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2002/09/14 Star Troupe: 安蘭けい Aran Kei [The name of Takarasienne]
The lead character in the Korean "Legend of Ariran" is named "Aran"

The lead character in the Korean "Legend of Ariran" is named "Aran."

"It just reverberated with me, and has such clean and lovely characters. For my lower name, I wanted something neat, so I thought of hiragana."

Her nickname is "Touko."

She's a second tier otokoyaku star who is proud of her preeminant singing. When she first entered the company she was seen as the fairy-type of otokoyaku, but "at that time, I felt that it wasn't true to my own character. Now my objective is to be the kind of otokoyaku that when you see me on stage, it's as if your heartbeat trips and you can't take your eyes off me," is what she's changed to.

When she changed again, from Snow Troupe to Star Troupe, "You didn't hear a lot from me, and I tended to go along with things, but now I've become more proactive," she told us.

Currently she's in the middle of "Takarazuka's Second Chinese Tour" in Shanghai. She's in two shows: the dance drama, "Dii Rien -Burn Out-" and the revue show "Southern Cross Revue in China", and after this they'll be circling to Beijing and Guangzhou.

Before she set out, she told us, "I've been on many foreign trips, but this is my first time performing abroad, and in China. I'm worried about how the audience will react to the productions. In any case, I'm going to see the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square, and definitely going to eat Shanghai Crab and Peking Duck." I wonder how things are now?

When she returns, she still has two more productions waiting for her this year: "Glassy Landscape" and "Babylon" (Nov. 22-Dec.24).