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from The Takarazuka II: Tsukigumi

Hatsukaze Midori -> Suzushiro Marina

When you first joined us as a ken-1, I thought "Ah, what a cute girl," but you really seem to love dancing. When you hurt your arm and were advised to rest until it healed, you were visably pouring all of your energy into healing. And I thought you were very obedient and a good girl...... From now on I hope you hold those feelings dear, but I want to ask you what kind of takarasienne you are aiming to become?

Suzushiro Marina -> Natsukawa Yura

I'm very happy that you've been watching over me, Gaichi-san. Thank you. I'm still very inexperienced, but I want to be able to handle any role given me, from a child to a mature woman, so I'm going to watch all kinds of performances and my upperclassmen and study them, and try my best!! Next is to Natsukawa Yura-san. I really love dancing, but your ability to dance like any character is amazing and impresses me deeply. Please, you must tell me, how do you do it?

Natsukawa Yura -> Keiju Mana

I'm no good at dance at all. My face shows that I've been dancing for 16 years (laughs). I'm bow-legged and pigeon-toed and have a figure that makes me wonder if I wouldn't have been better suited to being a volleyball player. I think it's important to quickly find and understand your weak points so that you can disguise them somehow. And when you're learning the choreography, it's important to quickly catch the nuance and atmosphere belonging to each scene. And then move with the feeling that insight gives you, and although sometimes you might be going in the completely wrong direction, and someone might stop you, my motto is to go forward powerfully with courage. And now from me to Nono-chan. You have a lot of good things, so I want you to share them all, but why don't you disclose whatever will make you happy.

Keiju Mana -> Yoshizuki Eri

The role singing "Hey Jude" in LUNA was difficult; at least, I felt its importance to the show keenly. In everyday life, I'm just as colorful. I'm often told I'm an "interresting person". My divination animal is the wolf, and that is 200 percent correct. Well then, next is Yoshizuki-san. In a play you become your role naturally and completely, and I really respect that. When you were the leader of shinjinkoen, I was the lowest underclassman, but you gave a letter to everyone in my year telling us "everyone, do your best". Even now that moves me.

Yoshizuki Eri -> Mano Sugata

I'm very happy that I seem to be so natural..... I remember writing those letters to everyone in the shinjinkoen. I remember writing how it's okay to make mistakes in a shinjinkoen, because giving it your all is most important, and enjoying it. Back then, everyone really did their best and it was our springtimeof life! Well then, to Mano Sugata. You're still a newbie when it comes to the stage, yet your makeup for your shinjinkoen performances is terribly beautiful, but your everyday appearance is sloppy, and I think you could make it more beautiful. But you have a wonderful air about you, and I hope you keep on showing us your own individuality. I'm anticipating great things! Mano!!

Mano Sugata -> Koshino Ryuu

I'm always being told my makeup is sloppy, among other things, although I know what I want to try, so this time please teach me the knack. All I know are the fundamentals for stage, so I really look forward to growing up in Tsukigumi and doing my best to absorb various things. I haven't had an otokoyaku role on stage yet, so, Ryuu-san, please teach me how you manage to exude such an air of sexy otokoyaku-ness and to become more otokoyaku-like!!

Koshino Ryuu -> Ozora Yuuhi

I'm not sexy in the slightest-! When you flatter me like that, nothing happens-! Maybe the secret of an otokoyaku is in chocolate power? I really like Yuuhi's individuality. I really like how normal, everyday clothes take on her color, so maybe this time I should confess?

Ozora Yuuhi -> Shirahane Yuri

Eh, what? Confess!? Now my heart's racing (laughs). I'm often told I have an odd appearance, but no matter what I'm told, I wear the things I want to. That's the Yuuhi way. Hmmm, I'd like to ask Shirahane Yuri-chan a question. You seem like a natural airhead, so are you really that spacey?

Shirahane Yuri -> Yamato Yuuga

I think it's normal, but I was raised in Touhoku, in Fukushima Prefecture and taught to do things at my own pace, so I'm often told I'm spacey. But I'm living with all of my might! Yuuhi-san, please understand!! From me, to Tani-san: Why are you so pretty? Is there something you do to become that pretty?

Yamato Yuuga -> Makoto Tsubasa

I'm not that pretty!! Lately I've just come to watch my health, and use natural things with no additives. Other than that I suppose my secret is that I love Japanese cuisine, and sleep a lot. Makoto-san, a question for you!! Mami-san can often be seen staring off intently at some point in space. It's a mystery to me whether you are actually thinking about something at times like that, or are really spacing out. When I wonder what's wrong and peer at your face, suddenly you start, and I wonder what you're thinking at that time?

Makoto Tsubasa -> Suzuna Mio

..... There are times when I'm not thinking about anything, and times when I am, I suppose. When I am thinking of things, it's probably along the lines of: "What should I say for the adlibs today? Nothing's occuring to me, what should I do?" And then when you pop up it surprises me. My message will go to Megu. Lately I think that you've surpassed the limits of a musumeyaku and that your style of acting has changed. Has anything changed inside of you?

Suzuna Mio -> Ayura Kao

During a show it feels as if something has fallen away from my eyes, and my face seems quite cool and grim, though I've been told that I've escaped all limits. My role in the show is being brainwashed, and all I'm doing is getting into the role and performing; I'm not thinking about escaping limits, so please continue to help me out with this, Mami-san. Well then, next, to Ross. I'd like to ask you where your positive, bright, and powerful outlook comes from.

Ayura Kao -> Saijou Mie

I'm often told that I look carefree and always cheerful, but I've never noticed it myself. I think my base tension level is higher than most people's. There are times when I feel down too, but I suppose I'm the type who looks at the bright side of things and is cheerful. I think I'd like to go to Saijou Mie-chan next. Your make-up always sets perfectly; is there something you reference?

Saijou Mie -> Kiriya Hiromu

I experiment on my own, but it's established opinion that my stage make-up is terrible, so it's an exception to be praised and I'm surprised. Japanese have very indistinct features, and make-up is very difficult.... Long ago I would look at magazines with photos of movie actresses and experiment, but to make yourself into a runner-up is difficult. From me to Kiriya-san. You always have the air of a pro and are very motivated, which I admire. Where does that power come from?

Kiriya Hiromu -> Mihou Aya

I don't really think that way about myself, but I'm very happy that you think so. I think it's very natural for people in theater to all try for that air of professionalism and to try their best. From me, to Mihou Aya-chan, who I started talking to more when we went to do the Berlin Tour together. She isn't very good at handstands, but on the last night she did it perfectly, and I was glad for her. Your shoulder and back have to be aligned, and your body perfectly straight, so I think you should keep practicing those handstands.

Mihou Aya -> Hatsukaze Midori

In Berlin my and Kiriya-san's changing spaces were next to each other, so she often gave me all kinds of advice. Everyday I do handstands so that I can train myself to keep my back and shoulders lined up like you told me. I've even done it before during practice. Well then, to Gaichi-san. I was on the Berlin Tour, so the first time I saw you perform the parts of Brian and the snake was at practice for the Hakataza Theater. For me, my image of Gaichi-san is of Harry, and I love the bouncy, bright and silly feeling you give him, but I also think Brian and the snake fit you well. You were very cool and amazing!

Hatsukaze Midori

When Mihou-san and the rest of the Berlin group came to watch the performance it was still the first half of the Tokyo run and I was very nervous as we performed. I thought that when it came time for the Hakataza Performance I would return to playing Harry, so on the last night in Tokyo I put all of my enthusiasm into the roles of Brian and the snake. But when I was allowed to perform them again, with the same people I had done it a hundred times with, I've heard that it was my best performance. I looked forward myself to seeing how things had matured.