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2002/05/18 Senka Troupe: 初風緑 Hatsukaze Midori [The name of Takarasienne]
It probably would have been "Masumi Reika" -- Hatsukaze Midori!

The name she filed for was entirely turned down. She was in a spot, so she talked to her aunt, a former Takarasienne, Hatsukaze Jun (a former top musumeyaku). "Even if she's a theater person, even if she's a female type, it's good," she said, and took the Hatsukaze surname. Then Hatsukaze made her name "Midori", after her own lucky color, a warm green.

My dream name was Masumi Reika. At that time there was an upper level actress with a similar name. "Hatsukaze" was a really big name, but now I think in the end the stage and my stage name have come together well. It's a bright, refreshing image*, and it fits my motto of always wanting to face forward. When I hear this name, and my nickname, well, they've become entirely precious to me.

Her nickname, "Gaichi", comes from her real name. "A manly nickname appealed to me."

She's a performer accomplished in all three aspects: singing, dancing, and acting. She's currently staring in "Ai, Mai, Mi" (Love, Dance, Charm) in Bow Hall. With only 4 other men to accompany her, it's a new kind of "one man show" challenge. She's demonstrating a new charm.

The theme is the cosmos. I also thought of the poster's image of "Hatsukaze Hoshi" (Hatsukaze Star). It's pretty selfish of me as a Senka member to have this dream of working with men, but consequently I feel like this play has been turned into something that's very like me. I know that the joy of making a play with everyone, especially to use the charm of otokoyaku with men, that's indestructible.

* [Trans note: "Hatsukaze" means "first breeze"]