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2002/08/24 Moon Troupe: 霧矢大夢 Kiriya Hiromu [The name of Takarasienne]
A name found in a baby name dictionary

On the surface it's a big name, but we've been told that she bought a baby name dictionary and chose it from the names in there.

I wanted an original stage name. First the name "Hiromu", spelled “大夢” jumped out at me. Now that I'd chosen my lower name, for my family name "Kiriya" appealed to me, and reverberated in my head. Basically I thought that the person themself chose the order, and that the name should follow after the family name, but conversely I didn't want my name to loose out.

Her nickname is "Kiriyan."

The bright and energetic way she protrays herself on stage is charming, and she's a popular otokoyaku with obvious merit. After her first performance as the main character in the Bow Hall "Slapstick", she's presently in the middle of a performance at Takarazuka Daikageki Hall (until September 30th).

In the review to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Richard Rogers' birth, "With a Song in My Heart", you can see her sing the solo "Blue Moon" in English.

"It's the first time I've performed an entire song in a show. I want the do-wop arrangement to be stylish," she said with high spirits.

In the production "At the End of a Long Spring", set in Paris, she plays a former anesthesia doctor named Arno.

When I was playing the lead role, a sense of responsibility and the subject swooped down on me. I've been blessed by chance, and now I'm complete. Next year marks ten years since I've joined. I'm aiming to be an otokoyaku with more tolerance.