a new beginning…… It doesn’t matter if you’re unreliable, live together brightly.


Alec: Daniel, I hope you can get independence.


Cornelius: Alec!


Alex and Catherine exit.


Rosey: Daniel, thank you.


Daniel’s face becomes cold once more.


Daniel: Rosey, that Indian and the count’s younger brother had German military weapons. Weapons that were sent to the Volunteers, which colluded with the Germans, so that they could deal a blow to the English from the rear during the recent Great War…… A U-boat fully loaded with weapons was shipwrecked in a storm, and sank into the sea….. That’s what I was told, but they’ve been brought in to Ireland. And that boy knows where. Rosey, lure them out, get them to tell you the whereabouts of the weapons.


Rosey: Daniel.


Daniel: If we have weapons. If we have weapons….


They hear the sound of singing growing nearer.


Daniel: Go!


They scatter and exit.



Scene 12 – The Sunset’s Afterglow at the Count’s Residence



The servants come marching along the side stage, singing and in good spirits. But they see the count and settle down, entering the main stage quietly.


Shamrock is seated at a desk, and signing some papers.


Edward: With this, everything is complete. From today, the arable nine acres owned by the family is divided amongst the tenant farmers…… But, what a shame. If this is all that’s left of the property, than my compensation is going to be less than what we’re handing out to the tenant farmers. I really can’t understand it. (He sees Shamrock’s glare.) Ah, excuse me.


He bows and departs.


Shamrock: Now then, ladies and gentlemen, won’t you please explain to me who those things you’re carrying belong to, and what they’re doing here?


All: …..


Shamrock: Joseph.


Joseph: Yes, milord. We don’t know whose they are.


Shamrock: Well then, what are they doing here?


Joseph: Well …..


Michael and Shankul enter.


Michael: I found them, and had them brought here.


Shamrock: Michael, you did?


Michael: When you brought me out to the ruins on that little island, Sara and I found them. They’re hidden beneath a broken altar. But these here are just some of them. Artillery, explosives, hand grenades… there’s a mountain of them.


Shamrock: A parting gift from the Germans…. Michael, you’ve found something dreadful.


Michael: With these we can beat the English army.


Shamrock: Daniel and the Volunteers think that too, but knowing that even these weapons exist, the English army is going to produce even heavier weapons….. What will you do when that happens? Increasing the number of weapons only leads to more increases, and the number of victims increases as well.


There’s the sound of a knock.


Joseph opens the door to the foyer and exits.


Shamrock: Shankul, get rid of all these guns, so that they can’t be used again.


Shankul: Understood, sir.


Shamrock: I’ll take care of the rest of the weapons in the ruins. Everyone, you cannot tell anyone about this secret. Do you understand?


Servants: Understood.


They pick up the guns and exit.


Joseph returns.


Joseph: Miss Mary Seymour.


Shamrock: Mary…… Show her in.


Joseph: Yes, milord.


Joseph leads her in.


Shamrock: Why has the daughter of the viceroy come here? If the Volunteers were to find you, they could capture you as a hostage.


Mary: Father has ordered the annihilation of the Volunteers for their attempt on his life. Moreover, there is an additional directive that even civilians resisting the army will be dealt harsh punishment. The army spread across all of Ireland is being gathered together in Dublin to manage the civilian population with armed force. They’ll probably come even here eventually…… What will you do? Will you flee?


Shamrock: I have no intention of fleeing from the homeland that I have returned to at last.


Mary: I see, that is a shame….. In the one in a million chance that you said you would flee, I would have asked you to take me with you. ……. Although our marriage was refused, I'm the kind of woman who couldn't stop thinking of you.


Rosey enters.


Rosey: I’m sorry, you have a guest—


Mary: I’m just leaving; please don’t trouble yourself……. Count, I’m sorry for intruding.


She holds out her hand to him.


Shamrock: You came so far to tell me these things, I am sorry I can’t meet your expectations.


He kisses her hand.


Mary: ... Goodbye.


Mary exits.


Shamrock: That’s the daughter of the viceroy whom you’re after.


Rosey: The viceroy’s-!


Shamrock: (laughing) Will you take her, for ransom?


Rosey: Even if we did take his life…..


Shamrock: Yes, nothing would change. In the larger current of a conflict, the weight of one man’s life is a small thing. One life more important than anything, one love, trampled underfoot….. Rather than live for a great cause, I want to live caring for these tiny things.


Rosey: Tiny things.


He looks at Rosey affectionately.


Shamrock: Just by meeting each other’s gaze, don’t you find that we can understand one another? If we could read into the colors that hang in other’s eyes, with only that we could understand one another.


After a long moment, Rosey instinctively starts to look away, but his words stop her.


Shamrock: If we didn’t look away and met each other’s gaze boldly….


They stand looking at each other for another long moment. He reaches out, as if to touch her cheek from the other side of the room, and she puts her own hand up.


Shamrock: Your sadness would constrict my chest, your pain would torture my heart. You need a sanctuary. A place with no masquerading or bluffing, where lonely, crybaby Rosey can return to.


Rosey: (stifling her tears) I-! …. We’re…. leaving this house….


Shamrock: I see…. Just as we have come to understand each other at last, that’s too bad.


Rosey: …. Well then-


Shamrock: Let’s stop exchanging words of farewell. I feel certain we’ll meet again.


Rosey: (stifling tears once more) Then it will have to be on a battlefield….


Rosey walks past him, intent on leaving.


Shamrock: Rosey…


She stops and turns, and this time he really does touch her cheek. She runs.


Shamrock’s Voice: You need a sanctuary. A place with no masquerading or bluffing, where lonely, crybaby Rosey can return to.


Daniel’s Voice: For the sake of independence we can’t exist as individuals. Rosey, lure them out, get them to tell you the whereabouts of the weapons. If we have weapons. If we have weapons….


Rosey’s tortured expression seems to lighten with an idea. She leaves the stage.



Scene 13 – Michael’s Whereabouts



The count’s garden.


Voices: Master Michael! Master Michael!


The servants are moving about looking for Michael.


Kevin: Mister Joseph!


Joseph: Kevin, any luck?


Kevin: I searched all along the coast, but he’s nowhere to be found.


Sinead: The wheelchair constricts his movements, so how can he be missing?


Barris: I’ll search the rear gardens again. He’s probably playing an innocent game of hide-and-seek, don’t worry.


Joseph: I hope so, but— Well, for now let’s search once more.


Shamrock enters with Shankul at his side.


Shamrock: Joseph!


Joseph: My lord.


Shamrock: Is it true that no one has seen Michael?


Joseph: Yes, milord.


Shamrock: Well then, who was the last one to see him?


Sinead: It was Sara.


Shamrock: Sara. Tell me, how did he seem?


Sara: Yes, sir. I was accompanying Master Michael on his walk as I always do, when Miss Rosey came and she invited Master Michael with talk of how pretty the heath flowers blooming on the peninsula are.


Shamrock: Rosey did.


Sara: I still had some work to do, so I put him in Rosey’s care….. I’m sorry.


Sinead: Sara, this isn’t something solved with an apology. If something has happened to Master Michael—


Shamrock: Sinead, that’s enough.


Sinead: But, milord….


Shamrock: Rosey-No, Daniel only has one goal: The remaining German weapons. I’m not worried that they’ll harm Michael, but although he wouldn’t intentionally tell them where the weapons are, we have to do something before he lets the secret leak.


All: Understood, milord.


Arthur comes out, limping.


Arthur: I’ll go too.


Shamrock: You can't. If you move you’ll reopen the wound.


Kate: That’s right, it’s suicidal.


Arthur: Milord, not one of the seven Shamrock family servants will be absent in his duties. Besides, a little pain is very enjoyable.


Kate: “Enjoyable” again, huh?


Arthur: That’s my wife. You understand me, don’t you?


Both: Milord, please!


Shamrock: All right. But, Arthur, don’t overdo it. Your life is as irreplaceable to me as Michael’s is.


Arthur: Milord!


Shamrock: I can’t allow the injured to go out. That’s what the English army would do. Irish independence must not be an independence threaded through with blood. Everyone, let’s search for Michael!


All: Yes, milord!


The servants spread out to search for Michael.



Scene 14 – Across the Stormy Sea



On the stage-left end of the ginkyo, the viceroy’s family and General Russell appear at the head of some English soldiers.


Sir Seymour: General Russell, no matter what, you must annihilate the Volunteers.


Russell: Run the gamut of brutality, and you’ll wake an unanimous uprising from your enemies. Do you want an ideal colonial rule, or do you want to flee back to England, defeated….? Do it in one decisive blow!


The English army exits to the arm of stage left.


Daniel and his Volunteers come out along the stage-right end of the ginkyo.


Nora: (running up) Daniel, Rosey is gone! It’s confirmed that she went off with the boy in the wheelchair, but then she disappeared somewhere.


George: I can’t even think that Rosey would betray us…..


Anna: Daniel, we have to find those German weapons quickly!


Robert: The English army has begun their general offensive!


Volunteers: Daniel!


Daniel: Go, find Rosey! No matter what, we’ll get those German weapons and have our showdown with the English army!


They run off in all directions.


Daniel crosses the ginkyo, singing.



The Sword of Light slashes the darkness

Releasing the intolerable restraints

The door to freedom opens

As many joys as there are hardships

As much happiness as there are tears

Ireland, Ireland

That great, green land

Ireland, Ireland

The time to fight is now


Daniel and the others exit, stage left.


Rosey and Michael appear on the edge of stage right.



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora, li

Toora, loora, loora

Hush don’t you cry


Rosey and Michael exit stage right.


From stage left the Irish populace appears, singing and dancing.



A nation once again

A nation once again



Irish independence

A nation once again

A nation once again

A nation once again



A nation once again

A nation once again

A nation once again


The servants and Shamrock enter.


Joseph: Milord….


Shamrock: Michael?


Shankul: Coooooount!


Shankul comes running out, followed by Sara, pushing Michael’s chair.


Shamrock: Michael!


Shankul: It seems that Rosey charmed the secret out of Michael, and set off alone for the old castle on that small, isolated island.


Shamrock: Alone?


Shankul: Yes.


Michael: Brother, I’m sorry……. The secret—


Shamrock: Michael, don’t let it worry you. You wanted Rosey to join in; it’s hard being the only one who knows a secret.


Michael: She must be looking for the German weapons.


Nora: Rosey’s on that small island out beyond the peninsula. The island with the old castle. The fisherman who took her out there in his boat told me, so there’s no mistake.


Daniel: Get a boat ready. I’m going after Rosey.


George: Daniel, the sea’s rough from the storm.


Robert: Why not wait until the storm calms?


Daniel: A ruined castle on a small, isolated island, that’s where the German weapons are hidden, no mistake. We must get those weapons before the English army gets here!



Ireland! Ireland!


Shamrock: I’m going to the island!


Servants: Milord!



Ireland! Ireland!


Shamrock: I’m aware of the dangers. But I have to dispose of those weapons before the English army gets here. ……. Rosey, we won’t be meeting again on a battlefield. I’m…


Shamrock/Daniel: … Going alone!


With Shamrock and Daniel as the focus, the Irish sing.



A nation once again

A nation once again




Scene 15 – The Wind-Bitten Old Castle A



The stage is the ruins of an old castle, rising from the sheer rock cliffs. The sound of the wind is nearly deafening, and thunder can be heard.


Rosey emerges, searching for the place where the weapons are hidden.


Rosey: Somewhere in these ruins those German weapons are hidden. But where…………? When the wind calms this island will turn into a battlefield……. I have to locate them before that happens.


Rosey is feverish, and staggering.


A thunderbolt.


Rosey: (making the sign of the cross instinctively) God’s blessings against the fairies—!


Shamrock appears, searching for Rosey.


Shamrock: (laughingly) So lightning is also the work of fairies? Believing that, you really are an Irishwoman.


Rosey: You.


Shamrock: Did I make my entrance too soon?


Rosey: In the middle of a storm—you really are brave.


Shamrock: Or rather, I was worried about you.


Rosey: …………


Shamrock: My, my, it seems that there’s someone else who is anxious over you.


Daniel appears.


Daniel: Shamrock, are you trying to get in our way until the bitter end?


He turns his gun on Shamrock.


Shamrock: That you can point your gun at me with such a look to match—your expression says you’ve come to really want to shoot me, hmm? (smiles)


Daniel: Shut up!


Rosey: Daniel!


Daniel: Rosey, why did you come here alone? Acting on your own is prohibited.


Rosey: ……


Daniel: I’ll hear your reasons later. More importantly, where are the German weapons?


Rosey shakes her head.


Daniel: (to the count) Where are they hidden?


Shamrock: Unfortunately, I don’t know either.


Daniel: Confess, or we locate them ourselves. Which will it be? You’re an obstacle to independence. If you sank to the bottom of the sea in this storm, you’d have to accept defeat!


He points his gun at Shamrock.


Rosey: Daniel!


Shamrock: You Volunteers—aiming at independence—are the heroes of Ireland. Yet what are you doing? Attacks, assassinations, robbery. If we talk of independence in two words, aren’t you simply assassins, simply thieves!?


Daniel: You can’t understand, can you, all that we have endured—the pain of people oppressed for 700 years by English rule. We had our land stolen, even our religion taken from us; yet still we survived, to this day. Independence: what’s wrong in entrusting out hope to that word? We don’t care if we’re called killers, if it’s for the sake of that word.


Shamrock: You can’t make sound decisions in hatred.


Daniel: Shut up! … Independence comes from hatred!


Rosey: Stop it! Daniel, are people born to hate each other, that even here in an old castle on an uninhabited island you can hate…..? Even if you go to Heaven, will you continue to hate!?


She collapses.


Both: Rosey!


They both run to her, but Shamrock gets his arms around her first.


Shamrock: She has an awful fever.


Daniel: (with his gun pointed) Get away from Rosey.


Shamrock: Can you help Rosey with a gun!?


Daniel: …..


Shamrock: She exhausted herself in this storm, don’t you see, and wore herself out. Move her somewhere sheltered from the wind! Daniel! This isn’t an order, this is a plea.


Daniel carries her.


Shamrock: Taking the brunt of the wind in those soaked clothes, all she did was exhaust her physical strength. …… Light a fire! I’m going to gather firewood.



Scene 16 – The Wind-Bitten Old Castle B



The stage rotates as Shamrock goes about the island collecting firewood. When he drops his armful, making a pile, a stone is dislodged and roles away. From the sound as it drops, Shamrock realizes that there is an underground room. He walks over to look, and sees a staircase which had been hidden from sight by a wooden gate.


He goes down into it.


There is nothing but the sounds of the storm.


He comes back up.


Shamrock: So here are the presents of the German army? With these weapons and ammunition alone, the dream of victory could come true for anyone, not just Daniel. But I will never let that happen, (He pulls out a stick of dynamite, concealed in his pocket) even if I have to disappear with them….


He puts the dynamite back in his pocket, closes the gate, picks up his firewood, and returns to Daniel and Rosey. The stage rotates back to their location.



Scene 17 – The Wind-Bitten Old Castle C



Daniel hasn’t moved from his crouched position, holding Rosey. Shamrock returns, carrying the wood.


Shamrock: What are you doing? Why haven’t you lit a fire?


Daniel: I don’t have matches or a lighter, so how would you suggest I light a fire?


Shamrock: Do you think that gun you carry is just for killing people? You can light a fire with it. Here, let me see it.


Daniel doesn’t move.


Shamrock: She’s soaked; I’m worried for her life if she gets pneumonia. Don’t you want to help Rosey!?


Daniel reverses his gun and hands it to Shamrock butt first.


Shamrock opens one of the bullets and pours the gunpowder into the center of his handkerchief, then uses the firing mechanism to create a spark.


Shamrock: The army is a mysterious institution—they teach you how to kill and how to save lives, both. This gun is the same: depending on how you use it, you can save a man or kill him. The keystone of the problem is the person using it.


Reversing the gun, he returns it.


Shamrock: Hold her tightly until she warms up. The fever will go down quicker if her clothes are dry, right? That’s the fiancé’s job…… Don’t give me such a fierce look. No one is going to come until the storm dies down, right? Until then it’s just the three of us on an uninhabited island, so let’s play nicely as Irishmen.


Shamrock sits down a little ways away from them and starts singing.



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora-


Daniel: Stop it!


Shamrock: Does this song make you lose your fighting spirit? (laughs) How Irish.


Daniel: Fool, lullabies don’t make us nostalgic. Rosey and I were raised in poverty; all lullabies do is remind us of painful memories.


Shamrock: Do you love Rosey? (laughs) That’s a foolish question, isn’t it, to ask a fiancé.


Daniel: When I first met Rosey, I felt the sadness that only someone raised in the same circumstances could understand. I had thrown myself into the independence movement, and I taught all of our ideology to Rosey. Because of who she is, I believe she can understand.


Shamrock: Thanks to that, she’s become a perfect revolutionary, a soldier frightened by words of love.


Daniel: That’s right! For the sake of independence, we can’t pursue individual happiness.


Shamrock: I wonder if that’s what Rosey wants?


Daniel: ….


Shamrock: Ideals and love, neither of those things is something that can be forced.


Daniel: This is our problem, it has nothing to do with a third person.


Shamrock: That’s so, I am a third wheel. Well, this third wheel will just go collect more firewood.


Shamrock exits.


Daniel: Rosey, the two of us have gotten here against all odds. We buried our emotions for the great cause. Maybe I’ve been wrong. But it’s too late to turn back now.


: As many joys as there are hardships

As much happiness as there are tears



: When we get independence, then I can give you words of love. … Until then I endure.


He lays Rosey down gently and covers her with his coat. He hurries off.


Shamrock comes back into view, as he had only ducked out of sight in the ruins.


Shamrock: Daniel… Will abandoning a defenseless Rosey on the mountain make your great cause come sooner!?


Shadow Solo:

Although it has sunk,

Still the afterglow of the sunset dyes the sky

In this same way,

There is a love which can never end


Shamrock puts down his firewood and gathers Rosey in his arms.


Shamrock: You’ve always suffered. Even when I first met you, and still now. … Now I’ll give you all the warmth I have.


Shadow Solo:

That’s the grave-post of love

Our everlasting grave-post


T storm has calmed. Shamrock is holding Rosey when Rosey regains consciousness.


Shamrock: You’re awake? (He feels her forehead.) Seems like your fever has gone down too.


Rosey: Thank you.


She tries to rise, but staggers into his chest.


Shamrock: Don’t overdo it.


Rosey: Have you been looking after me all this time?


Shamrock: No, Daniel took care of you.


Rosey: Daniel—


Shamrock: I’m stubborn too, but his stubbornness is unbeatable. He’s gone in search of the German weapons.


Rosey: I’m sorry.


Shamrock: There’s nothing for you to apologize for. It’s simply that his ideology and my ideology are different. With the storm quieted, now the real battle starts.


Rosey: A brief moment of peace….. I had a dream as I was shivering from the cold, that a man was holding me gently. And the wind which had blown so violently came before that man and stopped as if bowing to him, and he wrapped me in something warm……. I opened my eyes joyfully, and you were holding me.


Shamrock: This is the first time I’ve seen you smile from your heart. People with beautiful hearts also have beautiful smiles. I’ve a feeling that I came here to see your smile.


Shadow Solo:

Love calls on the wind, the wind carries it on

The scenario is the wind, a one-act drama


Daniel appears, holding the German weapons.


Daniel: Rosey. The storm has calmed, and our companions are on their way. I have the German weapons.


Rosey: Daniel, do you really intend to fight the English army?


Daniel: Of course. I’ve lived for this moment. And now we have more weapons than ever expected. (He looks at Shamrock.) Don’t get in our way.


Shamrock has moved to the fire to pull out a burning brand.


Shamrock: Daniel, I can’t allow innocents to become victims because of your dreams. One way or another, I will not allow you to have the German weapons.


Daniel: You make big promises, but how will you do it?


Shamrock pulls out the stick of dynamite.


Rosey: Dynamite!


Shamrock: If I have to sacrifice my life, you will not take the weapons from that cellar.


Rosey: Count!


Shamrock: Walter Shamrock. Rosey, I don’t want “count” or any other title on my gravestone. Have them engrave: Irishman Walter Shamrock, he sleeps here, praying for peace.


Rosey: Walter.


Shamrock: Daniel, I walk the road I believe in.


He holds the brand near the dynamite fuse.


Daniel: Shamrock, for the sake of independence, I’ll take the German weapons. (He raises his gun) This is the end.


Rosey pulls out her own gun.


Rosey: Daniel, drop your gun!


Shamrock: Rosey…


Daniel: Rosey, stop joking.


Rosey: You’re married to your great cause, independence, you don’t love me. I want to care for the tiny things.


Shamrock: Rosey, stop. Guns never solve anything.


Rosey: There’s no other way to stop him.


Daniel: It seems you didn’t understand our ideals after all. I’ll leave you here.


Daniel turns his back on Rosey and begins to walk away with the weapons.


Rosey: Daniel, I’m serious!


Shamrock: Rosey!


Rosey shoots Daniel. Daniel staggers to his knees. Shamrock drops the dynamite and starts towards them.


Shamrock: Daniel!


Daniel turns and shoots Rosey.


Shamrock: Rosey. Rosey, hold on!


He catches her as she falls.


Rosey: Walter, I’m sorry. I pulled the trigger, even though I believe in your ideals….. But there was no other way—


Shamrock: Don’t talk! Everyone is coming. Until then, you’ll have to… endure it.


Rosey: I don’t want to endure it any more. I’m tired of always reaching, too. But I don’t have to reach for you; we’re the same height. You met my eyes. …… Now, I can be honest. … Because I found a real love….


Shamrock: Rosey…


Rosey: (humming) Toola….


Rosey dies.


Shamrock: Rosey. Rosey!


Shadow Solo (under lines):

Because you loved someone, even to the point of giving up your life

Because you were loved, you'll be born again


Daniel puts down his gun and staggers to his feet.


Daniel: Although it was my own heart, I turned my back on it, and this is the punishment I bear for turning away from my heart……. Rosey, although I loved you, I couldn’t be kind to you… The punishment….


He falls to one knee.


Shamrock: Daniel, hold on! Live, and see independence with your own eyes.


Shadow Solo (under lines):

The three-leaved clover, the shamrocks

They crowd this field

A tapestry woven from tears



Daniel: Independence (He laughs, then staggers to his feet once more.)…. Shamrock, at least allow me to be of use to independence here, at the end.


Daniel begins to half stagger, half crawl towards the cellar.


Shamrock: Daniel, don’t move. Stay still. Everyone will come soon. Daniel, where-?


Shadow Solo (under lines):

Love is hate, love is joy

During the most sorrowful times, love shines…


Daniel picks up the dynamite.


Shamrock: Daniel, stop! Stop, Daniel. Come back here. Please! Stop! Daniel! … Daniel, stop! Daniel! Stop!


Daniel enters the cellar.


A huge explosion rocks the old castle.



Scene 17 – The Wind-Bitten Old Castle C



Evening comes, with the soft sound of waves and the cries of sea birds. Shamrock is still holding Rosey. Shankul and the servants’ voices become audible.


Servants: Milord! Milord!


Shankul: Count! Count!


Shankul and the servants emerge from stage right.


Shankul: Count, you’re all right. I was deeply concerned when you went off in the middle of that storm..... Ah! I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize I was intruding on a love scene.


Arthur: A love scene! That’s rather indecent under the wide-open sky.


Barris: Who is he with?


Shankul: Isn’t that rather obvious? We’re in the way, we’ll make an exit. Come now.


Joseph approaches the two softly.


Shankul: Stop please, Joseph. You’ll look like a dirty old man.


Joseph kneels and makes the sign of the cross. When he does that, everyone understands at last.


George and the Volunteers arrive.


: Hey look! Weapons! We can use these for-


Nora: This is Daniel’s coat!


Anna: Rosey… It can’t be!


George turns his gun on Shamrock.


George: You were the one who killed Rosey? Where’s Daniel? What happened to Daniel!?


Shamrock: Stop.


The raw emotion in his voice stops George dead.


Shamrock lays Rosey down gently and stands up.


Shamrock: Do you still want blood to flow? ….. Daniel made the mistake of spending his life with resentment and hate towards the English ; he gave up his life! You can spout pretty words like freedom and independence, and when you’ve wounded other humans, what have you gained? ……. They wished for independence, yet what I touch with my hands is only their two cold bodies. When you’re revered as a hero of independence, with your name immortalized on a stone monument, what has that accomplished? Your tears dry up from the suffering, you struggle amidst the suffering, living, but that's what makes us human, isn't it?


At his words, they throw down their guns and fall to their knees, crying.


Intending to carry away the bodies, the servants approach Rosey.


Shamrock: Don’t touch her! I won’t let anyone touch Rosey……


Shamrock crumbles down beside Rosey.


Joseph begins to sing softly.



Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer's gone, and all the roses falling
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide


As Joseph sings, the Volunteers and the servants pile their weapons in front of Daniel and Rosey, signaling an end to the fighting.


Then they join his song.



But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow
Yes I'll be here in sunshine—


As if called by the pain, Russell and his soldiers arrive.


The singing stops.


General Russell: You’re completely encircled; this is the end of the resistance movement.  (He spots Rosey’s dead body) The Irish are killing each other? That makes things easy and convenient. …… Well, Shamrock, as proof of your allegiance, why don’t you hand over the German left-behinds, hmm?


Shamrock stands up.


Shamrock: We will not resist you at all. However, we will never obey you either. This is our battle! Even if you can control us with military might, you shall never be able to control our hearts.


Russell: Your words are overflowing with idealism, but are they really feasible?


Shamrock: Let’s test it with my body.


Singing, Shamrock walks towards Russell.



Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling


Following Russell’s orders, an English soldier knocks Shamrock down with a blow from the butt of his riffle to the face.


He stands up and begins walking forward once more.



From glen to glen—


The soldiers knock him down again. Russell smirks.


Struggling to his feet, Shamrock continues singing. Joseph and the others sing with him.



The summer's gone, and all the roses falling
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide


The English soldiers knock them all down.


No matter how many times they fall, they don’t stop singing. Their voices reverberate through the old castle.



But come ye back when summer's in the meadow

Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow


Everyone gathers around Shamrock, and their conviction begins to overpower the English soldiers.


Shamrock: Killing us is simple, but though you can have our corpses, you can never have our souls.


The Irish citizens also gather around Shamrock.


Shamrock: This is nostalgic, Charles. (He holds out his hand to Russell.) I’m glad to see you.



'Tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so


With the added strength of the citizens, Russell and his soldiers flee.


Shamrock collapses. After coughing, he staggers back to his feet, and to Rosey. Shamrock rises with Rosey in his arms, under everyone’s watchful gaze.


Shankul: Count Shamrock!


Joseph: Milord…


Shamrock: Just for a moment, a short, short moment, won’t you leave me alone with Rosey?


Under their gentle eyes, Shamrock walks with Rosey, out onto the ginkyo.


In the midst of that painful moment, Michael begins to sing.



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora, li

Toora, loora, loora

Hush don’t you cry



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora, li

Toora, loora, loora

It’s an Irish lullaby


Shamrock stops in the middle of the ginkyo, and sinks down with Rosey still in his arms.


Shamrock:  These eyes are dyed with shades of pain, these lips always withstood pain…… Now with these fingers I’ll untangle you from your grief. Rosey, I forgot! I haven’t told you yet that I love you. ….. How could I have forgotten such important words? ……… Rosey, I love you! How could I let you go again? I’ll stay here, holding you like this, forever.



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora, li

Toora, loora, loora

Hush don’t you cry


Shamrock stands up once more with Rosey in his arms, and begins walking.


Shamrock: Rosey, look, the afterglow of the sunset is shining so beautifully. You’ll always shine in my heart, like the colored sky even after the sun has set, like that afterglow…….. Rosey, let’s go find a sanctuary. Rosey, the sky is a completely beautiful color. Look! Can you see it too? I wanted the two of us… to see such an amazingly colored sky…… Rosey, can you hear my voice? Rosey…..


Shamrock exits stage left, still talking softly.



Toora, loora, loora

Toora, loora, li

Toora, loora, loora

It’s an Irish lullaby


The curtain closes on the old castle and the people singing gently there.