Takarazuka Revue Translations

Hanagumi Tokimeki Network Talk Volume: Oura Mizuki vs. Kouju Tatsuki vs. Shiokaze Kou
from Kouju Tatsuki Memorial Book (originally from KAGEKI October 1990)

Kouju: Speaking of Natsume-san (Oura Mizuki), the first thing that strikes you is her greatness.

Shiokaze: Thatís true. The sense of a father.

Oura: Why a father (laughs)?! Iíve known you two since you were ken-1. From the beginning, Taatan, you were amazing, and itís still true now.

Kouju: Not at all!!

Oura: You can do all kinds of things. When you were a ken-2 you already felt like a much more advanced upperclassman.

Kouju: I didnít~!

Oura: I think youíre the pivot for all the underclassmen. When you arrived it seemed like all the underclassmen started trying hard, and I donít know if you have confidence in yourself or not, but I want you to grow into adulthood with this same attitude of indestructibility. No matter when I watch you, I get a feeling of ďOh!Ē Sachiko (Shiokaze) is very frank. I love when you bring that to the stage. I think from now on youíre going to become colored with more and more experiences, so I want you to try your hardest to keep that honesty. Youíre only a third year still, right? Taatan, what ken are you?

Kouju: Iím ken-5.

Oura: What, still only ken-5? You really have things well in hand, donít you.

Kouju: I may look like I have things under control, but really things are slipping.

Oura: You two really hold firm to your sense of yourselves, and project yourselves as good kids in mind and body.

Kouju: We came here today intending to ask questions, so here is question number one. A recent amusing moment for me was when I fell into the orchestra pit in the Ueda Koma theater. Natsume-san, has there been any point in your Takarazuka career when something happened that had you so worried you knew youíd never forget it?

Oura: Actually, Iíve fallen into the orchestra pit.

Kouju/Shiokaze: Eh!!

Oura: I also fell when the stage lights had been lowered. But it actually wasnít all of me, just one leg. I always relied on the lights in the orchestra pit while I walked along in the Tokyo Theater, but one day, Iím not sure if the person in the closest corner was asleep or what, but their light was out. So I trusted that that was part of the Silver Bridge, and when I stepped outÖ slip (laughs)!

Kouju: Thatís it!! I also thought there would be something below me.

Oura: Huh!? Not there!? That kind of sensation. Luckily for me I still had both hands and a leg on the Silver Bridge, but at that time my first thought was: ďWith the lights off Iíve become clumsy!Ē And then I pulled myself up (ďGuah!Ē) as if it were a matter of life and death.

Shiokaze: Someone with a stiff body wouldnít be able to do that, would they?

Kouju: Itís Natsume-san, so she could do it. I wonder if that person couldnít hear you coming, so they left the light off. So that happened to you too, Natsume-san.

Shiokaze: Maybe itís something everyone experiences at least onceÖ

Oura: Although itís better if no one gets hurt and no instruments get broken.

Oura: Well then, this time itís my turn: Question number 5! What do you want to do? What are you aiming for?

Kouju: Iím greedy, so I have a lot of dreams, but first Iíd like to find a side of myself that would surprise even me. Iíd like the challenge of a role, or a dance, or a song that allows me to discover an ability I didnít know I had.

Shiokaze: For now, Iíd like to become a dancer. Truthfully, Iíd like to make progress a little here and a little there in everything, but particularly there are so many Flower Troupe upperclassmen who are amazing dancers, so Iíd like to become a dancerÖ

Kouju: I think we have learned a lot from Natsume-sanís strengths, and are a little closer to being on par with Flower Troupeó

Kouju/Shiokaze: Please continue to take care of us!

Oura: Well then, Iíll crack the whipÖ (laughs), although I think Iím the first one who needs a smack on the rearÖ Right now Flower Troupe has lost a lot of people, and itís lonely, but everyone has been so cheerful. Well, letís focus first of all on the Grand Theater performance and give it our best.