Relay de 'Sienne: Haruno Sumire -> Maikaze Rira
GRAPH December 2003

"Last year, around the time of the Hakataza Theater performance, it was announced that Maa-chan would be changing troupes. On stage and off you always seem to be brimming with excitement, and I was worried for you. And then after you went to Snow Troupe, I saw a new you, and I want to ask you about how you felt then and now."
~Haruno Sumire

Haruno: Maa-chan (Maikaze), you and I were paired up countless times in the shinjin kouen, and we appeared together in the Grand Theater for the Self-Defence Forces Event too.

Maikaze: I think it was while we were in the middle of performances for "In the Amber-Hued Rain", and that was the first time in a long while that we got to sing together.

Haruno: At the end we had a duet together. It was an event after the last show, so it was just the two of us in the music room, practicing (laughs).

Maikaze: (laughs). We practiced so seriously, over and over again.

Haruno: Then, after that we'd end up in the bath talking with everyone (laughs). When we were paired in the shinjin kouen, we were both inexperienced in so many things, so although we tried with all our might to act, we just weren't meshing. But time passed and when we spoke of how we should do 'this' then and 'that' there a warm mood formed, and I remember having a wonderful time. Maa-chan, you're truly bright, energetic, and positive, but I certainly think there are troubles in your heart. However, you don't let those around you see that and face forward, doing your best, and somehow I came to want to cheer you on.

Maikaze: No, you're too kind.

Haruno: (laughs). I have a lot of memories too from the time when you transferred to Snow Troupe from Flower, but you overcame all that, and now you've become captivating.

Maikaze: I was with Osa-san (Haruno) a lot when I was an underclassman who didn't know anything. We were partnered in shinjin kouen, and played siblings in a Bow Hall show. When I think back on it, I must have caused you nothing but trouble. But back then, you were very reliable. Very grown up, very splendid.

Haruno: Un-uh, not a bit.

Maikaze: Yes, you were! (laughs). I couldn't do anything, and I think you often had to drag me around after you. I'm truly sorry.

Haruno: (laughs).

Maikaze: I'll take this opportunity (laughs). But, these have all become very precious memories, and afterwards I held them near. They were enormous, good experiences.

Haruno: That's right. Now, when I look back, it's not about how well we could or couldn't do something. I think what's valuable is being able to have the experience and to feel for yourself that emotion of being born.

= = =

Maikaze: Speaking of which, there was one morning before a performance of a shinjin kouen that I threw myself on you in tears. "I can't do it. I can't go out on stage!" I said. Though that was probably the worst possible time to be told a thing like that (laughs).

Haruno: (laughs). At that time, on the day of the shinjin kouen, it felt as if a judgment would come down from on high, and we had reached the peak of emotional strain and tension. When I felt your enormous worry and saw the tears flowing, I thought: "This is bad. She's worked so hard in practices, but she won't be able to go on stage without courage." I remember getting angry that we had come so far, and all you could do was fight with yourself. I don't know if that was a good thing or not though.

Maikaze: It was a good thing.

Haruno: (laughs).

Maikaze: Because then I became: "Okay, I'll perform!" (laughs) The one who had the hardest time was you, Osa-san, so I'm very sorry for the enormous inconveniences.

Haruno: Not at all! If I think back on it now, I can completely understand your feeling when you cried back then. But I was very childish when it happened. It would have been better if I did more to support you.

Maikaze: You supported me!

Haruno: (laughs).

Maikaze: "It only happens once, today. You've gone through all the trouble of going to rehearsals, so let's do our best at those roles," you said to me. Those words settled my feelings about the performance. I had been tied down with all kinds of thoughts like: "I can't make a mistake" and "I definitely can't do things that way."

Haruno: At that time, it was a matter of "I have to do things that way, at any cost."

Maikaze: I don't know how it happened, but after your words, I met the performance that morning with entirely different feelings. Thank you so much.

Haruno: No, no, thank you as well (laughs). Such an old story...

Maikaze: I really wanted to say it, however I could.

= = =

Haruno: What were you thinking when it was decided that you would change to Snow Troupe?

Maikaze: Honestly, for a moment after I was told, I thought "I really can't do this." I had been in Flower Troupe for eight years, and I had always selfishly thought that I would never be moved. For a time I had begun to think of what I should do to do my best in Flower Troupe, but then for that moment I suddenly didn't know what I should do. Then, later, I came to realize that now I would have to really do my best from now on. And then, when my troupe change was announced to everyone, all of the members of Flower Troupe were very happy for me. I was overwhelmed with worry, and, frankly, there was a part of me that hadn't accepted the happiness or the drive to do my best, and yet everyone around me was so happy. I was very happy then, and I thought that I didn't want to waste everyone's spirit.

Haruno: At that moment, everyone was crying as they said goodbye. When I saw that scene, of all your friends who had up until then been together with you in the same troupe, it felt somehow like we were giving a daughter away as a bride.

Maikaze: Wha-? You flatter me (laughs).

Haruno: (laughs). I thought, "She has to be happy," and watched them surrounding you at a distance. Back then, you gave off amazing energy, Maa- chan, as if you were opening up your own path and moving on, and so I knew you would undoubtedly be fine. During the Takarazuka run of Snow Troupe's show, I couldn't go to watch. But it was also my classmate, Komu-chan (Asami)'s, first show as a top star, so I really wanted to go, and went to the Tokyo run. I was very happy to see Komu-chan and then to simultaneously see Flower-Born Maa-chan trying with all her might, and I thought it was really a wonderful thing.

Maikaze: I think your opinion is a little clouded.

Haruno: Whaaat? (laughs) It was a plus that you had gone on to Snow Troupe to find a new you, so to speak, without loosing the good points about the Maa-chan who was in Flower Troupe. Moreover, you were presenting a new side, and your depth had increased, and I became happy to see you like that.

Maikaze: (cries).

Haruno: Don't cry! (laughs)

= = =

Maikaze: When I went to see "A Flute Named Wind", I cried over your performance, Osa-san. If only I could perform more like that, I thought. It felt as if your character had descended to us.

Haruno: (laughs).

Maikaze: I couldn't see the role any other way than that, and the emotions felt as if they were transmitted clearly, and watching it it felt as if I was pulled into the play. Though that's true no matter what role you play.

Haruno: Uwah, really?

Maikaze: Yes. I wondered what on earth your secret was, but it's actually something you've had from the start, isn't it, Osa-san?

Haruno: I don't have anything! (laughs) I don't have anything in particular I think about, I just act out my role naturally, that's all.

Maikaze: When you prepare a role, you don't over-prepare it, and it feels as if that person is really there. You have human kindness, and that's your great charm. That's why, when I see your performances, I often think that it's useless to polish my own people.

= = =

Haruno: I think the friends who I went through so much with back then are truly precious. Even now I have so many unforgettable memories, and with Maa-chan as my partner, we went through all kinds of hardships together, so those memories are all the more. So from now on I think I'll be seeing special memories of Maa-chan. If I can give advice, I want to, and if there's a place where I think things should go a certain way, I'll be certain to tell you.

Maikaze: Thank you. That's more than I deserve.

Haruno: (laughs).

Maikaze: I was really happy to be invited to talk with you today. Up until now, although there's been so much that I wanted to tell you, I was never able to get the right words out, and even up until today I never had the opportunity. When I was an underclassman, I always watched you, Osa-san, and came to try my best. Meaning, you pulled me along with you. You're a very important presence inside of me, Osa-san. I look forward to seeing your performances from now on.

Haruno: Me too, I look forward to going to see Snow Troupe. Let's both do our best.

Maikaze: Yes, I'll do my best!