Takarazuka GRAPH June 2003 - Variety Question: 5 Stage

Hikaru Asami
Q & A Interview


>> Color?
Blue, black, and other cold colors.
>> Musical Genre?
Western. Ballads.
Nothing in particular, but I like calming smells.
>>SMAP Member?
Probably Kusanagi-kun.
>>TV Show?
News and documentaries.
>>Fairy Tale?
"Snow White."
>>Shopping Spot?
I don't really have one chosen, but when I'm wandering aimlessly and there's a place I want to go to, that's where I go.
Houjicha (roasted green tea). It's good hot and steaming (laughs).
>>Oden Ingredient?
Kinchaku stuffed with omochi. Particularly ones cooked together lazily.


>>If one day all the seats in the audience were filled with men?
I'd want to watch their reactions closely (laughs).
>>If you were a man?
I would travel alone.
>>If you woke up one morning the size of a thumb?
I'd get into someone's pocket and observe a place I often walk with a different perspective.
>>If you could build a summer house wherever you liked?
A quiet plateau.
>>If you could change the capital city?
Anywhere is fine, so leaving it at Tokyo is good (laughs).
>>If you could gain any skill?
An automobile license.
>>If you could speak in a language other than Japanese?
>>If you were in the Olympics, which event would you do?
For the olympics, my image is of land, so maybe the star 100 meter dash.
>>If you were invited onto Bistro SMAP, what would you order?
Italian cuisine.
>>If you had your own TV show?
I'd want to try and make a documentary.


>>Tokyo or Osaka?
The things Tokyo doesn't have, Osaka does, and the things Osaka doesn't have, Tokyo does, so I like them both.
>>Summer or Winter?
>>A High Place or a Dark Place?
A dark place.
>>Black Tailcoat or White Tailcoat?
Black Tailcoat.
>>An Anywhere Door or a Helicopter Hat?
An Anywhere Door. I really want one (laughs).
>>A Woman Who Causes Rain or Causes Sunlight?
A woman who causes sunlight.
>>Hiroshi Kume or Tetsuya Chikushi? (News Anchors)
I watch both of their programs often, but... if I had to chose, I'd say Kume-san.
>>Meat or Fish?
>>Sauce or Soy Sauce?
Soy sauce.
>>Anko or Chocolate?


>>If you were on a deserted island, what one thing would you want?
Contact lenses.
>>Something you have to take with you on vacation?
I have to say contact lenses here too (laughs). If I don't have them, I'm in trouble.
>>What do you want to eat for your last dinner?
A Japanese meal, such as rice and pickles, and Miso soup.
>>If you have white rice then you want this!
Pickles. I like all kinds.
>>What movie do you want to see?
The new 007 movie, "Die Another Day".
>>When you're tired but can't allow yourself to sleep, what do you want to deal with it?
I abruptly throw myself into chatting, in an attempt to divert myself. If I'm in a place where I can't talk, I take big, deep breaths.
>>What do you want the most right now?
An automobile license.
>>What ability do you want the most right now?
The ability to be able to memorize somthing after only one glance (laughs).
>>What kind of housework machine would you want?
A machine that will make my lunch, set it out, and keep things in order. If there is a machine like that, I haven't heard about it.
>>What's necessary for a Takarasienne?


>>Average time you're in the bath?
40 minutes.
>>Average time you sleep?
8 hours.
>>Speed you talk at?
>>After you get into bed, how long does it take you to fall asleep?
If I'm in the middle of a show run, or tired, not more than a few seconds (laughs). When my body isn't tired and I can't sleep, I read in bed or listen to music, and so it's different every time.
>>When your alarm goes off, how long does it take you to get up?
It's instantaneous (laughs).
>>From the time you wake up, how long does it take before you leave?
An hour and a half.
>>What's your favorite time of the day?
At night, when I've just gotten out of the bath and feel completely drained and drink some water (laughs). That's a moment of supreme bliss.
>>How long will you wait for someone?
If I'm waiting at a tea shop, I'll wait as long as I need to. But if I'm waiting outside, my limit is probably ten minutes. Especially in the winter when it's cold (laughs).
>>Your favorite kind of watch?
I don't wear a watch.
>>If there were 26 hours in a day, what would you do with the other 2 hours?
I'd want to take my time over meals.