Rakuten Infoseek Woman: Takarazuka Revue Feature: Haruno Sumire Interview [ source ]


Stage Name: Sumire Haruno
Nick-name: Osa
Home town: Komae City, Tokyo Prefecture
Height: 168 cm
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Animal: fawn
First Performance: March '91, "Rose of Versailles"

Questions About Takarazuka

Q. What's the origin of your stage name?
My friend thought about it really hard and made it for me!

Q. If you hadn't entered Takarazuka, what do you think you would have become?
Let me see. Probably a pianist!

Q. Please tell us the charms of Hanagumi.
Hanagumi has a good meaning, it's full of individuality, and everyone gets along really well! It's a very bright and wonderful troupe!

Q. Please tell us about your aspirations for how you want to change Hanagumi.
First, I want to protect the good, old traditions. And while protecting those traditions, I want to add more and more free and uncontrolled, new ones, and make this troupe even "brighter" than it is now!

Q. Please tell us the highlights of "Rakuyou no Palermo" and "Asian Winds".
Definitely the gorgeous costumes. They're the highlight! Please come and enjoy them.

Q. A word to those who have never seen Takarazuka.
Please, you must come and see the brilliant productions!!

Questions About Oneself

Q. Can you sum up your personality in a few words?
A very laidback personality which can go one way or the other (laugh).

Q. An animal you would compare yourself to?
A flamingo, wouldn't you say (laugh)?

Q. What do you do to refresh yourself when you're upset?
I go out, to eat or something along those lines, and let my feelings all out.

Q. A famous male actor you like?
Richard Gere. He seems like a very refined kind of man.

Q. Your favorite music?
I love bossa nova. The tempo and the beat are both good, and it's invigorating, so I listen to it a lot!

Q. Your favorite movie?
Lately I watched Johnny Depp's movie "Neverland"! It really moved me. I recommend it.

Q. Please tell us what you're into lately.
Listening music. I always relax when I'm listening to it. When I want to give my body a break it never fails!

Q. If the world was going to end in a day, how would you spend the time?
Only one day left!? Hm, let me think. For that day I think I'd spend it just staring at the peaceful world.