~ The Season of Angels ~





"Celebration March"


The bells are ringing, the bells are ringing

Those are the bells ringing in celebration

Let's go! Let's go, to the celebration

Today is an auspicious birthday

The king's birthday

The king is 90

He's healthy, he's long-lived, he's wholesome

The king is 90

There's nothing as joyful as this

There's nothing as joyful as this

The bells are ringing, the bells are ringing

Those are the bells ringing in celebration

Let's go! Let's go, to the celebration

Today is an auspicious birthday

The king's birthday




Albertin: Gustave! Gustave! This way! ... If you don't hurry, everyone will leave us behind...


Georges: Hey, don't look so stormy! At long last the lovers will stand together, right?


: Don't worry. We're with you.


Gustave: Is it really? Is it really going to be all right? I'm worried, very worried...


Albertin: Don't say such timid things! You're Paris's famous ladykiller, Gustave...


Gustave: But, saying we're going to sneak into the King of Cannellonia, Pescatore XII's, birthday celebration without an invitation, it's going to be trouble for you two as well...


Georges: Oi, oi, don't say such standoffish things! We three are friends, aren't we?


Gustave: I'm glad. I'm reassured. We're a humble trio of Parisian artistes. I owe you so much, for all the times you've acted out your improv to help me on the stage...


Georges: Don't cry... Like you said, we're friends who always work together on stage, even when we're not making a profit. Your happiness is our happiness; your grief is our grief.


Albertin: But, you've fallen in love with a troublesome woman.


Gustave: I didn't know. A princess as a poor art student...


Albertin: Geez, people can't depend on appearances. That poor art student was the princess of Cannellonia...


Gustave: Yes. If I'd realized from the start that she was a princess, I'd never be doing this. Aaaaah, I’d never be driven to this...


Albertin: Can you forget her?


Gustave: I can't forget her!


Georges: Do you love her?


Gustave: I love her!


Albertin: Have you fallen for her?


Gustave: I've fallen for her. For as long as I live...


Albertin: Well, then, shouldn't we be doing something, instead of standing in the street?! We'll find a way!


Gustave: Thank you. Thank you. I'm so glad to have friends like you.


Albertin: Look. There's another group of guests heading for the castle. We can slip into the palace by blending in with them. Okay, come on...


Gustave: All right!


"Celebration March" (Reprise)


The bells are ringing, the bells are ringing

Those are the bells ringing in celebration

Let's go! Let's go, to the celebration

Today is an auspicious birthday

The king's birthday





"Song of the Imperial Guard"


Blue uniforms, awe-inspiring

White gloves, graceful

We are the stylish Imperial Guard

You must realize the weight of our duty

The sabers at our waists aren't for show

We sacrifice our lives for the royal family

Brimming with youth, listen to our song

Blue uniforms, awe-inspiring

White gloves, graceful

We are the stylish Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard


Macaroni: My, my, excellent. Excellent… Watching the young imperial guardsmen on duty at Cannellonia Palace is very heartening... Ahem. I am the Grand Chamberlain of Cannellonia...


Aldente: I am the aide Aldente...


Nobitende: I am the aide Nobitende.


Macaroni: Good people, you realize that today is a little different from usual.


Aldente: Today is the 90th birthday of Cannellonia's King Pescatore...


Nobitende: For this anniversary celebration, from every nation...


Aldente: …guests will be coming.


Macaroni: So that the ceremony goes without a hitch, I'd like to ask you each to do your part to guard well...


Aldente: We're understandably worried about society of late, as the number of people acting up gets bigger...


Nobitende: For the sake of our country’s honor we must be sure nothing like that happens.


Aldente: I would ask...


Nobitende: I too would ask…


Macaroni: And I too would ask that you do your best to complete the tasks I set you perfectly...


Soldiers: Yes, sir!


Macaroni: Well, then, quickly: protect...





Gustave: Margherita!


Margherita: Gustave...


: Gustave. You've come; you've come at last...


Gustave: When I saw your letter I flew from Paris.


Margherita: Thank you. My great-grandfather has been planning to announce my engagement, under the pretense of celebrating his 90th birthday. I don't know much about it. Great-grandfather thought if he told me I wouldn't return from Paris, so he kept it a secret... But I need to oppose great-grandfather somehow. I don't want to be separated from you.


Gustave: Thank you, Margherita...


"Season of Angels"


Gustave: When the violet wind blows

People can't help but smile, though they don't know why

Margherita: When they smile, their hearts thaw

They understand the meaning of love

Together: Children aren't the only ones

Who love fairy tales

Gustave: In front of me,

Above your trembling shoulders

I can see the angels

When they smile, their hearts thaw

They understand the meaning of love

Children aren't the only ones

Who love fairy tales

Margherita: Ah— Ah—

Together: Children aren't the only ones

In front of me, above your trembling shoulders

I can see the angels


Albertin: Oi. Enough of that. How long do you intend to stand there holding her?


Georges: And flirting! This isn't the time for that.


Margherita: Albertin and Georges? What are you doing here?


Albertin: You have to ask...? We're here to cheer you two on.


Margherita: Cheer?


Gustave: Margherita. I couldn't do it on my own, so I asked these two to come as support.


Georges: We three are a trio...


Albertin: The ever-cheerful team of three!


Gustave: The three penniless performers from humble Paris!


All three: Nevertheless, it's always all for one...


"Golden Trio"


One alone can't do it

Two isn't enough

If you put three together, perfect!

One alone can't do it

Two isn't enough

If you put three together, perfect!

I'm the best at dance

Leave the acting to me

If it's singing, that's my strong suit

One alone can't do it

Two isn't enough

If you put three together

Perfect! Perfect!


Albertin: We just can't stand to see our friend in such pain...


Gustave: So from now on our job is to make friends with this country.


Margherita: That's an exaggeration. Even if this is the smallest country in Europe.


Gustave: No matter how small it is, Cannellonia still has a fully-fledged king. And you're the next in line to become ruler of this country...


Albertin: A romance between a princess and a penniless actor from Paris.


Gustave: Okay, cut!


Margherita: But you did a good job getting in here. Aren't the defenses especially heavy today?


Georges: That's true. We weren't invited, and we don't have an invitation. We couldn't enter openly from the front, so we climbed over that tall wall and finally made it here...


Albertin: Look! All of these injuries I got… ouch... ouch...


Margherita: Thank you. To go that far... if you're cheering us on, it'll be like the power of a hundred men!


Lasagna: Margherita... Your great-grandfather...!


Margherita: Oh, no. Hide...


: Mother. Did great-grandfather say something?


Lasagna: He did. In any case, tonight before the party I spoke with him about perhaps not making his announcement.


Margherita: How did he take it?


Lasagna: He's very angry. He said he absolutely could not permit such a messy thing... That that's not what he sent you to school in Paris for...


Margherita: He might say something like that! Those old-fashioned customs are what I was running away from...


Lasagna: Your great-grandfather doesn't understand that...


Margherita: No matter how healthy he is, he's still ninety...


Lasagna: Margherita, don't say it like that. The reason we can live so peacefully is because your grandfather is so healthy. Don't forget what we owe him...


Margherita: I know. Of course... But that and this are two different things...


Lasagna: Don't worry. He's not doing it to be cruel.


Pescatore: Margherita! Margherita!


Lasagna: Listen, don't defy your great-grandfather... If you defy him, he'll just become more stubborn.


Pescatore: Margherita! I'll never allow you to marry some man of doubtful origins*!


[Note: What he actually says is "a horse's bone", which is a saying for a person of doubtful origins.  This is turned into a joke later...]


Margherita: Great-grandfather... Gustave is a wonderful person.


Pescatore: Idiot! A mere out-of-work actor from Paris...


Margherita: Saying I can't just because he's an actor is discrimination... Occupational discrimination...


Pescatore: You've become good only at quibbling... that's why I opposed your going to school in Paris! I don't have any confidence in a country so foolish as to think we should consolidate all of Europe into a union!


Margherita: Isn't uniting Europe a good idea...?


Pescatore: Idiot! Our country is the home of our culture. To consolidate it for logic... only reasonable rationally?! We should give preference to convenience?! Well, what about the history and culture of all the other countries! And it seems we're all to have one coinage. The Euro. Foolish. The mark, the pound, the peso, the lira... These names were born from the history and culture of each country. I could never put confidence into these watered-down Euros! From the center of my soul, I oppose it!


Lasagna: Grandfather, when you get so excited it's exhausting for your body. And, this engagement is very sudden... What the girl says is...


Pescatore: You be quiet!


Lasagna: But isn't it a bit much? To marry someone she has never seen and doesn't know...


Pescatore: So you say, but I've not seen nor met this Gustave!


Margherita: But he looks just like a younger you, great-grandfather.


Pescatore: Idiot! It doesn't mattera man of doubtful origins is a man of doubtful origins! I can't give my granddaughter to a man of doubtful origins!


Margherita: Doubtful origins! Doubtful origins! How can you say such cruel things! He's got a long face, so please stop saying that!


[Note: Remember the horse's bone bit?]


Pescatore: Anyway, I can't permit something I don't approve! I know that Prince Assala of the Caribbean is a suitable match for Margherita.


Margherita: No! Don't go deciding my life for me so easily! And, great-grandfather, Gustave is a kind, wonderful person! Won't you meet him, just once? If you meet him, I know you'll come to like him, great-grandfather.


Pescatore: Idiot! Why would I need to meet some out-of-work actor from Paris?! What is Prince Assala lacking? The Caribbean kingdom is one of the most prominent and wealthy in the world! The son in line for that throne... Whatever I have to do, you will marry Prince Assala! So I've determined, and so it will happen!


Lasagna: Ah That's his way. Obstinate. Quick-tempered. That way of his made him refuse to join the EU, and that's caused trouble for everyone. But I'm supporting you and Gustave...


Pescatore: Lasagna! Lasagna!


Lasagna: Yes! Coming...


Albertin: Margherita...


Margherita: Where's Gustave?


Albertin: He's been knocked down by the shock.


Georges: Poor guy. I don't think anyone could stand up to being called a man of doubtful origins again and again...


Margherita: Gustave...


Gustave: Margherita... What's going to become of us...? Everything's going dark...


Margherita: Pull yourself together. First of all we have to stop the announcement somehow...


Gustave: Can we do something like that? He's a king... What would happen if we crossed someone like that...? Aaah! It's hopeless!


Albertin: You're being timid. What of it? No matter how thin or dried-out, we're Parisian artistes, aren't we? Acting is our forte. We'll put on the biggest play ever...


Gustave: Biggest play?


Albertin: That's right. The biggest in the world...


Georges: Of course! Prince Assala won't want to marry someone who doesn't love him.


Albertin: So we're doing this for Prince Assala's sake.


Gustave: I see... I see. This big play is for everyone!


"Golden Trio" (Reprise)


One alone can't do it

Two isn't enough

If you put three together, perfect!

One alone can't do it

Two isn't enough

If you put three together, perfect!


Lasagna: Margherita! Your great-grandfather is here with Prince Assala...


Margherita: Gustave!





Macaroni: Assala, Prince of the Caribbean, has arrived...


"The Alluring Prince"


Bronzed arms, exotic!

Captivating eyes, romantic!

Hot temptation from a southern country

You! Close to that chest

Hot kisses

Sweet kisses

Bronzed arms, exotic!

Captivating eyes, romantic!

Alluring prince, alluring prince


Oh, fantastic!


Pescatore: Well, well, so very good of you to come all this way. Now that I think on it, today's special guest is you, Prince, not me. Today's announcement of your engagement to the princess at my 90th birthday party will cause a huge commotion. When I think of what's to come, I become even more excited.


Assala: Has Margherita returned from Paris?


Pescatore: She has. Oh, she hasn't greeted you yet? My, my, how naughty. I'll call her. Please wait a moment...


Macaroni: Your Highness, please look. The view of the Alps from here is the best in the land.


Aldente: And right now is the best season in the kingdom of Cannellonia.


Nobitende: The season of beautiful love. It's the season the young people wait for all year.


Macaroni: Your Highness, June is called the Season of Angels in our country, and there is a legend that when a large crowd dances, the angels gather to do Cupid's business.


Assala: It's a joy to be able to get engaged at such a time. This really is a beautiful view. Ah, please don't feel you have to entertain me. I can wait here alone for Margherita...


Pescatore: Macaroni! Macaroni! What are you doing? Hurry over here...


Macaroni: The king is calling. I'm going...


Aldente: Well then, Your Highness...


Nobitende: Please excuse us...


Assala: Please, no worries...


Gustave: Oh my, if it isn't Prince Assala! Long time no see! You came to King Pescatore XII's birthday celebration as well? Ah, I'm glad. I didn't think I would meet Your Highness here... Oh my, so glad...


Assala: Ah, I'm sorry, but you are?


Gustave: Hahaha... You've forgotten...? Of course, it has been five or six years...


Assala: Forgive me. Perhaps once...


Gustave: No, no, we were together often. If I mentioned that place we often sneaked out to?


Assala: The Mon Rouge?


Gustave: That's right. The Mon Rouge. What was the owner called again?


Assala: Don Clint...?


Gustave: That's right. Don Clint. He was quite an interesting fellow. You were always terribly serious about keeping your deeds secret.


Assala: ... Was I? Thanks...


Gustave: Hahaha... Well, everyone has a lapse of memory now and then. Especially someone like Your Highness who meets hundreds of people every day! Of course you wouldn't remember. It's not a mental problem... By the way, what was, hey, what was your brother called? Hey, he's very amusing...


Assala: My brother Alibaba?


Gustave: That's right! Alibaba... is he well?


Assala: Yes. He's doing very well.


Gustave: I see. He's well. That's good... Ah, and that beautiful... what was she called, your younger sister...?


Assala: I don't have a younger sister...


Gustave: Then, your older sister...


Assala: I don't have an older sister either.


Gustave: No, no. Um... your Highness's... aunt...


Assala: Ah, Aunt Hechana?


Gustave: Yes, yes. Hechana, Hechana, ah, my, my...


Assala: Yes?


Gustave: Ah! She's so beautiful I thought she must be your sister. Hahaha...


Assala: Well then, do you know about the scandal over Don Gabacho's drunken brawl?


Gustave: Eh, of course I know...


Assala: Really...? Hahaha...


Gustave: Really… Hahaha...


Assala: He was so audacious, with one shot...


Gustave: Yeah, one shot.... bang!


Assala: No.


: Potechin...


Gustave: Of course! With a potechin... How about it, Your Highness, it's been a while since we met. How about taking a turn in these beautiful gardens?


Assala: Yes, but I'm waiting for someone.


Gustave: Now, now, don't say that. The view of the Alps from the viewing platform is the best. Come on, let's go. Hahaha... Your Highness is such a good fellow... Hahaha...





Carbonara: My Dr. Peperonti... is it time for the king's medical examination? Thank you for your hard work.


Peperonti: How is the king’s mood?


Carbonara: He's very vigorous today.


Minestro: Well, it is his birthday. He's been terribly active since this morning.


Peperonti: That's fine. But he is ninety now and so must be very careful not to overdo things.


Mozzerella: But, doctor, the king really is healthy.  He doesn't seem ninety at all.


Carbonara: My memory isn't as good as it used to be, but although the king's stomach isn't as strong as it used to be, his mind is perfectly clear.


Pomodoro: That's because of Dr. Peperonti's excellent care.


Carbonara: Just what one would expect from the world's leading doctor.


Peperonti: Ah... that's going a bit far...


Carbonara: Well, then... we need to go and greet the guests...


Peperonti: Very proper.


Albertin: You're Dr. Peperonti, aren't you? This is the first time we've met.


Peperonti: I believe I am Peperonti. How do you know me?


Albertin: Ah I know your name well, doctor. I doubt if you searched the world over you would find anyone who doesn’t...


Peperonti: No, no… That's going a bit far...  But... it is true that due to me the ninety-year-old king remains healthy.


Albertin: Yes, of course... Of course... It wouldn't be wrong to say that today's celebration of the king's 90th birthday is all thanks to you, doctor... My, my... truly a world-renowned doctor...


Peperonti: Ah... kikiki [odd laugh]. I can cure any illness in a day. Lately, I've become an expert on Alzheimer's.


Abertin: Alzheimer's?


Peperonti: That's right, Alzheimer's!


Albertin: Doctor! That I should meet you in a place like this is truly fortunate... You must lend me your world-renowned expertise.


Pomodoro: Don't worry. There's nothing the doctor can't do.


Albertin: Oh, what confident words... he really must be the best doctor in the world...


Peperonti: No, no, that's going a bit far. Kikiki...


Albertin: I'm the younger brother of the Caribbean Prince, Assala, who is a guest here today. This is a secret just between usalthough he is young, my brother has had some terrible lapses of memory lately, and it's caused a lot of trouble. My brother has even forgotten my face, and it pains my heart.


Peperonti: That's terrible. To forget your brother's face is a serious illness indeed...


Albertin: Furthermore, when it is pointed out to him, he becomes as angry as an exploding volcano, and nothing can stay his hand.


Pomodoro: That's a very sudden and brutal illness.


Albertin: Won't you please examine him once, and take him into your hospital? You'll receive generous thanks for taking him in.


Peperonti: I understand. Because I'm a very powerful, worldly person... kikiki...


Albertin: But please be careful. I don't know when he'll explode.


Pomodoro: Don't worry. The doctor has experience dealing with such patients.


Albertin: I'm relieved. If he's admitted into your hospital, there won't be any rumors in the Caribbean. In any case, he should be admitted immediately so he can receive treatment... yes, if he's admitted and treated, you'll receive more of a reward than you could ever dream, doctor... Doctor... will he really be all right...?


Peperonti: I have worldly skills... No matter what happens, we'll admit him and see! I bet my reputation on it!


Albertin: How like a worldly, powerful doctor! Hearing this reassures me.


Peperonti: And where is the patient?


Albertin: Ah! He's coming from over there...


Peperonti: Are you Prince Assala? Come now, let's go to the hospital...


Gustave: Hueee! No, you're mistaken!


Assala: I'm Assala...


Peperonti: You remember your name, but that doesn't mean much...


Albertin: Eh, eh, brother...


Assala: Hah?


Albertin: Brother... it's me. Your younger brother.


Assala: Hah? I think you have me mistaken for someone else?


Albertin: See? My brother... so pitiable... Have you forgotten my face...?


Assala: Foolishness! I have a younger brother, but you're not him... How odd... Isn't it odd? Just now someone I don't remember came up and started talking to me as if I were a friend... Doesn’t matter how I think about it, it's strange. What's going on today...?


Albertin: Dr. Peperonti... How is he?


Peperonti: I see. It has progressed greatly...


Pomodoro: Say ahhh. Ahhh.


Assala: Ahhh?


Pomodoro: That's right.


Assala: What are you doing? Suddenly...


Peperonti: Do you eat regularly?


Assala: Eat? Of course. I'm extremely healthy, so I drink too.


Pomodoro: You mustn't! You mustn't have such stimulants!


Peperonti: Bowel movements?


[Note: The word is "Bentsuu".]


Assala: Benz? Sorry, but my car is a Cadillac.


Pomodoro: You mustn't! It's a bad sign!


Assala: Please cut it out. Who are you?! I came here to attend King Pescatore's 90th birthday celebrations. Please call the king! The king...


Peperonti: Yes, yes. He doesn't calm down, he becomes irritated...


Assala: Be quiet! How rude! Who do you think I am?!


Pomodoro: Doctor! It's a sign of the sudden onset of his condition. A ferocious temper.


Assala: Insolence! You won't leave it alone?!


Peperonti: A violent dementia.


Assala: Idiots! I'm going to sue you for defamation of character!


Peperonti: Now, Your Highness, let's go...


Pomodoro: Yes. Good boy. Good boy. Clever boy...


Albertin: Come on, brother. Do as the doctor says.


Assala: Im-im-impertinent...


Pomodoro: Doctor! He's about to relapse...


Albertin: Doctor, if he explodes, it'll be trouble...


Peperonti: All right. Let's subdue him!


Assala: Stop this! You're all odd...


: Help me...!


Peperonti: Oh no! Oh no!


Pomodoro: Someone! Anyone! Someone!


Macaroni: What is this? Shouting...


Pomodoro: Your Majesty... Prince Assala suddenly started raging.


Pescatore: What? Prince Assala did?


Peperonti: Your Majesty, although he's young, Prince Assala has Alzheimer's. It's the worst illness for violence. We need to get him to the hospital...


Pomodoro: Everyone, help us catch him! Please!


Pescatore: ...Prince Assala has Alzheimer's? How terrible. I didn't know...






Georges: Ah, I'm sorry. I'm terribly, terribly sorry.


Pescatore: No, no, it's all right.


Georges: I was thinking. I'm very, very sorry for being idle. Ah, what a lot of trouble! That Assala... Ah... Assala... Assala...


Pescatore: Assala? Something to do with Prince Assala?


Geroges: Prince! Don't make me laugh! Do you know Assala?


Pescatore: No, not really...


Georges: I must warn you. I'm in such a lot of trouble. I lent him such a lot of money! Assala hasn't paid it back. And now, he's to marry Princess Margherita, who Assala told me has such, such a lot of money. But I'm worried. And Assala also told me: Come to the birthday celebration of the king of Cannellonia, who is her old grandfather. I'm looking for that King Pescatore. Do you know him? Although he's 90, he's very hale, and I'm told he looks like Haruno Sumire?


Pescatore: I don't know him...


Georges: You... look a little like her?


Pescatore: Foolishness. My face isn't that long! You've got the wrong person!


Georges: I see. You're a much better person.... Ah, I'm in so much trouble... Trouble...


Pescatore: Hmm. This is becoming a terrible situation. I think I need to rethink things. A little longer and he would have swindled me...





Assala: Ah, they truly were out to get me. What is wrong with this country? I came all this way by invitation, and to have them treat me like this, so rudely...


Albertin: Oh my! [bunch of nonsense syllables] I'm sorry...!


Assala: No, no…


Albertin: May I ask you a question? Do you know Prince Assala?


Assala: Assala? I know him a little. What about Assala?


Albertin: Ah, I see. You know him a little? Just a little question, but is Prince Assala rich?


Assala: Well, he's next in line to rule the Caribbean Kingdom, so he's rich.


Albertin: Rich! Ah, thank goodness! I'm relieved to hear it... So it's true...


Assala: Just a minute, just a minute. Hearing that Prince Assala is rich is a relief?


Albertin: I'm a very rich man from India. I've lent a lot, a lot of money to King Pescatore. Now Pescatore is marrying his great-granddaughter to Prince Assala, whom you tell me is rich. When Princess Margherita marries, then I can get my money from Prince Assala. Assala, under Margherita's spell, will give out any amount of money... do you think it's true?


Assala: Eh, well... that's...


Albertin: Ah, thank goodness. I'm relieved... Lalala...


Assala: What a thing to say. Using Margherita as a dupe... what a deceitful trick... I won't stand for it!


Pescatore: Ah, Prince Assala...


Margherita: Welcome, Prince Assala.


Assala: Margherita...


Margherita: It's an honor to meet you face to face, Prince Assala... I hope for good relations from now on.


Pescatore: Now, now. Margherita...


Margherita: Great-grandfather. As you said, Prince Assala is a charming man. I'm ecstatic...


Assala: A Venus flytrap...


Margherita: Your highness...


Pescatore: *ahem* Margherita, you're going a little fast...


Margherita: Ohh...


Pescatore: Margherita, you're being immodest. Please back away a little.


Margherita: Ohh. Isn't this all right? He's going to be my husband, after all. Right, Prince Assala...?


Pescatore: It's still too fast! I still must speak with Prince Assala! Please go back to the palace.


Margherita: I want to be with Prince Assala.


Pescatore: Do as I say!


Margherita: I don't want to leave Prince Assala!


Pescatore: Be quiet! You're being immodest.


Lasagna: Oh my. Grandfather, there's nothing strange about that. Aren't you the one who decided on this engagement, grandfather? It's good that the betrothed couple don’t wish to be parted.


Pescatore: Quiet! Stop complaining! This is your king's order!


Margherita: Yes, yes. Well, then, Your Highness, I'm afraid I must leave... Mother, shall we go?


Pescatore: So it goes. What a troublesome great-granddaughter.


Assala: King Pescatore, no matter how they nag me, I won't be taken off against my will.


Pescatore: Oh, I don't know. A person can't be judged by outward appearances, after all.


Assala: ...Isn't that an odd thing to say?


Pescatore: Is it? There's also a proverb that says that water leaks from even the most skillful hands.


Assala: What did you say?! And isn't there a proverbHeaven's revenge is slow but sure?


Pescatore: What did you say?!


Assala: I have many questions. About Your Majesty.


Pescatore: I also have many questions. About Your Highness.


Albertin: Oh my, Your Highness, I've been looking all over for you.  Now I've caught you. I won't let you go this time...


Assala: Who are you? Who is this weird woman?


Albertin: My! Weird, you say! You shouldn't say that to a wife's face!


Assala: Wife... whose?


Albertin: Yours, of course.


Assala: ...M...My wife…


Albertin: Please leave off your teasing...


Assala: What on earth are you...


Pescatore: Prince Assala, you have a wife?


Albertin: How like you... to go running off from the castle and forget all about your wife while you play...


Assala: What... what are you saying...?


Albertin: Ah, are you still intending to refute me?! I know all about it, you know! How you plan on ensnaring the princess of this country...


Pescatore: So it's true!


Albertin: Who knows? This time is this time, and he hasn't admitted anything...


Georges: Oh! This is where you're off playing... you cheat!


Albertin: Wait! What are you doing with my husband!


Georges: My! He's my husband. You're just someone he plays with. I'm the only one who's his fully-fledged princess.


Albertin: My! Please stop playing the fool. There's nowhere in this world where someone can have two princesses.


Georges: How mortifying! You! Slighting your own wife for this hussy!? Say something, you cheat!


Albertin: How mortifying!


"Song of a Fugitive"


After him, after him, after him, after him

Catch him, catch him

After him, after him, after him, after him

Catch him, catch him

He's dangerous, a dangerous man

He's dangerous, a dangerous man

Flee, flee, flee, flee

Don't let them catch me

Flee, flee, flee, flee

Don't let them catch me

I'm innocent, I'm not a criminal

We must capture him

Intern him, confine him

Whatever I do they follow after me

After him, after him, flee

After him, after him, flee

Catch him, don't let them catch me

Catch him, don't let them catch me

He's dangerous, I'm innocent

A dangerous man, I'm not a criminal

He's dangerous, I'm innocent

A dangerous man, I'm not a criminal


Assala: Hide me, please.


: What’s going on? I really have no idea what's going on. These strange people causing me trouble have become even stranger. Hey, everyone, don't you think so? Uwah! Here they come...


Macaroni: Marco...


Peperonti: Marco...


Assala: Polo...!


Macaroni: There he is!


Assala: Gyah!


Peperonti: Wait!





Gustave: Margherita...


Margherita: Gustave...


Gustave: Just a little more...


"Season of Angels" (Reprise)


Gustave: When the violet wind blows

People can't help but smile, though they don't know why

Margherita: When they smile, their hearts thaw

They understand the meaning of love

Together: Children aren't the only ones

Who love fairy tales

Gustave: Tightly, strongly, we embrace

Above our shoulders, the angels have come





Assala: Geez, I just don't understand what's what... My head's a mess... I need to get back to my country.


Lasagna: That's for the best. But it's truly a pity...


Assala: If I stay here any longer I'm going to die...


Lasagna: I can't think of the last time we had someone as nice as you here.


Assala: Ah! They're after me again... Ah... there's no where to go from here... Help me, please… Help me flee from here...  please...


Lasagna: I understand. Now, I've thought of a good way...


"Song of a Fugitive" (Reprise)


After him, after him, after him, after him

Catch him, catch him

After him, after him, after him, after him

Catch him, catch him

He's dangerous, a dangerous man

We must capture him

Intern him, confine him

We must capture him

Intern him, confine him, we must


Pescatore: No good, no good. Be quiet!


Lasagna: No. I will not be quiet!


Pescatore: Lasagna, you don't know anything!


Lasagna: No, grandfather, you're the one who knows nothing!


Pescatore: Don't you realize how stubborn I can be? If I'm opposed to it, it won't happen! Do as I say!


Lasagna: No! Margherita is my adorable daughter!


Pescatore: You don't know anything. I won't allow that Assala to have Margherita!


Lasagna: Why? Grandfather, you're the one who made the decision, aren't you? And now my girl has her heart set on marrying Prince Assala. And now this...


Pescatore: Weren't you opposed to it?


Lasagna: But if you would just tell me for once... and there's Prince Assala's social status...


Margherita: Great-grandfather...


Pescatore: Margherita, this is my order. Marry Gustave!


Margherita: Gustave? No! As great-grandfather ordered, Prince Assala is...


Pescatore: No good! No good! I was wrong. You must marry Gustave...


Margherita: Is it really all right?


Pescatore: Really. Really. I don't lie...


Lasagna: Really?


Pescatore: Really. Really.


Albertin: Margherita, congratulations!


Georges: Margherita, you did it!


Margherita: Thank you...


Pescatore: Now then. Call this Gustave who looks so much like me... Are you Gustave?


Albertin: No, his face isn't long enough.


Pescatore: What a rude fellow. Are you Gustave?


Georges: No, I'm not.


Pescatore: And isn't that a shawl? Why isn't Gustave here?


Albertin: Well...


Pescatore: Don't give me a "well." Hurry up and bring him here.


Georges: Hah!


Pescatore: Don't give me a "hah." Hurry!


Margherita: Yes.


Pescatore: Don't give me a "yes." Where is Gustave?!


Albertin: That's...


Pescatore: Ah, this is irritating! Making me wait like this!


Albertin: Because...


Pescatore: Because?


Albertin: No, um...


Pescatore: Ah!


Lasagna: Grandfather, calm down...


Pescatore: Is this something I can calm down about!? Gustave! Gustave!


Lasagna: Grandfather, for now, let's go back to your rooms. Getting so angry is bad for your health. We'll look for him and bring him to you.


Pescatore: Do that. Quickly...


Albertin: Margherita, congratulations.


Georges: Our operation was a success.


Margherita: Thank you. Truly, thank you. It's thank to you... I wonder how I can express my thanks...


Albertin: Gustave... Gustave... where is he at such an important time? Hurry up and come out!


Georges: Gustave...


Margherita: Gustave... hurry here.


Albertin: Aren't you a little late!?


Gustave: What on earth...?


Albertin: Congratulations. You know everything, right?


Gustave: Yeah. For some reason or other...


Margherita: Gustave. We...


Gustave: Margherita...


Margherita: Gustave.




When the violet wind blows

People can't help but smile, though they don't know why

When they smile, their hearts thaw

They understand the meaning of love

Albertin: Bravo!

When the purple wind blows

People can't help but smile, though they don't know why

When they smile, their hearts thaw

They understand the meaning of love

Children aren't the only ones

Who love fairy tales

Tightly, strongly, we embrace

Above our shoulders

I can see the angels


Macaroni: The king is emerging...


Everyone: Congratulations on your 90th birthday...


: The bells are ringing, the bells are ringing

The king's birthday!