The Seal of Roses

Playwright/Director: Koike Shuichiro
Composer: Yoshida Yuuko


Translated to English by Jen.

Editing help by Estefania, Utena, and others.


Note: This translation is from Le Cinq #62, and includes some improvisations from the actual stage performance of the commercial version.


Please do not reproduce this translation or use it for anything other than personal use. Thank you.


Rika: Everyone, welcome this evening to the Takarazuka Revue. This is Moon Troupe’s Shibuki Jun. The musical about to begin is written and directed by Koike Shuuichirou, a NTT Western Japan and NTT Eastern Japan Flets production. A gothic musical: The Seal of Roses ~ Vampire Requiem. Act one will be conducted by Sasada Aichirou.


Act 1


Scene 1 Prologue (Temple of the Roses – 2003)


M1 “Overture”


With a crack of thunder, we see a vampire menacing a wilting woman. However, suddenly it seems more like a dance, and the “vampire” looses his balance and nearly drops his partner. More people appear on stage, wearing modern clothing.


Cassandra: Could you perhaps support me properly? I’m Cassandra, the best prima donna in this Balkan country.


Clifford: I am not a dancer. I am a member of the original cast of “Dracula of the Opera House”!


Cassandra: Robert! You’re the producer, aren’t you? What is this “Vampire Requiem”?!


Robert: Now, now. Don’t get so fired up, you two. It’s because this is a charity event to mark the rebuilding of the temple in the Valley of Roses.


Cassandra: Mr. President of Balkan Aviation, you said my art was necessary for this.


Rilski: Yes, these ruins have been acknowledged by the World Heritage Foundation.


Clifford: In short, it’s a plot to lure in the tourists with a legend that “a vampire was here”.


Cassandra: I can’t dance with this third-rate actor as my partner. I’m leaving!


Cassandra storms off the stage.


Robert: Cassandra! Wait, please!


Clifford: I am a musical star!


Rilski: Hey, you! What about the event!


Clifford storms off in the opposite direction, just as two new people appear.


Peter: Oh, how difficult.


Rilski: You are?


Peter: I’m Peter Hunt. I’m an author here for the vampire symposium.


Maria: Oh! “Vampires vs. Godzilla”?


Rilski: This is my wife.


Maria: Nice to meet you.


Sarah: I’m Sarah, a vampire researcher.


Rilski: Hello. But, just between you and me, do you really think there were vampires?


Maria: I don’t believe it. It’s only a legend, right?


Peter: We’ve gathered from all over the world to shed light on that.


A huge suit of armor in a glass case is wheeled past them, followed by an official-looking gentleman and a young lady.


Rennfield: Hey, you, be more careful carrying that!


Man: Yessir!


M2 “Jennifer Arrives”


Rilski: Where on earth did this come from…?


Jennifer: It was excavated from this temple after World War II.


Peter: This is Ms. Jennifer McCartney, from the London “History Detection Club”.


Jennifer: My grandfather brought it back with him to England. I thought I’d take this opportunity to return it to its original home.


Rilski: Wonderful! I thank you on behalf of the Balkan people.


Sarah: Jennifer, aren’t you jet-lagged?


Jennifer: A little.


Peter: She’s another participant in the symposium.


Jennifer: Is everyone gathered?


Rilski: We were partway through rehearsals, but we ran into some trouble.


Rennfield: There are drinks in that waiting room over there.


Maria: Shall we go have some?


Rennfield begins herding the crowd toward the refreshments, but Jennifer hangs back.


Jennifer: Sarah, can I look around the ruins? There won’t be much more of an opportunity today.


Sarah: We’ll go on ahead.


Rilski: So, how do you all intend to prove the existence of vampires?


Peter: With this book. I got it in a flea market in Milano.


Maria: What’s written in it?


Peter: It’s a journal written in Medieval Latin.


As everyone exits chattering about the book, Jennifer becomes strangely tired and lies down on a convenient sofa. She dreams….


A vampire appears, surrounded by others in red velvet capes. He carries a rose, which he plucks the petals from one by one as he sings.


M3 “Vampire Requiem”



A rose showered with drops of moonlight
Glistening with tears from the stars
Damp with the secret haze of night
Woo Woo Woo

All living things in this world
Hold their life dear
If you are destined to lose your life,
Who will you love?

Aaa, vampire
Aaa, requiem
Eternal life
Drifting in the sea of time
Aaa, vampire
, requiem
The burden of unending time
Wandering in search of love


Jennifer wakes up screaming, and everyone comes running.


Scene 2 Looking For the Vampire


Peter: What happened?


Sarah: Are you alright?


Jennifer: Ah, I wonder if I was dreaming?


Rilski: Did one of my company planes crash?


Jennifer: A vampire appeared.


Maria: Oh my. Were there fangs? Were they sharp?


Jennifer: No. He was as beautiful as he was frightening…


Robert: Did something happen?


Clifford: I heard a scream.


Peter: There was a vampire!


Clifford: What?! Did he look like me?


Jennifer: Not at all….


Robert: Was it an illusion?


Sarah: Maybe it was déjà vu.


All: Eh?


Sarah: A prescient dream. You’ll meet him soon. The vampire.


M4: “Looking For the Vampire”



I wonder where they could be? The vampires?

I’ve looked all over the world



In novels and comics

In movies, musicals, and plays



Although they should be dreadful blood-sucking demons

Everyone is fascinated by them



Looking for vampire


Clifford: The king of Transylvania was Dracula’s ancestor.


Robert: But Dracula was only one. There are many vampire legends from all over the world.



Do they really drink blood?



Looking for vampire



Do they sleep in coffins?



Looking for vampire



Does the day make them weak?



Looking for vampire


Clifford & Robert:

Are they scared of garlic and crosses?



Looking for vampire



If you meet one, do you yearn for it, eternal life?



And eternal youth



Oh! Oh! I wonder where they could be?

I want to meet one, but I don’t want to be attacked

Like in a horror or a mystery

An attractive zombie

I wonder where the vampires could be?


Let’s go and search

Looking for vampire

Let’s go and look

Looking for vampire

Looking for vampire

Eternal life, Ah-


Rilski: And what’s written in that journal or whatever it is?


Peter: The writer is Francis de Valois. He was a knight attached to the Templar Order.


Clifford: The Templar Order, that’s the one that was oppressed and wiped out?


Peter: Yes. He was the last survivor, and he managed to wind his way deep into these Balkan Mountains. (reads) In the Year of Our Lord 1314, in the fifth month, my pursuers finally followed me into this Valley of the Roses…


Peter’s voice fades out, overlapped by a voice from the past as Francis takes over the narration.


Francis: … my pursuers finally followed me into this Valley of the Roses…


The First Tale: The Knight Francis (The Valley of the Roses 1314)


Scene 3 The Balkans


M5 “Sword Dance”


A lone knight in armor desperately fights off a horde of soldiers.


Captain: After him! Fire the poisoned arrows!


The archers come up and fire. One bites deep into the fleeing knight’s armor just as he disappears into a rose briar.


M6 “The Rose-Picking Song A”



The roses which protect our livelihoods

The roses which protect our lives


Captain: Find him! Don’t let him get away! Damn.


Soldier: Captain, he’s nowhere.


Captain: Yes. From here on, there is no map! For today, we go back. Retreat!


Francis (voice-over): A beautiful young girl saved me, and I returned to my senses.


Francis is lying in the lap of a young girl, unconscious. She draws back from his neck just as a monk comes rushing up.


Mikhail: Lady Lydia!


Lydia: Mikhail, this gentleman collapsed.


Mikhail: Have you healed his wound?


Lydia: Yes.


Francis groans and wakes up.


Francis: Uu… mm. You are…?


Lydia: Thank goodness! You’re awake! It’s a gift from God.


Francis: Someone sucked the poison from my neck…


Mikhail: An angel. God has given you your life, and sent an angel after you. I am Brother Mikhail of the Valley of the Roses.


Francis: Francis de Valois. A knight of the Templar Order.


Mikhail: This is Princess Lydia, daughter of the lord of this valley.


Francis: Lydia


Lydia: I knew at one glance that you were the owner of a noble soul. If you weren’t, I…


Mikhail: Lydia! Come, Master Francis. I will lead you to my hermitage. Take my hand.


Francis gingerly attempts to stand, then rises with more confidence and a puzzled expression.


Francis: How strange. My wound is healed.


Mikhail: A miracle has occurred.


Scene 4 The Valley of the Roses


M7 “The Rose-Picking Song B”


Francis (voice-over): I passed many days after that in the Valley of the Roses.


Young ladies-in-waiting and monks are dancing in the gardens, while the monks pass out roses from baskets they are carrying.



Wrapped in the fragrance of roses

From dawn to dusk

Day by day, time passes



Spring, summer, fall, winter, in this valley

The roses never wither

This village is hidden by the roses

Without the roses, nothing can begin


Monk 1:

For cooking, we have rose oil


Monk 2:

For drinking, we have rose wine


Monk 3:

For washing, we have rose soap


Monk 4:

For healing, we have rose medicine


Mikhail: Outsiders can rarely enter this valley through the briars. The village people cultivate the roses, and live off of the perfumed oil.


Francis: Like the Greek olive, so to speak.


Lydia: Master Francis! You seem much recovered. Please come to my house.



So long as there are roses in the village



People’s hearts are calm



The roses which protect our livelihoods

The roses which protect our lives


Scene 5 Lord Gabriel’s House


Inside, Francis is greeted by a richly clothed court.


Gabriel: I sent out word and gathered my household here. I am Lord Gabriel. To be able to meet one of the brave men of the lordly Templar Order is a unique honor. Please relax and enjoy yourself.


Francis: Thank you.


Maya: Ah, this man-


Gabriel: What is it, Maya? She is our astrologist.


Maya: He is the one who will shoulder the fate of our household.


Francis: I will?


Mikhail: Don’t let it bother you. It’s a faith from before Christianity spread wide over this land.


Francis: I have been declared anathema by the Church. A little thing like this doesn’t astonish me.


Gabriel: You are a broad-minded man. Tonight is the night when my people celebrate the harvest of the roses which have been handed around. Please join us. Come, everyone, sing! Dance!


All: Yes, my lord!


M 8 “The Rose Love Song”


As music begins in the background, Mikhail moves to slip away.


Mikhail: You’ll have to excuse me now.


Francis: You’re leaving so soon?


Lydia: Mikhail has work to do.


Francis: If he was one of the corrupt priests of the Church, he would be cheerfully joining the banquet. His dedication is admirable.


Maya steps in front of Mikhail as he leaves.


Maya: Mikhail, I can see the fires of jealousy burning your heart.


Mikhail: Don’t say such sinister things! Excuse me.


Mikhail goes around her and hurries away. Francis watches him depart with a slightly troubled frown.


Francis: Lydia, doesn’t Mikhail love you?


Lydia: The monks are not allowed to love or marry.


Gabriel: Come, Lydia, your task as lady of the household is to entertain our honored guest.


Lydia: Yes, father.



Lovers’ eyes burn hotly

Glowing like a bonfire

Chests thumping, cheeks the color of roses

From seething blood

Which dyes them scarlet


M 9 “Dance Song” (quadrille)


After everyone finishes dancing, Gabriel speaks with Francis once more.


Gabriel: Francis, where do you intend to go from here?


Francis: Honestly, I haven’t considered yet. The French king and the church think I know of some secret Templar fortune, and so they follow me. But I don’t know anything hidden by the gods of heaven and earth. A great many of my innocent comrades were executed for no profit. If I’m found, my life will be forfeit as well.


Gabriel: If so, then can you see yourself remaining in this Valley of the Roses? The briars which surround the valley are stronger than a thoughtless rampart, and protect us. You can live in this house.


Francis: This is… I am extremely grateful.


Gabriel: One more thing, a favor.


Francis: Yes?


Gabriel: Won’t you take my daughter Lydia as your wife? My household needs a successor. We have been waiting for the arrival of a young man overflowing with courage, and with heart, wisdom, and strength.


Francis: Lydia rescued me. More than that, she has healed my wasted heart. But this is very sudden.


Gabriel: Please, take some time to consider.


Francis: I will.


Francis (voice-over): The next day I ventured forth from the house in search of the temple to ask God in Heaven what my fate was to be. The head of the temple, High Priest Raphael, sought me out.


Scene 6 The Temple of the Roses


Raphael: A knights order which serves god at war with the Church. A truly deplorable state of affairs.


Francis: I’ve always wondered why must people always compete? If we could erase the war-like heart, the wild soul deep within people’s hearts, won’t war disappear from the earth? Won’t everyone be able to lead peaceful lives like the people of this valley?


Raphael: Mikhail, have you told him?


Mikhail: No, nothing.


Raphael: I see. You, who have been pursued, body and soul, have realized the foolishness of fighting. It is well done. To you I will give advice in turn. Leave this place as soon as you may.


Francis: What do you mean?


Raphael: I will explain to you the truth.


M 10 “The Seal of Roses”



Look please. At that cross.


Francis: It’s unusual. There are five roses entwined about it.



Let’s reveal them. Those roses are seals for violent souls.


Francis: Seals?



This Valley of the Roses, everyone is of vampire blood here.


Francis: Vampire blood?



Long ago, when the Roman Empire was conquering the world and expanding,

There was one race that would not bend, even at the end

They were very strong, and never lost

Why? Because they couldn’t die


Francis: Couldn’t die?



An undying race.


Francis: There’s no such thing.







They only had one weapon:

Sucking the blood from the nape of their enemy’s neck


Francis: That’s dreadful! Mikhail, is this true?



They’re not human, they’re a different race

One taste of violence,

And they are as brutal as a demon


Francis: I can’t—I can’t believe it.



A thousand years ago, the Church intervened

Pope Julius appeased the wild souls

The wild vampire souls were brought

And sealed beneath the cross entwined with five roses


Francis: What do the five roses mean?


Mikhail: Pope Julius set five jewels into the cores of the roses. White is a diamond, and affection. Blue is a sapphire, for intelligence.


Raphael: Red is a ruby, for courage. Green is an emerald, for justice. And purple is an amethyst, for tolerance.


Francis: What if someone destroys the seal?


Mikhail: It’s said that person will house those violent souls and turn into an evil vampire.


Raphael: This is why we all protect this rose cross.


Francis: Has the vampire race died out?


Raphael: They will not die. Forever.


Francis: Meaning, they’re living?


Mikhail: But they no longer have violent souls.


Francis: My wound healing so suddenly, was that a vampire power as well?


Raphael: Ah, who can say? I implore you, leave before you join their ranks.


Francis: Mikhail, the one who drew the poison from my neck wasn’t an angel. It was Lydia. In my fogged memory, all I can recall is her fragrance.


Mikhail: Francis…


Mikhail watches Francis leave, obviously troubled.


M 12 “The Burden of Love”


In the Valley of the Roses I met a beautiful vision

Prettier than flower petals

Cheeks the color of roses

No matter how I look at her, she’s like an angel

Filled with purity

Her singing voice echoes refreshingly throughout the valley

Aa, that you are not human

That you are from a race that can never die

Anyone could believe it

I have been awaiting

A fate I never knew was approaching

At last we have met, lovely flower bud

My beloved is a vampire

The burden of loving

Clamps down on my chest

To go on living

To go on living


Scene 7 The Rose Garden


Lydia: Sir Francis. My father has been searching for you.


Francis: I went to the temple. I wanted to hear God’s voice.


Lydia: My father went too far, didn’t he? A gallant knight such as yourself must have a lady. Please, forget this country girl from the mountains.


Francis: Lydia, you saved me.


Lydia: I did what I could.


Francis: You were the one to draw out the poison, weren’t you?


Lydia: (speechless)


Francis: But it didn’t cause you any pain at all.


Lydia: I spit it out right away.


Francis: Once that poison enters your mouth, it remains. And then there is the fact that my wound closed immediately. As if by magic.


Lydia: You heard at the temple.


Francis: You, your people are vampires?


Lydia: Yes. I have the youngest blood of anyone. My father has always wanted a strong successor to prevent the violent souls from resurrecting in this world of continuing wars. Then you appeared.


Francis: But, I love you, and that doesn’t bind me to become a vampire.


Gabriel: True. Which is why we have the rite.


Francis: Gabriel!


Gabriel: We may be immortal, but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel all the years. A hundred years may accumulate slowly, but we weaken. If the seal should be broken, the one who absorbs the violent souls will take the world in his hand and the slaughter will begin again. Your power will be vital.


Francis: I wish you’d told me everything from the beginning.


Gabriel: If you knew, would you have come to love Lydia?


Francis: What is this rite you spoke of?


Lydia: If you don’t like it, please don’t ask!


Francis: I like you. Whether you are a vampire or not continues to trouble me, but I can’t hate you.


Lydia: I’m glad.


Gabriel: The rite is the one with the youngest blood giving a soul to the new applicant.


Francis: How?


Gabriel: By taking blood from his neck.


Francis: Then, that time you sucked out the poison—


Lydia: I gave you no soul.


Gabriel: We will postpone the engagement until your heart is settled. Think on it carefully. Come, Lydia.


Francis stops them from leaving.


Francis: My heart is settled! I love Lydia. If I can be bound to her, I won’t begrudge any sacrifice. Let the engagement be soon!


Gabriel: Good. As expected of the man I anticipated. Maya, gather everyone in the hall.


Maya: Yes.


Francis: Lydia… I won’t be parted from you.


Mikhail appears and moves as if to go towards Lydia and Francis.


Maya: Mikhail! Where are you going?


Mikhail: That man, he’s being added to the family?


Maya: He’s been deemed suitable to be the successor.


Mikhail: Why not me?


Maya: You are given to God. You cannot have a wife.


Mikhail: But I have always loved Lydia!


Maya: Give her up.


Mikhail: No!


Mikhail flees.


Scene 8 The Temple of the Roses


M 13 “Betrothal Ceremony”


Raphael: Is this really all right?


Francis: I decided it for myself.


Raphael: I understand. As God wills.


Gabriel: We’re going to hold the ceremony for Sir Francis and Lydia, Father Raphael.


Mikhail shoves forward out of the crowd and grabs Raphael, holding a knife to his throat.


Mikhail: Stop!


Raphael: Mikhail!


Mikhail: This ceremony is over. That man is shadowed by a crime of heresy against the Church of Rome!


Raphael: You have violated the precepts! You will fall into hell!


Mikhail: Letting another man have the woman I love – that is hell!


Gabriel: Even if you weren’t a priest, you couldn’t be my successor.


Mikhail: Why?


Gabriel: Because you are weak.


Mikhail: What?!


Gabriel: Not just your body. Your heart is weak as well!


Mikhail: What did you say…? How should I become strong, then?


Mikhail shoves Raphael away and begins to go up the steps to the cross.


Raphael: Wait! Don’t go near it!


Mikhail: I wonder… what will happen if I release the seal?


Raphael: Stop!


Mikhail rips the cross out of its mooring and lifts it into the air. He disappears.


Mikhail: There is no God in this world! Francis, now I am a god!


Gabriel: Mikhail, stop!


Gabriel: He’s opened the seal….


Lydia: How could this happen…?


Raphael: Mikhail has disappeared!


Gabriel: No, he’ll be back. With the violent souls absorbed.


Francis: We must seal them again.


Gabriel: But that requires power.


Francis: There’s not a second to spare! We must do the rite. Lydia!


Lydia: Yes.


Francis: Bring me into the family. Give me the soul, now. Quickly!


Lydia: Is this really what you want?


Francis: What do I have to hesitate over? I’m just taking on the same destiny as the one I love.


They kiss.


Francis: My last kiss as a human. Now, give me the soul!


Lydia: Kneel…


Francis kneels and Lydia bites him, taking his blood and lowering him slowly to the floor. He lies there, unconscious.


Gabriel: The rite is finished without hindrance. When he opens his eyes, Francis will be the true successor of the vampire race.


M 15 “Mikhail’s Counterattack ~ Lydia’s Death”


With another crash of thunder, Mikhail has returned. His cassock is gone, and now he wears armor and carries a sword. The soldiers who were chasing Francis follow him into the temple.


Mikhail: Where is Francis?


Raphael: Mikhail! You…


Mikhail: I summoned his pursuers.


Mikhail: Gabriel, only a vampire can win over a vampire, right?


Gabriel: Be quiet!


Mikhail: The wild souls are inside me. Shall we test them? Go!


Mikhail: Lydia, move.


Mikhail lifts his sword, but Lydia stands between him and the unconscious Francis.


Lydia: No.


Mikhail: If you don’t move, you’ll lose your life.


Lydia: I don’t care.


Mikhail: You love Francis that much?!


Lydia: Yes. That’s love.


Mikhail: It’s a lie!


Mikhail cuts her down, then turns to plunge his sword into Francis.


Mikhail: There is no such thing as love. Remember that, Francis.


But Francis wakes up in time to grab the sword. The two wrestle for a short time, and then Francis stands up. He has the sword now. Mikhail picks up the broken cross.


Mikhail: Come!


Francis: Mikhail, give back the cross.


Mikhail: No.


The two wrestle for it, and then Mikhail disappears in a cloud of smoke and thunder. Francis begins searching for Lydia. He finds her and takes her into his arms. She is dying.


Francis: Lydia!


M 16 “The Burden of Love” (Reprise)


Francis: Lydia! Lydia!


Lydia: Lord Francis… I’m glad I was able to meet you. It gave meaning to my hundreds of years of waiting.


Francis: Lydia


Lydia: Only a vampire can win over a vampire. Gather the five roses… If Mikhail gets them, his power will increase…


Francis: Lydia!



A fate I never knew was approaching

At last we have met, lovely flower bud

My beloved has ceased to breath

The burden of loving

Clamps down on my chest

To go on living

To go on living


Scene 9 The River of Time


M 17 “The River of Time”




To go on living for longer

Than there are stars in the heavens

It doesn’t stop

You can’t perish with the hours

Alone, you continue crossing the River of Time

Birth and death

Love and hate

Peace and violence

The life of one who does nothing but continue

Repeating, gazing into the distance

Having enough of the things you have

Letting the time which passes



To play with eternal life

Crossing to the end in search of the roses

Returning grasping only emptiness

Your memory of love seems to be fading

It doesn’t stop

You can’t perish with the hours

Alone, you continue crossing the River of Time



The Second Tale: The Sun King (Paris, Saint Germain Palace 1666)


Scene 10  Inside the Saint Germain Palace


Several ladies in giant ball gowns with wide hoops come out on the stage in front of the curtain. They catch us up on the court gossip.


M 18 “He Is the Sun”



Ah Ah Ah

Ah Ah Ah

Ah Ah Ah

Ah Ah Ah



In this palace in Paris, even if a storm should come

There will never be a day when the sun fails to rise

This is because we have his majesty, the king



His majesty – he is the sun. A god.



To receive the love of a god

This would make any woman happy



To receive the blessing of the sun



To bear a child of the sun



This, too, is a woman’s highest honor



For me



For me



For only me



It’s appropriate to accept his love,

After all, he is the sun

He is His Royal Majesty, King Louis XIV



In this palace

Two powers are competing



Oui, Madame Montespan



The queen, Marie Therese



Lately, the king hasn’t come to me at all

I’m queen in name only

Just a decorative antique doll


Montespan: And the wife of Philippe, younger brother of the new king, Henriette.



I’m the wife of his younger brother,

But from the night of our wedding…


I’ve been attending the king every night

My husband feigns ignorance and pretends not to know



However, lately, the king has been engrossed with creating a ballet (Oui)

Even his dalliances are hurried

All his days are taken up with dancing


Montespan: To mourn the queen dowager, the king will dance to a new work “Apollon and the Muse” at a bright banquet. It’s just been announced that the muse will be chosen at an audition.



I won’t let this chance slip by

One of my ladies-in-waiting will be the one to dance



I won’t miss this chance

One of my ladies-in-waiting will partner with him



Only I am the appropriate one



After all, he is the sun

He is His Royal Majesty, King Louis XIV


Scene 11  The Sun King’s Entrance


Attendant: The king comes~!


King Louis XIV enters and strikes a pose. He is no stranger to his self importance.


M 19 “We Are the Nation”



We are the nation



He is the nation



Our word is the word of God



The word of God



Our thoughts are the thoughts of France



The thoughts of France



Our pleasure is…



France’s pleasure


King: Non!

It belongs only to us.

Our enjoyment is dancing

Ballet, which came from Italy,

Found a perfect home in our chest

Our France will be the best dance nation in the world


King: We will begin today’s lesson.


The king begins to dance, and several gentleman attempt to copy him. They only manage to fall over their own feet.


Ministers: Your majesty! Your majesty! How is this?


King: Deplorable! Is there no dancer in France who can reach my level?



We have hired the playwright Moriel

To make ballet a thing of France



As you wish, immediately.



The composer Lully.



As you wish, immediately.



What we have seen of this new work you created, “Apollon and the Muse”

Every time the same thing, one pattern

We are sick of it


Moriel: Your Majesty?



Can you not imagine a new way of doing things?

Is there not an interesting dance expert?

Somewhere, someone?


Cabinet Minister #1:

There didn’t seem to be within France


Cabinet Minister #2:

We sent out searchers all over the world


Cabinet Minister #3:

We’re taking applicants now


King: Good!



We are the nation

Loved by our country and the women

But there is one thing which we cannot have our way with

That is the creation of a ballet!



The Sun King

He is Louis XIV


Cabinet Minister #1: Three dance envoys from other countries have arrived.


King: What? They traveled quickly.


Cabinet Ministers: Yes.


Cabinet Minister #1: Entry number one, from Turkey. Belly dance.


M 20 “Belly Dance”


The court erupts in uproar when the scantily clad female belly dancers arrive. The men move for a closer look. The king merely looks bored.


King: Next!


Cabinet Minister #2: Entry number two, from Russia. Cossack dance.


M21 “Cossack Dance”


This slightly intrigues the king. He gets out of his throne to get a closer look and nearly gets tripped by one of the dancers. That is the end of that.


King: Non!


Cabinet Minister #3: Entry number three… no nationality? Gypsy dance.


M22 “Gypsy Dance”


A group of woman and one man appear. The man’s dance is seductive and flirty, and the court ladies faint away one by one.


King: Quiet down! Have just the man stay!


The women leave. The king considers the dancer.


King: You there, what are you?


Francis: I am a wandering gypsy.


King: Where have you come from?


Francis: From the other side of time.


King: Don’t banter with us. You have the air of a lowborn gypsy, but where did you refine your craft?


Francis: Long, long ago, deep in the Balkan Mountains.


King: It wouldn’t be suitable for us to go and learn in such a backcountry. Therefore, you will instruct us.


Moriel: I’m very uneasy, Your Majesty, for such a person of unknown lineage to be associated with the Sun King.


King: We don’t mind.


Lully: But, there are rules for this new French ballet style which we have created. Gypsy dance and other—


King: Be silent! We want to be able to make women swoon by dancing! Like this man. What is your name?


Francis: I am called Francis.


King: Good, Francis. You will instruct us.


Francis: As you wish.


King: We will dance an improvisation. Music!


M23 “Impromptu Song”


Francis begins a complicated dance with leaps and twirls that the king first copies, and then joins him in. They end triumphantly.


King: This is the first time that we have met a dancer of our caliber. Francis will be our dance instructor.


: You can choose your reward, so long as you never dance better than we.


Francis: As you wish.


King: Good! Moving on, we’ll have the audition for who will play the muse to dance with me at the banquet. Francis, you’ll be the judge; give them a task.


Moriel: Now, now, ladies, line up! Line up!


Moriel herds a group of young ladies together. Half wear the colors of Henriette, half wear the colors of the queen. Those two ladies urge them on from the sides.


M24 “Practice Song”


Queen: Everyone, try your best!


Henriette: I’ll give the winner a gift of money!


Francis: A balance check.


Francis bends over on one leg, touches his toe, and stands up again. The girls attempt to copy him, and most fall over.


Francis: All right, that’s the end. I’ve decided. This girl and this girl are equals.


Francis has chosen one of the queen’s ladies, and one of Henriette’s.


King: Hmm. Then how about this one?


Henriette: Charlotte! Well done!


Queen: Your Majesty! I protest. Why is there only one muse?


King: For that, you’ll have to ask Moriel, who wrote the script.


Moriel: Well, doesn’t Apollon dance with one muse…?


Queen: No! It is not strange that the god of music, Apollon, like our king, should have more than one woman!


King: Marie Therese!


Queen: I am astonished -- You still remember my name!


Francis: His Majesty is the sun, so there are many stars which circle him without parting. Every star needs the sun to shine.


Moriel: Glibly said.


King: Moriel. How about it? Why not have two muses?


Moriel: As you wish.


Henriette: Eeh? It’s not like you, Your Majesty, to change your mind because of a woman’s opinion!


King: Henriette!


The king suddenly notices a new arrival and calls out to his brother.


King: Oh, Philippe, you come at a good time. Your wife is being troublesome. Do something with her.


Philippe: My wife? Ah, that woman who follows the sun like a sunflower? What’s she called…?


Henriette: Oooh! Did you forget my name?!


Philippe: It’s been a long time since I’ve heard it.


King: Gambling till dawn again?


Philippe: I have nothing else to do.


King: There are women enough here. Have some fun with them.


Philippe: As you wish.


King: It’s time to celebrate. Francis, you’ll stay in the palace. We’ll put a page at your disposal. Henry!


Henry: Yes, Your Majesty.


King: You’re responsible for this man.


Henry: Certainly.


Henry bows and leads Francis away.


Henry: Please let me know your wishes.


Francis: This place seems extremely complex.


Henry: I’ll show you around.


M25 “Sun and Moon”

Philippe: If the king is the sun, then is his brother the moon...?

When he was born, the older brother's first cry rang out
And they say it resounded throughout the palace
The younger brother's first cry was like the whine of a mosquito
And they thought "Is he dead?"
The older brother is the sun, the younger the moon
Everyone else is a planet,
And they all revolve around the sun
Flowers bloom in the sun
Trees bask in its rays and grow tall
If there were no moon
The night would be so dark
But people worship the sun
If the sun sank
If it never rose again
The world would be in shadow
Then people would realize
That the moon is king

Secret Messenger: Your highness, a message from Madame Noir. She says to bring someone who can make direct contact with the king.


Philippe: Understood.


Scene 12   Here and There Around the Palace


Night has come, and men and women are pairing off in the gardens of the palace. Henry leads Francis through them.


M26 “A Different Face at Night”


Henry: Do you know? In this Saint Germain Palace in Paris, everyone has two faces.


At night, people show a different face

No matter the man or the woman

They are reborn in the night

A friend during the day is a rival in love at night

A friend at night is someone’s wife during the day

Everyone knows

Everyone understands

Where is this? It’s Saint Germain of Paris

When the sun sets, we transform into hunters of love


Henry: Please, enjoy yourself with love.


Francis: Love… That’s a word I’ve forgotten.


Henry: It can’t be due to your looks.


Francis: How many years has it been since I’ve held a woman?


Henry: Why? Are you unwell?


Francis: Yes. An illness of long life.


Henry: What’s that supposed to mean? Eh?


Francis: And do you not have a lover either?


Henry’s entire face crumples and he looks like he is about to cry.


Henry: Well, that is~!


Francis: What’s wrong?


Henry: Because my Charlotte is so good at dancing, she has the favor of the king now.


Francis: That sharp-chinned girl?


Henry: A woman’s promotion is based on her bearing the king’s child. For the sake of the woman I love, I-!


Francis: You’ll give her up?


Henry: I ca~n’t!


The queen interrupts them.


Francis: Your Majesty.


Queen: Please leave us. (She waits for Henry to depart.) I have a favor to ask of you.


Francis: Anything.


Queen: I want you to instruct my lady-in-waiting, Mireille, ahead of time in the dance steps. She must be able to dance them better than Charlotte.


Francis: And my recompense?


The queen gabs Francis’s hand and places it on her bosom.


Queen: My love.


Francis: That’s too extravagant!


Francis tries to back away, and the queen grabs his arm instead. She peers at the tattoo on the back of his wrist.


Queen: A rose tattoo!


Francis: Just something I got to break up the tedium of my travels. (He covers it up once more with the lace of his cuff.) Please have Mireille come and see me personally.


Queen: I’m depending on you.


The queen departs, and Henry reappears.


Henry: Is that tattoo the mark of an oath to a lover?


Francis: If so it would have come too late…


M27 “People Fall in Love”


Francis: Love… I’ve forgotten how it feels.


I’ve passed countless nights with women

Held more women than I can recall

But to call any of those memories “love,” with the pounding that entails


It was buried long, long ago

The painful, sweet beating

My chest was filled with heat

Where did I leave it behind?

Because I threw away my humanity

Does this mean I can no longer love?

Because I stopped being human

Does this mean I lost my human heart?

Ah, can I fall in love

With someone again?

If I do, will I snatch their life away?

Could I endure myself if I did?

I’ve forgotten love


Scene 13   Madame Noir


A veiled woman in dark violet greets her nervous visitors.


Philippe: Madame Noir, this is Charlotte. She was chosen as the king’s partner.


Madame: Hm. And what do you want me to do with this little girl?


Philippe: You already know, don’t you? I am barred without exception from all of the affairs of state, and I’ve spent my whole life like this in shadow. Even my wife has been snatched away, thanks to him. I want to triumph over those who have looked down on me.


Madame: And to do that, you want the king dead.


Philippe: I’m not thinking of going so far as to take his life. I just want to be king. To do that, my brother needs first to fall…


Minister 1: While the king spends all of his time on ballet, the affairs of the state are neglected.


Minister 2: And this time he’s started building an enormous palace in Versailles.


Minister 3: If things go on like this the treasury will fail and the country will go bankrupt.


Madame: (Under her breath) That would be more interesting, but…


All: Eh?


Madame: I, Madame Noir, am the foremost alchemist of the day, and I shall put all of my secret formulas to work. Let us see if we can change the future of France. Well then, I shall perform my art on this girl. Don’t be frightened. This won’t hurt. Now, everyone. Hold hands and close your eyes. Abracadabra! Abracadabra! Bibbidi bobbidi boo!


The sit at a long table and comply, but Philippe peeks.


Philippe: Ah! She’s floating!


All: What?!


Madame: Close your eyes! (everyone obeys) Now, make your wish. Spirit of Satan, move into this girl!


Ministers: Elohim essaim, elohim essaim, elohim essaim


Philippe: Ekoeko azarak, ekoeko azarak


Madame Noir raises her veil, revealing herself to be Mikhail. Mikhail leans over and bites Charlotte, then wipes his mouth and  replaces his veil. They all open their eyes and look. Charlotte looks rapturous.


Philippe: What happened?


Madame: Satan’s spirit has entered her. Later she will take in your thoughts and be able to attack the king.


All: Oh!


Philippe: Madame, your reward?


Madame: Nothing! I did this for the sake of France. But, on the other hand…


Philippe: What?


Madame: When you are ruling over the entire country, I want to be a shadow minister.


Philippe attempts to lift her veil, but she stops him. He kisses her hand instead.


Philippe: You have my promise, madame.


Madame: You mustn’t! Now, Charlotte! Dance. Until the dawn comes….


Scene 14   Midnight in the Garden


M29 “Vampire Charlotte


Charlotte dances, floating between pair of lovers, biting men at random, who in turn bite their own lovers. It is an eerie nightmare. Henry attempts to stop her and gets bitten as well.





Then Francis arrives and takes in the damage.


Francis: Charlotte, you…


Charlotte: I’ve been waiting, king of us all.


M30 “Adaggio


The two dance. As they reach the end, Francis bites her, returning her to herself. Henry wakes up to find her unconscious in his lap.


Henry: Charlotte! What did you do to her?!


Francis: I returned her. For your sake.


Henry: Wha?


Charlotte: Uhhh


Henry: Charlotte! Wake up!


Charlotte: Henry!


Henry: What’s wrong?


Charlotte: I had a frightening dream. The prince took me to see Madame Noir, and she used her arts.


Francis: Madame Noir?


Henry: An alchemist.


Francis: I see. Things have become interesting. Henry, when the night brightens, please go to see the queen. Tell her I’ll give Mireille a special lesson.


Henry: All right.


Scene 15   Celebration


The day of the ballet has arrived. The court is in their finest glitter, and King Louis arrives to outshine them all.


M31A “Celebration”



To mourn the queen dowager

Tonight at the Sun King’s banquet

The king will dance a new ballet



Apollon and



The two muses


All Three:

Watch carefully


M31B “Apollon and the Two Muses”


The king dances with Charlotte and Mireille. Philippe becomes frustrated and tries to pull Charlotte aside.


Philippe: Charlotte, fulfill your mission! Go!


Suddenly Mireille begins acting strangely and bites Francis!


Francis: Mireille!


King: Stop! Seize that woman!


There is a fracas as women scream and the guards seize Mireille.


Henriette: This woman is a vampire!


All: Whaa?


Queen: Don’t be ridiculous!


King: Mireille was the same as always at practice yesterday. Did something happen last night?


Queen: Nothing at all! She just had a special lesson from Francis!


All: Francis?


Francis makes his entrance.


Francis: Here.


King: Francis, is this true?


Francis: I taught her dance.


Madame: Your Majesty, there is no doubt, that is a blood sucking demon, a vampire!


King: Who are you?


Madame: Madame Noir, Prince Philippe’s alchemist.


Francis: No, Your Majesty, that creature is a madame in name only, and is certainly a vampire.


King: What?


Francis: Lift up the veil, Mikhail. Charlotte will give testimony to everything about your brother and that creature.


King: Make certain of that woman.


Moriel: Yes, Your Majesty.


When the guards come towards him, Mikhail rips off the veil and pulls a gun from the front of his dress.


Madame: Well, come on. I’ll open up a hole in your chest!


King: A man!


Madame: Your Majesty, watch carefully! Although he takes a bullet, he is a demon that isn’t perturbed at all.


Francis: Mikhail, you have an amethyst rose on your chest. You found it?


Mikhail strokes the flower and smirks.


Mikhail: While you’ve been passing your time carelessly.


Francis: And then I put a stop to your plans to overturn this country.


Mikhail: You’re an annoyance!


Mikhail fires his gun at Francis.


King: Looked like a perfect hit!


Mikhail: He too is an undying vampire.


King: Francis! Have you nothing to say?


Francis: It was my training as a dancer.


King: Eh! Seize them both!


Guards: Yes!


As the guards encircle them, Francis and Mikhail find themselves fighting back to back.


Francis: Maestro! A tarantella!


M32 “Tarantella”


Francis: Mikhail, I won’t let you have the remaining roses.


Mikhail: As if you could stop me!


Mireille attempts to bite the king, and Francis bites her and returns her to normal. The king becomes angry.


King: Francis! You…


Henry: Francis, thank you!


Francis: If you want to be happy with her, leave the palace.


Henry: Yes! We’re going back to our hometown!


Henry and Charlotte leave the chaos. Henriette screams as she runs from a vampiric Philippe, who then goes after his brother. Francis bites him and returns him to normal as well.


King: Philippe.


Philippe: Brother.


King: You plotted treason.


Henriette looks at her husband in accusation.


Henriette: Did you really?


Philippe: Aaaah! Out of my way!


Philippe shoves his way out of the room. Mikhail escapes as well. The king has had enough of this nonsense.


King: Non!


Our thoughts are the thoughts of France



He is the Sun King, Louis XIV


Only the king and Francis are left.


King: It seems like you have saved us from danger.


Francis: By force of circumstances.


King: Are you truly a vampire?


Francis: I will leave that up to your imagination.


King: Won’t you let us learn about eternal life?


Francis: I’d also like to know.


The king is yet again annoyed by Francis’s smooth answers, but he reins in his temper.


King: What?! Well, it can’t be helped. We will overlook it.


Francis: Thank you very much.


King: Where will you go from here?


Francis: To the other side of time.


King: To do what?


Francis: To look for roses.


King: There are many roses in our gardens.


Francis:  These are roses with a story.


King: Is that so. The expert dancer who searches for roses. We will remember you. Farewell.


M33 “Vampire Requiem” (Reprise)



All living things in this world
Hold their life dear
If you are destined to lose your life,
Who will you love?

Aaa, vampire
Aaa, requiem
The burden of unending time
Wandering in search of roses



Act 2


Rika: We will now begin act two of The Seal of Roses, conducted by Misaki Megumi.


The Third Tale: Tango Club (Berlin 1934)


Scene 1   In the Street


Whistles sound as men run through darkened back alleys. Men in Nazi uniforms swarm the stage.


M34 “Preface”


SA1: There he goes!


SA2: Follow him!


They grab a huddled figure out from behind a trash can.


SA1: Is this the one?


SA2: That’s a beggar.


SA1: Out of our way!


SA3: Stop! You don’t give up, do you? Jewish dog. Come!


Suddenly a dark, cloaked figure appears between the soldiers and their prey.


SA3: Wh-who are you?


Francis: A passer-by.


SA3: You realize we’re Nazi SA (Sturmabteilung), and you’re going to get in our way?


Francis: Yes, exactly.


SA3: Bastard! Are you SS (Schutzstaffel)?


Francis: No. Come, let’s become friends.


His large cloak spreads out as he seems to embrace the soldier.


Francis: Look the other way!


Hans: Okay!


Francis: It’s fine now.


Hans turns around to find that the soldier has disappeared.


Hans: Ah, where did he-?


Francis: He’s been dealt with.


Hans: Eh!


Hans shrinks back.


Francis: Would you rather do it, or have it be done to you?


Hans: And who are you? SS?


Francis: No. Relax.


Hans: Even a German will be punished for helping a Jew.


Francis: I’m an exiled Russian aristocrat, Marquis Aleksei Korsavsky.


Hanz: I’m a Jewish university student exiled by mistake, Hans Rubenstein.


Francis: Do you have somewhere to go?


Hans: Nowhere.


Francis: Well then, why not come with me and dance the tango?


Hans: Tango?


Francis: I’ll lead the way.


As they leave, the beggar stumbles to his feet, pointing after them.


Beggar: The rose tattoo!


Scene 2   Club Rosenkreuz


M35 “Blue Sky”


The club is full of gentleman in tuxedos and ladies in fashionable 30s gowns. The gentleman are dancing a tango, and Francis appears to help them finish it.


Helga: Wilkommen! Welcome once more this evening to Club Rosenkreuz! It’s the time to make requests that you’ve all been waiting for. We will begin with the desired songs. The club’s employees will partner the single ladies.


Francis draws her aside after she finishes her speech.


Francis: I’ve rescued someone. I’ll bring him to the waiting room.


Helga: Understood.


Hans: Is it all right?


Francis: Wait until midnight.


They draw him aside and into the back rooms. Meanwhile, a spoiled young girl is trying to pull a young man and his partner apart.


Louise: Emile! Don’t dance with this old lady! Come and dance with me!


Lady: My! How rude!


Emile: Louise, I have a prior engagement with this lady.


Louise: Are you getting rid of me?


Emile: I’m not getting rid of your or anything, you’re one of my important customers, that’s all.


Louise: My father is Nazi SS staff! If you treat me badly, do you know what could happen to you? To this club?


A grizzled man with a long scar down his cheek steps forward.


Lehm: This club is used by us SA officers.


Louise: Commander Lehm….


Lehm: This isn’t a place where those green SS come.


Louise: So it seems this is a club the rogue SA like!


Lehm: Why you-!


Emile: Louise, won’t you go home for tonight?


Louise: I’ll remember this!


The girl stomps off in a fit of anger.


Helga: Everyone, please pay her no mind. The request is “Tango Nocturno”.


M36 “Tango of the Night”


Helga: Commander, the marquis is here as well.


Francis: I’m in good health… I’d like to say, but….


Lehm: Damnation. We SA are trying to support Nazi Germany, but lately the SS has come trespassing in our domain and it’s causing trouble.


Francis: But, in society don’t you have a reputation for your appointment as the next Minister of National Defense, in charge of the entire military?


Lehm: If Adolf has his way with his opposition, I wonder if it will still become reality?


Francis: Adolf, almost no one in this world actually calls him Chancellor Hitler.


Lehm: In that last World War, I served as a captain in the army, Adolph was a corporal. And now our places are reversed.


Helga: When you become minister, let’s reserve a night to celebrate.


Lehm: Hey, don’t jump the gun!


A uniformed soldier interrupts them.


Klaus: Sir! Another vampire incident.


Lehm: What?!


Klaus: A soldier was chasing an escaping Jew when he was attacked by something.


Lehm: Drained dry of blood again?


Klaus: Yes, sir.


Lehm: Damnation. It feels as if he’s targeting the SA.


Francis: A frightening tale.


Lehm: What, this? If there really is a vampire, we’ve been ordered by the chancellor to capture him alive and discover the secret of eternal life. I’ll introduce you. This is Dr. Schmitt, professor of biology.


Doctor: Pleased to meet you. I am in charge of the Nazi experiments on living bodies. For the future of a better human race.


Helga: Well then, let’s have a toast for the future of humanity and the SA.


Francis notices a rather pale, thin woman dancing in the crowd.


Francis: Who is that?


Helga: She calls herself the Baroness de Frazzo.


Francis cuts in and dances with the “baroness”.


Francis: I recognize that amethyst rose.


Frazzo: It was a present.


Francis: From whom?


Frazzo: If you want to meet, I’ll carry a message.


Francis: Tell your admirer I would like to meet.


Frazzo: Understood.


Suddenly a group of young women in rather silly uniforms begin performing a song and dance.


M37 “Be a General”



To be a general, you must start as a private

No matter how great the general, everyone begins…

Shoulder your gun! One! Two!

Every day One! Two!

To be a general, you must start as a private


Klaus: Here you go, the real thing!



Everyone loves a cheerful soldier

But the cutest of all is the private

The private is the egg that will be a great general

How great of a general he will become!


The soldier Klaus tries to get fresh with Paula, switching his hat with hers, and she shoves him away. He moves as if to strike her. Her brother tries to stop him, but gets held back.


Klaus: Aren’t you happy? Hm, girly?


Paula: Stop it!


Emile: Paula!


Klaus: You-!


Nothing stops Francis, however.


Francis: Paula is my woman. You can look, but don’t touch her.


Klaus: What!?


Francis plants a solid punch on Klaus’s nose. Paula continues, obviously seething with anger, and she shoves the hat at the commander’s stomach before storming away.



Even though he’s a COMMANDER… he’s still human


M38 “Be a General” (chaser)


?: Hey. Hey!


Emile: Paula!


Helga: I’m sorry. Paula is an impertinent child.


Francis: Commander, I’ll leave your man’s discipline to you.


Francis exits.


Lehm: Russian exile! Here the SA is the aristocracy! Remember that! (He lowers his voice and turns to Klaus.) Hey, Klaus, you’ve a bad head for alcohol. That’s why we get called the band of rogues.


Klaus: Yes, sir.


Helga: Now, let’s drink and make peace. This way…


Klaus: Commander, I’m sorry.


Scene 3   The Club’s Waiting Room


In the back room, Paula stands behind a screen changing out of the uniform and into a dress. Emile talks to her around the screen.


Emile: Paula, no matter how much you hate the Nazis, you can’t be so outspoken. You understand that, don’t you?


Paula: I know, brother. But there’s a limit to how long I can go on deceiving them and pretending to be a German.


Emile: Keep trying. The Jews have been persecuted for two thousand years. We are living in an age of terrible evil. (Sees Hans.) Ah, it’s you. Don’t mind us.


Hans: Um, could you two perhaps be…


Emile: Yes. Our mother’s grandmother was a Jew. We grew up thinking of ourselves as Germans, but under Nazi law we aren’t seen as Germans.


Hans: Then, this club is-?


Emile: Madame Helga is our older sister with a different mother. There’s no Jewish blood flowing in her veins, but she is aiding us.


Hans: And that Russian marquis?


Emile: He’s our patron.


Hans: What are you all doing?


Francis enters.


Francis: We’re lending our strength to Jewish intellectuals and artists who want to emigrate.


Hans: I heard a rumor. But in such a den of SA….


Francis: They say you can’t see the forest for the trees, don’t they?


Paula: Marquis, thank you for earlier.


He hands her her uniform hat.


Francis: I made up an awful lie on the spot. Please forgive me. But if you’re too much of a tomboy, you’ll get burned.


Emile: The marquis is right.


Francis: Hans, you said it was a mistake that you were exiled?


Hans: Yes. I finally got my hands on a forgery. They saw through my passport.


Emile: What?


Francis: Put him on the next list.


Emile: Understood. Hans, the list is in another room. Come with me.


Hans: Thank you!


The two leave.


Paula: How long will this go on? This state of things…


Francis: Things aren’t satisfactory like this, are they? You have to bear it and keep on.


Paula: It isn’t in the papers, but do you know the rumors about the vampire? They say it’s been attacking the SA soldiers who harass the Jews.


Francis: Do you really think there’s a vampire?


Paula: Ah, who can tell I saw that movie called “Nosferatu”, but he was much too skinny and an old man. And when the dawn light hits him he dissolves away.


Francis: Ah, that movie is a pack of lies. Drawing him out like that bald crane….


Paula: Marquis, could it be that you know the vampire?


Francis back-peddles.


Francis: No, not really. What would you say if I did know him?


Paula: That’s true. I don’t know what kind of person he is, but I’d want him to come save me like Superman and kick the Nazis around.


Francis: But he could drink your blood.


Paula: I don’t care if he drinks my blood, so long as he kills the Nazis I’ll give him as much as he wants!


Francis: No matter what kind of old man he is?


Paula: Yes. I’m not frightened.


Using the stage props, Francis has wrapped the cloak around his head with a mop sticking out the front.


Francis: All right then! The mysterious Nosferatu~!


Paula: *Shriek*


Francis: Nosferatu!


Francis chases her around the room until he has her in his arms. But as he leans in for the fake bite he pauses.


Francis: Come! I’ll drink your blood--


Paula: Don’t stop.


Francis: Paula…


He draws back.


Paula: Do you dislike me?


Francis: I have a good opinion of you.


Paula: Then kiss me.


Francis: That’s not something you can say to someone.


Paula: Because you’re a Marquis and I’m a Jewish dancer?


Francis: No! If I thought that way I wouldn’t be collaborating with you all.


Paula: Then why?


Francis: I’ve been wandering from country to country for a very long time. I’ve had so many love affairs that I’ve grown weary of them. But there is only one woman whom I have ever truly loved. I can’t believe that I could ever exceed that love, and so I can never love again.


Paula: I see. She’s probably a princess somewhere, that woman.


She leans towards him with a pleading face.


: In times like this, a Jew never knows when they will die. It’s important to live from moment to moment and treasure the time. I don’t know when we’ll never meet again. So, just for tonight. Won’t you hold me?


Francis: Paula…


Just as Francis seems to waver, Helga arrives.


Helga: Marquis, the baroness has asked to meet with you. I’ve left her in a private room.


Francis: For me?


Helga: Don’t be surprised, she’s got an SS officer with her. I thought you wouldn’t want him to meet Lehm.


Francis: Thank you.


Helga: Paula, if you’ve finished changing, please go and improve the commander’s humor.


Paula: Helga…


Helga: You must bear up. If we fall under suspicion, everything we’ve worked so hard for will be for nothing.


Paula: If it’s just a little longer.


Francis: Which room?


Helga: I’ll take you.


Paula sings sadly to herself after they leave.


M39 “My Vampire”



If the vampire really does live

He would have long black hair, and long eyelashes

Tango would be his specialty

A strength that crushes to save the weak

Own both courage and a sense of justice

But be awkward around women

Staying faithful to an old love

If I was his lover

I wouldn't hesitate to give him anything

But my vampire is a shy guy

Aa, at least a kiss

I don't need eternal life

I just want to be bound to you for one night

My vampire


Scene 4   A Private Room Inside the Club


Francis enters the private room to see the “baroness” and the back of an SS officer.


Frazzo: I brought him, as you wanted.


Francis: I don’t know any Nazi SS…


Frazzo: He told me you were intimates long ago.


The officer turns around, revealing Mikhail.


Mikhail: You look well. Marquis Korsavsky.


Francis: Mikhail… I thought it would be you.


Mikhail: Now I’m Lieutenant Colonel Caesar of the SS.


Francis: Why did you send this half-vampire? I spotted her as soon as I took her hand. Her body temperature was abnormally low.


Frazzo: Even though I took care to wear gloves…


Mikhail: It was merely logical -- there was vampire turmoil, so you must be in Berlin.


Francis: It’s been a while.


Mikhail: Since Napoleon’s Russian campaign?


Francis: Back then, I got one of the roses.


Mikhail: The diamond, wasn’t it? I found the ruby in Sarajevo during the last Great War.


Francis: Together with the amethyst that makes two.


Mikhail: The entire world will soon be breaking into war. No one can stop it now. Then we’ll no doubt find a few more.


Francis: I came to Berlin to be certain that they don’t fall into your hands.


Mikhail: The Nazis are collecting together treasures from all over the world. It will be easy for me to claim them.


Francis: Then what do you want with me?


Mikhail: Hmm, listen.


Mikhail and the baroness draw an unwilling Francis into their dance.


M40 “Mikhail’s Temptation”



For 700 years I’ve struggled this far

To take the world in my hands

That’s enough; I’ve grown weary of it

I’ve come here to clasp hands

To put an end to this last war

And to bring about

A time of peace on this planet


Francis: An admirable thought from you, of all people.



Collect the five roses with me

Let’s seal again the violent souls


Francis: Are you serious?



If you cooperate with me

I’ll hand over my roses


With your diamond that will make three

If we find the two remaining it will be complete


: Until then the world will become the Third Reich. Then we can seal Hitler and all will be well.


The Third Reich will belong to the vampires

At last the time will come when we

Rule the earth


Francis refuses the offer, shaking them off of him and extricating himself from their clutches.


Francis: I’ve only found one rose so far. But no matter what happens, I will not let you have it.


Mikhail: From now on war will be in an age of chemical warfare. The great slaughters will increase rapidly. Your power will be able to resolve nothing. Take the Nazis from Hitler. You should take my hand here.


Emile’s shout interrupts them.


Emile: Heey! A crowd of SA soldiers have forced their way in! They say they’ve found the vampire.


Francis: All right. I’ll be there soon.


Mikhail: Should you go out there?


Francis: Yes. I have to protect… many people here.


Francis leaves.


Mikhail: That girl? She certainly looks like her. Like Lydia.


Frazzo: Who is that?


Mikhail: The shackle on his heart.


Scene 5   The Club’s Main Hall


The club is in chaos as the soldiers come in herding the slightly insane beggar ahead of them.


M41 “I Saw the Vampire!”



I saw it! The vampire!

I couldn’t see his face well behind his coat and hat

He saved the Jew and came into this club






Yes, really! The reward money is mine~!



At last, a vampire

The time has come to capture him alive

We’ll do an autopsy at the camp





A soldier comes out with a struggling Hans.


SA Soldier: Here he is! He was hiding in a corner of the kitchen.



This is the man who was saved

There’s definitely no mistake


Soldier: Show us your identification papers.


Hans: I don’t have them.


Soldier: What!?


Lehm: Take him to headquarters and investigate!


Francis arrives and puts an arm around the trembling Hans.


Francis: Wait!


Lehm: Marquis.



He is the son of my house’s steward

When I left Russia, he was exiled with me

Because we met again tonight for the first time in a long time

I took him along with me

He is not a suspicious person


Lehm: I won’t count on the word of an exiled aristocrat.



Him! He is the one! The vampire!

I saw it; the rose tattoo on his wrist!


The beggar grabs Francis’s arm and pulls back the sleeve to check.


Klaus: Not a doubt!


All: Oooh!


Beggar: Give me the reward money!


Francis: Doctor, how would you test to see if I were a vampire or not?


The doctor puts down his little black bag and begins pulling things out and shaking them at Francis.



All right! Garlic!

A cross!

Holy water!

No good?

Let’s see what the sun proves tomorrow morning



Is he really a vampire?

Without a deciding factor, I can’t tell!


Mikhail arrives, posed at the top of the stairs.


Mikhail: It’s simple.


Lehm: You! You’re an SS officer. What are you doing here?


Mikhail: I came to see the vampire. If you want to be certain, you should shoot him with a gun. If he doesn’t die, he’s a vampire.


Francis: Mikhail, again…?


Mikhail: Are the SA too cowardly to shoot?


Lehm: What?! Shoot!


Klaus: All right!


Helga: Commander, please stop.


Lehm: Even if all he did was obstruct us in unmasking a Jew, that’s an executable offense.


Paula: Please stop!


Paula runs forward in front of Francis.


Emile: Paula!


Paula: This man is human! He has a warm heart.


Mikhail: Ahahah! Francis, you must be happy to have such a nice lover.


Suddenly a new troop of soldiers arrive, these in SS uniforms.


SS1: Heil Hitler!


All: Heil Hitler!


SS1: It has been confirmed that this club is a secret base of operations for smuggling Jews out. Until the SS finishes our investigations, no one is to move.


Lehm: What?! This is a SA location at night. You must be mistaken.


Louise: No. The investigation is corroborated. Emile, you were always deceiving me! You’re all Jews!


Lehm: What?!


Emile: Louise, I never deceived you. We may not have told you, but…


Louise: The SA only came here and drank; it was easy to fool them.


Lehm: Be silent! Helga, say something!


Lehm looks pleadingly at Helga, but she shakes her head.


Helga: I won’t say anything. After all…


Lehm: It’s all true…?


Mikhail: Private, you’ve done your job well.


SS1: All, fall in! Guns at the ready!


Beggar: M-my reward money…


Francis: And with this, the seat for Minister of National Defense swings around.


Lehm: What should I do?


Francis: Klaus, take out the electrical fuse!


Klaus: Right.


Francis: Drei, zwei, eins!


When Francis’s countdown reaches one the SA officers shoot out the fuse, throwing the room into darkness and even more chaos. Everyone begins moving around in the darkness.


Scene 6   Dark Departure


M42 “Dark Tango” A



Inside the darkness, where could he be?

The vampire!

Inside the darkness, hiding

The vampire!

SS and


Jumbled together


Meanwhile, Francis brings Paula up so that they’re both perched on the chandeler.


Francis: Paula, now, sit carefully.


Paula: Okay.


Francis: This is the safest place.


He looks at her closely.


Francis: Are you all right?


Paula: Yes, I’m fine.


She looks at him.


Paula: Are you really a vampire?


Francis: If I am, what then?


Paula: Drink my blood!


Francis: No. You'll get too weak.


Paula: The Nazis live off of drinking the blood of living humans!


Francis: That's why I don't want to drink it.


Paula: If I'm going to die anyway, I want to do it in your arms!


Francis: And I can't live forever having held your corpse in my arms. My never-ending time keeps me preserved. So you can’t lose and have to live through this too!


Paula: How...?


M 43 "My Vampire" (reprise)



If the vampire really does live

His lover would have flaxen hair,

long eyelashes, and a cute smiling face

She would help those in need

Own both courage and love

But be a wee bit

too much of a tomboy

If I was her lover

I wouldn't hesitate to give her anything

But the real vampire is a shy guy



Aa, at least a kiss

I don't need eternal life

I just want to be bound to you for one night

I am (you are) a vampire


Beggar: There he is~!


Their moment of peace is shattered when the beggar spots them. They move through the crowd, gathering up Helga, Emile, and Hans as they flee. The soldiers follow them.


M44 “Dark Tango” B


Francis: This way. Emile!


Emile: Marquis!


Paula: Brother!


Emile: Paula! Are you all right?


Francis: Now, you four escape!


Hans: But, passports…


Francis pulls a stack out of his copy and gives them to Hans.


Francis: Fill in the names yourselves!


Emile: Where did these…


Francis: From various countries. I have a collection.


Helga: But we only have the clothes on our backs and money in hand.


Francis pulls out a diamond fixed to a pocket-watch chain. He pulls it off and hands it to her carefully.


Francis: Paula, this is a diamond that once was fastened to a rose that wound around a cross in a church long ago. The petals are all smashed off, but the jewel remains. Change this for money. There should be enough to get you to Paris, or London if you do it well.


Paula: But isn’t it important to you?


Francis: Hurry! There’s no time! Emile, you can’t save any other Jews if you’re not alive yourself!


Emile: I understand. Thank you.


Paula: And you? Aren’t you coming?


Francis: I have something I need to do.


He kisses her.


Klaus: There they are! That way!


Francis: Go!


Everyone runs. Francis turns and waits for the soldiers.


M45 “Departure”


Lehm: Take him alive!


The soldiers flinch back from Francis.


Lehm: What are you doing?


Mikhail: What will you do, Francis? Join with me? Or become experimental material?


Francis: Neither!


Klaus: Fire!


Francis is shot full of bullets and falls. But after a moment he stands up once more.


Mikhail: After him!


Scene 7    The River of Time (Millennium)


M46 “The River of Time Tango”


Shadow Chorus:






The Fourth Tale: Sweet Vampire (The Temple of the Roses 2003)


Scene 8   Everlife


The year is 2003. Mikhail is now a successful business man, with a gang of ruffians at his beck and call.


M47 “The Violent Soul”



The governing of this world by one

This earth by only one, the violent soul

Francis, are you still wandering?

Searching for the remaining roses

Placing your trust foolishly in love and peace

The only one who will be changing the world is me

The only one who will have eternal life is me


Mikhail: I am now the president of the company Everlife, Michael Barton. Dr. Schmitt is now Dr. Smith, and our Everlife Youth Supplements are a huge success.


Chorus A:


Ever beauty


Ever beauty


Doctor: Everlife is made possible by enzymes drawn from the blood of young people. I’m over a hundred years old, but do I look it?


Rennfield: The collection of the blood is made possible by that advertising giant: “Blood”!



Do you want eternal life?

If you want it, hand over your blood

Give me your blood




Humans desire eternal youth

There is a way with biotechnology

By processing life we can rule the world


Mikhail: The next plan is to make the reconstruction of the ruined Rose Temple our headquarters. When the five roses are put to order, my power will become flawless.


Suddenly a much more wholesome-looking group of young people arrive.


Nichola and all:

The roses which protect our livelihoods

The roses which protect our lives


Nichola: I am Nichola, Sweet Vampire of the Valley of the Roses.


Mikhail: Sweet Vampire?


Nichola: A citizens group to help with the reconstruction of the temple. We heard you were planning an event based on the vampire legend.


Mikhail: The eyes of the world will be focused on the Valley of the Roses.


They shake hands.


Nichola: We’re applying to make this a UNESCO World Heritage site. Please don’t make this a commercial event.


Mikhail: Have no fear. We’re holding a symposium as well.


All: We’ll keep an eye on the proceedings.


Mikhail: Allow us to commemorate the return home of “Everlife”.


Rennfield: Jennifer has arrived.


Jennifer: Michael.


Mikhail: Jennifer, I’ve been waiting for you.


Jennifer: As promised, I’ve brought back grandfather’s armor to the valley.


Mikhail notices a corsage attached to the front of Jennifer’s dress, and reaches for it involuntarily.


Mikhail: What is this rose corsage?


Jennifer: Ah, this? It’s made out of a diamond given to my grandmother when she emigrated from Berlin.


Mikhail: What a perfect diamond.


Jennifer: I bet it’s all thanks to your strength that this Rose Temple is being rebuilt.


Mikhail: If that’s the case, then there’s something I want to do at the outset.


Jennifer: What’s that?


Mikhail: Marry you.


Jennifer: Michael…


Mikhail: The greatest drive to do this project came when I met you.


Jennifer: For me as well.


Mikhail: Jennifer. (Kisses her.) I’ll show you where the symposium is being held.



Aa, when the five roses are put back in place

The power of the violent souls will be complete

This world will be in my hands




Ever beauty

The only one with eternal life

Will be me


Chorus B:

The roses which protect our lives

Give me

Your blood



Setting out to look (Looking for vampire)

Looking (Looking for vampire)

Looking for vampire

Eternal life


Chorus A:

Eternal life


Chorus B:

Eternal life



For me alone





Scene 9   Symposium


Nichola: Panelists, an investigator from UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee has arrived: Andrew F. Jones.


Looking very movie star-ish, Francis arrives. He begins shaking hands.


Francis: I’ve come due to the great and passionate efforts of the local non-profit organization Sweet Vampire. I’ll be listening in to the symposium.


Robert: Welcome. I’m the event’s producer, Robert.


Francis: There seems to be a quite strong smell of commercialism around this. Sponsorship from the airline and investments from Everlife backing it.


Rilski: No, I just want to help recognize such a great world heritage.


Francis: It’s no good if your goal is tourism.


He pulls off his sunglasses.


Jennifer: Ah!


Robert: What’s wrong?


Jennifer: He looks exactly like the one in my dream from earlier.


Sarah: See, I told you. It’s déjà vu!


Peter: Then he’s a vampire?


Clifford: The only living vampire we need here is me. More importantly, haven’t you found me a partner for tonight yet?


Robert: Among this many? That’s it! Nichola, is there a beautiful girl in your group?


Nichola: Well, we’re just novices…


Robert: No, all they have to do is lie down and sleep while he sings.


Nichola: Really?


Clifford: All right, let’s have an audition! Everyone come with me.


Rilski: Sounds interesting.


The group wanders off, leaving Francis and Jennifer alone.


Scene 10   The Center Courtyard of the Temple Ruins


Jennifer: I’m sorry, I said something rather rude.


Francis: You are?


Jennifer: I’m Jennifer McCartney, from the “History Detection Club”.


Francis spots her corsage.


Francis: What is this rose?


Jennifer: Is it really so rare? It’s a memento from my grandmother.


Francis: Your grandmother… Has she passed away?


Jennifer: Yes. (Francis looks away for a moment.) Did you know her? You couldn’t have. She secluded herself in her cottage in Scotland until last year.


Francis: Why are you participating in this symposium?


Jennifer: During the war my grandfather found a suit of armor here in the temple and brought it back with him to England. I wanted to return it, and that gave me an opportunity to get involved in this project.


Francis: In other words, the armor called you here.


Jennifer: And you? Is this your first time here?


Francis: No, I was here once, long, long ago.


Jennifer: You talk as if you were an old man!


Francis: Ah, dealing with the structures which have survived through the ages, I lose all sense of time.


Jennifer: They say there were vampires in this temple.


Francis: I know. Everyone would gather long ago in this inner courtyard to worship. They held engagement ceremonies here too.


Jennifer: You’re well informed, as I would expect!


Francis: On that decaying cross over there, five different colored stones were attached and shaped to look like five roses. Just like that corsage. Would you let me borrow it for a moment?


Jennifer: Of course.


Francis: Thank you.


When Francis reaches to take it, she spots his tattoo.


Jennifer: A rose tattoo!


Francis: Yes, the result of youthful impetuosity.


Jennifer: How strange. Grandmother said she got that diamond from a vampire. When I was a child she told me that man had a rose tattoo on his arm.


Francis: Did that story really happen?


Jennifer: She said she got that diamond when she was fleeing the Nazis and left her homeland. So you see, she got really angry whenever she saw a movie with Dracula. She said he was more handsome.


Francis: Ohh?


Jennifer: She said he danced the tango. Can you dance?


Francis: No, not at all.


Jennifer: Of course. But it really does seem as if you’re connected somehow.


Francis: Won’t you hang that rose on the cross? A memorial to the past.


Jennifer: Sure.


Jennifer walks towards the cross, when suddenly ominous thunder rumbles.


M49 “Mikhail’s Entrance ~ The Confrontation”


Mikhail: Jennifer, what are you doing?


Jennifer: I’m listening to some explanations from this man from UNESCO. Mr. Edward F. Jones. This is the president of Everlife, Michael.


Mikhail: F stands for Francis?


Francis: Mikhail in English is Michael…


Jennifer: Do you know each other?


Mikhail: Yes, long ago.


Francis: He has been here before as well.


Mikhail: Don’t say unnecessary things. We’re rose collection rivals. How many have you gathered?


Francis: One. In Vietnam. You?


Mikhail: Still only two.


Francis: Jennifer, you can’t give that rose to him!


Jennifer: What is going on with you two?


Francis: We’re vampires.


Jennifer: Wha?


Mikhail: Jennifer, can you believe that? He’s crazy.


Francis: I know you can’t believe it, but it’s the truth. Your grandmother was Paula. She left Berlin with four others: her older sister, younger brother, and a Jew called Hans.


Jennifer: How do you know that?


Francis: Because I was the one who gave her that diamond!


Mikhail: He’s a lunatic.


Several of Mikhail’s lackeys and the doctor arrive. They circle Francis.


Jennifer: But he knows the truth about my grandmother. A seventy year old story! All of them died long ago. And there’s the rose tattoo…


Mikhail: He probably looked most of it up. Jennifer, he’s dangerous, come this way.


Mikhail leads a reluctant Jennifer away.


Doctor: Now then, let’s cure this man imprisoned by his own megalomania.


Francis: The doctor?! Jennifer, don’t give him the rose!


Jennifer: Michael, tell me what is going on.


Mikhail: When the event is over.


They exit.


Francis: You think you can take me down?


Doctor: I know you’re immortal. But I have made a lot of progress in my vampire experiments. Mikhail is weak against sound waves of a certain frequency. Humans can’t hear them, but they seem to be very severe for you.


The lackeys don huge headphones to cover their ears while the doctor pulls out an odd-looking gun. Francis collapses in agony from the frequency.


Scene 11   Sweet Vampire


M50 “We Will Welcome You”



They were in this valley, long ago, they say

The legendary vampire

Escaped from the seal of the rose cross

Where did they travel to?

If they still live

And return here

To live as friends

We will welcome you


Nichola: We are all comrades. We volunteered and put into motion the reconstruction of the Rose Temple. Now we’re practicing to tighten our campaign for the opening act of today’s event.


Robert: Is there a good girl?


Clifford: Hmmm… Doesn’t seem like one.


Peter: What about this girl?


Clifford: Which?


Rilski: I think that girl would be good.


Maria is a little upset by her husband’s enthusiasm for girl searching.


Maria: Darling!


Sarah: She just has to sleep, right?


Nichola: Everyone, please learn it with us.


The Sweet Vampires drag the event staff into singing and dancing with them.



If they still live

And return here

To live as friends

We will welcome you


Scene 12   The Doctor’s Laboratory


M51 “Cold Sleep”


Francis is locked in a large glass tube in the doctor’s lab.


Doctor: Pay attention, now I’ll show you something interesting. Freezing a vampire. If he were human he’d be in a cold sleep right away, but their stamina is nothing to his. After we give him a shock with electromagnetic waves and ultrasonic waves, he will gradually begin to freeze.


Francis begins hammering furiously on the glass.


Doctor: What? He can hear us? It seems the frequency from the ultrasonic wave gun earlier has made his sense of hearing more acute. Heey! How are you? Comfortable?


Francis (silently): You’re too loud! Be quiet!


Doctor: Hahaha! Say what you like. How’s the set up?


Henchman: Perfect!


Doctor: Go!


A switch is flipped; lights and smoke fill the machine. Francis writhes in agony before collapsing once more.


Doctor: In one short hour he’ll be frozen in cold sleep. Until then, let’s go grab something to eat.


They exit. After a moment, Jennifer creeps in.


Jennifer: Ah! I knew you’d be here. I found out which were the doctor’s rooms. You- Francis! Are you alive? Ah, but a vampire can’t die. (She touches the glass tube.) Ah! It’s cold! They mean to freeze him…


Francis moves weakly and opens his eyes.


Jennifer: Ah, you’re awake! Are you all right?


Francis (silently): I’m fine.

Jennifer: Eh? Can you hear my voice?


Francis (silently): Yes.


Jennifer: Are you the marquis who saved my grandmother?


Francis (silently): Yes.


Jennifer: But you’re a vampire?


Francis (silently):  That’s right.


Jennifer: In other words, the Francis in Peter’s diary is you?


Francis (silently): Exactly.


Jennifer: Then, Mikhail who houses the violent souls is… Michael?


Francis (silently):  That’s right! Be careful!


Jennifer: I can’t believe it! But you’re just like grandma- no, Paula, said: black hair and long eyelashes. It was grandma Paula’s last words. She couldn’t marry the man she loved most, because you kept pushing her away high-handedly no matter what she said. She loved you very much.


She looks at him.


Jennifer: And you? Did you love Paula?


After a long pause, Francis nods.


Jennifer: I see. I wish you had told Paula that. Until the end she believed you were in love with a princess somewhere, and that’s why you pushed her away.


Francis looks at his rose tattoo.


Paula: She taught me this song.


M52 “My Vampire” (reprise)



If I was his lover

I wouldn't hesitate to give him anything

But my vampire is a shy guy

Aa, at least a kiss

I don't need eternal life

I just want to be bound to you for one night



Mikhail arrives and wrestles Paula away from the controls.


Mikhail: I thought you would be here. Letting him out would cause trouble. You are my fiancée.


Jennifer: We aren’t formally engaged yet.


Mikhail: A long time ago, Francis had an engagement ceremony here. We’ll be following tradition.


Jennifer: No. I can’t become engaged to you.


Mikhail: Why?


Jennifer: What is your true character? A vampire like him? Mikhail?


Mikhail: Do you think there’s really such a thing as vampires?


Jennifer: Why are you treating him like this? Because of your jealousy that he snatched Lydia away?


Mikhail starts to become angry.


Mikhail: What are you saying?


Jennifer: If you really loved Lydia, you should have been able to recognize her love!


Mikhail: Be silent!


Jennifer: Who could love an insignificant man with no control over his jealousies and desires?


Mikhail: What?


Jennifer: You are the worst! As a human and as a vampire!


Mikhail: Be silent!


Absolutely furious, Mikhail grabs Jennifer and pulls her hair aside to bare her neck.


Mikhail: Watch, Francis! Watch as I bring this woman over and make her one of us.


All Francis can do is bang furiously on the glass as Mikhail bites Jennifer and she collapses. Mikhail picks her up and walks away, laughing.


Scene 13    Inside the Inner Courtyard


M53 “Looking For Beauty”



Oh! Oh! Where could she be?

Could she be hiding in some nook of this Rose Valley?

Neat and lovely

With a beautiful nape

Where could the beauty be?

Looking for the beauty


The staff can’t seem to find a replacement among the Sweet Vampires.


Nichola: That’s why I said we were amateurs.


Clifford: Even so…


Mikhail and his gang arrive. Jennifer is on his arm, looking strangely withdrawn, nearly robotic.


Robert: Ah, Michael! We can’t find a stand-in to play the beauty.


Sarah: Jennifer, what happened?


Mkhail: This evening we are getting engaged.


Rilski: Congratulations.


Jennifer: Thank you.


Clifford: This woman is definitely the most beautiful! Michael, I realize this is an important evening for you, but couldn’t you let her play the beauty? All she has to do is sleep.


Robert: Yes, it would be a great way to introduce your bride to the tourists.


Mikhail: What do you think, Jennifer?


Jennifer: If it’s okay with you.


Mikhail: It’s fine.


Clifford: Yay! Thank you!


Nichola: By the way, Jennifer, do you know where Andrew is?


Jennifer: No. We parted ways inside the temple ruins.


Nichola: I see…


Robert: Well, if that’s decided, we have to get ready quickly.


Peter: Yes, we’d better get back to headquarters.


Sarah: Jennifer, see you later!


They exit. The Sweet Vampires remain, and then Nichola notices one of Mikhail’s gang wearing a pair of familiar sunglasses…


Nichola: Ah! Hey!


Blood1: What?


Nichola: Let me see those sunglasses.


Blood1: Here.


Nichola: Where did you get these?!


Scene 14   Vampire Requiem


The official events begin. There are speeches, and the Sweet Vampires perform.


M54 “We Will Welcome You”



If they still live

And return here

To live as friends

We will welcome you


Peter: Well then, following the symposium we have a special event for you all.


Sarah: Please enjoy the musical star Clifford in “Vampire Requiem”.


The curtain rises, but when the “vampire” whips off his cloak we see that it is actually Francis and not Clifford.


M55 “Overture” ~ “Vampire Requiem” (battle)


Robert: That’s not Clifford!



A rose showered with drops of moonlight
Glistening with tears from the stars
Damp with the secret haze of night
Woo Woo Woo


Francis reaches for Jennifer, but she shakes him off and backs away.


Mikhail: Look, Francis! The girl is mine.


Francis perseveres, grabs Jennifer, and bites her.


Mikhail: Deal with him!


Mikhail gets the diamond corsage, but his triumph is short-lived when he sees Jennifer has recovered.


Mikhail: Francis.


Francis: Mikhail! Let me go!


Mikhail: Jennifer…


Jennifer: Nooo!


Francis: Jennifer! Are you all right?


Jennifer: Francis! To save me, you drank…


Francis: Yes, but I didn’t give you my soul. You’ve returned to the way you were.


Jennifer: Francis!


Mikhail: Fool!


Francis: Return the rose!


Mikhail: No!


Doctor: Duck, Mikhail!


The doctor shoots his gun, and Francis stumbles. Jennifer runs to get between Francis and Mikhail, in an eerie mirroring of older events.


Jennifer: Stop it, Mikhail!


Francis: Jennifer, stop.


Jennifer: No.


Mikhail: If you don’t get out of the way, you’ll lose your life too.


Jennifer: I don’t care.


Mikhail: What?


Jennifer: Understand. There is love in this world.


Mikhail: You lie!


This time Francis is able to recover his strength in time to shove Jennifer aside to safety.


Francis: Look out!


Mikhail and Francis wrestle over the cross once more. This time when Francis wins, Mikhail disappears into a cloud of smoke with only one word wailed behind him.


Mikhail: Lydia


Rilski: Michael disappeared…


?: What’s that you say?


Francis attempts to return the rose to Jennifer, but she shakes her head.


Francis: Paula’s rose.


Jennifer: You’re meant to have it.


Rilski: Jennifer, what on earth is going on?


Jennifer: Vampires have returned to this valley.


Suddenly the doctor emerges out of the crowd, growing old and infirm before their very eyes.


Maria: Doctor Smith!


Doctor: Ah? I’m gaining all my years


Maria: The Everlife has worn off.


Rilski: You were all helping a vampire?


Rennfield: Shut up!


Robert: Are you a vampire too?


Francis: Yes, I am.


All: Uwah!


Clifford appears, rubbing the back of his head.


Clifford: What on earth happened?


Robert: Clifford!


Clifford: Someone hit me and I blacked out.


Francis: That was me.


Clifford: Is it already over?


Robert: A real vampire took over the role. The event is cancelled. Everyone, let’s go home.


Nichola: Everyone, it’s finished. It’s too bad, but we’ll have to postpone our World Heritage plans!


Francis: Everyone, I’m sorry.


Nichola: It’s fine.


SV Members: We will welcome you!


Francis: Thank you.


M56 “My Vampire” (BG ~ song ~ ending)


Peter: Excuse me, are you the Francis who wrote this journal?


Francis: Yes.


Peter: The one who’s been alive for 700 years?


Francis: That’s right.


Peter: Could I have your autograph?! Right here…


Sarah: Jennifer, how does it feel to have your blood drunk a second time?


Jennifer: Refreshing.


Sarah: I’m so jealous! Peter!


Peter: Heeey! That’s my…


Everyone leaves, until only Francis and Jennifer remain.


Jennifer: Why didn’t you give Paula eternal life?


Francis: I didn’t want to make anyone taste the agony of eternal life.


Jennifer: That’s your love?


Francis: Nothing surpasses the joy of growing to adulthood and growing old. No one can give that to me.


Jennifer: But, if you fell in love with someone, their race and age won’t matter. At least, for me…


Francis: Jennifer…


Jennifer: Will you continue searching for the roses?


Francis: Yes. It would be best if I could find them all in time for the reconstruction of the temple.


Jennifer: If there’s anything I can do, I’ll do it.


Francis: If you have time, it will be a long wait.


Jennifer: Take me with you. I’ll go wherever you are.



If I was your lover

I wouldn't hesitate to give you anything

But the real vampire is…


Francis pauses, and instead of finishing the song he makes a decision. He reaches out triumphantly for her hand.


Francis: Jennifer…!


They kiss.




Scene 15   Finale A


M57 “Vampire Requiem”


Kiriya Hiromu:

A rose showered with drops of moonlight
Glistening with tears from the stars
Damp with the secret haze of night
Woo Woo Woo

All living things in this world
Hold their life dear
If you are destined to lose your life,
Who will you love?

Aaa, vampire
Aaa, requiem
The burden of unending time
Wandering in search of love


Scene 16    Finale B


M58 “I Could Have Danced All Night”


Kiriya: Dance! I could have danced!


Rockettes: Dance! I could have danced all night!


Scene 17   Finale C


M59 “Dance With Me”


Shibuki Jun:

Dance with me

Dance with me, just the two of us

Just for tonight

The last night

Dance with me

Pressed hotly cheek to cheek

I want to hold you tightly


Without saying “I love you”

I can’t

Leave you with things as they are

Dance with me

Dance with me

Don’t forget I was here

Let’s dance until dawn

The last


Just the two of us

Dance with me


Scene 18   Finale D


M60 “Dance Heaven”


Ayaki Nao/Ozora Yuuhi/Kiriya Hiromu:

Dance with you Dance with you

Dance with you Dance with you



Na---- Na----

Na---- Na----



Dance with you Dance with you



Na---- Na----

Na---- Na----



Dance with you Dance with you



Dance with you Dance with you



Dance with you Dance with you



Dance to Heaven

Dance to Future

Dance for Love


All 8:

Dance for Joy



Dance fir Life


All 8:

Dance for Dream


Tsukifune Sarara/Hokushou Kairi:

Na---- Na----

Na---- Na----



Dance with you Dance with you



Na---- Na----

Na---- Na----



Dance with you Dance with you



Dance with you Dance with you

Dance with you Dance with you


Scene 19   Finale E


M61 “Last Dance”


Shijou Rui:



Mimi Anri:


Last dance




This is the last dance

The last time



Dancing with you

The final stage

Every time when I turn

There you are

Dancing tall



Last dance



Last dance

Last chance

Last chance

Last dance

Last dance

Let’s dance

Let’s dance

Don’t forget

Don’t forget

With you



We danced

That night



Where to?



Where to?

With dignity

With dignity



When we dance


You are an


Only you



My dancin’ angel

Dancin’ angel


Scenes 20-21   Finale F-G


M62 “My Vampire” (finale)


Shadow Chorus:




Scene 22   Finale H


M63 “Parade”









They were in this valley, long ago, they say

The legendary vampire

We will welcome you



I wonder where they could be?

I want to meet one, but I don’t want to be attacked

Like in a horror or a mystery

An attractive zombie

I wonder where the vampires could be?


W Trio:

Let’s try and meet one

Looking for vampire

Looking for vampire


If the sun sank
If it never rose again
The world would be in shadow
Then people would realize
That the moon is king


W Trio:







We are the nation

Our word is the word of God

Our thoughts are the thoughts of France

Our pleasure

Belongs only to us.


W Trio:

He is the nation

The word of God

The thoughts of France



The governing of this world by one

This earth by only one, the violent soul

The only one who will be changing the world is me

The only one who will have eternal life is me


W Trio:






Emi Kurara:

I just want to be bound to you for one night


My vampire


W Trio:

U--- U--- U---



A rose showered with drops of moonlight
Glistening with tears from the stars
Damp with the secret haze of night
Woo Woo Woo



A rose showered with drops of moonlight
Glistening with tears from the stars
Damp with the secret haze of night
Woo Woo Woo

All living things in this world
Hold their life dear
If you are destined to lose your life,
Who will you love?

Aaa, vampire

Aaa, requiem

Eternal life
Drifting in the sea of time
Aaa, vampire
Aaa, requiem
The burden of unending time
Wandering in search of love