Sumire Style [ source ]

2003/01/28 Moon Troupe: 月船さらら Tsukifune Sarara [The name of Takarasienne]
Kakinomoto no Hitomaro; Empress Jito

"Tsukifune" is from the line "Amatsu no umi ni kumo no namidachi tsuki no fune..." ("Across the swells of the clouds in the sea of heaven, the moon boat...") from the poem associated with Lake Biwa, one of Kakinomoto no Hitomaro's from the "Manyoshu." "Sarara" comes from Empress Jito's childhood name, Unono-Sarara-no-Himemiko. The man who gave her the name was Suzuki Yasumasa, a Manyo artist.

"My mother wanted to use something from the 'Manyoshu', and although she wasn't an aquaintance of Suzuki-san, she met him one day and asked him for help. I'm very thankful, but I think this is a name that I really have to work hard to live up to."

Her nickname is "Sararan."

In her first year she participated in a TV commercial. She has stared in a Cosmos Troupe shinjin koen, and stared in two since changing to Moon Troupe: "Guys & Dolls" and "At the End of a Long Spring", an unprecedented three experiences for a new otokoyaku hopeful.

On the 28th, she'll be taking the lead role in the Bow Hall production "Spring Again" (until February 4th she's sharing the lead role of "Love Gobln" with Hokushou Kairi).

"It's a Japanese-style role of a person with high rank. It's a wonderful role, but it's difficult. I think the play is similar to cooking. Depending on just a small amount of seasonings, the flavor and finishing touches completely change. And it's different from my one shijin koen role, I can sense the audience. From the first day to the end of the run, as it's increased I'm glad, and I think it'll be very important for me to hold onto that for my next role," she said, and her professional consciousness had come into flower.

The otokoyaku type she's aiming for is "an actor whose feet are firmly planted on the ground during the play, and during the revue show I want to let everyone see my charisma."

* Tsukifune Sarara, joined in '96 and is from Otsu City, in Shiga Prefecture.