Takarazuka GRAPH Oct. 2004 - 90 Questions Feature!
Wataru Kozuki


--A face with sharp outlines.
Hours of sleep?
--7 Hours.
--A sportsman.
--A dog that doesn't take a lot of time (laugh).
--An American Breakfast. When we're on tour we spend a lot of time in hotels, and I really like watching the cook make the omlette right in front of me. It's nice when you can choose what you want in it.
--A room that's small and bright and easy to adjust.
Alarm clock?
--One where I can adjust it to music I like would be good.
Hair type?
Town? (The ideal town you'd live in)
--A town with both mountains and the sea.
Old age?
--To live surrounded by tons of grandchildren (laughs).


If you go to Tokyo, do you take a plane? The shinkansen (bullet train)?
--The shinkansen. Because you can use the time when you're traveling to get things done.
Do you have a license?
--I have a normal car license.
Do you get motion sickness?
--I don't overdo it.
Something you'd like to try to drive?
--A yacht.
Can you ride a bike? A unicycle?
--I can ride a bike. I've tried the unicycle countless times, but I still haven't learned to ride it well.
Your favorite ride in an amusement park?
--The rollercoaster.
When you ride in a plane, what drink do you chose from the service cart?
If you went around the world, what would you want to ride?
--A private plane.
Have you ever ridden any animals?
--I've ridden a horse.
What kind of license do you want?
--A plane license.


What's a view that's left an impression on you?
--Mt. Fuji as seen from Fujigo Lake. It's a superb view.
Mountain vacation? Seaside vacation?
--I like both, so... half and half.
What stary sky do you want to see?
--From a deserted island in the southern hemisphere.
A natural panorama you'd like to see?
--The Grand Canyon
Cherry blossoms or fall foliage?
--Cherry blossoms.
Favorite season?
--That's a tough one, but... I'll say autumn. Because it calms me.
Have you ever seen the first sunrise of the New Year?
--I have. My family used to go and golf, and once when we were in the car on our way to the golf place we saw the sun come up.
Something from nature that you want to eat?
--Curry Rice.
Are you the kind of person who worries about the weather report?
--Usually I don't worry about it much.
Do you grow any plants in your home?
--Yes, I'm growing cactus and decorative plants.

Music School

Your cleaning area?
--I cleaned the entranceway.
Your favorite class was?
--Sadou (tea ceremony). Because I could eat the snacks (laugh).
Ever get a lecture?
--Once when I was cleaning one of the paths outside, I met the eyes of another girl in my class who was inside wiping one of the windows, and I winked. Kind of as an encouragement (laugh). One of the upperclassmen caught it and got angry (laugh).
Dorm student? Commuting student?
--Dorm student.
School trip?
--I went to Hokkaido. The soft ice cream was really good (laugh).
When did you decide on otokoyaku or musumeyaku?
--I'd decided to be an otokoyaku even before I took the exams. After all, it was useless (to try to be a female-player)~! I was already 173 cm when I entered the school! (laugh)
What surprised you?
--The strictness for the company in the dorm surprised me.
When did you decide to take the exams?
--When I was in elementary school, 6th grade.
The Culture Festival (what role did you play)?
--I was given a role where my wife ran off with a young actor, and I chased that actor and shot him dead.
What left an impression on you?
--I'd have to say, the cleaning every morning. To clean one place, every morning, for an hour and a half, well there's never going to be cleaning that I put that much love into again.

What would you do if?

If you couldn't sleep?
--I'd read a book.
If you're on stage and you're not supposed to laugh, but you think you might?
--I'd clench my fists.
If you fell down in front of someone?
--Get back up as fast as I can. I think I'd probably be smiling (laugh).
If you could be a teacher for a day, what would you teach?
--It's an extracurricular, but I'd teach how to make contact with nature (laugh).
If you had to spend a thousand dollars in one day?
--I'd buy a top of the line bicycle (laugh).
If you were going to sing at a wedding reception, what would you sing?
--If it was everyone together, "Sumire no hana saku koro." If I was singing alone, I'd chose something by Dreams Come True.
If you had to play a female role?
--A selfish role.
If you were invisible for a day?
--Try and get into a cockpit.
If there was a copy robot of you?
--I'd make it my wife, and have it do the housework (laugh).
If you could go back in time to the Edo Period?
--First I'd go kimono shopping, and after that I'd go have adventures in lots of different places.


Someone you're interested in, or something?
--Emperor Gensou.
Something you want to eat?
--Delicious okonomiyaki (laugh).
A shampoo you use?
--Shiseido's AHILIDA.
A place you want to go?
--The Grotta Azzurra in Italy. Because when we did Romantic Takarazuka '04 there was a scene in the Grotta Azzurra.
Something you're addicted to?
--As always, jeans.
Something you have to do?
--Wash the car (laugh).
A problem?
--At the sports festival, no matter what happened I had to be an adult about it..... that's a problem. I'm in the middle of a performance, so I can't make any saves and I'm left out.
Something important to you?
What question is this (now)?
--The 46th. (The correct answer is 59th.) Not very good, eh (laugh)?
Are your shoulders stiff?


How big is your palm?
Right- or left-handed?
Have you ever had your palm read?
--I have. But I don't remember the results very well. They probably said that I'm the type to forget things easily (laugh).
Do you wear rings?
--I do.
Are you good at rock-paper-scissors?
Are you skillful with your hands?
Can you do magic tricks?
--I can't.
What shape do you make your onigiri (rice balls)?
Your hand temperature?
--I think it's average.
The one thing you'll never let out of your hands?
--My cell phone.


--Black coattails.
--The Great Hall (Takarazuka Theater).
--Rings (laugh).
Japanese Things?
First Day?

Takarazuka 90th

When you compare where you were ten years ago with were you are today?
--Comparing now with ten years ago, I think being controlled by the things around me, the feeling that I'm being carried along, I feel like that has ended. Previously even if I thought "Oh, that's good," if someone said, "Not quite," I was the type who then thought, "Oh, I see." I couldn't say, "This is right for me." The person I was before, I would have hesitated over this hair style (laugh). But now, even if someone else told me, "That's not pretty," if I thought it was pretty I could tell them straight out: "I think it is." I've dropped a lot of masks, and I think I've come to be able to express who I am more clearly. Something that doesn't feel like it's changed is the rules for participation (laugh). Just like ten years ago, I'm looking forward to the sports festival with the same high spirits (laugh).
What Takarazuka production from the past would you like to have seen live?
--Gubijin. They had real horses in the theater. And another Chinese one, Hana Mau Naga-an, I'd definitely like to have seen that one.
Where (or when) do you feel the 90 years of history?
--Certainly the other day when we had the speeches and the 90th anniversary ceremony with singing, I could really feel the history then. At the Umeda Koma Theater in April, when the retired Takarasienne performed together with us, I fould really feel the history on that day.
How long does it take you to put your make-up on for a performance?
--If it's only make-up, 20 minutes. When I'm styling my hair, 30 minutes.
When do you feel glad that you joined Takarazuka?
--It's ordinary, but when I'm on stage. Particularly, during the finale when the audience is cheering us on, that's when I think, "I'm so glad I joined Takarazuka."
What's your favorite Takarazuka song?
--"Heart's Wings" from Tender Green.
What happened when you first saw yourself in Takarazuka make-up?
--"What's this!?" (laugh). I did my own make-up, and when I compared it to what the more skilled upper actresses were doing, the difference felt like "ayai-yai-yai-yai..."
Is there a role you've done in the past that you'd like to do once more?
--That would probably be 牧文四郎 from Wakaki Hi no Uta ha Wasureji, which I played in the shinjin koen. It was a role I liked from a play I loved, but it was my first lead role so I was too serious, so I feel like there was a lot that I missed back then.
Something that Takarazuka students hold dear?
--Well, this is more "people" than "Takarazuka students" I suppose, but manners are always important.
What do you think about Takarazuka's 90th anniversary?
--90 years... It really is a long time they've continued to get this far...... I think it's amazing. I definitely want to see them continue to a hundred, two hundred years. For that goal, this 90th anniversary year, I'll work as hard as possible.