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2003/04/30 Cosmos Troupe: 大和悠河 Yamato Yuuga [The name of Takarasienne]
She put together characters she liked

It's a grand name that seems to hark back to an image of a Japanese man from the good old days, but she told us: "I put together characters that I liked, that I chose from looking at a name dictionary. I wanted to use 『大』 and 『悠』."

Her nickname is "Tani".

She's an idol-like otokoyaku who's running with quick steps up the road to stardom.

Just recently she changed from Moon Troupe to Cosmos Troupe, but before she appears in any Cosmos Troupe productions, she's staring in a special Tokyo Nissei Theater Star Troupe production of "Singing in the Rain." She plays the piano-playing Cosmo, a childhood friend of the star, Don (Aran Kei).

"I was surprised when they transferred me, but looking at it positively, it's a great opportunity I've been blessed with. More than that, I was happy to have this rare chance to perform at the Nissei. Broadway musicals somehow seem fitting for Takarazuka. For me, the scene where I sing the solo "Make 'em Laugh" to cheer up Don, and the tap dance scenes were the highlights of the play."

While still in Moon Troupe, she did "Guys & Dolls." "I learned a lot, and I was able to grow inside," she told us, so we think this current opportunity is another step up for her.

She'll be joining Cosmos Troupe in August in Fukuoka.

"Cosmos Troupe has this image of being the new, powerful troupe. I'm also only in my ninth year as an otokoyaku. I'm going to watch myself critically, and from now on produce things more true to myself."

* Cosmos Troupe Yamato Yuuga, joined '95, from Bunkyou District, Tokyo.