The Gypsy Baron


Based on Johann Strauss II's operetta "The Gypsy Baron".

Adapted by Tani Masazumi, directed by Ueda Kumiko.


Sterk Barinkay (A young exile): Uzuki Hayate

Saffi (A gypsy girl): Hanahi Mira

Ottokár (Zsupán’s servant): Shimon Yuriya

Pali (A gypsy): Akizuki Saya


Conte Carnero (Royal Commissioner): Hibiki Reona

Maria Theresia (Queen of the Habsburg Empire): Ayahoshi Rion

Czipra (A gypsy): Kotone Kazuha

Count Peter Homonay (A light cavalry officer): Hôzuki An

Zsupán (A wealthy pig farmer): Tamaki Ryô

Arsena (Zsupán’s daughter): Aikaze Yume

Violka (A gypsy girl): Harune Aki


Scene 1 // Prologue


The Roma man and Roma woman dance.

Scene 2 // An Orphan From My Early Days

The audience hall of the Schönbrunn Palace.

Schönbrunn Palace (Waltz)

Count Homonay and the gentleman and ladies dance.

It shines, our motherland
Habsburg! Everlasting
Rule which gives us glory
Under the divine protection of God
Sunlight overflowing
Illuminating our country to every corner
Songs of joy ring out
Wishing you well
Raising our glasses in a blessing
Let us praise the prosperity
Of our queen
Come, sing sonorously
Come, dance with distinguished service
Come, sing sonorously
Come, dance with distinguished service

Archduchess Maria Theresia rises up on a lift, and the count and nobles bow to her. The grand chamberlain enters.

Grand Chamberlain: Queen Maria Theresia, Conte Carnero begs a meeting with you.

Maria Theresia: Conte Carnero?

Grand Chamberlain: Yes. He is the royal commissioner responsible for returning those who were exiled from Hungary against their will during the Turkish War.

Maria Theresia: Didn't the Turkish War end twenty-some years ago?

Grand Chamberlain: What Conte Carnero tells is that it was at the command of Your Majesty's father, King Karl VI, that the conte's father was appointed, but his father passed away when there was only one man left, so that the conte became his successor. And after twenty years, at the end of his trials and tribulations, he has found the last man and brought him here.

Maria Theresia: (laughing) The man sounds like a relic from the last century!

Count Homonay: Your Majesty, in preparing for war it would affect morale if you neglected a man so devotedly loyal. To say nothing of him being a Hungarian, which would make it all the more so.

Maria Theresia: As Count Homonay says, I must praise one who has so devotedly accomplished the command of my father. Yes, I will permit the audience.

Grand Chamberlain: Your Majesty!

The Grand Chamberlain ushers Conte Carnero in.

Conte Carnero: It rejoices me greatly to see Your Majesty in such excellent health.

Conte Carnero greets her bombastically.

Maria Theresia: Conte Carnero, who is this last Hungarian refugee?

Conte Carnero: One Sandor Barinkay. He is from a powerful family in Temesvar, in the south-eastern corner of Hungary, and under the rule of the Turks he was suspected of betrayal and sent into exile. After the war his innocence was established, and he was placed on the list of those who were to be permitted to return. However, his whereabouts were completely unknown, and the search continued for more than twenty years (his voice becomes tearful).... I left behind the wife I had just married, Gertrude, and my travels continued every day..... But today, that role is completed at last, and I can be reunited with my beloved Gertrude again after twenty years.

Maria Theresia: I see. And this Barinkay?

Conte Carnero: Yes, I have brought him..... He's gone...... Barinkay. Barinkay, where have you gotten to!?

With a surge of music, Sterk Barinkay enters through the audience.

Sterk: Carnero, I get that you want to see your wife as soon as you can, but don't be leaving me behind and going off! I'll get lost in this ridiculously big palace. What, you mean to tell me the queen lives here all on her own?

Sterk: That's luxury for you. Why, ten or twenty families could live in this big hall alone.

Conte Carnero: Barinkay, you're in front of the queen. Restrain yourself!

Sterk: The queen? That's Maria Theresia?

Conte Carnero: Her Majesty Maria Theresia!

Sterk: Hi.

Conte Carnero: Insolent fellow. Present yourself properly!

Maria Theresia: Conte Carnero.

Conte Carnero: Your Majesty!

Maria Theresia: This Barinkay seems quite young to be the one exiled from Temesvar more than twenty years ago?

Conte Carnero: This man is Sterk Barinkay. He is the only son of the exiled Sandor Barinkay. Both his parents died soon after their exile, and the orphaned Sterk wandered over many lands, which is why it took more than twenty years to find him.

Maria Theresia: Sterk Barinkay, my father truly regretted the false charges that drove men from their homes, and I sympathize with his sentiments..... How then, after the death of your parents, did you make your way in the world?

Sterk: You want to know?

Maria Theresia: Yes, very much.

Sterk: All right! Then I'll tell you.

Sterk sings and dances about his life.

An Orphan From My Early Days

An orphan from my early days
I traveled 'round the world
A carefree life

Wild animals come dancing in......

In the night jungle that all fear
I am king
Nothing is impossible for me
All wild animals my retinue
With one glare, they furl their tails
That is my power, the power of living alone

I live free
As the wind
Sorrows and all

An orphan from my early days
The art of survival
Is to lose to no one

Fairies come dancing in.

I apprenticed myself to a magician
Now I am a master
Nothing is impossible for me
All mischievous fairies my retinue
With one glare, they furl their wings
That is my power, the power of living alone

I live free
As the wind
Sorrows and all

I live free
As the wind
Sorrows and all

All the gentleman and ladies have been caught up in the song which now ends.

Maria Theresia: Sterk Barinkay.

Sterk: Yes?

Maria Theresia: I acknowledge your return, and your inheritance of your lands.

Conte Carnero: At last! Now I can see my Gertrude.

Count Homonay: Congratulations, Barinkay. Now you can return home.

Sterk: I wonder if it is possible for someone like me to settle down, who has carefree wanderlust carved into his soul?

Maria Theresia: Everything in life is a challenge.... Conte Carnero, you will accompany Sterk, find two witness, and bring us back their signatures as affirmation of his claim.

Conte Carnero: Yes, Your Majesty..... (To himself) Although I thought I could return home at last. Now I must continue my journey? .... Gertrude!

Maria Theresia: Conte Carnero, did you say something?

Conte Carnero: No...... I accept your command with all joy!

Sterk: Yeah, a journey is fun no matter what the day. So, Conte, won't you show me the way to this home I have yet to see?

Sterk gives Carnero a sudden shove to the back, nearly knocking the man off his feet. The two set off on their journey to Sterk's hometown.

An Orphan From My Early Days (Reprise)

I live free
As the wind
Sorrows and all



Scene 3 // Searching For Treasure From Dawn Till Dusk

Ottokár (one of the servants in the household of Zsupán, a wealthy pig farmer), emerges up a ladder from a deep hole (lift #7) with a pick in his hand. He dusts himself off as best as he can and begins to sing.

Searching For Treasure From Dawn Till Dusk

Ottokár: Since the Turkish army withdrew twenty-four years ago, there has been a rumor of treasure hidden somewhere on the Barinkay lands. At my master's order, I have been digging holes every single day, looking for that treasure.

From dawn till dusk
Digging, digging
If there's treasure here,
I'm not finding it

Today was another waste of time
Dig there
Dig here
I've exhausted myself digging holes all over the country
Looking for treasure

One after another, Zsupán's young servants come pouring up out of the hole.

From dawn till dusk
Digging, digging
If there's treasure here,
We're not finding it

Bone-tired, they drag their digging tools and baskets back to their homes.



Scene 4 // The King of Pig-Breeders

In Temesvar, in the countryside of Hungary.

To stage left is a small boat dock. To stage right is the large home of Zsupán the wealthy pig-breeder.

The exhausted treasure-seekers go into their servant huts around the stage. Ottokár alone remains outside.

Ottokár: I don't want any treasure. What I want, Arsena, is you..... Beautiful Arsena. Arsena, like a goddess. You are my treasure. A treasure!

At his cry Zsupán and Zsupán's wife Yolanda, as well as his head servant István, come running out.

Zsupán: Ottokár, you found the treasure!?

Ottokár: Eh? .... N-no.

Yolanda: You shouted 'treasure!', didn't you?

István: I heard it too.

Zsupán: Ottokár, answer us!

Ottokár: No, Arsena is a trea-

Yolanda: Arsena.... What about my daughter?

Ottokár: Ah... Ah! I was thinking how I wanted to find treasure for your daughter's sake, and then I was wondering what kind of feeling I should put into it if I were shouting 'treasure!'.....

A crowd of servants emerges.

Servant 1: Ottokár, you found the treasure!?

Servants: Ottokár!

Ottokár: Hahahahaha....

Zsupán: (Glaring at Ottokár) Don't laugh.

Ottokár: ......Yessir.

Zsupán: István, where haven't we dug yet on the Barinkay lands?

István: (Consulting a map) All that's left is the castle ruin on top of the hill.

Zsupán: Ottokár, starting tomorrow you'll be searching the ruins. Go over all those stone walls with a fine-toothed comb, and whatever you do, find that treasure.

Ottokár: But that's where....

Zsupán: (Glaring at Ottokár) If you're saying that you can't listen to my orders, I'm willing to accept your resignation.

Ottokár: No, I'll look! I'll look!

Zsupán: What are you all doing lounging about!? There's still cleaning to do in the pig sties. Do you intend to crowd my sweet pigs into dirty sties!? Clean them!

The servants all scatter offstage to work. Yolanda and István go back inside, followed by Zsupán.

With the sound of a boatman's voice raised in song, a boat carrying Sterk and Conte Carnero comes into view.

The Boat Captain's Song

Boat Captain:
Relying on the current
Moving as the winds direct you
Even if it be to the far side of dreams
You will arrive there in the end

The boat pulls up to the dock.

Boat Captain: Well then, sirs, we've arrived.

Sterk and Conte Carnero step off the boat and look around.

Sterk: So this is Temesvar, my homeland....

Conte Carnero: (To the captain) Hey, where is Zsupán the pig-breeder's home?

Captain: Look, there is the the home of pig-breeder Zsupán, a powerful man hereabouts. He has several thousand pigs and is the richest man in this area.

Carnero: It doesn't matter if he's a pig-breeder or what he is, if he can serve as signatory on this property authentication I can go home all the sooner..... (To the captain) Hey, call Zsupán.

Captain: As you like. Horrahho!

The boat captain goes to call Zsupán. Meanwhile, Sterk is wandering about investigating things.

Carnero: Well then, is it nostalgic?

Sterk: I left before I was old enough to be aware of things around me, so it's neither nostalgic nor anything else. I have no memory of it.

Carnero: That's true..... Well then, I'll tell you. From where we stand to the top of that hill--all the land that you can see--that's yours. But beware. I've gotten reports that the pig-breeder Zsupán has been swallowing up land in your absence.

Zsupán comes out with his wife Yolanda.

Zsupán: Who calls Zsupán, king of the pig-breeders?

Carnero: I do.

Zsupán: Oh, a very unassuming man.

Carnero: I am Conte Carnero, a royal commissioner under special orders from her majesty to see to the return of those exiled from Hungary. Now, sign this paper.

He holds out the scroll.

Zsupán: You want me to write? Sorry, I'm no good with reading and writing, my specialty is swine. Among my pig sties there isn't a single dirty or thin pig. Among all the nation, I am the one with five thousand stout and round pigs. That's why they call me the king of the pig-breeders.

Carnero: If you can't write, a picture of a pig is fine. Just make your mark.

Zsupán: All right. All right, but what on earth is this paper?

Carnero: It's a formality to allow Sterk Barinkay here to inherit the lands of his father Sandor Barinkay. It will make you the witness.

Zsupán: You say Barinkay has returned home?

Sterk: Heya.

Zsupán: (To himself) You dog! Come back before I've found the treasure!

Yolanda: Dear, what will we do?

Zsupán: Don't worry. When it comes to money matters, my mind works like a genius's.

Sterk: You're wishing I hadn't returned, huh?

Zsupán: Not at all! It is well that you've returned. I welcome you back from the bottom of my heart, congratulations!

An idea occurs to him.

Zsupán: (Beaming) Barinkay, you're a bachelor?

Sterk: Of course.

Zsupán: What would you say if I mentioned marriage to one of my daughters?

Sterk: Eh!?

Zsupán: My daughters, even if I speak as their father, are famed for their beauty. If you, the wealthiest man in Temesvar, were to marry the daughter of the number one pig-breeder of Temesvar, it would only make your strong position even stronger.

Yolanda: That's right!

Zsupán: Yolanda, call our daughter.

Yolanda: Which of our three daughters should I call?

Zsupán: All three, that way we can't miss.

Yolanda: Got it!

Zsupán: Have them wear their best clothes, to show him what splendid fiancées have appeared. And bring the "formal marriage interview sweets". That is our custom.

Yolanda: Alright!

Yolanda leaves in high spirits.

Zsupán: Barinkay, my daughters are not only beautiful, they also study diligently. Naturally, they are gifted with both wit and beauty. (He laughs.)

Carnero: A formal marriage interview is all well and good, Zsupán, but don't forget you're a witness.

Zsupán: That's right. Well with things going as they are, I'll stand witness to anything.

He signs the paper.

Carnero: All right, one more and I can return to Vienna.

Zsupán: Ottokár! Ottokár!

Ottokár comes out, nursing a piglet with a bottle.

Ottokár: Yes, master?

Zsupán: Bring chairs for the conte and Barinkay.

Ottokár: (Shocked) Barinkay!?

Sterk: Hey, is Barinkay such a shocking name to have?

Ottokár: No...... (He shakes hands with Sterk.) I'm Ottokár. You know, you could plant wheat or vegetables or anything you liked on your lands and they'd grow well because the land has been really well ventilated.

Zsupán: Idiot, don't give him unnecessary information..... Barinkay is going to become the fiancé of my daughter, so bring the best chairs we have.

Ottokár: Your daughter's fiancé...?

Zsupán: Hurry and bring the chairs. And don't forget one for me.

Ottokár: Yessir.

Ottokár runs off in a lather.

When the chairs come, Sterk perches on his like a monkey and watches things unfold in amusement.

Accompanied by music and dancing servants, Cunegunda, Margit, and Arsena (Zsupán's three daughters) come out of the house with their faces hidden behind veils. Arsena has to be shoved forward.

The Bride Candidates Approach the Fiancé

The swine Zsupán
Searching for a groom for his daughters
The catch of joy
The eldest, the second, and the third

The eldest Cunegunda
Charms with her body

The second Margit
Loves with passion

A woman's pride
A battle where all is gambled
I will be chosen
There's no reason else

I can't deal with them

I can't deal with him
I love....
Only one
Only you
Ah.... Ah....

The girls are lined up.

Cunegunda: I'm the eldest, Cunegunda. (She looks at Sterk) My, what a fine gentleman.

Margit: Really quite my type! I'm the second-born, Margit.

Yolanda: Arsena, make your bows.

Arsena doesn't seem like she's going to.

Zsupán: The third girl is Arsena. She's a rather reserved girl, please forgive her..... Well, what do you think, Barinkay, aren't they lovely girls?

Sterk: Their clothes are certainly pretty, but with their faces wrapped in a veil, how am I to answer?

Zsupán: That's only natural.... Girls, take off your veils and show us your pretty faces.

Carnero: You mustn't!

Zsupán: Why not?

Carnero: I am not only the royal commissioner for the repatriation of exiles from Hungary, I am also deputy spokesman for the police force of public morals. Our customs say that the bride must not remove her veil until the betrothal has been accomplished in due form.

Sterk: Carnero.

Carnero: Conte Carnero!

Sterk: Carnero, then how am I supposed to learn about the beauty of the bride?

Carnero: There is no other way than to imagine, using the image of the parents.

Zsupán and Yolanda bat their lashes at Sterk.

Sterk: The parents.... (He looks back and forth between Zsupán and Yolanda.) They must certainly be lovely daughters. (He laughs at his flattery, then speaks to himself) I imagined it, the more fool me.

Unable to get the image of the parents' faces on their daughters' bodies from his mind, he absentmindedly takes one of the "formal marriage interview sweets" from the baskets the girl servants are holding out to him and eats it.

Carnero: All right! Sterk Barinkay has formally announced his intention to be a suitor.

Sterk chokes on his sweet.

Sterk: Bwah! .... Wait, I haven't done-

Carnero: Did you not just eat a "formal marriage interview sweet" in front of the prospective brides? With this it has been conveyed that you are formally a suitor.

Sterk: That's ridiculous.....

Carnero: All right, you may remove your veils and show your faces.

The three girls raise their veils, while their parents beam at them.

Zsupán: And now his land is mine.

Yolanda: Dear, we're set for money now.

Cunegunda: He'll chose me.

Margit: You know it will be me.

Ottokár and Arsena are conversing off to the side.

Ottokár: Arsena, what will happen to our future?

Arsena: Calm down, Ottokár. I'm Zsupán's daughter, so my head works best under pressure.

Ottokár: Arsena!

She thinks hard until she hits on a plan.

Arsena: Father, my great-grandfather was a high priest, right?

Zsupán: Yes, that's right. The grandfather who is the pride of our family.

Arsena: And you, father, are the king of the Hungarian pig-breeders, so that no matter how you approach it our family pedigree has nothing to blush about.

Zsupán: But of course.

Arsena: Mr. Sterk Barinkay. What is your social position?

Sterk: Social position? (He laughs) Social position was born to give people something to cling to. I am an orphan without a single relative, nothing can bind me...... So I have no social position or the like.

Arsena: Father, the daughter of the pedigreed Zsupán family cannot marry a man with no social position!

Zsupán: Social position? But the criteria to evaluate a groom is wealth.

Arsena: Mr. Sterk Barinkay, if you wish to marry me, please apply for my hand after you have obtained a noble title. If you are not at least a baron, I won't marry you.


Sterk: Thats fine, I'm not planning to-

An Unqualified Suitor

Gentlemen gather in admiration
Me as your bride? What a foolish man!
A man is his social position, social position is all
You are unqualified
Please go home

Arsena leading the pack, everyone throws their noses in the air and leaves. Ottokár hands Sterk back his bag with a satisfied grin.


Ottokár: Your bag.

Sterk: Hey, you're misunderstanding somehow. Geez!

Sterk finds himself alone.



Scene 5 // Gypsy Maiden

Sterk, left behind by the others, stands before the castle ruins.

Sterk: Did I say one word about wanting to get married? I have absolutely no memory of saying such a thing, so how did I end up the suitor to three sisters? Am I going to have to call the king of pig-breeders "father"? If this is the way things are going to unfold, I would have done better not to come back.... (He looks around.) So this is my birthplace...? Alone like this, it seems more that I've come upon some unknown land than any birthplace. All that remains to me is a land full of holes and ruins on a hill. So I'm master of a crumbling castle...? It seems like there's nowhere else for me to roost tonight. Well, one place is as good as another.

Just then, Saffi, a gypsy maiden, appears. She comes singing along the ginkyo.

Gypsy Song

Searching for a final resting place
Those are the gypsies

Sterk follows along behind Saffi.

Showered with an endless stream
Of contemptuous looks
And voices ringing with abuse
Disgusting thieves
Hide your horses
Hide your children

Dschingrah Dschingrah
Dschingrah Dschingrah
They'll steal them away
Dschingrah Dschingrah
The gypsies come

Scene 6 // The Crumbling Ruins

Following Saffi's singing, Sterk now finds himself amidst the ruins of the castle on the hilltop. Saffi sees him and starts to flee, but Sterk sings out and catches her attention.

Kindhearted, eternal travelers
Those are the gypsies

Though poor, they are pure
They don't forget promises
They live without restraints
Faithful friends
Trust them with your horses
Trust them with your children

Dschingrah Dschingrah
Dschingrah Dschingrah
They will raise them for you
With love
Dschingrah Dschingrah
The gypsies are friends

Saffi realizes that Sterk means her no harm, and accepts him.

Hold out your hand to them without fear
Be joined with trust

Trian Trian Davar
Trian Trian Davar
Keep believing in your friends
Your friends will not
Betray you
Hei jah...

As the song ends, Saffi realizes how close she and Sterk have gotten, and she turns to flee without thinking.

Sterk: Wait, please. I didn't mean to startle you..... But I heard your singing, and I remembered my mother singing to me when I was young. (He sings) "Dschingrah Dschingrah, the gypsies are friends" .... What is this song?

Saffi: .......... It's a gypsy song.

Sterk: A gypsy song..... Then, I wonder if my mother was a gypsy?

Saffi: .....You are?

The gypsy fortuneteller Czipra arrives.

Czipra: He is Sterk Barinkay!

Saffi: Czipra!

Czipra: My lord Sterk, welcome home. We have waited impatiently these twenty-four years.

Czipra curtsies before Sterk.

Sterk: Wait a moment. Who are you? How do you know me? How do you know that I've returned?

Czipra: I shall answer one at a time. I am Czipra, the gypsy fortuneteller. This girl is Saffi, whom I have raised as a daughter after the death of her parents.

Saffi curtsies before Sterk.

Sterk: Stop that, I'm not your lord.

Czipra: No, you are our lord.

Sterk: What?

Czipra: This is your land, and you are the lord of the gypsies here.

Along with music, all of the gypsies gather on stage.

The Gypsies Arrive

Showered with an endless stream
Of contemptuous looks
And voices ringing with abuse
Disgusting thieves
Hide your horses
Hide your children

Dschingrah Dschingrah
Dschingrah Dschingrah
They'll steal them away
Dschingrah Dschingrah
The gypsies come

Czipra: Everyone, this gentleman is Sterk Barinkay.

The gypsies bow and curtsy to Sterk.

Sterk: What does it all mean? .....Although I've come home to my birthplace, the landscapes I see and the people I've met make me feel that I have come to some unknown land.... And yet when I hear you all singing I am overflowing with nostalgia. For the first time I truly feel as if I have come home to my birthplace.

Czipra: That is right. This is your birthplace. And you are lord of all that are here before you.

Sterk: For as long as I can remember I have been without a birthplace, or father and mother as well. Thus I made my way as an orphan..... Tell me. What kind of people were my mother and father?

Czipra: We called your father thus: The Gypsy Baron.

Sterk: "Gypsy Baron"......

The gypsy Tobol steps forward.

Tobol: In this world, there was no one, anywhere, who would defend the gypsies. If they see us, they call us thieves and vile people, and chase after us to pelt us with stones.

Diga: Not just the common people, but the emperor as well. Maria Theresia's father, Karl VI, has forbidden gypsies to settle within his domains, and issued a proclamation that those who disobeyed would be executed.

Florica: Our ancestors were slaves brought from India. Our ancestors, who fled in search of freedom, were pursued wherever they went.

Mirella: No matter how many hundreds of years have passed, even now we continue journeying in search of a safe resting place. Not one has found that safe resting place.

Tobol: We tell ourselves we are fated to wander from the moment of our birth, and we live.

Czipra: Amongst all that, only your father was kind enough to let us live freely on his land..... And your mother worked among us, wore the same clothes, and ate the same food as us..... My lord, because of your lady mother's weak constitution, in her place you were nursed by Saffi's mother. We might say that you and Saffi are foster siblings.

Sterk: That explains how the song was so nostalgic..... Both my mother and father died after being exiled. I have no doubt that they wanted to return home to this land again. And that they wanted to be reunited with all of you....... I will take on my father's dying wish. He would want you all to continue living here freely as you have been.

Gypsies: My lord Sterk!

Sterk: Would it be all right for me to live here as well? I am alone and I have nowhere to go.

Czipra: The gypsies are faithful friends. We give our loyalty to those who put their trust in us.

All bow once more to Sterk. Pali comes forward from where he has been hiding behind a pillar.

Pali: Wait, I disagree! "Gypsy Baron"? Don't make me laugh. After all, he is a Hungarian. I would rather die than pledge loyalty to a Hungarian!

Tobol: Pali, what are you saying? We owe his father a great debt of gratitude.

Violka: It's no use, Tobol. Once Pali has spoken he never listens, so it's no use to preach at him.

Pali: Violka!

Violka: What a scary face.... (She laughs.)

Sterk: A kindhearted, eternal traveler (He laughs). ..... Even among the gypsies it seems that there are those like you who are defiant.

Pali: What!?

Sterk: You have a great hate for Hungarians. To be sure, I am a Hungarian. But just as there are many kinds of people among gypsies, there are many people among Hungarians as well.

Pali: A Hungarian is a Hungarian!

Sterk: And a gypsy is a gypsy?

Pali: That's right!

Sterk: I am in the midst of tasting the joy of homecoming, and I don't want to lose this joy. What should I do so that you will recognize me as the "Gypsy Baron"?

Violka: Shouldn't you fight it out and see?

Pali: That's what I'd like!

Saffi: Pali, please stop this. Violka, don't stir things up!

Violka: Pali, aren't you always saying that music is a gypsy's soul? ..... So how about throwing aside your dangerous toys and fighting with song and dance? That will show whether he harbors the soul of a gypsy or not.

Czipra: Violka, you speak good sense. How about it, Pali?

Pali begins to dance and sing, challenging Sterk.

The Cry of the Roma

Amid the dark of night
a song rings forth
It vanishes cruelly,
the song of the Roma


We are human too

Our song cries out:
We wish to taste

the splendor of life!

Sterk begins to dance.

Amid the dark of night
life begins to dance
Living freely,
the dance of the Roma

Our thousand years of travel
surely will come to an end
Our dance cries out:

Our dream will be granted!

Everyone joins in and dances around Sterk.

Pali: Aaa!

Pali begins to dance coldly, and Sterk responds.

The Skylark

When the dance ends, Pali leaves without a word.

Violka: If you're going to accept him, then say so! You're just being defiant!

Saffi: It's because his parents were killed by Hungarian soldiers. So…

Sterk: …he can't be honest with himself?

Saffi: I'm sorry.

Sterk: There's nothing to apologize for. He's an honest man. He just can't lie to himself.

Czipra: Violka, please go after him.

Violka: Eh? Me? Wouldn't it be better for Saffi to go instead of me?

Czipra: Violka, don't you want to go?

Violka takes off after Pali.

Sterk: She's easy to read.

They all laugh. Then Taraf steps forward, pulls a knife, and cuts his palm. He gives the knife to Sterk, who does the same, and they clasp hands.

Czipra: My lord Sterk, you will now be called the "Gypsy Baron".

We Will Follow You

Companions whose nostalgic song and

Whose blood you share

Recall to mind
The warmth of home

Home is our song
Home is our ties
This place is
Your cradle

Companions whose nostalgic song and blood you share

(Companions whose nostalgic song and blood you share)
We welcome you
(Welcome you)
You are the leader
(You are the leader)

We follow

Scene 7 // A Beast Which Abandoned Its Pack

Pali comes out and sings along the ginkyo.

A Beast Which Has Abandoned Its Pack

A beast which has abandoned its pack is alone
A deep wound eats into its heart
Where has it gone
My heart?
All I do is fight off

the shivers of rage
Whom do I hate, I have no aim
No vent for my hatred

Pali has returned to the main stage, and Violka appears.

Violka: Hey, you're planning to leave now, aren't you?

Pali: Shut up.

Violka: Shut up, huh? .....I was right, Saffi is the one who should have come. I'm no good, right? ........... (She laughs.) Saffi and I, I can't compete. My first love is over. Right?

Pali: ..............

Violka: I don't even rate a reply, huh? ............. My first and last love. It's mortifying, so I'm not going to like anyone ever again. That's the obstinacy of a gypsy woman. Is it wrong?

Pali: ............

Violka: So no reply after all? ..... I'm sorry I'm noisy. But, I want to help you somehow. It hurts me to see you carrying this sorrow alone all the time. …… It's no good. Right now I'm just an annoyance.

Fighting back tears, Violka runs away. Completely killing any facial expression, Pali sings.

Where has it gone
My love?
All I do is wander
Squirming in the darkness
Whom do I hate, I have no aim
Where is the vent for my hatred?



Scene 8 // I am the Gypsy Baron

In front of Zsupán's home.

Using the dark of the night as cover, Ottokár sneaks out of the servants' hut and sings up to Arsena's window.

Arsena, Arsena

Arsena, Arsena

Arsena opens a window on the second floor and looks out.

Ottokár? Ottokár!

The night that speaks of love-

-has come.

At that moment, Sterk and the gypsies arrive. They hide in the shadows and watch the two in amusement.

Sterk: (Aside)
It's that cheeky
Arsena and Ottokár

The curtain of night
Gives blessing to our love
No one can see

Our moment

Until night fades

Let's tease them

These two




Gone astray in the dark

I dedicate everything to you

The path of love-

-Let's disrupt it!

An almost unforgiving love

Let's begin our tricks


Arsena sneaks out of her home, and Czipra takes her role with Ottokár, while Sterk takes Ottokár's role with Arsena. Neither lover knows better in the dark.

I'll embrace you
Let's exchange kisses
My heartbeat rings out
When I'm in this sweet world

I lose myself

Right into hell, if you please

In heaven with you

Ottokár, someone is coming!

The gypsies sing more softly, as if from far away.

Dschingrah Dschingrah
The gypsies come

I must go!

A goodnight kiss...

Tobol and Florica hold out piglets, which get kissed by Arsena and Ottokár.

Such a sweet kiss....

A stinky-




I love you.

A pig's kiss.

Arsena returns inside.

Ottokár is left daydreaming when he gets a rude awakening from Sterk.

Sterk: Ottokár!

Ottokár: Ah!

The gypsies appear, surrounding Ottokár.

Ottokár: I didn't even notice you there.

Tobol, Florica and the other gypsies start miming.

Arsena, Arsena!

Ottokár, Ottokár!

Ottokár shoves between them.

Ottokár: Stop that!

Sterk: Ottokár, go call your master and his family for me.

Ottokár: I will not! If I called him this late he'd kill me.

Sterk: Well then, should I enlighten your master as to what you were just doing here, and with whom?

Ottokár: No, ..... I'll call him right away.

Ottokár runs off.

Sterk: Obedient people are nice, aren't they? (He laughs)

Saffi: What do you intend to do?

Sterk: I really have no idea what I want to do, or what I should do. But, I'm glad..... I, who have always been enamored with living alone, am appreciating for the first time the warmth of a family.... I want to have pride in you, who have taught this to me. And I feel like playing a practical joke on those who look down upon you.

Saffi: A practical joke?

Sterk: Please hide until it's time for your entrance.

The gypsies obey him. Zsupán and all his family come out.

Zsupán: Barinkay, those of us who raise pigs for our livelihood have an early morning. Meaning that we also have an early night. ..... If you have something to say, please be brief.

Sterk: Well then, to be brief..... This world is full of mysteries, and the future is a riddle, is it not?

Zsupán: That is true.

Sterk: For instance, a pig you thought would have a low price could sell high.

Zsupán: Yes!

Sterk: Or a man you didn't want to return home could return.

Zsupán: Yes!

Sterk: Or an always obedient daughter could defy you.

Zsupán: Exactly!

Sterk: Or an orphan with no social status could suddenly receive a court rank.

Zsupán: Yes! ... Er, what did you just say?

Sterk: I have been given a court rank.... a barony.

Zsupán: Truly, this world is full of mysteries. Congratulations, Barinkay..... Arsena, now it is all arranged so that Barinkay meets your requirements to be a fitting suitor. Do you have any objections?

Arsena: No.....

Ottokár: Arsena.....

Yolanda: Cunegunda, Margit, you don't have any objections, do you?

Cunegunda: We had no objections from the start!

Margit: We’re too young to have requirements.

Cunegunda: Yes!

Zsupán: Well then, Barinkay, make your choice. Who will you make your bride?

The servants also come out, and everyone hangs on Sterk's words.

Arsena: Wait!

Zsupán: Arsena, wait for his choice!

Cunegunda: You know you're going to lose, so you're trying to get out of it?

Margit: You never stood a chance against us!

Cunegunda: That's right.

Ottokár: Arsena!

Arsena: Mr. Barinkay, you say you have received a court rank, so you must have some proof or witness?

Sterk: Of course.

Arsena: Then please show us.........

Sterk: As you wish..... Well then, my people, that’s your cue!

The gypsies run out.

Sterk: Arsena, these are my witnesses. It is from them that I received the title of baron; the title of "Gypsy Baron".

Zsupán: "Gypsy Baron"? .... What a laugh.... (He laughs) It's been a long time since I heard such absurdity..... Leader of those filthy gypsies?

All of Zsupán's family and the servants laugh.

Zsupán: Barinkay, I'm delighted that you can command the gypsies, but my daughters aren't for any man who befriends them. Go home.

Sterk: No, I refuse. I would hate to take to wife the daughter of any man who scorns my friends..... (To the gypsies) I'm sorry. You have suffered an unpleasant experience because of me.

Czipra: People can say what they like, we follow only you.

Nadya: Besides, we’ve been dealing with this since we were born, we're used to it.

Sterk: Don't be used to it!

Czipra: My lord Sterk.....

Sterk: I wanted to have pride in you.

Saffi: My lord Sterk.....

Sterk takes Saffi's hand.

Sterk: This is the girl I want to be my wife!

Gypsies: What!?

Zsupán: A gypsy as a wife? ...... Barinkay, are you mad?

Sterk engages the shocked Saffi in song.

Becoming My Wife

Companions whose nostalgic song and
Whose blood I share
Recall to mind
The warmth of home (Woo...)
You should be my wife

What a joke.

We're saved.

Man and wife forever (Ah....)

Conte Carnero:
It's not permitted!

Let's permit it.

A pitiful orphan like me-

A filthy gypsy-

-made a wife.

Zsupán/Conte Carnero:
Aah, a disgrace

A disgrace

A blessing

This is good.

I won't permit
Interference (A sincere choice)

Me, a wife

I'll interfere!

Zsupán and Others:
I'll interfere

You, my wife

Zsupán and Others:
We won't allow it

We'll protect them

We'll defeat
Any enemies
Who'll stand in
Our way

Companions whose nostalgic song and
Whose blood I share
Lead me to happiness (Pointed you to happiness)

Companions whose nostalgic song and
Whose blood I share
Will watch over you, my lord

Zsupán and Others:
A fool who takes
A filthy gypsy as a wife
We'll thwart your happiness

You are my beloved

You are our master

Zsupán and Others:
You are our jinx

Without plot

Unfolding like a dream

Zsupán and Others:
Throw them out

An ordinary happiness

An ordinary life

A love story-

Knowledge of what's to come-

Zsupán and Others:
The filth!

-we also have.

You have to laugh

-it's what we're writing.

It's terrifying.

Zsupán and Others:

Let's make their love come true.

Quickly, get these filthy-

For I am
The Gypsy Baron



The gypsies and Zsupán's people converge. Sterk grabs Saffi's hand and they run away from the chaos.



Scene 9 // Hungary / The Song of the Wind

Sterk's Voice: Come on, Saffi!

Saffi's Voice: Wait!

Sterk, who is holding Saffi's hand and pulling her along, pauses on the ginkyo. Trying to catch her breath, Saffi lets go of his hand and lowers herself to her knees.

Sterk: Please, stop.

Saffi: What?

Sterk: Among the orphans, there were those who fawned and flattered in order to get food and a place to sleep. ... But I was resolved never to lower my head to anyone. I even said "Hi" to the queen. I won't lower my head to anyone, and I won't have anyone lower their head to me. .... So please, stop.

Saffi stands up once more.

There is the sound of the wind blowing.

Sterk: The wind.... What do you think is the color of the wind blowing between us now?

Saffi: The color of the wind?

Sterk: Yes.

Saffi: (closing her eyes and feeling the wind) .... Lavendar, a bit pale.....

Sterk: A game to play alone.

Saffi: That's right. When I was alone I played at attaching colors to things I can't see. .... The smell of bread baking was white lily. The howl of a wolf was violet.... And mother was-

Sterk: Lilac.

Saffi: .... The same.....

Sterk: When I first met you, I thought your eyes were the same color as hers.

Saffi: An orphan's eyes are.... olive green.

Sterk: A sad color. Yet, when there are two....

She moves as if avoiding Sterk.

Saffi: What should I do...?

Sterk: It seems I've put you in a difficult position.

Saffi: Yes, it's a problem. ....But I don't dislike it!

Hungary / The Song of the Wind

I have lived thus far alone
My conversation partner a shadow figure,
Exchanging one-sided conversation
Spending my time alone

Believing alone in the future,
Shouting out my dreams to the echoes
Unfulfilled dreams dance on the wind
Spending my time alone

Scene 10 // The Waltz of the Jewels

Where is the wind now
That brushed past my cheek?
When will the day come when I can meet it?
The wind is a distant traveler
If I don't seize it now
I will not be able to meet it again
Love also won't come again

I don't know anything

But the sad eyes of we two

Are joined by the same colors

Our love


I don't know anything

But I won't lose this love

I'll believe in the voice of my heart

Love is what binds hearts

Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu ru-ru-ra
The wind is singing
Only the loneliness
Is gently…

Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu ru-ru-ra
The wind is singing
Only the pain
Is merrily, merrily…
A love song for you

Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra

The two kiss, and in that moment the ruins shake and a secret compartment opens up. Sterk enters to see what is inside.

Sterk: There's gold, and silver, and jewels! Amazing!

Saffi: This is the first time I've seen such a treasure..... It's dazzling... I can't look straight at it!

Sterk: (Running to another area) Saffi, there's more over here! ..... To think such a treasure has been sleeping on my father's lands....

Czipra and the other gypsies arrive.

Czipra: My lord Sterk, when the true successor to these lands gains his true love, the treasure reveals itself. This treasure all belongs to you.

Sterk: Czipra, you're saying this is mine?

Czipra: In the confusion of the Turkish advance, your father hid the treasure here in these ruins. And he appointed us, the gypsies, as guardians of the treasure.

Tobol: The pig farmer Zsupán heard this rumor, and dug all over your lands, but we never allowed anyone near these ruins.

Julcsa: Thanks to Czipra directing them to dig in the wrong locations with her fortune-telling.

Shimza: That idiot Ottokár never doubted Czipra's predictions.

Florica: He's a fool.

Diga: No, it's just that we're such honest and good fellows.

All of the gypsies laugh.

Taraf: But, with just this treasure, we could make any dream come true.

Behari: One of the wheels on my carriage has gone off. I could replace it with a new wheel.

Czinka: That's your dream? You're a small kind of man.

Romika: I want to live in a splendid mansion. I'll have hundreds of servants to wait upon me, and they'll call me "lady".

Hysni: "Lady"? I think you're more suited to doing the serving.

Kay: I'd buy some land in a place where no one could bother me, and create a nation for the gypsies. Gypsies from all over the world would gather, and it would be a land where gypsies could live freely.

Sterk: But this treasure was stolen from people by the Turkish army. It belongs to the people of Hungary. Isn't that right, Czipra?

Czipra: As you will. Now then, put it back!

Sterk: But this bit of treasure would hardly be missed. Just for tonight, let's cover ourselves in treasure and go to a gypsy banquet!

Waltz of the Jewels

The gypsies drape themselves in jewels and rich cloth and carry trunks as they dance.

A bewitching gleam
Which is adored, it stirs the blood
Though we know it's a dangerous dream
Let's give in to the pleasurable

Temptation, and enjoy!

A dazzling emotion
A golden aurora
The joy of losing oneself
In a dream-like maze
Forgetting to live
The golden color that intoxicates mankind
Let's praise it, bewitched
The dream is a bottomless swamp
Endless desire
Treasure, which can fill it
Treasure, treasure

A bewitching gleam
Which is adored, it stirs the blood
Though we know it's a dangerous dream
Let's give in together

The gypsies depart.

Scene 11 // The Recruitment Song

Count Peter Homonay, in charge of recruiting, enters with some soldiers. They begin to dance.

The Recruitment Song

Count Homonay:
Come, rise up, men!
It is time to distinguish yourself
Fight with us and give yourself
To protect this land we love
Fight with us and give your life
To protect the people we love
Come now!


To defeat our enemies
Drink the wine of recruitment
and fight!
For victory!

To defeat our enemies
Drink the wine of recruitment
and fight!
For victory!
Hey! Hey! Hey!


The dance ends and the curtain rises.



Scene 12 // Come, to the Battlefield


The scene is in front of Zsupán's house.


Count Homonay: Everyone! A toast to queen and country!


All: A toast!


Count Homonay: Our land now faces a difficult situation. The armies of Italy, France and Spain threaten our land. Now, men! Drink the recruitment wine and enlist in the light cavalry! Ladies adore the light cavalry. Come, men, and show your courage!


Boat Captain: I'll enlist! Horrahho!


He steps forward and drinks wine from one of the barrels on their cart, then joins the recruitment men....


The Zsupán family comes out of their home.


Zsupán: War again?


Yolanda: Dear, are you going to the war?


Zsupán: Don't be absurd, I'll beg off. (To Homonay) Of course I am also loyal to my country. However, I fought bravely in the war against the Turks. With that I fulfilled my responsibility to my country. Let the young go this time.


István: But, master, if all the active young men are taken, it will affect your busines.


Zsupán: Yes, a good point. ….A useless man who we're just as well without. (He has an idea) Of course, I'll have Ottokár enlist. Then our household's duty will be fulfilled.


Arsena: Not Ottokár!


Yolanda: Arsena, shouting so suddenly.... Ottokár leaving has nothing to do with you.


Arsena: Ottokár is.... (She has an idea) Ottokár is necessary for the treasure search. Father, don't you want the Turkish treasure?


Zsupán: Yes, a good point. …. István, who is the next least-useful servant?


István: The servants all do the maximum amount of work for their salaries. There isn't a single useless person. If I had to name someone.....


Zsupán: If you had to name someone...?


Arsena: István, it would be you!


István: Eh!?


Zsupán: Yes, a good point.


István: Master!


Zsupán: Count Homonay, our head servant István will enlist as the representative of the Zsupán family.


István: Master, so callous....


Cunegunda and Margit give a high-pitched laugh. At that moment, Ottokár comes racing in.


Ottokár: Master! Master. It's terrible!


Zsupán: What's happened?


Ottokár: Barinkay has found the Turkish army's treasure.


Zsupán: What! Fool. Because you wasted your time. My treasure...... Give me some wine too.


István: Me too.


The soldiers hand over two goblets of wine.


Zsupán: (Downing it in one gulp) That's first-class wine. Give me another.


István: Me too.


Count Homonay: Come, drink as much as you would like. The supply is endless.


Zsupán: How kind. Thank you.


They toss back their wine.


Count Homonay: However, anyone who drinks so much as a mouthful of the recruitment wine must enlist.... Congratulations. The two of you have officially enlisted.


Zsupán: That's ridiculous.....


Yolanda: My dear!


István: I also refuse!


Count Homonay: The cost of this wine must be paid with your blood and life on the battlefield!


The soldiers draw their sabers on the two.


Zsupán: Yolanda, and my daughters, I rely on you to take care of my sweet pigs. My treasure has been stolen, I must go to war..... (He has an idea) Of course! Count Homonay, more than us going to war, there is something that we can do for Hungary. Will you listen?


Count Homonay: If it is for my country, gladly.


Zsupán: You have heard the rumor that there was a treasure sleeping here, hidden by the Turkish army?


Count Homonay: Of course.


Zsupán: Then that simplifies the tale. It seems that Barinkay has discovered that treasure. What do you think? Recovering that treasure would be much more useful for our country than going to war.


The music strikes up, and Sterk arrives heading up the gypsies.


Sterk: General Pig Breeder, there's no need to fear. I'm turning over the treasure to our country with none held back. Homonay, please use it as you will for our country.


Zsupán: What a selfless fellow!


Tobol: It's just that you're too selfish.


Sterk: My treasure, Saffi.... is you.


They embrace.


Conte Carnero comes flying out.


Conte Carnero: You musn't do that. In the rules of our land, a Hungarian is not permitted to wed a gypsy..... Count Homonay, leave this to the police force of public morals, I must investigate it appropriately and serve punishment.


Sterk: What!?


Count Homonay: Conte Carnero, your duty is to bring Barinkay here, and to see that his lands are restored to him. That is all.


Conte Carnero: But as the representative of the police force of public morals....


Count Homonay: Unfortunately there is no more police force of public morals. It was redistributed.


Conte Carnero: Redistri... I've been downsized.....


The gypsies guffaw.


Conte Carnero: It's all that gypsy girl's fault! You jinx! Demon woman!


Zsupán and the villagers bad-mouth the gypsies. Czipra steps forward.


Czipra: Enough. I'll ignore your insults to us gypsies, but I won't permit you to speak ill of this girl!


She overwhelms Carnero and the others with a glare.


Czipra: Listen well. This girl that you would insult has a nobler birth than any of you!


Saffi: Czipra.


Czipra: Saffi, I have kept this hidden until today, but I cannot see you hurt any more than this..... Count Homonay, please look at this letter. (She hands a letter to Homonay) Saffi's lineage is written here.


Everyone's eyes are drawn to the letter. Homonay reads the letter and then bows to Saffi.


Count Homonay: Listen well, this lady is the daughter of the viceroy of Turkey.


Count Homonay: The viceroy of Turkey is of royal blood, an ancient and honorable blood among Turkish nobility.


Sterk: Before she was a gypsy girl, but now she's a Turkish princess. What a development!


Zsupán: (Offering him wine) Here, drink this and calm down.


Everyone freezes for a moment as Sterk drinks the recruitment wine.


All: Ahhh!


Zsupán takes Sterk's hand.


Zsupán: Congratulations, now you're also bound for the war. (He laughs)


Saffi: Sterk!


Zsupán: It's settled that anyone who drinks the recruitment wine must enlist.


István: If you refuse, it's punishable by death!


Saffi: Death....


Sterk: Saffi.... I've lived this long refusing to be tied by human things like birth or laws. But it seems the time has come for that to end....


Czipra: My lord Sterk.


Sterk: Czipra, I must inherit my father's lands so that you can all live freely among the ruins. I've accepted the ties of obligation of the land; I must do my duty..... Isn't that so, Homonay?


Count Homonay: Exactly. If you were to refuse to enlist, your lands would be forfeit and the gypsies would have to continue their wandering journey.


Sterk: Saffi, I'm going to war.


Saffi: I want to go with you.


Count Homonay: You musn't do that. Since the truth has been uncovered, I must bring you before the queen and if your true identity is confirmed you may be given to the Turks.


Saffi: No! Sterk!


She is led off stage by the soldiers, crying and shouting.


Count Homonay: Even if you were to remain here, you couldn't be with Barinkay. Marriage is not permitted between a noble and a commoner without the queen's blessing.


Saffi: Sterk!


Sterk: Saffi!


Pali steps forward.


Pali: Wait..... Captain, can gypsies enlist?


Count Homonay: Of course!


Pali: Then give me some wine too.


Violka: Pali, what are you saying? This war is between the Hungarians and the Spainsh. It has nothing to do with us gypsies.


Pali: It does!


Violka: Pali....


Pali: Will we let our lord go to war alone? I won't leave things like this!


Sterk: Pali.


Pali: Once a gypsy pledges his loyalty, he will follow to his death. Don't we take pride in that?


Pali offers his hand to Sterk.


Tobol: Everyone, don't let Pali show of all by himself.


The gypsy men drink the wine and enlist.


Ottokár steps forward.


Ottokár: Wine for me too, please!


Arsena: Ottokár, stop imitating their foolishness!


Ottokár: Is it foolish to fight for the one I love?


Arsena: Ottokár.


Come, Depart For the Front!



At the sound of a dear voice raised in song



Comrades of shared blood



Remember the warmth of home







Shoulder the duty of protecting your home



Ahhh, we must continue on alone



I go to fight for you



Don't go!


Sterk/Count Homonay:

To protect the people we love


Sterk/Pali/Ottokár/Count Homonay:

Sacrifice my life, sacrifice myself

Fight together, for victory





Sterk/Count Homonay:

For victory!



For victory!



I love you but I'll endure

I'll trust that you'll return happily tomorrow

Go on the path you've chosen


Sterk/Pali/Ottokár/Zsupán/Conte Carnero/Count Homonay:

You are my love

I'll go on the path I've chosen



My beloved, I'll endure the tears

I'll walk down this path I've chosen



Beloved, when we meet again

We'll exchange, Ahhh

A passionate kiss, Ahhh


Sterk, the gypsies, and the soldiers exit stage right. Saffi is taken away stage left. Only the women remain.



Scene 13 // Cannons are the Screaming Voices of Demons


Before the curtain.


The wives and lovers left behind by the villagers who have gone to war sing a lament.


Cannons are the Screaming Voices of Demons



Men are always such naïve creatures

Fools who believe in the honor of their land and loyalty



Hurry and run home

Take care of only yourself

There's no way to win

When your enemy is a cannon



Don't listen to the screams of the demons

If you listen to them, you're done for

Run from the shields of your comrades in arms

Ah... Ah...

Come home alive (Ah... Ah...)

For my sake (Ah... Ah...)

Ah... Ah... (Come home alive)

Ah... Ah... (Don't die!)



The gypsy women enter and change places.



That's right! Men are such selfish creatures

Fools who believe in their responsibility to firm friendship



Hurry and run home

Take care of only yourself

There's no way to win

When your enemy is a cannon



Don't listen to the screams of the demons

If you listen to them, you're done for

Run from the shields of your comrades in arms

Ah... Ah...

Come home alive (Ah... Ah...)

For my sake (Ah... Ah...)

Ah... Ah... (Come home alive)

Ah... Ah... (Don't die!)



The women pray for the safe return of the men.


The lights lift and a young woman comes running out from stage left.


Young Woman: The war is over! It's a great victory for Hungary, and the soldiers are returning in triumph!


Triumph March


Pali and others enter stage left.



Returning alive, that's all I dreamed of

While the war continued

Today is a sunny, triumphant return

Friends, throw down your guns

It's time to speak words of love

To your dear ones


Ottokár and others enter stage right.



Beloved, do you remember

The night we exchanged kisses?

Even at the height of battle

I remembered and yearned

Arsena, Arsena

Beloved Arsena


All Six:



The other soldiers march in through the audience.



We grabbed a splendid victory

Distinguished service, ring the bells

We drove away the enemy gloriously

An honorable victory

For the sake of my country without fear of death

To protect my loved ones

I offered up my body, I saved my comrades

For the sake of our shared victory


They line up along the ginkyo.



Returning alive, that's all I dreamed of

While the war continued

Today is a sunny, triumphant return

Friends, throw down your guns

It's time to speak words of love

To your dear ones


Beloved, do you remember

The night we exchanged kisses?

Even at the height of battle

I remembered and yearned

(They speak various names of loved ones)




Sterk: Salute!


They salute Count Homonay.


All: Hi!


Count Homonay: Everyone! You've served your nation well. And it seems the queen’ll reward you for it! The nobles’ve also been called in. So be good boys!


With a fanfare, the curtain rises.



Scene 14 // Free Like the Wind


Schönbrunn Palace. At the center of the stage is Maria Theresia's throne, with the nobles lined up on both sides of it. The soldiers come surging in, throwing the ladies into confusion.


Zsupán catches sight of Sterk.


Zsupán: Barinkay! My friend, my savior.


Zsupán embraces Sterk.


Sterk: It was such a small thing, don't exaggerate it!


Zsupán: Did you hear, Yolanda? His one life is a trivial thing. What a man! …. When I received a serious wound on the battlefield, Barinkay risked his life to help me.


Sterk: All I did was draw out a tree thorn that had stabbed you.


Zsupán: I was seriously wounded. I thought I would die.


The grand chamberlain arrives.


Grand Chamberlain: Quiet. Quiet please!


It quiets down, but a crowd of people flows through.


Grand Chamberlain: Soldiers line up by rank, and their families behind them.... You all, outside. Line up straight.... Don't run! …. No! No sitting on the queen's throne! Get down from there, you insolent fellow!


Pali and Violka come down from the throne. Under the grand chamberlain's gimlet eye, everyone is eventually put into order.


Grand Chamberlain: Her Majesty Queen Maria Theresia has arrived.


Maria Theresia: Sterk Barinkay.


Sterk: Hi.


All: Hi!


Maria Theresia: Hi.... You have sacrificed two things for queen and country. One was the treasure which you found on your lands and reported to your country. And the other was your great sacrifices on the field of battle. In return for these two sacrifices, I shall reward you with three prizes..... One will be the return of the treasure to you. One is to award you the title of baron, and have you join the peerage.


Zsupán: This time he is a true nobleman. Arsena, you'll marry him.


Sterk: Arsena has a man she loves.


Zsupán: Outrageous. Who is he, I'll see him punished!


Sterk: Ottokár!


Zsupán: Ottokár?


Ottokár: Master.... As I fought to protect our country, so shall I protect Arsena.


Zsupán: I'll have to pin my fading hopes on my remaining two daughters. I can't lie in the presence of the queen. I'll permit your marriage!


Ottokár and Arsena embrace.


Grand Chamberlain: You are in the presence of the queen, refrain!


Ottokár: I've held back this long, don't get in my way!


They kiss.


Pali: Violka! … We’ll get married too!


Violka: Pali!


Violka comes running out and Pali kisses her.


Maria Theresia: Barinkay, have you no intention to wed?


Barinkay: I've made being an orphan my occupation since I was born, it won't change now.


At that moment, Saffi's voice can be heard singing.


Saffi's Voice:

Hold out your hand to them without fear
Be joined with trust

Trian Trian Davar
Trian Trian Davar


Saffi enters dressed in a noblewoman's gown.


Maria Theresia: This is the third reward.


Sterk: Saffi.


Saffi: Sterk.


Sterk: Saffi!


They embrace.


Maria Theresia: Gypsies, you also fought for your homeland. I must repay that debt of gratitude. ….. From today you are granted the right to settle in the Habsburg Empire. You may live anywhere.


Everyone is pleased.


Sterk: Maria, could I also be permitted to live freely, without settling down?


Maria Theresia: If that is your desire.


Sterk: And I think I will return the treasure, and the peerage. All I need is Saffi, my friends, and my freedom. I am the “Gypsy Baron”. I'll live free as the wind.





I live free
As the wind
Sorrows and all



I live free
As the wind
Sorrows and all

Shedding his military uniform and dressed once more as a gypsy, Sterk emerges to sing.



I don't know anything

But the sad eyes of we two

Are joined by the same colors

Our love


Saffi returns, also dressed as a gypsy.



I don't know anything

But I won't lose this love

I'll believe in the voice of my heart

Love is what binds hearts


The two cross the ginkyo.



Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu ru-ru-ra
The wind is singing
Only the loneliness
Is gently…

Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu ru-ru-ra
The wind is singing
Only the pain
Is merrily, merrily…

A love song for you

Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra
Hyuu hyuu ru-ru-ra