Takarazuka GRAPH Jul. 2003 - Variety Question: 5 Stage

Natsuki Mizu
Q & A Interview


>> Color?
>> Musical Genre?
Western music. I like songs which have a feeling of expanse to them.
Sandalwood, rosewood, etc.
>>SMAP Member?
>>TV Show?
"Sekai Isan" [e.n.: "The World Heritage"]
>>Fairy Tale?
"The Ugly Duckling." The saying that "you can't judge based on outward appearances" is a good one.
>>Shopping Spot?
Definitely, diamonds.
Anything other than ryokucha [e.n.: green tea; Japanese tea]. I don't like ryokucha very much.
>>Oden Ingredient?
Chikuwabu [e.n.: tube-shaped fish-paste cake] and eggs.


>>If one day all the seats in the audience were filled with men?
I'd be surprised (laugh). The musumeyaku would definitely be in high spirits, so I'd have to look for a new way of doing things.
>>If you were a man?
I'd like to try playing a kabuki onna-gata [e.n.: In kabuki, all roles are played by men. The onna-gata is the female-role player].
>>If you woke up one morning the size of a thumb?
Ehhhh, I'd be in trouble (laugh). I'd want to somehow creep into the breast pocket of someone reliable, and observe their movements from beginning to end.
>>If you could build a summer house wherever you liked?
A southern island. Like Samui island.
>>If you could change the capital city?
I think it's best not to move it (laugh). I like it in Tokyo.
>>If you could gain any skill?
The skill to become a judge.
>>If you could speak in a language other than Japanese?
>>If you were in the Olympics, which event would you do?
Pole vault.
>>If you were invited onto Bistro SMAP, what would you order?
A crab dish.
>>If you had your own TV show?
I'd want to go to foreign countries, and create a documentary that showed how and where people lived on this same planet.


>>Tokyo or Osaka?
>>Summer or Winter?
>>A High Place or a Dark Place?
A high place.
>>Black Tailcoat or White Tailcoat?
Black Tailcoat.
>>An Anywhere Door or a Helicopter Hat?
An Anywhere Door.
>>A Woman Who Causes Rain or Causes Sunlight?
A woman who causes sunlight
>>Hiroshi Kume or Tetsuya Chikushi? (News Anchors)
>>Meat or Fish?
>>Sauce or Soy Sauce?
Soy sauce.
>>Anko or Chocolate?


>>If you were on a deserted island, what one thing would you want?
Binoculars. Because I'd want to watch the stars and moon.
>>Something you have to take with you on vacation?
Lip gloss.
>>What do you want to eat for your last dinner?
>>If you have white rice then you want this!
Salmon roe pickled in soy sauce.
>>What movie do you want to see?
>>When you're tired but can't allow yourself to sleep, what do you want to deal with it?
I rub along my hairline at my forehead.
>>What do you want the most right now?
A peaceful world, like when you go abroad on vacation.
>>What ability do you want the most right now?
Right now I'm interested in calisthenics, so I'd like a flexible body.
>>What kind of housework machine would you want?
A machine that will put away the things I take out, back into their former places.
>>What's necessary for a Takarasienne?
Physical strength, will-power, compatability.


>>Average time you're in the bath?
25 minutes.
>>Average time you sleep?
6 hours.
>>Speed you talk at?
>>After you get into bed, how long does it take you to fall asleep?
20 minutes, perhaps.
>>When your alarm goes off, how long does it take you to get up?
30 minutes. My alarm clock goes off three times.
>>From the time you wake up, how long does it take before you leave?
Now, an hour and a half.
>>What's your favorite time of the day?
The time between waking up and when I start getting ready to go out. But it's quite a short time.
>>How long will you wait for someone?
The longest I've ever waited was 4 hours. But normally about 30 minutes.
>>Your favorite kind of watch?
I really like the watch that I'm wearing in these photographs. I like silver ones without leather.
>>If there were 26 hours in a day, what would you do with the other 2 hours?
I'd watch a video.