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Prince of the Land of Roses

--Based on Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont’s “Beauty and the Beast”--

Script by: Kimura Shinji

Translation: Jen


Scene 1 // The Kingdom Where Roses Bloom

The Kingdom Where Roses Bloom

In the kingdom where roses bloom. The people sing.

The People:
Once upon a time
In a land far, far away
There was a kingdom where roses bloomed

The king and queen enter.

Retainer (Man S):
The kingdom had a king
And the king a queen

The People:
The two had
A fair


King: My son.


Queen: My child.

It is spring and
A new flower has bloomed!

To raise
Is to love life

People (Men):
The king

People (Women):
And the queen

And the prince
All lived
Prizing the roses

Scene 2 // The Kingdom Where Roses Bloom (The Collapse of the Kingdom)

The Collapse of the Kingdom

Retainer (Man S): Then one day it happened.

The queen had
A younger sister

The queen's younger sister appears.

In truth, the queen
Was a good-hearted fairy
Her younger sister also was a fairy, but...

Retainer (Man S): The younger sister spoke.

Younger Sister:
Great king,
Although you are a king
Why do you not live in luxury?
Why not live more glamorously?

Retainer (Man S): The king was slightly bored with his quiet life. And so he let himself be led along, just a little.

The Younger Sister and King walk along the Silver Bridge.

The Younger Sister
Taught him of drink and gambling
And other pleasures
Beguiled, the king
Quickly became a tyrant

The king throws off his mantle with cold laughter.

The king expelled the queen

The queen leaves.

And then the Younger Sister became queen

The king puts his arm and mantle around the Younger Sister.

The roses withered

Scene 3 // The Kingdom of Withered Roses

Whither the Roses?

Where has mother gone?
Where have the roses gone?
The spring roses have all withered away
And I cannot see the buds of the autumn
The soft thicket gone without a trace
Where has mother gone?
Where have the roses gone?
Where is my home, where the roses bloom...?

Curled up in an empty throne, the prince sinks below the stage and out of sight.

The Kingdom of Withered Roses

The King and Younger Sister
Gave birth to a son
The blood of kings in his veins,
This boy also was a prince

Retainer (Man S):
Shortly thereafter, the King
Passed away

The Younger Sister emerges, cradling her child in her arms.

Younger Sister:
This child was born to be king...!

We desire with all our hearts
That the first-born prince
Become the new king, as is right
More than a world that prizes
Only money, or pleasure
To live prizing the roses
Is surely a better happiness

Younger Sister: (High laughter) It is fitting that my son become king!

The first-born prince should....

There is a sound of wind.

Younger Sister: Fit to be king? This monstrous shape?

Retainers (Men A Group):
Crying out thus

Retainers (Men B Group):
The Younger Sister

Retainers (Women A Group):
To the first-born

Retainers (Women B Group):
Son of our good-hearted fairy...

To our prince....

Thunder. The form of the prince transformed into the beast is seen.

She changed him into a beast...!

Younger Sister: The servants of a beast should be birds and beasts.

She changed us
As well
To birds and beasts
And at that moment

The Good Fairy appears.

Good Fairy: You have spelled my son into a beast.

The Good Fairy...!

Good Fairy: But when the prince meets a woman who sees his inner heart without fear of his outward appearance, the spell will be broken, and never effective again.

Good Fairy:
Until the good days
Come again
Let us endure patiently!


Scene 4 // The Streets of the Town

Let's Play

The Merchant and two of his daughters come out from behind the curtain.

Shadow Chorus:
Time passed
There was a prosperous Merchant
The Merchant had three daughters

The music stops.

Merchant: Where has Belle gone?

Eldest Daughter: I don't know.

Second Daughter: Isn't she at home?

Let's Play

Shadow Chorus:
The two eldest girls were spoiled
And grew up to be selfish

Young men of the town gather around the two young ladies.

Ah--- Ah--...

Ah--- Ah--...

I like dancing

I like parties

When we're dancing we have fun

I like playing

With men

Playing is amusing

Young Men:
I want to play!

Neglecting everything
Making merry selfishly

Young Men:
Let's play!

If we couldn't play
It would be the same as dying

Sisters/Young Men:
Let's play!

The music stops.

Young Man (solo 1): Where is Belle?

Eldest: Belle?

Young Man (solo 2): Yes, where is Belle?

Second: Belle, you say?

Scene 6 // The Merchant's House

The Young Lady Who Reads

We can see into the Merchant's house. Belle, the youngest daughter, is reading a book. She is surrounded by young ladies reading books (the young men's conjurations of Belle).

Shadow Solo:
The youngest daughter grew up
To be a good-natured daughter
She makes herself useful without making a fuss
She passes her time reading books

The young men wish Belle would fall in love with them.

Young Man (solo 1):
Somehow I'm charmed by
The young lady who reads

Young Man (solo 2):
She seems to know
A world that I don't know

Young Man (solo 3):
She turns the pages
Without pointless chatter

Young Man (solo 4):
Her gaze, as it follows the words
Is quite mysterious

Young Men:
So I hesitate to speak to her
And simply gaze at her
Look this way! Just one glance
My hope that she'll look at me and not the book
It isn't granted, and she continues to read
Aah! The young lady who reads

They break into a tap dance.

Eldest Daughter: What's so great about reading books?

Second Daughter: It just makes you sleepy.

Eldest: She reads books, so what?

Second: It ruins your eyes.

Young Men:
Aah! The young lady who reads

The girls reading books all run off. The young men surround Belle.

Young Men:
Marry me...

Belle: (Shaking her head) I'm sorry.

The young men sigh. The king's retainer, Henri, appears.

Henri: Is Belle--that is, the girl called 'Beauty'--here?

Eldest: Who might you be?

Henri: The king's messenger.

Second: The king's messenger, you say...!?

Henri: I will ask once more. Is Belle here?

Everyone looks at Belle.

The King's Arrival

The king comes

A trumpet rings out. The king enters, followed by his mother (the Younger Sister). Henri points out Belle to the king, who walks toward her with eagerness, but he is drawn up short by his mother's words.

Younger Sister:
You were born to be king...

The king within the king

Now with cool formality, the king bows slightly.

King: You are Belle?

Belle curtsies deeply.

King: As much a beauty as the rumors say. (To the Younger Sister) Mother. I will marry this one.

Merchant: Marry...!

Marry, you say?

The music stops.

Belle: Your majesty. We have only just met.

King: It is of no consequence. Now then, into the carriage.

Henri moves to take Belle's elbow and direct her outside.

Merchant: Ah, um--

King: You are her father? I will send the dowry later.

Merchant: Dowry?

King: In other words, money. Gold.

Merchant: This is too sudden.

Belle: (With dignity) Your Majesty.

Belle's Reply

I am quite young
Full of imperfections

King: And so?

I still have much to do
To take care of
My father that you see here
Because of this, and the things I still must learn
There will come a more appropriate time to marry

Shadow Chorus:
Belle understood
That if there were something that others desired
The king would want to obtain it, no matter what

The music stops.

King: Meaning what?

Belle: I am grateful for your proposal, but it is too soon for me to bow assent.

King: I see. I did not hear you refuse my proposal. I accept that you wish me to wait. I shall come again.


The king's party departs.


Scene 6 // The Merchant's House (The Merchant's Ruin)

Merchant: Belle, is this all right?

Belle: Of course, father.

Merchant: Thank you. In truth, I'm glad.

The Merchant's Ruin

Young Men:
Not long after, the Merchant's
Business failed
And he lost his fortune

Eldest Daughter: No one calls on us any longer.

Second Daughter: And we can't live in luxury!

Daughters: It's so dull!

They shove a broom into Belle's hands and make her sweep while they eat sweets and pester her.

Young Men:
The older sisters forced
Belle to do the household chores, and were always scolding
I hesitate to speak to her
And simply gaze at her
Aah...! The young lady I long for

The young men leave. The music stops. A messenger arrives.

Messenger: A letter.

Merchant: Thank you. (He reads the letter.) Oh! My ship has made it to port, the only one that remains to me. And it seems that the cargo is safe. I'll leave right away.

The two eldest are overjoyed.

Eldest: Bring me a necklace as a present.

Second: Then, bring me some shoes.

Eldest: Well then, shoes for me too.

Second: And a necklace for me!

Merchant: All right, all right.

The two eldest leave.

Belle's Wish

Merchant: Belle? What present do you want?

Belle: Nothing. Just your safe return, father.

Merchant: Whatever you want, name it.

Then one rose
As a present

Merchant: Belle....

Belle: (Smiling) Father, travel safely.

Scene 7 // The Forest

The Merchant sets out on his journey. Various wild beasts appear as he travels.

Servant (White Tiger):
As violet dusk

Servant (Lion):
Covers the depths of the forest

Servant (Deer):
The lone merchant

Servant (Cheetah):
Passes through

Servant (Mister Monkey):
He had been to the harbor
And now comes home
Hanging his head in shame
And dispirited

Servant (Jaguar):
There had been new litigation
And his fortune was seized
A terrible, wasted effort
Penniless, Ah...

The sound of a violent storm. The exhausted merchant is blown back into view.

Servant (Hare):

Servant (Squirrel):

Servant (Fox):

Female Servants:
Able to obtain nothing

Servant (Sheep):
His belly

Servant (Lynx):

Servant (Beaver):
And exhausted

Servants (Beasts):
On the brink of collapse
Nearly frozen through!

Merchant: I have to press on home.... I don't have the money for an inn.... It's no use. I've lost my energy. I've lost everything....

Servants (Beasts):
Not yet
Not yet
Don't give up
You will find it

There is a light in the depths of the forest.

Merchant: A light. Someone lives here!

Servants (Beasts):
As the rumble of the storm
Reverberated throughout the forest
The lone merchant
Came here
To the place where we beasts inhabit
To the place where we beasts inhabit

Scene 8 // The Beast's Mansion

The sound of song birds. The light brightens.... to a gentle dawn. It is a large mansion. Roses bloom in the garden.

The Merchant's Voice: Anyone? Is anyone here?

The doors of the mansion open, and the Merchant steps out.

Merchant: Last night's storm seems unreal. (He looks around.) There is such a large mansion so deep in this forest?

The Song Birds

Two birds come.

We built it

We built it with everyone

Do you like our mansion?

Merchant: What friendly song birds. They sing with sweet voices.

Two more birds come.

Blue Jay:
Everyone has

Saved you

All Four:
By our master's orders

Two more birds come, a kingfisher and a waxwing.

Merchant: (Shaking his head) I can't remember well what happened. I was exhausted yesterday.

All Six:
Try to remember

Merchant: That's right.... I was wandering in the storm and I barely managed to reach this mansion. The doors were open, and when I entered calling out for someone, a feast was laid out on a table in the living room. Although I called out, no one answered. I couldn't resist, and I ate the food. When I'd eaten my fill, next I found a bed. I could not help collapsing into it, and then when it was morning....

The Song Birds

All Six:
When it was morning

Merchant: I had been changed into fresh nightclothes. The clothes I had been wearing were washed, and folded neatly.... (He checks his clothes.)

The clothes you wore

Were also washed

All Six:
By our master's orders

Merchant: Someone saved me. Yet though I would speak my thanks, no one is here.

All Six:
The best thanks
Is to depart immediately
We'll show you the way, so let's go, quickly

They all line up, and the music stops.

Merchant: It's as if the song birds were speaking to me.

The song birds all nod.

Merchant: At any rate, what perfect roses.

The Song Birds (Don't Touch Them)

All Six:
Don't touch them....

Merchant: I have no money, and so I can't buy presents for my daughters. But Belle's present....

The birds are frozen for an instant while the merchant plucks a rose.

All Six: What have you done!

Merchant: (Recognizing the words) Eh? They spoke!

The Beast Appears

Thunder. The light dims. The wild beasts appear.

The Beast's Voice:
To pick one of my roses!

The Beast appears, bathed in a spotlight. The Merchant grovels.

Beast: I saved you from starvation and cold. And yet you have picked one of my beautifully blooming roses.

Merchant: Was it a special rose...?

Beast: All roses are precious, without discrimination. If you pick them, they can do nothing but wither.

Merchant: I-I only wanted a present.

Beast: (Surprised and saddened) A present...!

To pick a rose
And steal life
Is this a present?

Servants (Beasts):
Well then
Shall we exchange
Your life in its place?

Merchant: Please spare my life! For the sake of my precious youngest daughter!

Beast: Youngest daughter.

Merchant: Forgive me, please! I'll do anything!

Beast: Anything.

Merchant: I swear...!

Beast: You said youngest daughter. How many daughters do you have?

Merchant: Three.

Beast: Then you will send one of your daughters here. A daughter who will gladly come in your place.

Merchant: Gladly come in my place....

Beast: If you answer that none of your daughters will act in your stead....

Merchant: Then?

You will return

The music stops.

Beast: You shall use the large box in the room you rested in. A coach will also be prepared for you. If you pick no roses, you may take jewels and silver wares, whatever you like. Whether it is your daughter or you who comes here, there will doubtless be things you must do to prepare.

The beast leaves.


Scene 9 // The Merchant's House

The Forest (The Merchant's Return Home)

The stage rotates. The merchant returns home.

Servants (Beasts):
He rode in the carriage
And returned home
With a fortune exchanged for a life
He arrived home
In the blink of an eye

The stage stills. The song birds return. The music ends.

Eldest Daughter: Where are our presents?

Second Daughter: You didn't forget?

Merchant: Look inside the carriage.

The Eldest and Second Daughters go outside.

Belle: Welcome home.

Merchant: I've returned. Your promised rose.

Belle: Father, your face is so pale.... Did something happen?

Shouting, the two eldest return.

Eldest: A-amazing!

Second: So many jewels!

Eldest: We're rich!

Second: We can return to the mantle of prosperity.

Eldest: We can have a happy marriage. With this-

Second: (Joining in) -there's no trouble over dowries!

Merchant: Are you pleased?

Both: Very!

Merchant: Then I am compensated. It was worth the cost of my life. .... Daughters. Come here and listen.

The Song Birds (The Merchant's Tale)

Song Birds:
When the two eldest heard his tale...

The two eldest burst into noisy tears. Belle doesn't cry.

Eldest: Oh, father, how sad!

Second: You'll be eaten by a talking beast!

Eldest: I will be happy for your sake, father.

Second: I'll never forget you, father.

Skylark: (Speaking) They dodged well, didn't they?

Hummingbird: They have absolutely no intention-

Song Birds: -of taking their father's place.

Eldest: Belle. How can you not cry?

Second: How cold you are!

You Should Be Eaten!

Elder Sisters:
A girl like you
Should be eaten by a beast!

The two eldest sisters run off crying.

Merchant: Belle, aren't you sad?

Belle: Not a bit. The Beast said so, didn't he? That one of your daughters should come happily in your place.

Merchant: What are you intending?

Belle: I will go.

Merchant: No, certainly not! Listen well, I have lived much longer than you. Even if I were to part with my life, I will only be losing a few years.

Belle: Don't worry. I won't let you go to face the Beast alone.

The Young Lady I Adore

The young men and girls gather.

Young Man (Solo 1):
Did you hear?

Young Man (Solo 2):
Is it true?

Young Man (Solo 3):
Belle is going to die?

Young Man (Solo 4):
She's going to be eaten by a beast?

Merchant: Everyone, please. Stop my daughter.

Young Men:
We're begging you, please don't go!

Belle: I am my father's daughter.
Of course a daughter will save her parent!

Merchant: Belle.

Belle: Father. Shall we go?

Young Men:
She wouldn't listen to our plea, she's going.

Song Birds:
We'll take them along with us, as if flying.

Young Men:
Aah! The young lady I adore

Song Birds:
This good-natured girl
You'll never see again


Scene 10 // The Beast's Mansion

The Beasts enter.

Merchant: Lord! Lord of the manor!

The Beast's voice is heard.

Beast: Forgive me for the ill-manners of not showing myself. You must be the daughter?

Belle: If you are speaking to me, yes, I am.

Beast: What is your name?

Belle: It is polite to offer your own name if you are asking for another's.

Beast: I.... have no name now.

Belle: You mean you do not want to tell me your name?

Beast: No, not that.

Belle: .... Everyone calls me 'Belle'.

Beast: Belle. Is it true that you came here gladly?

Belle: Yes.

Beast: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. You must both be tired. I want you to rest.

The Good Fairy Appears

The Beasts surround and hide Belle and her father from sight.

Although the two thought that they were not tired
They retired to bed and soon fell asleep
Then, the Good Fairy....

The Good Fairy appears.

Good Fairy: To have come here for your father's sake, what a sweet and filial person you are. A time will come when you are rewarded.

She disappears.

Belle awoke from her dream
Her surroundings were still dark

Belle appears. The beasts exit.

Belle: Sweet.... Filial.... No. I'm scared. I don't want to be eaten. I want to run away, right now. The only one who knows the real me, is me.

The Real Me

The real me
Can't decide on anything
Longing for an unknown world
I read a book and sigh
But when the book is closed
There are so many things I don't know
Love, and marriage, and the future

I can't decide anything on my own
How many times have I cried in the middle of the night?
I am dishonest!
Why did I come here?
I was daydreaming. I wanted to do something
To save my father

"Came here gladly"? What a lie...!

I am thoughtless
It's only right
That I'll be eaten by a beast...!

Don't Weep

The Beasts appear and surround the weeping Belle from afar, watching over her. The Tiger enters along the Silver Bridge.

A low, soft voice can be heard
Weeping in Belle's room
Not to wake her father
Certain not to let him know
A muffled, crying voice
And yet
We could hear it
All of the beasts could hear it
When we were human
There were days we wept like that

Where has the land of roses gone?
When will it return?
Although roses bloom in the garden
We cannot see that lovely land
We cling to persistently distant memories

The crying voice from Belle's room

Tiger and Beasts:
Doesn't end

There is nothing
That can be done tonight
So don't weep

Don't weep

Tiger and Beasts:
Don't weep

Scene 11 // The Beast's Mansion

Dawn light. Belle and her father are inside the mansion.

Belle: Father, please go.

Merchant: Belle, I couldn't-

Belle: My sisters are waiting.

Merchant: I can't leave you.

Belle: If you don't go, father, then my sisters will have lost both parents. Then they won't be able to marry.

Merchant: But-

Belle: Don't worry about me. I'll speak with the Beast.

Merchant: Speak with the Beast?

Belle: I spoke with him yesterday. He understood my words. So we can certainly communicate. (She pushes her father's back.) Now then. Hurry.

The Merchant Exits

The Song Birds surround the Merchant.

Merchant: (Looking over his shoulder) Belle!

Belle can't hear her father's voice.

Merchant: Belle! Where have you gone?

The Song Birds lead the Merchant away.

Belle: Good. He's gone. .... Just because it understood our words doesn't mean we can communicate. .... What will happen to me now? I'll be eaten without warning.

Welcome (The Beasts Comfort Belle)

The Tiger enters.

Belle: (Drawing back) A tiger!

The Tiger dances.

Belle: A real tiger!

The Tiger dances. It washes its face.

Belle: (Put at ease) You're like a pussy cat.

The Tiger is playful.

Belle: You want attention. How cute!

Belle pets the Tiger. The Tiger is happy. A Lion appears.

Belle: (Frightened) A lion!

The Tiger and Lion dance. A Jaguar and Cheetah join in as well.

Belle: You're a jaguar, aren't you?

The Jaguar bows.

Belle: And you're....

Belle can't think of the name. The Cheetah is sad.

Belle: A cheetah!

The beasts are happy. Mister Monkey enters.

Belle: Mr. Monkey! This way, this way! Leap! Dance!

Mister Monkey dances.

Belle: Mr. Deer! You leap too!

The Deer dances. Various animals appear and dance.

Young lady
You are welcome here
To think that you have really come
Young lady
You are welcome here
You have made us glad
So we are at your bidding

The Tiger leads Belle on, showing her a door to another room.

Belle: You want me to follow you? All right, wait for me!

Belle follows the Tiger out. The Beasts pray.

Young lady
We pray that you become friends
With our master...!

The Beast comes flying out from the door Belle entered.

Beast: Aaaaah!

Beasts: Master!

Beast: Belle-! Belle came into my room suddenly-!

Tiger: (Following him out) Master. Why did you run away?

Beast: I wasn't ready yet. In the first place, I never expected a daughter to come.

Beasts: What!?

Beast: I lost my head when he picked the rose. Besides, no daughter would gladly come here. I thought the father would return. I intended for him to completely understand the foolishness of picking my roses.

But she came.

She truly came
And Belle is so beautiful
Though I caught only a glimpse of her

Tiger: What will you do? Will you meet her? Will you not?

Beast: I want to meet her!

Please meet her.

Beast: But I will not!

Why not?

Look at me
These hands! These claws!
A disgusting beast
It's embarrassing!
I want to disappear
I'll make her cry
She will hate me

Belle: Everyone, Where are you? Are you playing hide-and-seek now?

The young lady is coming!

Belle comes running into the room. The Beast tries to run away, but the beasts stop him. At last he breaks free from them.

Belle: You are....

Beast: Belle....

Belle: You spoke...! Then you must be this mansion's master.

Beast: No. You are the master.

Belle steps back.

Beast: Do you find me ugly?

Belle: Not ugly. But frightening. After all, you're going to eat me, aren't you?

Beast: Eat you. Of course not! Did you come here?

Belle: Yes, in my father's place.

Beast: Then you are mistress of this mansion. All of the servants also intend it to be so.

Tiger: Lady Belle. You are welcome here.

Beasts: You are welcome here.

Belle: Everyone speaks...!

Welcome (The Beasts Praise Belle)

The words "Belle's Mansion" appear on the wall in French.

Lady Belle,
Our new mistress

Belle relaxes at last, and addresses the Beast.

Belle: What should I call you?

Beast: .... Just 'Beast'. (1)

Belle: All right, Beast. I have promised to remain here. But please understand, I worry about my father.

Beast: He has probably arrived home.

Belle: How can you know?

Beast: The mirror.

A mirror covered in a blanket is brought out. When the blanket is removed, Belle can see an image of her father moving inside of it.

Belle: Father!

Beast: Can you understand now how things stand? How happy you have made me, and everyone, by coming here?

Lady Belle,

The scene changes to that of the Merchant in the mirror.

(1) The word used in the show is "anata", which literally translates as "you", but is also sometimes used as an endearment by married wives for their husbands, which makes it simple, quirky, and a little sweet in Japanese. However, it sounds too strange in translation, so I've decided to go with the more conventional "Beast", even if it loses some of the cultural connotations and adds a few of its own into the bargain.

Scene 12 // The Merchant's House

Merchant: (Sighing deeply) I am a brute. I let my daughter take my place. Ah! Not even a beast would abandon its child. A brute, lower than a beast...!

The young men and girls gather. Henri arrives.

The King's Entrance

The king arrives.


King: Belle? Where is Belle?

Young Men and Girls:
Belle has....

King: I want to marry after all. She'll return with me today.

Young Men and Girls:
Belle has gone.

King: Gone? Where?

Young Men and Girls:
She has been taken
Deep into the forest
To the Beast's mansion

King: Taken, you say?
Would I permit such a thing!?

Merchant: It is my fault! I've let my daughter die!

King: This beast they speak of?

Merchant: A beast which speaks.

King: Speaks.... Why was Belle taken?

Merchant: She went in my place.

King: In your place.... Merchant. If you are human, you don't keep beasts. You punish them, and train them. If they cause harm even though they have been trained, then the only thing to do is kill them.

The Reward of Love

That is what it means to be human!

King: Soldiers, hear me!

Soldiers: Yes!

King: Raise the kingdom and search out the Beast's mansion. Have pride in your manhood.

Have pride in your manhood.

The king goes onto the Silver Bridge.

Beast or creature
Will we let it best a man?
Grant it that conceit?
If it can speak,
Does that mean it commands man?
We will make it realize who is master

If it obeys,
We shall offer it shelter
A roof of straw
A reward of feed
We shall treat it kindly
Listen to what I say

We will make it groan
We will twist its body
Come, find the Beast!


Scene 13 // The Beast's Mansion (the Garden)

The Beasts' Hope

Tiger: Belle and our master threw off their reserve with one another day by day, and lived quietly.

We hoped, from the bottom of our hearts

That Belle
Would find it in herself
To love our master

Tiger: But our master-

The beasts look towards the Beast.

Tiger: -won't make certain.

They sigh.

Tiger: Although they're such good friends!

The beasts complain. Belle appears in a ball gown.

Belle's Voice: Beast. Beast! ... What's going on? Everyone is here...

Lion: Umm.... We're basking in the sun!

Tiger: Lady Belle. That's the gown our master gave you, isn't it?

Belle: Yes! It's my first time wearing it. Where is he? The Beast- I mean....

Jaguar: The master is watering the roses.

Cheetah: He's in the thicket, calling them by name as he takes care of them.

Belle: Even the roses have names, but he doesn't.... And you?

Tiger: Us?

Belle: So you really don't have names?

Mr. Monkey: I'm Mister Monkey.

Deer: I'm Deer.

Sheep: I'm Sheep.

Wildcat: I'm Wildcat.

Beaver: I'm Beaver.

Belle: No, not your species, your name!

Long Ago, Our Names

Long ago-

-we did.

Even we-

All Three:
-had nam-

Suddenly the Tiger steps forward and cuts them off.

Belle: Why did you stop them?

Tiger: I'm sorry.

Belle: I'm left out! You're all hiding something.

A Time Will Come When We Can Speak of It

Tiger: Someday, certainly, a time will come when we can speak of it....

Belle: "Someday"?

Lady Belle, when you-

The Tiger stops them once more.

Belle: Me? What do I need to do? (to the Tiger) Tiger, please. Tell me!

The Beast Enters

The Beast enters.

Beast: Belle. Beauty. You've worn the gown. It truly suits you. (To the beasts) Has something happened?

No. Nothing.

They depart.

Belle: Everyone looks after me. But when talk turns to the past they become quiet. Even you.

Beast: Please forgive us. It's surely because of me.

Belle: Because of you...?

Beast: Because I have no courage.

Belle: Courage? I don't have any either.

Beast: You came here for your father. Is there anything kinder, more noble, more courageous?

Belle: I was in a fog. That's all. ... Hey, I know what to do! Let's gain courage together!

Beast: Together?

Belle: We don't have enough courage alone, but together will surely be enough! To gain courage (she thinks) ..... First, you answer. What do you like?

Courage, Together

I love roses

Belle: Why?

To nurture roses
Is to love life

Belle: Life...

You're nurturing a heart
That loves roses

Belle: A heart....

Like a newborn infant
Roses can't speak with words
Listen to their voices without words
Believe in the day they will bloom
And nurture them

Belle: Voices without words.... Amazing, you can hear them, can't you?

Beast: Belle, what do you like?

I love books

Beast: That's just like you.

Belle: Very dull, isn't it?

Beast: Not at all.

When you read a book
Your imagination expands
Soaring away
Into unknown worlds

I want to soar away...

I want to soar away...

Let's soar away
To worlds we've never seen
Gain courage
Alone it's frightening
We can't take the first step
But together, together,
We can walk forward

Yes, like this!

The two join hands and dance. The beasts watch them from hiding places around the garden.

Belle: What else do you like?

Beast: (without thinking) You.

Belle: Eh?

Belle takes back her hands.

Beast: I'm devoted to you, your nobility. ... It's the source of all my courage.

I love you.
You love....

Belle: I don't love you. …. Please listen to me. You who love the roses so, have gentleness and a wonderful heart. I think of what might have been if you weren't a Beast, and I pity you. But loving someone and pitying them are very, very different things. ... Have I made you angry?

Beast: Not at all. Belle, I'm grateful. You've given me courage. And you answered me honestly. Thank you.

Belle leaves.

Scene 14 // The Silver Bridge

Into an Unspeaking Animal

Beast: No matter when I confessed my feelings, it would always be the same. So it's better to have gotten it over with quickly. If I had drawn it out a bit, then a bit more, how much more painful it would have been! But now...!

I want to throw away words
I don't want to speak
What I want, now
Is to be an unspeaking animal

When I spoke,
When I informed her of my love
It cost me my happiness
So brief
Now what do I
wait for?
An unbroken gray future lies before me

If I could be reborn
An unspeaking animal...!
Behind closed lids
I see that moment
Gently, softly
She held me close

I want to throw away words
I have no use for words
Words are pitiful
And yet, the words press at me
I love
You... you!


Scene 15 // A Hallway in the Palace

The King and Henri enter. The soldiers line up.

King: Have you found the Beast?

Henri: Your Majesty. Not yet.

King: Too slow! How long do you intend to make me wait?

Henri: We are searching all over the kingdom. If the Beast lives in a mansion as the Merchant said, we should have found it long ago.

The Younger Sister (the Witch) enters.

Younger Sister: My son.

King: Mother.

Younger Sister: Please destroy that Beast. It's an unfinished business that I've let linger; we should kill it while we can.

King: That goes without saying.

The sound of a heart pounding.

I Want What I Want

I can't understand
How something could be
Out of my reach

Younger Sister: I as well.

Henri: (to himself) Frightful...

After a person is born
There is no end to their desires
So they must continue seeking them

Henri and the Soldiers: (to themselves)
No one can act like that...

King and Younger Sister:
I want what I want
I'll get what I want
That is how...

People were meant to live

Scene 16 // The Beast's Mansion

Outwardly Unchanged

The Beast walks along the Silver Bridge. The beasts sing from the sides of the stage.

Lady Belle and
Our Master are
Outwardly unchanged

Tiger: They live together companionably.

Lion: But something has changed.

Jaguar: Their innocence has gone, and the smiles they exchanged have also disappeared.

Deer: Perhaps the Master made his confession because he felt pressured by us?

Cheetah: Thinking that, everyone feels heart-broken.

Belle comes out onto the Silver Bridge.

Belle: Beast. Beast!

Beast: What's wrong?

Belle: I looked into the mirror this morning, and my father is bed-ridden.

We see the Merchant on the other side of the mirror.

Belle: My sisters are married, and no longer live at home. My father is alone and suffering from his illness. Seeing him like that is painful, painful....

Beast: Your pain is my pain.

Belle: Please. Please let me go home.

Beast: Belle, if you go back you won't return-

Belle: I promise! I'll be back at the end of the week.

Beast: (While thinking, he pulls the ring from his finger.) Take this ring with you.

That Ring!

That ring!

Beast: With that ring on your finger, you can find the path here. You'll be back in the twinkle of an eye.

Lady Belle will leave us.

Belle: You'll let me go home?

Beast: Rest for tonight. When you wake up tomorrow morning, you'll return home.

Belle: Thank you! Thank you so much!

As she runs away, she stops.

Belle: Beast.

Beast: No matter where you go, please keep the ring with you.

Belle: I like you so much!

Beast: .... Good night.

Belle: Good night.

Belle leaves.

Beast: Servants! Are you listening?

The beasts line up.

Beast: Prepare the best carriage. Fill it with as many riches as you can. Don't wait for dawn before you see her safely home. ... Once you've seen her home, no one is to leave this forest. Above all, you're not to go to Belle. Even if she does not return, you're not to go to her.

The beasts can't hide their sadness.

Beast: And... Until she comes back you're not to open the door to my room. Never. Not anyone. Not even if a week has passed. Or a month.

No One But Her

Beast: If three months have passed, I won't be long in this world.

And in the corner of the garden
Yes, where she and I
I want to be buried
Beneath the roses.
I'll love no one but her
If she doesn't return
It will be my time to
Leave this place

Beast: This mirror has also served its purpose. Who would use it; what would they watch?

With one blow, he shatters the mirror. The stage lights go out, leaving the Beast alone.


Scene 17 // The Merchant's House

Waking Up About Now

The beasts remain. As seen in the mirror, the Merchant is asleep in his bed.

Lady Belle is waking up
About now
And will see her father

The beasts leave. Belle arrives and rushes to her father's side.

Belle: Father!

Merchant: Oh, Belle! My daughter!

Belle: How are you feeling?

Merchant: You've come home. How could I sleep now? (He moves as if to rise.)

Belle: Don't overdo it.

Merchant: Did you escape from the Beast?

Belle: I didn't escape. He let me come home. Father, don't worry. He is very kind, and has a wonderful heart.

Merchant: "He"...? You mean the Beast?

Belle: And the servants, all of them are good people too.

Merchant: Servants...

Belle's sisters enter.

Eldest Sister: Father. (She notices Belle.) What?

Second Sister: You!

Belle: Sisters. Have you come to nurse father?

Eldest: Wh-? Yes!

Second: Well...

Belle: I have a request. Please don't tell anyone that I am here.

Merchant: Belle, why?

Belle: I can only remain here a week.

Merchant: No-!

Belle: But for that week I can devote all of my time to taking care of you, father.

The Two Sisters

The two sisters step aside to talk.

Eldest: So, how has it been, living with your handsome husband?

Second: Terrible! He's only interested in his own appearance, and the times he looks at me it's always with scorn. And how about you? Instead of looks, you have the brains.

Eldest: Awful! It's good to be clever, but with his cleverness he looks down on anyone other than himself. Moreover, the one he looks down on the most is me!

Second: So why did we get married?

Eldest: And when we stopped by our old home to share our sorrows together-

Second: There's a carriage outside tightly packed with riches!

Eldest: And-!

Together: Belle!

Eldest: So she wasn't eaten by the Beast?

Second: Her skin even has more of a glow than before!

Eldest: She's eating well!

Second: She's being well taken care of!

Together: It's too much!

Eldest: I have a good idea. Let's tell the King that she's returned.

Second: Good idea! He's searching all over the kingdom for the Beast.

Eldest: The king will reward us!

Second: Wait! Then the King will wed Belle and she'll be queen!

Eldest: Not to worry. Belle hates the King. She'll make him angry, you can bet on it!

Second: That's true.

Eldest: Well then.

Second: Let's away.

Scene 18 // A Corridor of the Palace

Belle Imprisoned

The sisters exit. The King's soldiers appear and capture Belle, leading her away to the front of the stage. As the set changes, the King and Younger Sister appear.

King: Belle. It has been a long time. You're as lovely as ever.

Belle: Your Majesty. What do you mean by this?

King: Tell me. Where is the Beast that speaks with words? He carries people off; it is extremely dangerous.

Belle: No one has been carried off. I went to him willingly.

King: I understand your feelings. He forced you to be his companion, and you are embarrassed.

Belle: I am not embarrassed for one thing!

Younger Sister: Not embarrassed, you say?

Belle: Not in the slightest.

King: Belle! Think carefully before you speak. Even now I want to marry you. Having lived with the Beast, who else would ask for your hand?

Belle: Even if someone were to ask for my hand, I have no intention of accepting.

King: Even if the Beast loved you?

Belle doesn't reply.

Younger Sister: My son. This girl is also dangerous.

King: It is a pity that you will not go along with my leniency. Perhaps as you think over things alone, you will understand. (To his soldiers.) Lock her away.

Soldiers: Your Majesty commands!

Scene 19 // A Cell

Keeping Watch

The soldiers lock Belle in a cell.

We continued to keep watch
A second day passed
A third day passed

Should I leave this land?
Should I remain?

The soldiers and Henri leave.

Belle: Today is the twentieth day. The promised week is more than passed. This ring leads to the mansion. But this cell stops me; I can't leave. ... I finally understand. People can be animals too. And that King. No, but I'm no different. Although I can speak, I- ... People are unique because we can reason. But that doesn't mean that we think about good, or splendid things.

Belle's Understanding

Belle: I want to see him. I want to break out of this cell and see him.

It's painful, it's suffocating
I want, I want
To break out of this cell
To be a lovely animal

: To be an animal.... Beast...! I understand at last. What does it matter that you're a beast? You loved me. But I spurned your feelings for me. "There's a difference between love and pity" -- Words I read in some book and spoke as a reply without thinking for myself.

The Beast's image appears behind her.

Like a newborn infant
Roses can't speak with words
Listen to their voices without words
Believe in the day they will bloom
And nurture them

The Beast's image disappears.

Belle: Voices without words. That was your voice as well. Surely there are feelings you couldn't express. I didn't listen to that voice...!

The song birds arrive.

Song Birds: Belle!

Belle: The song birds!

Skylark: Lady Belle, here you are!

Hummingbird: It's urgent! If things go on like this, the Master will die of starvation.

Belle: Starvation?

Blue Jay: After you left us, he hasn't eaten a thing.

Woodpecker: We're forbidden to come for you, but-

Belle: What do you mean?

Kingfisher: The Master's order.

Waxwing: We weren't to come for you if you didn't return to the mansion.

Skylark: We're to wait for you to come back.

Belle: Idiot! Idiot! Why didn't he trust me? Didn't I promise to return?

Hummingbird: Well...

The song birds fall silent.

Belle: ... It's because I said that I didn't love him?

The Good Fairy's Advent

Belle: No!

I love...

The Good Fairy's Voice: Belle...!

The Good Fairy appears high above them.

Song Birds: The Good Fairy...!

Belle: I saw you in my dream...

Good Fairy: Belle. I have been waiting for you to discover true confidence in yourself. Now is that time. Now then, go!

The cell opens.

To his side!

Belle and the song birds escape. The Younger Sister appears.

Younger Sister: So it was you. You sent our sons after Belle. This time I will crush you, and your son.

For the sake of my beloved son!


Scene 20 // The Beast's Bedroom


The Beasts' Hope


The beasts enter.




Oh, Master

Our hope is only

For you


Tiger: Everyone. We can't simply wait. The song birds have gone to Belle. Lady Belle will surely return.



Lady Belle

Please, hear our prayer...!


The Beast's bed rises up onto the stage.



You are like a rose

Lovelier than a rose

I seek to forget you

No matter how many times

I try to brush you away

Your pure smile

Rests in my heart

You are like a rose

More sweet-smelling than a rose

More precious to me than a rose...!


Belle: Beast!


Belle comes running in. The beasts surround them.


Belle: Please, hold on!


Beast: You've returned?


Belle: Yes. I promised, didn't I?


Beast: You're not someone who would break a promise... I've been a fool; I was convinced that you weren't going to return.


Belle: An unbelievable fool! There's no punishment good enough. But, I've been an unbelievable fool as well.


Beast: You...?


Belle: Listen. Get well soon. I'll help you get well. Because, I lo-


The King Enters ~ Belle's Confession


The king and his guards arrive. The Merchant is with them.


Henri: Go!


Soldiers: Yessir!


King: (To the Merchant) So that is the Beast?


Merchant: Yes, Your Majesty.


King: Belle. Step away from the Beast. I've found it at last, the talking Beast.



If it obeys,

We shall offer it shelter


The Beast pushes Belle away.


Beast: Please go.


Belle: Beast...


Beast: All that they want is us. Please, do what you must to survive.


Belle: No. I stay with you.



We shall treat it kindly

Listen to what I say


Beast: Belle, go, please.


Belle: No!



I love you!


Belle: As your wife, I'll face whatever fate is in store for us together with you.


The King draws his sword. The bed hangings fall, obscuring the Beast.




The Prince's Restoration


The beasts depart. The Good Fairy and her Younger Sister appear.


Good Fairy:

The good days

Have come again

Let's meet them together, joyfully!


The music stops. The Beast is now in the form of the Prince. He has grown up well. The beasts are also returned to their proper human forms.


Belle: You-


Prince: I am your Beast.


Belle: You are my beloved Beast?


Prince: I was transformed into a Beast through a curse.


Younger Sister: My son! Don't hesitate. Destroy him! No matter his form, he will always be a Beast.


Prince: My people, listen!



I am

The true first-born son

Of the former king

You must choose. Him, or me.



The son of the Good Fairy

Should be king!


Tiger: Lady Belle. I am your Tiger.


Lion: I am Lion.


Jaguar: I am Jaguar.


Cheetah: I am Cheetah.


Mr. Monkey: And I Mister Monkey.


Deer: And I Deer.


Song Birds: And we're all the song birds.



We were all also transformed

Into beasts


Younger Sister: You say you should be king...!


There is the sound of a powerful wind, as the Younger Sister tries to transform the Prince once more.


Good Fairy: Magic used once cannot be used again. Please stop such reliance on magic.



You should choose. Me or-





Henri: King-!


King: (Victoriously) Of course, it is me....!



When I did your bidding

Do you know how much it pained me?


Who are never, ever satisfied….


The people turn on the King and Younger Sister.


The People:

The first-born prince

Is rightly king

The time has come

For your ruin


Prince: Wait! The hate is finished. The time of pain has passed.


The new kingdom

Will be built not on hate,

But on forgiveness!


As one, they all bow to the new king.


Prince: (To the King) The time has come when you are no longer a king. I will not take your lives.


The Younger Sister begins to weep.


King: I will leave with my mother. I want to think over everything clearly.


Tiger: Never set foot in this land again.


King: No. I hope you will return whenever you wish. This land is your home as well. Now is simply a quiet farewell for your journey.


The people see the King off.


The King quietly urges his mother.


King: Mother.


The King and Younger Sister depart.


Good Fairy: Through this trial, a true king has been born.


Prince: Belle, I am this kingdom's prince, and will soon be its king. Let's rewrite this tale from the beginning, right now. There is something that I would ask you. Do you love me?


The Prince and Belle


Belle: Where has he gone?


Prince: I was the Beast.


Belle: Are you truly the Beast who loved roses?


Prince: Yes.


Belle: Then why on earth would you ask me if I loved you?


Prince: Belle.


Belle: I don't care if you're a beast or a prince. I love only you, who loves roses. Not because you're prince, not because you're king, and even if you become a beast once more.


The Prince thinks for a moment.


Prince: Belle, you're such a straight-forward person. You quickly saw through the conceit growing in me.


The Prince and Belle


Prince: I'm an unbelievable fool. That's why I need you.


Belle: My dear.


Prince: Can you love me, even as I am?


Belle: You really are you.



I love-



You love-


Belle: You!


They embrace. At that moment Jaguar and Mr. Monkey arrive, dragging Belle's sisters.


Jaguar: My Prince.


Mr. Monkey: We've captured two suspicious people.


Skylark: Ah! These are the two who tattled on Lady Belle!


Hummingbird: We heard it from the village song birds!


Hare: They've come to see-


Squirrel: -the hurt they caused-


Fox: -Lady Belle-


All Three: -and the Prince!


Prince: Belle. Can you forgive them?


Belle: Whether I can or not, they are my precious sisters.


Eldest Sister: Th-


Second Sister: Thank you!


The Merchant and his eldest daughters hold hands.


Belle: My dear, I'm worried.


Prince: Why?


Belle: Aren't you hungry?


Prince: That's right. I'd completely forgotten. Come, let's have a celebratory banquet!


Scene 21 // Grand Finale


Grand Finale



When people first appeared in this world

Their first words

Were surely words of love


Speaking words

The first person to sing

Surely sang of love



To nurture roses

Is to love life

Before you know it,

The blooms will wither

But as the seasons go 'round

They will bloom once more






And ever



We'll continue to sing the song of love



The song of love!