Glass no Fuukei – A Glassy Landscape

A Musical Romance


Playwright: Shibata Yukihiro

Director/Choreographer: Sha Tamae


Translator’s notes:

-          The official Romanization of Kouju Tatsuki’s character’s name is Joy Buxter. Now that I’ve told you this I will proceed to ignore that fact completely. …I’m in denial. No, seriously, it sounds much more like Joey Baxter to me, and whoever heard of an American named Joy Buxter? Poor bastard.

-          This translation is mainly based off of the script in Le Cinq vol. 48, so although a few of the improve scenes from the day of the taping of the official video have been added, some are still missing.


Translation: Jen

Editing: Sanalith, Lucia


Main Cast:


Joey Baxter (Kouju Tatsuki) – A newly arrived American gentleman at the resort
Laura Simmons (Nagisa Aki) – The eldest daughter of the Simmonses, English

Spencer Simmons (Ema Naoki) – Laura’s father

Helen Simmons (Mari Yuzumi) – Laura’s mother

Clara Simmons (Sendou Kaho) – Laura’s younger sister

Franco Mira (Aran Kei) – An Italian police inspector

Piccola Ponti (Suzuka Teru) – An Italian spinster who lives at the resort
Alto Ponti (Misa Noeru) – The younger sister of Piccola

Gregory Clement (Hatsukaze Midori) – A university professor from Holland
Lisa Clement (Akisono Mio) – His wife

Pietro Greco (Yumeki Noa) – Manager of the resort
Mario Grande (Asazumi Kei) – The heir to an Italian banking family

Leonardo Barone (Matobu Sei) – The son of an Italian politician

Kent Kostner (Nishiki Ai) – A Canadian painter
Giovanni Creo (Narumi Jun) – One of Franco Mira’s men





--One summer in the 1960s--


At Lake Como in picturesque Northern Italy


At a resort where rich and influential people gather, an unknown man arrives. There is an incident---


While investigating the incident, the man meets a woman, and between the two mature adults, a calm love is born.


As the man and the woman walk along, in their lives there is love, hope, and a bold yet fragile dream...


A quiet, celestially blue lake surrounded by the Alps. Along that waterfront the rich who take their ease have both an outer face and an inner one.


A canzone prepares us for that interval which flows by...



Scene I - Prologue (Lago di Como)


The cast appears and dances emotionally. From beneath the stage, a man rises up and begins to talk to the audience.


Joey: When I first came to this lake, the way the wind moved caused a nostalgic sparkle. Wind and light and water produce a golden harmony in the landscape that you can see at any time, so why did it jolt my heart then? I once had a shining youth like that. If I could return to that passion once more...


"A Youth Passed By" (Canzone)



I can't return to that distant summer day

Time passed by, people passed by, dreams passed by

Aah, I continue to wander, and the colors in my heart fade

Unfulfilled wishes, secret friends

A green season gone by

A burning heart, I continue singing

Only believing in tomorrow

Beloved days fled

Hot memories I can't forget

Wounded wings unresting

Believing in that longed-for world

I've continued to battle the loneliness



My soul wanders aimlessly

What am I seeking, where am I going?






Time always changes people






Unspoken irritations remain



A green season gone by

A burning heart, I continue singing

Only believing in tomorrow

Beloved days fled

Hot memories I can't forget

Wounded wings unresting

Believing in that longed-for world

We challenged the sky




Scene II - An evening party at the Simmons house


1960, early summer. The spotlight falls on a lone woman as she sings and her husband plays the piano.


"A Distant Heart"



The flame of love in your eyes has gone out

and my heart grows uncertain

On reflection, the painful nights are repeated

Your smile is a dream, when I'm with you

I gaze at you from far away as I remember

those days we can never return to


The stage lights brighten and we see that an evening party is in progress for all the rich and influential guests at the lake resort. The season has begun, and they are mixing and socializing.


Simmons: Bravo! As always, your beautiful voice was perfect.


Mrs. Fellini: Truly. It's charming.


Kent: Every year when you do this I'm jealous to know such a perfect couple.


The master of the house raises his glass to get everyone’s attention.


Simmons: Ah, and while we have everyone gathered here... I'm so very pleased to see so many familiar faces at this party to mark the beginning of the season. To enjoyable summer vacation friendships!


Kent: It truly is interesting to have acquaintances from all over Europe gathered here in lake-side villas in Northern Italy for such a short time.


Smith: Indeed. Good news, Mr. Simmons. It seems iron ore stocks are on the rise now.


Simmons: Eh, well, they seem neither wonderful nor poor.


Clement: Mrs. Simmons, is your family as well as ever?


Helene: Yes, thank you.


Mrs. Sturm: Laura isn't here yet this year?


Helene: Yes, my eldest's husband has built a villa in Monte Carlo, so they'll be spending the summer there this year.


Lisa: Monte Carlo sounds nice too, doesn't it, dear?


Alto: This year is lonely then, although you have Clara and Paul.


Helene: Yes, but I find ways to keep myself entertained, and you two help.


Piccola and Alto: Thank you!


Paul: Miss Piccola and Miss Alto, you two know a lot, recently... Mrs. Monterey's new housekeeper...


Piccola: Ah, ah, ah.


Piccola wags her finger at him, grinning. His mother disapproves of his trying to stir up gossip.


Helene: Paul, stop that, not in front of everyone.


Simmons: Our neighbors are artists, professors, businessmen; they won't be doing anything extraordinary during their holidays.


Leonardo: Professor Clement, I've been meaning to speak with you, we were deep into Spanish literature....


Clement: Let me see, we left off with you saying something about "Don Quixote" suiting you, were we not?


Lisa: Oh, that sounds right.


Kent: Leonardo, have you decided what you want to do?


Fellini: Will you follow in your father's footsteps and become a politician?


Leonardo: No. I'm at school to study law, but where I'll go from there...


Kent: Everyone's been there. I too ended up completely out of my field.


Mario: Me too. I never thought about taking over the bank.


Simmons: I know it's rude to say, but for someone like me who worked his way up from a mechanics shop it's amusing to hear the hopes of people born into such rich families.


A new man appears and takes off his hat and trench coat, which he hands to his assistant.


Simmons: Ah, the well-known and capable Officer Mira, of the Milano police department. Thank you for coming here as our good friend, rather than in an official capacity. Here's to another good year.


Mira: It's a privilege to see everyone again. However, today I have to share with you all some unpleasant news. Actually, this is a notification from four or five days ago, but it seems there's a suspicion that a group of thieves has infiltrated this region...


Piccola: Thieves!


Clement: How do they look and what are they wearing? These thieves...


Mira: It was an unclear bulletin, and I only wanted to tell everyone to be on their guard.


Helene: Thanks to you making an appearance here from time to time, and our manager also working as the security detail, any suspicious people are certain to be quickly spotted.


Piccola: ...That Pietro does a reliable job.


Mrs. Smith: That's right; he's always helping me.


Fellini: Sometimes I see someone come in by motorboat from somewhere in the area of this villa. Does anyone know that man?


Paul: Ah, I've seen him a lot.


Sturm: Sounds odd, what did he come here for?


Mrs. Sturm: He's probably got a date with someone.


Mira: How old is he?


Fellini: In his early thirties, I'd say.


Alto: Hm, I heard that empty villa nearby had been bought and someone new is moving in...


Helene: The one near us?


Piccola: Right near this house.


Helene: Then his name is Mr. Baxter, and he moved in four or five days ago. He only seems to have one man for help...


Alto: Four or five days ago?


Clara: I saw him too, and he seemed like a white knight.


Mira: That villa used to belong to the Swedish count, didn't it?


Simmons: Yes. It's quite close, so we invited him but I don't know if he'll come or not...


Butler: Mr. Baxter has arrived.


Heralded by the butler, a dashing man appears and descends down into the crowd, smiling congenially.


Simmons: Welcome, I'm Simmons.


Joey: And are you Mrs. Simmons?


Helene: Yes.


Joey flourishes a rose and hands it to her, among titters from the women in the room.


Joey: I'm your new neighbor, Baxter, Joey Baxter. Thank you for the invitation today.


Simmons: I'll introduce everyone by and by, but please enjoy yourself.


Joey: I'm terribly sorry, but I have a previous engagement so I must say farewell for tonight.


Everyone makes disappointed noises.


Simmons: Is that so? Well, no way around it then.


Joey: I'm sorry everyone. Till we meet again.


Piccola: He's delicious!


Alto: I'd like to get close to him, eh?


Lisa: ... Yes.


The three women exchanges smiles and smother laughs.


Marina: Uncle Simmons, Aunt Simmons, thank you for today.


Nina: Wow, how pretty.


Simmons: Now, everyone, we'll serve a light dinner in a moment, but please enjoy some music while we pass the time.


Clement: How about a song from the young people.


Lisa: I'd like to hear it.


Emilio: Aunt Simmons, may we sing?


Helene: Ah, yes, please do.


A spirited song begins.


"Al Di La"



La, la~


Mrs. Fellini:

Al di la, I love you so


Young women:



Mrs. Fellini:

Al di la, I want to try waking you


Young women:

You. Al di la, twinkling stars


Suddenly the lights go out and the room is thrown into darkness. The song falters and stops.


Fellini: Oh!


There’s a sound of distant glass breaking.


Lisa: D-dear, my dress-


Simmons: Lisa, are you all right?


Lisa: Yes, I'm fine. After all, my husband is here.


A gunshot rings out from the back garden and there are screams from the ladies in the room. The Ponti sisters switch on some flashlights.


Piccola: Shall we go and look, Alto?


Alto: Of course, sister.



Scene III - The Rear Garden


Pietro, the chief manager of the lake resort, and one of his men are the first on the scene. There are two figures fallen onto the ground, and they run to both. Pietro tries to wake the girl, but when she comes to she’s still groggy from the shock.


Pietro: Miss...


Clara: ...


The other guests arrive, including the police inspector. Someone throws a sheet over the dead man.


Amedeo: Chief, this is that man who came in the motorboat, called Morris.


Pietro tries to get Clara to talk.


Pietro: I'm Pietro from the managerial office. What on earth happened?


Mira: Miss.


Clara: ...


Mira: What's wrong? Miss!


She raises her hand from where it has been under a fold of her skirt and everyone is shocked to see she is holding a gun! She sees the dead man and screams, dropping it and shaking her head frantically.


Simmons: Clara!


Mira: I'm officer Mira. What was that...? Is that your pistol?


Clara is in hysterics, and when her boyfriend Mario tries to comfort her she screams again and tries to run away.


Helene: Clara!


Eventually her mother calms her and leads her away.


Mira: Take her to her room to rest. Mr. Simmons, do you recall seeing this before? It's a woman's pistol.


Simmons: I can't be certain, but I think it might be my daughter's...


Pietro: The victim is a man that has been seen from time to time starting around the end of last year's season, and I've heard he's been seen a lot this year as well. I don't know where he came from.


Mira: She has a license?


Simmons: Yes...


Joey appears from the far side of the garden.


Joey: Because a female pistol was found in her hand doesn't mean that it must be the girl's.


Mira: And you are...?


Joey: Joey Baxter.


Mira: Do you know something about this incident?


Joey: No, not at all. I just heard the uproar and came running... For a girl like that to shoot, I personally can't credit it. It must be a mistake...


Simmons: Thank you, Mr. Baxter.


Franco Mira is keeping a close eye on Joey Baxter as the man talks to Mr. Simmons.


Mira: Right now we don't know anything, so we need to look into it. I ask that everyone here at the party tonight please remain so that we can formally question them.


There are worried murmurs and mutters of outrage.


Mira: Miss Clara has had a great shock, so let her rest inside for a little while. Of course, she'll have to be under surveillance.


Simmons: Thank you.


Mira: You come along to help too, Pietro.


Pietro: All right.


Everyone leaves, but the spinster Ponti sisters remain. They love some good gossip. They huddle together, but their eyes are lit up.


Alto: I don't have the slightest idea, and I don't think someone we know could be the one to do it.


Piccola: But it must be someone.


Alto: It must be someone.


Piccola: I'm getting the shivers.


Alto: Is it all right to talk about somebody else's business?


Piccola: Why was that man killed here?


Alto: He was called here during the party.


Piccola: It was their chance, because there was a crowd.


Alto: Because everyone would become a suspect.


Piccola: That's right.


Alto: Speaking of which...


Piccola: Hm? Ah! We'll be questioned too?



Scene IV - Laura


A new woman arrives at the Simmons villa and is shown into the living room where the Simmonses are sitting. They’re surprised to see her so soon.


Maid: Ah, Miss Laura, welcome home.


Laura: Is Clara upstairs?


Maid: Yes.


Helene: Oh my, Laura!


Laura: I'm home, Mama, Papa.


Helene: You made good time.


Simmons: You came by plane?


Laura: Yes, but more importantly, is Clara all right?


Helene: She's slept this whole time.


Simmons: The doctor's sedative hasn't worn off yet.


Laura: I heard on the telephone, but what on earth happened?


Simmons: We don't know.


Laura: There must be something to prove that Clara didn't shoot. Who was that man who was shot? Do you know him?


Simmons: No. He wasn't in one of the villas.


Maid: Ma'am, Mr. Mario Grande has come...


Laura: Show him in here.


Maid: Yes, miss.


A worried Mario arrives and gets a gloomy greeting from the Simmonses. Laura eyes him suspiciously.


Mario: Excuse me, everyone. Ah, Miss Laura too.


Helene: Welcome, Mario.


Mario: I was hoping to see Clara.


Helene: It seems she's still sleeping.


Laura: Mario, did you kill him?


Helene: Laura...


Mario: N-no, It isn't me... Why...?


Laura: 'Why?' you ask? I heard the gist of it over the telephone, and I've been thinking about it all the way here. I don't understand the reason, but my sister thought you had done it. When she realized it was her gun, she knew you were the only one who could have taken it out. And then perhaps she heard and knew that you were in some trouble with that man. She held your welfare, her lover's, above her own, and immediately set out to the scene of the crime, and once she got there she was overcome and fainted.

Mario protests urgently.


Mario: Please, hold on a minute.


Laura: Did you kill him?


Mario: No, you're wrong.


Laura: Really. Then do you think Clara shot him?


Mario: No, ... I don't think that either.


Accepting his reply at last, Laura turns to a new subject.


Laura: Has it been proven that that weapon is Clara's pistol?


Simmons: The manager Pietro informed us earlier that the results of the inspection show there's no mistake.


Laura: Papa, what should we do? We're the ones who know best that Clara could never shoot someone, so we have to do something to help her.


Three: That's right!


Laura: So, Mario, tell me more! About that man, about everything...


Mario nods and earnestly begins. As he sings, Clara appears in the spotlight off to the side of the stage and joins him in a duet.


"One Heart"



This pain which can't be understood, when I think of you,

I'm wrapped in tender feelings and warmth



Ahh- I want to believe, now, in something deeper than me



Painful, heart-breaking you

Loving you with all of my soul

Two hearts strongly seeking, calling out to one another



Although we're



in the dark



we keep looking, with one heart

Even if we are apart, we are close

Concealing our crumbling heart, we continue to hope, Hm...



Scene V - At the Waterfront


Meanwhile, the real Clara has woken up and fled her house. Crying, she runs past Joey on her way to the lake. He chases after her.


Joey: Hey!


Young people:

Two hearts strongly seeking, calling out to one another

Although we're

in the dark

we keep looking, with one heart

Even if we are apart, we are close

Concealing our crumbling heart, we continue to hope

Lalala ---


Joey and Clara reappear up the slope from the lake. He has his arm around her shoulders as he guides her to a bench to sit down.


Joey: Don't be alarmed. We met yesterday at your house. I'm Baxter. I live next door.


Clara: I remember you, with all the flowers...


Joey: Just a minute ago, when you were in the boat you were all tense. You were scared, weren't you?


Clara: Yes. I came to myself when you climbed down. Before that I was in the boat and everything was dark... (Her face crumples and she holds her head in both hands.) Ahhh... that's right...


Joey: You said you'd rather die...


Clara: Yes, I wanted to die.


Joey: You seem to be conflicted, Miss Clara. When people are at a loss they contemplate death. My heart has withered too, more times than I can count. I thought about dying once. I think most people experience more pain than joy in their life. At times they despair. But you know, for me, time softens the pain.


Clara: Time...


Joey: The confusion doesn't clear up right away, but with time it will settle. To live, you see, is to have pain. But to live means that in the light and soft breezes, you'll find peace. And you believe, don't you? In him?


Clara nods, looking slightly hopeful. Joey picks up a guitar and begins to play for her.


"Guitar, Quietly"


Guitar, please tell that person

Wet with tears as I strum you tonight

This sweet memory

Fireflies at the waterfront, the moon in the night sky

Strumming alone in time with the waves

Time flows by

Now my memories have wings and float on the night wind

to that gentle one

Now my endless pain vanishes to the far reaches of the sky

A quiet moment has come

Now I face the cold wind and am here

Guitar, please tell... that person


Clara has a cathartic cry. Meanwhile, Laura, who had been frantically looking for her sister, had stumbled upon them and overheard his song. Now she speaks.


Laura: Clara...


Clara: Laura... sister!


Clara runs to her sister and holds her tight. Laura looks over at Joey.


Laura: I unintentionally overheard you... I'm her older sister, Laura.


Joey: I'm Joey Baxter. I live nearby.


Clara: When did you get here?


Laura: When you were sleeping... I've been worried. I was going to talk to you when you woke up, and then I realized you had disappeared.... (To Joey:) Thank you so much for helping her.


Clara: My sister got married and now she lives in Paris. (To Laura:) Did you come from Monte Carlo?


Laura: Yes. (To Joey:) What you said just now, it struck something in me. As if you were speaking to give me confidence. Are you an American?


Joey: Yes. Now I'm living in Switzerland, in Zurich.


Laura: I want to help my sister, she's precious to me.


Clara: But, Laura...


Laura: I know, you're worried that Mario was the killer, right? But earlier Mario told me plainly that he wasn't the one who did it. I don't believe that was a lie. (To Joey:) He's Clara's boyfriend.


Joey: I see. If there's anything I can do to help... please tell me about the circumstances.


Laura: Thank you. It's terribly rude of me to ask you this on first meeting, but will you help us?


Joey: ...Of course.


Laura: Wonderful.



Scene VI - The Manager's Office


At the manager’s office, Pietro and his staff are frustrated in their search for the killer.


"Buried Truths"



Everyone eventually wants a peek

behind the facade of the upper class, wants to try to open



the door of secrets



Politicians, men with money



they all love lies



Which is the truth? Is that the truth?

I don't know anymore


Franco Mira and his man Giovanni appear.



They're all jumbled together in complex connections

Who's speaking the truth and who's telling lies?






What's on the other side of the door?



Who will open it?



A dazzling world, a muddy world



A cold game



has begun



Who on earth did it?






Other people's lies have the flavor of sweet honey

Those who dance to them over there are foolish


Mira is all business.


Mira: Giovanni, look into that earlier matter and report back when you know something.


Giovanni: Yes sir.


Giovanni leaves, and Mira turns to the staff.


Mira: Let's review what happened the other night. During the evening party at the Simmons' house, a gunshot was heard just after 9 pm.


Amedeo earnestly pulls out a notebook.


Amedeo: At exactly 9:12.


Pietro: Luckily, Amedeo and I were patrolling nearby, and when we heard the gunshot we raced over. A man had fallen in the garden, and the Simmons' daughter, Clara, collapsed next to him.


Priscilla: Was she holding the gun?


Pietro: I'm not sure, her dress was in the way at first and I couldn't tell.


Roberto: When you got there, chief, was anyone else there?


Amedeo: There was the guy who'd been shot.


Priscilla smacks him over the head.


Priscilla: Well, of course!


Mira: After the gunshot, how long did it take you to get into the garden?


Pietro: No more than 20 seconds, I'd say.


Priscilla: We've got here a list of people with and without alibis.


Pietro: First, the guests who were left -- in other words, the ones with alibis: Miss Clara's four girlfriends, the boy Paul and his three friends, and also Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Sturm, and Mr. and Mrs. Fellini. Next is Miss Piccola and Miss Alto, Mr. Clement and his wife Lisa, and the Simmonses. Next, those without an alibi: Kent Kostner, the artist, Leonardo Barone, a student, Mario Grande, the heir to a banking family, and the girl in question, Clara.


Mira rubs his chin and looks off into the distance.


Mira: There's one more, the man who left early. The man who recently took the villa nearby, Joey Baxter. That's everyone who made an appearance at the Simmonses' on that day. The dead man is Morris Carter, 35. Swiss nationality. Formerly a journalist at an economic trade journal in Geneva, but his more recent activities are unknown.


Pietro: The man Morris wasn't invited to the party, so someone must have told him to come during the party and let him in.


Mira: Or left the back door unlocked.


Roberto: Someone who profits from Morris's death.


Pietro: But what was his incentive? We don't know yet.


Mira: No scent yet.


Amedeo: No, no scent... They've come!


Alto and Piccola approach the group and greet them loudly.


Alto/Piccola: Buongiorno!


Mira: I told them to come about this time.


Piccola: Sorry to interrupt.


Alto: Looks like you're all hard at it.


Priscilla: Yes, Miss Ponti.


Mira: Did you find out anything?


Piccola: We went to search for any hints of rumor, as usual, by splitting up. The people that murdered man, Morris, visited, and the people he talked to...


With each word the staff and Mira lean in closer, anxious to hear the results.


Alto: Who he drank with at the bar, who he rode in the boat with, those kinds of things... we didn't hear anything about.


They comically collapse as the tension breaks.


Pietro: When I saw him… he was alone too.


Piccola: By the way, there's also a rumor that someone here is being blackmailed.


Mira: Yeah.


Alto: That also seems to have been one, maybe even two people.


Pietro: And the one who did the blackmailing was Morris. That idea makes sense, inspector.


Amedeo: Then the one who was being blackmailed thought he would speak out, so they killed him!


Priscilla: It might not just be one person!


Roberto: A conspiracy!


Everyone is in an uproar, shouting. Mira roars, quieting them.


Mira: Be quiet! And who is blackmailing whom and with what proof?


Cowed, the sisters shrink back.


Piccola: We don't know the details yet.


Alto: And prestige has a lot of influence...


Mira: This is a murder case; they have an obligation to speak with you.


Alto: Yes!


Piccola: Uh, let's try again more thoroughly, Alto!


They scurry away. Pietro and the others also decide to run from Mira’s temper.


Pietro: Us too!


Giovanni returns.


Giovanni: Ah, inspector, I'll report what I've found out so far.


Mira: Yeah.


Giovanni: Joey Baxter, a Belgian-American. He graduated from Boston University and went to work for a securities company in New York. There was some trouble, and he left the company. We're not quite clear on what happened for a short time then, but now he's an employee of an exchange company in Zurich, Switzerland. He rented the villa through a real-estate agent in Geneva. His source of funding is unknown, and he's a 37-year-old bachelor. That's what we know so far.


Mira: A former securities man...?


Giovanni: Another thing, after the incident he seems to have become close to the Simmons family. Ah, and the main office reports that the thieves’ ring has moved on to Côte d'Azur.


Franco: Well done.


Giovanni: Thank you, Sir!


Franco: Let's get lunch.


Giovanni: Thank you, Si-


Franco: It's on you.


Giovanni: Wha-? Sir!


Poor Giovanni runs after his superior.



Scene VII – Café Terrace


Lisa Clement is sitting alone at a café table with her sunglasses on and her hat brim hiding her face. Kent Kostner approaches her table.


Kent: Mrs. Clement, are you napping?


She sits up and pulls off her sunglasses, smiling.


Lisa: No... Oh, are you walking alone?


Kent: Yes, I'm feeling a bit depressed right now. And your husband?


Lisa: Shooting at clay marks. Is it that incident that's troubling you?


Kent sits down across from her.


Kent: Yes, well. For some reason I feel like I'm being spied upon... don't you?


Lisa: No, not really. Although I was formally questioned along with everyone else that night, there's been nothing more... Because, most importantly, we were there in the parlor along with everyone else when the shot was heard. (She laughs lightly.)


Kent: I see, that's lucky. I'd forgotten something in my car and had gone back out to look for it. Oh, that's right – last night you were letting me do a quick sketch. Would you be so kind as to let me continue it sometime?


Lisa: I'd be happy to be of use...


Clement approaches them, smiling.


Clement: Hello, Master Kent.


Kent: Ah, how was it?


Clement: Nothing. I love it, but I'm no good at it. (They all laugh good-naturedly. He takes his wife’s hand and smiles down at her.) I thought you might be getting bored, so I came to see.


Lisa: No, you can keep at it for a bit. Mr. Kostner and I are talking about the other night.


Kent: It's an awful thing, really.


Clement: Has the police detective been to see you?


Kent: Yes.


Clement: That girl, that Clara, what about her pistol?


Kent: It's definitely her weapon, but it hasn't been decided yet that Miss Clara was the one to shoot.


Clement: Miss Clara would need a motive.


Kent: Hm...


Lisa stands up and takes his arm.


Lisa: Darling, let's stop talking about this. It's making me feel ill.


Kent: I'll leave you now. Madame. I'll see you... some other time.


As soon as Kent is out of view Lisa releases her husband’s arm and steps away. They both drop their smiles.


Clement: If you want to go, you can go.


Lisa: I'll do what I want, just as I always have.


Piccola and Alto are circling the terrace with binoculars, checking into everyone’s conversations. As a woman sings, Leonardo and his sister Pia appear. They look like they’re arguing, but duck down behind their sunglasses at a table as the sisters peer in their direction.


"Caruso" (Canzone)


Floating quietly on the night waves, rocked back and forth

A sweet sigh drives my heart mad

as I hold you while you sleep,

Why sing this song that flows with tears?

Our love can't be torn apart

Beloved, you've stolen away my heart


As the song ends the Ponti sisters turn away and Leonardo and his sister jump up and resume their argument.


Leonardo: Please, Pia!


Pia: No, Leonardo! Shouldn't you ask?


Leonardo: I can't right now, not with those old ladies here.


Pia: And her husband nearby. My boyfriend barely did anything and you give him a hard time and always get in our way.


Leonardo: I take it all back. I can't stomach him, but he's your boyfriend.


Pia: Really? You won't say anything to papa?


Leonardo: Sure. And nothing about this too, ok?


Pia nods and approaches Lisa. She addresses her cheekily.


Pia: Excuse me, Clement-obasama?


[Note: "obasama/obasan" is a way of addressing middle-aged women.]


Lisa: Oh, no! I'm not that much older than you.


Pia: I'm so sorry.


Lisa: What is it? Oh, Leonardo’s here too?


Pia: I have something I'd like your advice about...


Lisa: All right, let's head inside. What could it be?


She gives the young man a secret smile as they pass and touches his shoulder. He follows after them. As they exit, Joey and Laura appear and watch the Ponti sisters for a moment.


Joey: Those two are moving around as usual.


Laura laughs.


Laura: They like excitement, don't they?


Joey: They have a strong curiosity, that's definitely their type.


They sit down at a table, and Laura leans forward.


Laura: And then? Did you find out anything about Clara?


Joey: No. At least I've developed a good impression of Inspector Mira. It doesn't seem that he's going to persist in thinking the boyfriend did it.


Laura: Is there proof that Mario didn't do it?


Joey: I don't think they've gotten any yet. But there are a lot of people out there secretly investigating.


Laura: I see.


Joey: For now I think you don't have to worry so much about Miss Clara.


Laura: Thank you. My parents will be relieved too.


They pause for a moment, and then Joey moves on to a more sociable topic.


Joey: How long do you intend to be here?


Laura: I'm not sure; I haven't decided yet. But I just realized today that a week's gone by...


Joey: Can you be gone from Monte Carlo for so long...?


Laura: It's not that really, but I have no children, and my husband is an older Frenchman with quite an easy disposition.


Joey: A good husband to respect your freedom so much...


Laura: Yes, that was one of the conditions of our marriage. Up until five years ago, I was an actress in London.


Joey: Oh? On the stage?


Laura: Yes, I even made it onto the stage in Piccadilly. Odd for a mechanic's daughter, isn't it? My father was completely opposed.


Joey: I see. And then...


Laura: Even though I tried so hard and got so far, I got married and gave it all up... At that time no matter how many images I delved into there wasn’t a role that I could do. When I finished that last play I felt it wasn't worth it to look for the next one. At that time, my current husband was looking for a second wife... and now I'm in a very stable situation. But when I used marriage to flee from the stage — that was a very critical moment.


Joey: Everyone hopes that when they open the next door a new life will be waiting for them.


Laura: That's true. Now it's your turn.


Joey smiles self-consciously and stands up. Laura follows him and they begin walking around the terrace.


Joey: Mine doesn't have quite the odor of romance that yours does. The short version is: I've always been a loner.


Laura: But I want to hear about you.


Joey: Like you being on stage, I lived recklessly. When I got out of university I was a securities man in New York, but as a young man of no circumstances or financial support I got caught up in things and moved forward too fast and too boldly. I didn't want to see the warnings that came along. I fell into a hole.


Laura: Oh...


Joey: In order to fill the hole... I've become a demon. I had no choice. But the zeal I had back then has all turned into painful yearning. I burned out.


Laura: I don't know what your job is, but I feel that you're the kind of person who is walking that path.


Joey: Burning with zeal, I chased after a glassy landscape. A landscape hidden by glass... a fragile dream that collapsed.


Laura gently protests his pessimism.


Laura: But it’s a beautiful dream.


Joey: I lost my footing.


Laura: That's too bad.


Joey: People always pass the turning points without realizing, don't they? That pile of changes is what decides a person's fate.


Laura: I believe so...


Joey continues on alone, and Laura’s spotlight fades behind him.


"The Split in the Road"



Although it would be good to know

what's down this road

No one knows what's down this road

When I came to the split in the road

I chose this road and walked it in a dream

Dreams and hopes, I searched for them both on this road

Have you found it? The light of hope?

Have you found it? The light of love?


To make progress down the road, is this person’s dream

The chosen road is that person's fate

Nothing but walking

earnestly walking

even if it was all simply a glassy landscape

Nothing but walking

earnestly walking

even if it was all simply a glassy landscape



Scene 8 - Village Rumors


As he finishes his solo, Joey returns to find that Mario and Clara have joined Laura.


Clara: Mr. Baxter.


Joey: It looks like you've completely recovered.


Laura: He's Clara's boyfriend, Mario.


Mario and Joey shake hands.


Mario: Mario Grande.


Joey: You're the heir to the Grande Bank?


Mario: Yes. Thank you for helping Clara that night...


Laura: Mario, I already told him what happened that night, but you might tell Joey about the bank.


Mario and Clara exchange a glance, and she nods. Mario takes a deep breath.


Mario: Yes. I'm in charge of the loan collateral and Morris got wind of a fraud... and he threatened to expose it to the depositors.


Joey: How much did he ask for?


Mario: 100,000 dollars... He said if I wanted Clara and myself left alone, to meet him.


Paul: Hey, everyone's here.


Paul appears, cutting their conversation short.


Laura: Paul, did you need us?


Paul: Yeah. There's a rumor being whispered all over the village.


Laura: About the shooting?


Paul: That man who got shot was coercing all kinds of people.


Joey: Just people in this area?


Paul: Yes, that's what I heard. That artist Kent Kostner, that college student Leonardo Barone, and...


Mario: Me. But really, I didn't do it.


Joey: What did that detective have to say about it?


Paul: I don't know. The members of the management are also looking into it...


Joey: And there are lots of talkative people. I can imagine that shady artist doing all kinds of things, but why the student? Is he from a really rich family?


Mario: His father is a politician.


Joey: Of course, no matter how you squeeze, you get material.


Paul: All three people who were being black-mailed are people with no alibi when the shot was heard... (He glances over at Mario apologetically.) Sorry, Mario.


Laura: But there are other people, aren't there? People who weren't in the room at the time.


Joey: Like me.



Scene IX – The Yacht Harbor


Deep in thought, Joey wanders down to the yacht harbor. There are fireworks and music, and the young people are dancing and singing. Joey watches them fondly and gets caught up in their enthusiasm for a moment.





Volare, Oh~oh

Cantare, Ooo

Volare, Oh~oh

Cantare, Ooo

In that wide sky, among those white clouds

High, high, spread your wings wide

Come now, and let's fly away


Young Girl 1:

Bathing in the rays of the sun, love, too, is born


Young Girls 2&3:

Soaring over

seas, rivers, and mountains



Volare, Oh~oh

Cantare, Ooo

The flowing wind leaves me calm

You, far away, gaze at the moon

Come now, and let's fly away

Listening to a sweet song, love, too, is born

Soaring over

waves, deserts, and towns


The fun gets out of hand and turns into a brawl, and Joey watches with a sad, worldly look on his face as someone forces the two main culprits to shake hands and make up. He turns away into the night once more.


"World Without End"



I continue to burn like a flame

Youth is a limitless power

I'll struggle on, believe that

Aiming for that far dream

Our life of wandering

has become too much to bear


The stage rotates as Joey sings, and the young people fade from view while Lisa and her husband appear, walking together.



The world repeats

Love and life as well

The ages come and go, but nothing ends

From yesterday to tomorrow



Joy and sadness

Everything cycles around

Reincarnated, new life

We walk forth again, Lala----


All three exit, and attention swings over to the side of the stage where Leonardo moves to avoid Mira and Giovanni. Giovanni grabs his arm and swings the struggling young man around.


Mira: Hey there, Leonardo.


Leonardo: Inspector.


Mira: When we were talking before, ehhh, the day after the incident, you never said that the dead man, Morris, had been blackmailing you.


Leonardo: ...Ahh, how did you...?


Mira pins him down with a look.


Mira: He was blackmailing you?


Leonardo: Y-yes.


Giovanni: With what?


Leonardo: I didn't kill him!


Mira: What is it you don't want found out?


The young man is reluctant when he replies.


Leonardo: My extravagance with money, and the women.


Giovanni: You gamble.


Leonardo nods sullenly.


Mira: And it's bad for your father the politician if this gets out.


Leonardo: As you said. But I didn't kill him.


Giovanni: When the accident occurred, people saw you go out into the back garden.


Leonardo: ...


Mira: I'm not going to restrain you yet, but you will remain here?


Leonardo: Yes, sir.


Leonardo walks off quickly, and Mira watches him go with a thoughtful expression on his face.


Mira: Him and the painter and Mario...


Giovanni: The painter had already paid Morris before he was killed.


Mira: So? It's possible he tried to blackmail him again.


Giovanni: If his name got publicity for his forgeries of masterpieces, the price for his own paintings would go down. That's something that could be held against him as many times as you like.


Mira: Three men with motive and no alibi? Let's push them a little more.


Giovanni: It couldn't be anyone besides these three, huh?


Joey appears, walking past them, and Mira calls out to him.


Mira: Where are you headed, Mr. Baxter?


Joey: Just to the yacht. You’re on the job again?


Mira: It's a job with consequences, and there are no vacations or overtime.


Joey: You're very serious.


Mira: Well, this is what I do. You were born in America, and you live in Zurich?


Joey raises a cynical eyebrow.


Joey: Is that your work?


Mira is startled, and laughs uncomfortably.


Mira: Eh? No, ah... Ahaha.


Joey: That's right, Zurich. You already checked into it, didn't you?


Mira: Yes, well. Everyone's passports are in the manager's office, but we kept it within bounds. And the victim is of Swiss nationality...


Joey: Has some connection come up with me?


Mira: No, no, that's as far as...


Lisa and her husband appear, cutting their conversation short. Mira and Giovanni nod to them and move off.


Clement: It's such a nice night


Joey: Out for a stroll?


Clement: We saw the fireworks, and were lured out unconsciously.


Lisa smiles charmingly.


Lisa: My husband loves fireworks; he's still such a little boy.


Joey: They say people who like fireworks are either very innocent or have a quick temper.


Lisa: Oh, I'd say that's just right.


She covers her mouth and her laughter echoes eerily in the night. Elsewhere, Mira and Giovanni have cornered the painter at his easel. They lean over him in an intimidating manner.


Kent: Ah, you surprised me.


Mira: Good evening.


Kent: You still suspect me? I told another policeman that Morris was blackmailing me, but it was already settled.


Mira: After that, the incident in Canada came to our attention.


Kent jumps to his feet, clenching his brush.


Kent: Ah! That was legitimate self-defense, and the trial verdict was not guilty.


Mira: So, you got entangled in a love affair and when you struggled with the man trying to shoot you, you ended up killing him.


Kent: Yeah. And what of it?! It was self-defense, I tell you!


The brush snaps in his grip.



Scene X - Love

(A) The Parlor of Joey's Villa


At Joey’s villa, two men are standing in the parlor talking. One is wearing a butler’s uniform.


Jim: It certainly is a luxury villa area, eh, around here. The yards are huge, and you get the best view of the lake from here.


Clint: I heard it used to belong to a count from somewhere.


Jim: I didn't think he'd do it, but he kept his real name, Baxter.


Clint: Well, Mr. Joey is different from us, always having to put on our masks right away. He bought a big thing like this, officially registered and everything, so it would actually be more dangerous to hide.


Jim: And then he's installed you as the butler here?


Clint draws himself upright till his back is stiff and his nose is in the air, and then bows perfectly.


Clint: Can't you see? The butler, Clint, at your service.


Jim shakes his head and takes a seat.


Jim: You're an actor too, eh? Sensei isn't here yet?


Clint: Soon, I think. You have a message from Zurich?


Jim: Yeah. He said it would be best to avoid the telephone... I've been wandering around west of here up until now.


Clint: Well, good job getting here.


Joey enters the room and walks over to slap hands with Jim.


Joey: Yo, Jim, long time no see.


Jim: I'll report right now.


Clint: I'll...


Jim: Ah, it's okay, you can stay. This incident has given the Italian police an excuse to look into your past. The Swiss bank account and other things.


Joey: I know, and it turned out to be the right thing to move around with my real name here.


Jim: Sure did. One more thing, there's evidence that the local detective has been looking into you too.


Joey: I see, mmm. I traded words with Inspector Mira directly. I'll take care, so you can report there's no need to need to worry.


Jim: That's what I thought.


Joey: There's something I'd like you to look into, a certain person...


Laura pokes her head into the room.


Laura: Oh!


Joey: Hey.


Jim: Well then, I'll take my leave here.


Joey: See you.


Laura: I'm sorry, I've intruded.


Jim: No, not at all. Please.


Clint motions at the large bottle in her arms.


Clint: Can I carry something for you?


Laura: No, I'm fine.


Clint: Well then, I shall guide Mr. Jim to the manager's office.


Joey: Sure, and Jim, I'll get in touch later.


The two men leave and Joey motions for Laura to take a seat in a chair across from him.


Joey: Please.


Laura: Thank you. This is for you from my father... he’s very grateful for everything you’ve done for my little sister.


She hands him the bottle and he turns it to read the label.


Joey: Hoo, this is a scotch that's hard to get your hands on. Thank you.


Laura: It seems as if the managerial staff and the inspector have managed to find out quite a lot.


Joey: I imagine investigating the guests in these villas is quite difficult. Lots of well-known people who don't much like being told what to do.


Laura: It's terrible that someone newly arrived like you should get wrapped up in all this. Though I profited from this opportunity to meet you.


Joey: People meet for all kinds of reasons -- that gives life its deep flavor, I think.


Laura: Yes, I think so too. (She suddenly becomes serious.) No, it's more... as if I'm soaked in happiness ... Ever since that day with the fireworks, I feel like things have been so much calmer.


Joey: ...I see...


Laura: Can I call you "Joey"?


Joey: Of course.


Laura: I've come to the conclusion lately that I want to return to the stage.


Joey: ...I see.


Laura: I wanted to tell you something.


Joey: Go ahead.


She stands up, pacing a little.


Laura: Something I've wanted to say ever since we talked. I like you, a lot. Perhaps this is the first time in my life I've had such serious feelings.


Joey looks pleased, but slightly worried. He meets her eyes firmly.


Joey: Thank you, Laura. But I don't think I'm a good enough man.


Laura: I don't think I could be wrong about someone like this.


Joey changes the topic.


Joey: That stage comeback you mentioned before, it sounds as though I woke the sleeping child.


Laura: ... The London company is performing now on Broadway, and they told me if I ever felt like performing again I should let them know. And my dreams of being on stage never quieted over these past five years.


Joey: The stage job eats so deeply into actors, like an unforgettable love?


Laura laughs at his joke.


Laura: It really resembles it. Have you ever had a love like that?


Joey: I've fallen in love a few times. … An unforgettable love is a good thing.


Laura: I was the one who asked, but now I've become jealous.


Joey: That's why I think I can understand your feelings a little. But even knowing how feelings like this can wear at your spirit, you still say you'll return to the world of the stage? I see… to get to this point is a blinding happiness.


Laura: I'm glad... that I could talk with you about this.


Joey: And I can now say the same, for knowing more about you.


Laura: Everything about me, Joey.


Joey: Laura...


He pulls her into his arms.


Laura: I feel as if I've been reborn so many times over the past days.


Joey: I feel like long-forgotten new blood is flowing in me now.


They kiss.


(B) Yacht


A small sailing yacht appears on the lake, floating on the mist. Joey and Laura are riding in it.


"Love Riding on the Wind"



Your hair flutters in the cool breeze

I can see dreams in your eyes

Your wispy scent heals my heart

A forgotten song, swaying on the waves



The heart in your breast melts

The lonely memories go far away



My heart dances joyfully

Ah, this tender passion, could it be love?

On this shining summer day, as we're wrapped together

Ah, the meaning of life, a dream of loving

Belief, holding onto the memory of meeting you.


They leave the boat and move to opposite sides of the stage. Joey fades into darkness as Laura earnestly speaks her heart.


Laura: When I first met you I had a premonition of what I should do, and I thought: This is a man who has fallen into a deep abyss... In that moment what I thought was my happiness was revealed to be numbness. At that time it was as if the real me opened her eyes and something deep in my chest woke up for the first time. Joey, I'm going to America. To the place you used to work – New York. I wonder if perhaps Broadway isn't the place I was meant to live... My London stage company is on Broadway now, and they told me to let them know if I felt like acting again. If I do this, then you'll come to New York sometimes, won't you?


Joey reappears, and Laura fades from view.


Joey: If you did that, I'd want to be by your side as much as possible, to see and be moved by your performances. But, Laura, as things are now I can't do that. It's unforgivable! I intended to tell you everything about me, but now the police are after me. That incident in my past caused me to turn my back on the world. Walking the back streets, making my money from a shady money-laundering operation. I've been careful to protect my associations along that road, so I've never been charged with any crime. But there's no doubt that I'm stained with evil shades. So there's no way I can invite you into my life and have you walk this path with me. And your heart is already thrown out of order as you get ready to take a new step down the split in your life's road... This beautiful lake is where I met you and I fell in love with you. That joy caused my past to fade, and a new dream to begin... That is the true reason for our meeting!


"Love Riding on the Wind"



Ah, this tender passion, could it be love?

On this shining summer day, as we're wrapped together

Holding on to the memory of meeting you.



Scene XI - Laura's Prior Life


Laura and her parents are walking along the lake shore together. They’re talking and laughing, when suddenly Laura becomes serious.


Laura: Papa, what's your opinion on a wife working outside the home?


Simmons: Where did this come from? I don't often see wives working around me... Ah, you're talking about yourself. Is it that necessary to you?


Laura: It's become necessary for me.


Helene: Laura.


Simmons: Well, what can I say? First, it becomes a problem for the husband's character, and then the family breaks apart.


Helene: I thought you were happy with the life you'd been blessed with...


Laura: It's very luxurious.


Simmons: By working outside, you mean to return to the theater?


Helene: Laura, it's different from when you were unmarried... And you've already once...


Simmons: Stop, Helene.


Laura: That's right, Mama. I've already run into a wall once and attempted suicide.


Simmons: I thought you didn't want to attempt the stage again?


Helene: You can't, Laura! When you got so deep into that world – in the end actors lose sight of themselves.


Laura: That's true. So I could do as I did before and live as I wish until I burn out, or I could have all my days pass by tranquilly until I rot away.


Helene: It would be better if you had children; I never had free time to think like that. What is a woman's greatest happiness, I wonder?


Simmons: I've watched you since you were a child, so I know what swings you into action well. Have you discussed this with your husband?


Laura: Yes, indirectly.


Helene: Meaning?


Laura: He knows about my acting... That there's something I've been grappling with about home life that pains me. My actions make that apparent, so to speak.


Simmons: Hoo.


Helene: You can't depend on his benevolence, Laura. And those words can be taken in many ways, think carefully...


"Laura's Decision"


Long ago, when I was very young

I smiled as I waved my hand

Saying I must not forget

I continued to hide my true feelings

I made a pretense of being in love and wandered lost every day


Laura: When I learned about true love, I returned to my true self. I won't get lost again. I'm returning to the stage. I'll be supported by Joey's love.


I'll walk on, unafraid

It's not too late to start over again

I'll look for the new me and believe in tomorrow

I'll regain my heart



Scene XII - Joey's Party

(A) Piccola and Alto Rise Up


Piccola and Alto are primping in front of their mirror.


Piccola: Am I alright?


Alto: You're good, you're pretty.


Piccola: You're not even looking.


Alto: You're fine, sis. How about me?


Piccola: Just right. Ohohoho.


Alto: What? I'm looking forward to Mr. Baxter's party.


Piccola: Hmm. Three weeks since the incident and everything is still hazy.


Alto: That's right, it's all obscured. But I have a hunch that something will come out today.


They begin walking, heading outside.


Piccola: They say that everyone who's been in the rumors will be there.


Alto: Leonardo, and the artist, and Clara's boyfriend...


Piccola: Mario. It seems like Inspector Mira has laid his hands on something.


Alto: I wonder if he'll come?


Pietro appears in a tux and tries to sneak by them, but Piccola grabs his arm. He tries unsuccessfully to escape.


Piccola: Pietro!


Alto: I didn't even recognize you, Pietro!


Piccola: Really, you clean up nicely.


Alto: Where are you off to today?


Pietro: Mr. Baxter's party.


Alto: Well then, let's go together.


Piccola: So we can assume that everyone from that night--


Alto/Piccola: --was invited.


Alto: So something will be learned for sure, right?


Pietro: I'm not really sure...


Piccola: Then why is everyone, even you, invited?


Pietro: I told you I don't know, though I've been told that the inspector's eyes have been very bright.


Alto: There, there, I knew it. Let's go!


She throws her arm around a reluctant Pietro and he is dragged off by both sisters with a martyred expression on his face.


"Tango Italiano"


(B) - The Hall of Joey's Villa


All of the summer residents are dressed up nicely and chatting.


Kent: Mrs. Clement, I'll tell you as soon as the portrait is finished, so will you come see it?


Lisa: I'll be returning to Amsterdam soon...


Leonardo: Excuse me.


Leonardo appears and Kent bows himself away.


Kent: Well then.


Leonardo: Lisa.


He reaches for her with a pleading expression on his face, but she turns away, smiling gently.


Lisa: Our season of play is over now.


Leonardo: When do you...


Lisa: I'm sorry.


She spots Joey and leaves a devastated Leonardo behind.


Joey: I apologize for the other day.


Lisa: I as well.


Joey: You're extremely popular at the boat harbor.


Lisa: Oh...


Joey: The role of queen among the boys suits you.


Lisa: Oh my. Oh no, that's embarrassing. (She covers her mouth as she giggles.) Mr. Baxter, won't you go into the garden with me?


"The Glass Room"


Lisa: Mr. Baxter, will you dance?


Joey: With pleasure...


They begin to dance, maneuvering out of the crowded room as they go. Lisa’s husband watches them leave with a cold look on his face.


Lisa: When I first saw you at the Simmonses' house, I thought you were a wonderful person.


(C) The Garden


They change to a slow dance, and she rests her head on his shoulder.


Lisa: To think that we've finally become this close and summer is already over. I have to return to Amsterdam. It will be unbearably lonely... Joey... Hold me tighter...


Joey: Do you always love this passionately, Madame?


Lisa:  No... This time I intend to take my time.


Joey: An honor, Madame. For a man chased with a dull and uninteresting job, finally able to breathe freely at this lake resort, such an offer from a beautiful woman is very alluring.


Lisa: Call me Lisa...


Joey: Lisa...


He pulls away.


Lisa: Aa!


Joey: I'm sorry that I'll be as much of a failure as Morris.


Lisa: What did you say!?


Joey’s social niceness has fallen away, revealing more of the cynicism beneath.


Joey: I'm talking about the murdered Morris.


Lisa: What do I have to do with that Morris?


Joey: Nothing? I heard you were with Morris, and I've known Morris for quite some time. So I looked into it fully. I found out you went to the hotel Villa Stella in Bellagio together.


Lisa: Do you have any proof of it?


Joey: And one more thing: The night Morris was killed you cleverly made an alibi for your husband. Am I wrong? While I think my reasoning is vague, everything fits together perfectly like the picture of a puzzle. You two, husband and wife, conferred and executed it. When Professor Clement shot and killed him, you created the alibi. And also, because you were tutoring Clara in French, I think one day you saw her pistol in her room. How's that?


As Joey talks, Lisa’s husband appears in the shadows. He listens, his hand sliding into his inner jacket pocket to reveal the glint of metal.


Lisa: Why, you don't have any evidence, not that we were together, not about the alibi, and not about the pistol...


Joey: That's true. It's not my job. At any rate, the specialists like Inspector Mira can take it over from here...


Lisa’s superior attitude disappears, and she clutches at his shoulder.


Lisa: Joey, please, help me! Hey, Joey, I love you, hold me... If you keep quiet...


Clement speaks up, stepping out from the shadows.


Clement: Stop, Lisa. He won't fall for that. You can't do what you did to Morris.


Lisa: Darling...


Clement: Mr. Baxter, the little I heard just now ... just how much did you find out about me?


Joey: Not much more. You lost a large amount on the stock market, and you didn't make a satisfactory recovery.


Clement: And then?


Joey: I couldn't learn what that had to do with Morris or anything on that subject.


Clement: I don't intend to tell you, nor do I have any obligation to. It's a worthless story. A vulgar, extortionistic woman's heart is evil... I don't even want to speak of it.


His face is twisted with contempt.


Lisa: The first to be stuck was you, wasn't it? Getting sniffed out by that bastard and getting blackmailed. You were the one who said we should use Morris to earn some money. That artist and Leonardo and Mario, that was all your planning, wasn't it? Even though that man Morris was always trying to get close to me -- it was disgusting.


Clement: Enough!


Lisa: You should have taken care of him earlier...


Clement: Lisa!


She has become hysterical.


Lisa: I should have been the one to kill him!


Mira: Professor Clement.


Mira and Giovanni appear, and Clement reaches for his gun. There is a tussle and then a shot. Lisa cries out and falls, clutching her arm. Clement falls to his knees, horrified. Giovanni works to bandage Lisa’s arm while Mira turns to Joey.


Mira: Mr. Baxter, well done. I was also targeting these two tonight.


Joey: You heard then?


Mira: Yes, our investigation also turned up that all of Morris's blackmailing was Clement’s planning. And then, professor, in the end you had to shut his mouth.


Joey: I'd like to know one thing. (He looks over at Clement.) Professor Clement used Morris to blackmail three people, but only one, the painter, had actually given him the money. So why take care of Morris then...?


Clement stands up.


Clement: My future at the university is over, so here at the end I'll tell the truth. While Morris worked for me he was always in the house making threats and would never leave. While she may appear like such a lady, in reality this woman causes me such pain with her fickleness. Even so, my Lisa...


His whole body expresses his torment as he stumbles over to his wife.


"Only You"



Unfettered in the pursuit of love

because you had a place to return to

I always forgave you

You, who continued to claim momentary loves

A wounding love, and even though it seems to be crumbling

I can't tear myself away

Our love

I love you, beloved

The one I've fall in love with is only you

You alone


Husband and wife cling to each other, and Giovanni leads them away. Pietro, Mira, and Joey watch them go.


Pietro: It's horrible, isn't it? You can't tell by looking at just the outside of people. I've learned something.


Mira: From time to time I find I don't understand people as well.


Pietro: I've worked at this resort for years, and I still don't understand how rich people think. They want for nothing, and yet they never stop wanting. Money and things and people and love and dreams...


Joey: People's desires never end. You have one country and then you want another one. That's why we have wars, and why religion is so important.


Pietro: I see.





Pursuing an ambition which we can never quite struggle to

Concealing an impatient heart

Muttering that it's their fate to never be rewarded



Hunting for a dream that they want too much

Forgetting completely the scenes they've passed by

Words interrupted, love thrown aside

Where are people wandering to?



People run for the sake of their ambitions

They leave their path for the sake of their ambitions

To get their hands on wealth and glory

No matter who, we search for the rainbow

Aiming for a future of cloudy glass



Pursuing an ambition which we can never quite struggle to

Concealing an impatient heart

Muttering that it's their fate to never be rewarded



Hunting for a dream that they want too much

Forgetting completely the scenes they've passed by

Words interrupted, love thrown aside

Where are people wandering to?


Young people grasp

at high hopes for happiness

Young people's dreams span the sky





And yet those dreams turn into ambitions

The dreams unintentionally become ambitions

They become all the higher, all the stronger



People run for the sake of their ambitions

They leave their path for the sake of their ambitions

To get their hands on wealth and glory

No matter who, we search for the rainbow

Aiming for a future of cloudy glass



Scene XIII - Season's End

(A) Piccola and Alto and the Young People


Piccola, Alto, and the younger crowd are gathered to talk.


Piccola: I'm a little let down that she was the one to do it.


Alto: Who? Mrs. Clement? I've always thought she was a little odd. After all, for a person to be so accomplished and perfect is unnatural.


Priscilla: I thought so too. Money, and beauty, and her husband; how sly.


Amedeo: I think I hear some jealousy.


Roberto: But she's such a beautiful woman, it's really too bad.


Piccola: My view of life has changed a little.


Priscilla: Just now?


Alto: Kekeke, my sister is a late bloomer.


Alto: Think about it, Piccola, the Clements used us too.


Piccola: That's right, we helped spread all the other guests' rumors and helped to avert attention from the Clements.


Alto: How vexing.


Piccola: But that Mr. Baxter knew intuitively to keep an eye on them...


Alto: So in the end our chatter was useful after all.


Piccola: That's true. Alto, from now on, let's walk around and chatter: full power!


(B) The Gentlemen and Ladies


Off to one side, the adults watch the young men and women and talk.


Fellini: An event to put an end to our guesses, eh?


Mrs. Fellini: It was dreadful.


Sturm: It had rumors flying all over the village.


Mrs. Sturm: I couldn't relax at all this year.


Fellini: But it wasn't boring.


Everyone laughs.


Smith: Look at the young people! Their ability to recover is superb.


Mrs. Fellini: It's as if nothing happened at all.


Fellini: They're infused with new energy.


(C) The Young People on the Lake Shore


Contrary to what the adults think, a very gloomy Leonardo is standing dejectedly. Carlo comes and pats him on the shoulder.


Carlo: Hey, cheer up!


Leonardo: I know, thanks.


Pia: Leonardo, your friends are worried about you.


They join together to sing, and eventually Leonardo joins in as well.


"Che Sera"


On the nights when you just want to run away from it all

and the days when you cry lonely tears

Fix your eyes on the unchanging truth

Che Sera, Sera, Sera

Our youth

With sweat, tears, and smiles

we sing and believe in tomorrow

But don't fruitlessly try to erase

the unforgettable memories

Our youth

With sweat, tears, and smiles

we sing and believe in tomorrow

Sing, sing, sing

Sing with love and tender hope

Dreaming with as much bravery as possible

Sing without showing your tears


(D) The Parlor of the Simmonses’ House


It’s time for the farewell party, and everyone is together one last time. A worried Pietro enters.


Pietro: Hey, have you seen Mr. Baxter?


Amedeo: No, is there something?


Pietro: Yeah, I just got a telephone call from him down in the office. He says he's closing up the villa and leaving tomorrow morning!


Alto/Piccola: Oh my!


Priscilla: Will he come tonight?


Pietro: I don't know...


Piccola: Eh? But I have so much I want to ask him.


Alto: That's impossible. There's going to be someone here he wants to take his time and speak with more than you, Piccola.


Piccola: Who!?


Piccola looks at Pietro slyly, as if they share a secret.


Alto: Right, chief?


Pietro: No idea!


Mr. Simmons gestures to get everyone’s attention.


Simmons: Everyone, excuse me. I'm sure everyone at the party tonight already has some idea, but now we can make an official announcement. Yesterday it was announced by the Grande banking family of Firenze that their son Mario Grande is engaged to be married to my youngest daughter Clara in the autumn. In any event, they want to hold the ceremony here in the chapel by the lake shore...


Mrs. Fellini: Congratulations, Laura. How nice for Clara.


Laura: Thank you, Mrs. Fellini.


Mrs. Fellini: They'll be closing their villa late then.


Laura: Yes, probably.


Simmons: Now, everyone, the party preparations are complete.


Everyone heads into the main parlor, while Laura stays back. Joey appears and joins her.


Laura: Joey, thanks to meeting you I've completely changed from the way I was before.  If I hadn't been able to walk with you for a time, I think I would have gone a completely different way.


Joey: Me too, Laura. When I laid eyes on you, I changed. But I want you to wait a little longer. Because I want to take care with my feelings for you.


Laura: I'm so glad.


Clara: Laura.


Clara comes back from the main room, looking for her sister. They go to join everyone else. Clint appears from the shadows, and his tone is both warning and coaxing.


Clint: Boss...


Joey: Go home, Clint.


Clint: But we should leave quickly, he'll be coming soon...


Joey: That's fine, I want to see him.


As predicted, Inspector Mira arrives.


Mira: When are you taking off?


Joey: I'd like to leave immediately, but you've got some business with me, right?


Mire: Well, a moment of your time...


They go outside for privacy.



Scene XIV - Joey


Joey: You've looked into a lot of things about me, eh?


Mira: Eh, well, mainly he did...


Mira indicates Giovanni, who has his notebook in hand, and is as brisk and efficient as ever.


Giovanni: I investigated thoroughly. You left your parents early and worked your way through university, graduating with excellent grades, and got a job working for a securities company in New York.


Mira: Up to there everything was good. But then your lover was terribly injured in a car accident. In order to get the surgery...


Joey: Mira...


Joey’s tone is warning.


Mira: I'm sorry for speaking of things you'd rather forget. In order to get the large amount of money you needed you made a large wager with your clients' money. It was a failure, and your lover died. I didn't want to bring this up. If I could I would have stayed silent and parted ways, but...


Joey: I know.


Mira: Considering your past, it was strange that you could afford an expensive villa like this, and that when the incident occurred you got caught up in it. That the mere manager of a loan company could amass sufficient funds...


Joey: Of course. I had the burden of not being able to save someone important to me. I quit my job, began along the path of luring people into dangerous transactions, and aided in tax evasions.


Giovanni: Money-laundering using fictional bank accounts...


Mira: Yes... You got big money that hums, but your lover was no longer there. And I think by that point you were stuck with the illegal organization – the criminal organization. But I'm not in charge of exaggerated stories of business crime, and my job is to track down the cockroaches who plot petty theft and blackmail, right, Giovanni...?


Giovanni begins to protest, but Mira waves him away.


Mira: That's enough.


Giovanni exits.


Joey: Saying thank you would be doing you a disservice. I'm not sure whether or not you caught it, but Morris had also blackmailed me.


Mira is startled.


Mira: He couldn't have been...


Joey: Ah-hah, I didn't think you knew. I was surprised to see him dead that night. Morris was a journalist for a trade journal in Geneva, and on a whim he decided to look back into my past jobs, and he spoke to me and shook me up.


Mira: So that's why you were so passionate about finding the culprit... no, that's wrong. You did it for Laura and her sister, didn't you? I never suspected you when the incident occurred.


Joey: You had me at a disadvantage.


Mira: What will you do about Laura? (Joey looks shocked.) You thought I didn't know anything, didn't you?


Joey: If you hadn't been a cop I would have consulted with you earlier. I like you.


Mira: Well, thanks. It looks like Laura isn't going to return to Monte Carlo. Next time we meet I won't be a cop, but a friend, and we'll drink the night away.


With this bit of parting advice, Mira throws his jacket over one shoulder and departs, whistling softly. Joey’s look turns anguished.


Joey: I just broke the law recently with the last job I did. Even if you didn't catch me by the tail... you can still sense the crime. Taking a lover now... is IMPOSSIBLE! Damnit...!





Arrivederci, hidden sorrow

Let's send only smiles

Arrivederci, until the day we meet again

Let's make a vow as we part


The stage rotates. Laura appears, and Joey hides. He listens as she speaks, but she doesn’t know he’s there.


Laura: Joey, why did you leave me behind without saying anything? This morning my heart was disturbed so I went to find you, but all the windows were shuttered...


"Guitar, Softly"



Now my memories have wings and float on the night wind

to that gentle one


Laura: Because I came to Lake Como and met you, the clouds have brightened and I've stopped wandering. The sun illuminates me and the wind holds me as I gently soar up. Like when I was young.... Joey, I believe that you will come to New York and meet me. Before I go to America I'll completely settle all of my affairs. As you said one day to Clara here, if I live in the light and soft breezes, I'll find peace. I'll remember those words and wait for you. No matter what happened in your past, I believe in you.


As she speaks, Joey becomes more and more tormented, he moves as if to follow her as she leaves the stage, but his men call him back.


Jim/Clint: Boss...


Joey: I know! I'll follow orders and go back with you to Switzerland, so don't worry. Go ahead a bit and wait for me.


They leave, and Joey talks to the space where Laura was.


: ...Just this time, I'll follow orders. Laura, I've been thinking about where I should go from now with my life. From now on I'll live simply and respectably. I intend to stand like you, to walk in the sunlight in the middle of the street with arms outstretched. Knowing you, loving you, has given me the courage to go on living into the future. I've determined to quit the work that I do now. I can't do it right now, or in a day or two.

How long until I can go to you, how long until I can clear the way for my path, my new path to my future....?





Even if we can't live like this, the two of us together

I'll never forget meeting you

I found the courage to live life to its fullest

because of your love

Once more, once more

Take my hand, the day we can meet again is coming

Some day for certain, we'll meet again, smiling, by chance

I live for that tomorrow I believe in

The wind carries this song to you

which whispers that you are not alone

Once more, once more

I'll meet brilliant you

When I close my eyes, I travel again alone

to my nostalgic youth remembered in my heart

The wind carries this song to you

which whispers that you are not alone

You are not alone!