Who Is Bad?


Jay Renhart: Asaji Saki

(former CIA agent, trouble-shooter for the American embassy in Argentina)

Alicia Fiorentino: Shiraki Ayaka

(a dancer at the tanguera)

Alexei Azimoff: Minoru Kou

(KGB agent, Jayís ex-rival)

Carlos: Shibuki Jun


Maltines: Emao Yuu


Johanne McGuire: Tsukikage Hitomi

(secretary at the embassy)

Hume: Itsuki Chihiro

(chief of CIAís Europe division, Renhartís former boss)

Stewart Grenger: Natsumi You

(ambassador, Renhartís boss)

Bruce: Ema Naoki

(Renhartís associate)

Simone Grenger: Izumo Aya

(Stewartís wife)

Romero: Chiaki Shin


Jacket: Kanda Tomo


Kicho: Kozuki Wataru

(a fence)


Scene One: Opening


Renhart: Buenos Aires, an appropriate town for a fallen man.


A man alone in a spotlight.


: Here the things you yearn for and the things youíd stay away from live together. Like the hometown youíve forgotten. I threw everything away and came here to start my life over again.


Dancers appear as he continues talking.


: What am I waiting for? This music seems to exude the secrets of the heart; it permeates my body.


A flashback to when he first arrived in Buenos Aires. His first trip to the tanguera, a bar where you could listen to music and dance.


: And thatís where she was. When I arrived in town, there she was, dancing like a mirage at the first bar I was lead to.


Their eyes meet.


: But there are old bodies buried in this town. The chains of someone who has lived as a spy for the CIA had already begun to hang about me and it was too late to untangle myself.


Scene Two: Tanguera


Renhart watches Alicia dance. She finishes, then invites him to dance with her with a gesture.


Renhart: No, I donít really know the tango.


Alicia lets him go and leaves.


Johanne: Thatís too bad. If you dance, you can get to know the woman.


Renhart: Ahaha.


Johanne: If you live in this country, youíll learn to tango.


Renhart: I donít believe it; you learned to dance?


Johanne: Yes, shall I show you some?


Renhart: No, thatís fine.


Johanne: Why?


Renhart: More importantly, will I be able to meet the ambassador tomorrow?


Johanne: Of course. Tonight was really sudden. He was suddenly called out to the presidential residence.


Renhart: I see.


Johanne: Hey, you really wonít dance?


Renhart: I canít.


Johanne: Itís okay, Iíll show you.


Renhart: NoÖ


Johanne: This is a country of individualism. So thereís nothing to be embarrassed about.


Renhart: Wait, McGuire-


Johanne: Call me Johanne.


Renhart: ÖÖ


He gets pulled out onto the dance floor.


: So it goes. The reception is nice, but I donít remember requesting a dance partner. This is a second-class secretary. Thereís a quarrel with the English, and itís increasingly being said that the administration is unstable. This isnít the time to dance, is it? Do your job! Your job!


They fade out as he speaks. In another place in the city, Mabel (an American tourist) appears.


Mabel: The police still havenít come? You contacted them, right? The hotel has a duty too, so hurry up and call the police. Geez, what is going on in this country?


In various scenes around the stage, American tourists are getting into trouble (having their bags snatched, etc.).


?: Oh my god! The baggage that was sent ahead has all been opened!


?: Oh shit! Shit, that bastard manager took all the furniture and ran!


?: Unbelievable!


?: The police arenít any use at all.


?: Oh my god.


?: They take bribes, they skip out on their jobs.


?: The arrogance of a military regime.


?: Itís terrible.


?: Dreadful politics of power.


?: Oh, terrible.


Itís not my country,

But thereís no moral righteousness or anything

(Itís true!)

All theyíre interested in is profit for themselves

(Itís true!)

Everyone out for themselves alone


: Completely about the individual


: Thatís a wonderful


: Mature country


: If this is how it is, letís go to the embassy.


: Thatís the only place we can trust.


: Americaís power lives!


They all go and line up at the embassy.


Mabel: So naturally I went to the police. But all they said was that I was an idiot for being robbed.


Johanne: Well, for now letís see what we can do about your passport.


Mabel: My jewels! What about my jewels!?


Scene Three Ė Embassy


Ambassador: You are temporary staff of the embassy, but received the appointment locally. That makes you my discretion.


Renhart: You can leave it to me.


Ambassador: Iím sorry to ask such a capable intelligence officer to do a job like this.


Renhart: No, if you hadnít called me Iíd just be killing time right now. And Iím not an intelligence officer any more.


Ambassador: Thatís right, thatís so.


Renhart: Yes.


Ambassador: I wonít presume to ask why you left the CIA, but I donít understand how they could let a man like you go. ÖWell, thanks to that we can meet again like this.


Renhart: Yes.


Ambassador: All right, thatís enough talk of work.


He heads over and starts pouring drinks from a side table.


Renhart: This early in the morning?


Ambassador: Just one glass. Today is a special day that we are reunited.


Renhart: (laughs) Is your wife well?


Ambassador: Yes. I donít know where sheís gotten off to, but sheís been looking forward to seeing you.


Renhart: Me too.


Ambassador: Well then, to our friendship.


Renhart: An honor.


Ambassador: How nostalgic, eh, Jay? Itís like weíve gone back in time.


Renhart: Getting to know you, ambassador, was the best thing that happened then to me.


Ambassador: Not at all. Your sense of duty burned strong, and you did an amazing job, didnít you?


Renhart: You as well, ambassador Ė many of your achievements in reuniting the Western side remain.


Ambassador: Both of us, eh? From our different positions we both burned with idealism.


Renhart: Yes.


Ambassador: When I think of that, Iím getting old.


Renhart: Never.


Ambassador: No, I probably still have ideals now here, but the hopelessness Iíve experienced outnumbers them.


Renhart: Ö..


Ambassador: Itís the same old East and West

Both panicking over the threat of the other

The varieties of misfortunes in this world

Are never used up


Renhart: A painful conversation.


Ambassador: But thatís the world.



I believed that someday, certainly,

We would reach our ideals

But the varieties of misfortunes in this world

Are never used up


Ambassador: The misfortune of war, the misfortune of starving.


Renhart: The misfortune of destruction.



So long as peopleís desires canít be erased

The ruin of the world will continue

But that is the proof

That people are people


Ambassador: Look at this country. They chose their path based on what they desire, and now theyíre suffering economic collapse.


Renhart: Thereís extreme inflation due to the military and the terrifying government.


Ambassador: On top of that, theyíre on the verge of a dispute now with Britain.


Renhart: If it comes to that, who will America support?


Ambassador: Itís obvious. Because Europe is more important. However, the people are wiser.


Without expectations of their country

They go on as masters of themselves, without asking for help from anyone

They donít offer a hand for what doesnít concern them

They take care of themselves


Now it seems like a highly persuasive option to me.


Renhart: They love this country, the people here.


Ambassador: There are complexities.


Renhart: However, the Americans living here donít seem to think that.


Ambassador: Exactly.


Renhart: I see, so solving their troubles is my job? Well, itís less stressful than facing off against the KGB. At least I wonít be risking my life.


: All right, Johanne, Iíll take over the jewelry case. To start with, why donít you lead me to the police station?


Scene Four Ė Police Station


Johanne: Excuse me, do you have a moment?


Samuel: What?


Johanne: Iím Johanne McGuire from the American Embassy. This is Jay Renhart. About that American theft case.


Samuel: This isnít the time for that; canít you tell?


Johanne: Isnít that odd?


Samuel: Whoíre you? What kind of position are you in, to say things?


Renhartr: Now, now. Isnít there someone here that I can talk to?


Samuel: No. Troilo!


Troilo: Hm? Yes.


Samuel: Find out where this came from.


Troilo: I havenít seen this gun before.


Samuel: Thatís why youíre looking it up.


Troilo: How?


Samuel: Think about it.


Renhart: Itís Soviet.


Both: Ö..


Renhart: AK47. They were used by the Special Forces for a short time before they were cut back.


Troilo: Soviet makeÖ


Renhart: Is this a lost article or something?


Samuel: Itís nothing to do with you.


He takes the gun away.


Renhart: What on earth happened?


Troilo: Ah, itís the guerillas againÖ I mean, that is-


Renhart: Did they carry those and attack a warehouse or something?


Troilo: Please stop, I canít say anything to foreigners.


Renhart: But isnít it strange? Why would guerillas have had Soviet weapons?


Troilo: Yes, thatís- No, Iím not saying anything.


Renhart (laughs) You were Officer Troilo?


Troilo: Yeah.


Renhart: Iím Jay Renhart. Wonít you lend me a little time?


Riolo: No, I canít. I still have work to do.


Renhart: You just finished one, didnít you? Itís not that complicated of a tale. Itís just a rather expensive theft.


Renhart (voice over): This seemed to make things easy. But, why Soviet-made weapons? Did it mean the KGB were prowling around here too? Well, it isnít anything to do with me. At any rate, he seemed like a nice enough guy, but I wasnít sure if heíd be useful.


Troilo: Fine. Letís start at the hotel.


Renhart: Ah, wouldnít it be better to go around to all the pawn shops?


Troilo: The pawn shops?


Renhart: If itís been sold and we donít hurry, itíll have been processed. Is there a list of shops?


Troilo: Yeah, wait a second.


Renhart: OK, thanks, Johanne. I should be all right on my own now.


Johanne: Huh? But you donít know the streets yet, do you?


Renhart: Iíve got him.


Troilo: Got it!


Renhart: Well then, shall we go?


Troilo: Yeah, sure.


Johanne: Mr. Renhart!


Renhart: Donít worry, from here on itís my job.


Scene Five Ė Pawn Shop


A bunch of young, unsavory-looking punks are hanging out at the pawn shop. As Renhart and Troilo enter, one of them is leaving off talking to the shop owner who is behind the counter.


Maltines: Well, when you know something, let me know.


Kicho: Sure.


Maltines leaves. Troilo and Renhart come up to the counter.


Troilo: Hey.


Kicho: What?


Troilo: Ah, Iíve got something to ask you.


Kicho: I donít deal with customers who donít introduce themselves. Sorry.


Troilo: Iím Offficer Troilo. This is-


Renhart: Officer Renhart.


Troilo does a double-take.


Troilo: Huh?


Kicho: What do you want? I havenít done anything.


Troilo: I know. Youíve never once dealt with stolen goods. Thatís good, if you answer our questions properly.


Kicho: Ö What are you saying?


Troilo: ActuallyÖ.


Troilo seems to lose track of the conversation, and Renhart takes the initiative.


Renhart: What did you hide just now?


Kicho: Eh?


Renhart: When we came in you hid something. Bring it out.


Troilo: Ö Thatís right, bring it out.


Kicho: Iím not really hiding anything.


Renhart: Donít play dumb; you tucked it away there in a hurry, didnít you?


Kicho: What are you? Isnít this odd?


Troilo: Hey.


Kichou: Wait, who is he?


Troilo: I donít know either.


Kicho: Hey, give me a break.


Troilo: Now, now, if you tell us, weíll understand.


Kicho: Tell you what?


Troilo: Ahhh, what youíre hiding.


Kicho: I donít know.


Renhart: Ö.


Troilo grabs Kicho and they shake him up a bit. He pulls it out and Renhart grabs it. Itís very small. He studies it.


Kicho: The customer just left it there.


Renhart: That man just now?


Kicho: Ö..


Renhart: Do you know what this is?


Kicho: I told you, I donít know. He told me to look it up, and left it.


Troilo: What is it?


Kicho: I told you, I donít know!


Renhart: Iíll leave the rest to you.


Troilo: Huh?


Renhart: I remembered something I have to do. Iím leaving this in your custody.


He drops the small thing into Troiloís palm.


Kicho: Wait, come on now!


Renhart: Donít show it to anyone, Iím counting on you.


Troilo: All right.


Kicho: Thatís cruel, whyÖ?


Renhart: Donít complain. You want us to take you in?


Kicho: But-!


Troilo: Be quiet. This way is better.


Renhart: Well then.


Troilo: What about the jewel?


Renhart: Please take care of it.


Troilo: Wha-?


Renhart (voice over): Thatís the new model targeting system that the NATO army is using for experimentation. Itís the type that irradiates the target with a laser, and Iíve heard that when mounted on a gun its accuracy rapidly increases. What is it doing here? Itís still in the testing phase; itís not something to be sent out and around. Soviet-made machine guns; this isnít something simple. Something stinks.


Scene Six Ė The Church ~A Small Room~


Carlos and Maltines and two or three other young men are in a small room in the church.


Carlos: So like we thought, he didnít know?


Maltines: Heíll look into it and let us know.


Rino: What the hell is this thing?


Carlos: Donít play with those. I bet we could sell them for a lot.


Galeano: But with this inflation no matter how much money we get itís nothing but scraps of paper.


Carlos: What about dollars?


Galeano: Dollars?


Bartolome: You have some kind of lead on that?


Carlos: Iím looking.


Rino: Well, thatís true, at least. No matter how much we give to the poor, they canít eat metal.


His pals smack him for being an idiot.


Maltines: One thing bothers me.


Carlos: Whatís that?


Maltines: Why do you think there were weapons like this?


Carlos: On the surface theyíre traders, but underneath they also act as weapons brokers, right?


Galeano: Smugglers?


Carlos: Probably.


Rino: This is no joke!


Maltines: Then the other side is no good either, not if they learn about us.


Carlos: I thought about that. But thatís exactly why Iím not sure what to do. Moving that way might be even more of a risk. Am I wrong?


Bartolome: I think we should do as Carlos suggests. Donít worry so much.


Galeano: Nothing you can do about it. Thatís Maltinesí disposition. Right?


Rino: Hahahaha.


The old priest, Romero, arrives.


Romero: Carlos, what on earth?


Carlos: Father.


Romero: I heard. About a strike on a warehouse in the harbor? Are the bearers of the Democratic Movement whom I trusted thieves?


Carlos: I understand your anger, but-


Romero: Quiet, you donít understand anything! In a Democracy, everyone has an equal right to speak. This isÖ. Who will trust someone who carried a gun?


Carlos: But at least now we can help the ones who are starving.


Romero: What would happen to such a makeshift resistance? The majority of the people in this country identify with the middle class. If they donít make a stand, Democracy wonít be possible. Theyíll never support violence.


Carlos: In the shantytowns near the harbor, there are children who donít have the strength to cry because of malnutrition. The number of people who die from head colds isó. Why canít we try to save these people?


Romero: Bring them here. Donít we do all that we can for them?


Carlos: How many people do you think there are!?


Romero: Stick to what you believe in. We donít have any other way of opposing their power. If itís because of that, then nothing can be done about the starvation either. We too should starve and suffer with them.When the time comes that each of us understands their sufferingÖ that will be the time that they realize. A nation is not made by knocking about its people.


Carlos: I understand. Iíll listen because theyíre your words, Father. But I mustÖ.


Romero: So long as you understand.I was the same when I was young. But it was because of that that so many of my capable friends were arrested. Donít make the same mistake we did.


Carlos: Yes, sir.


Romero: Incidentally, where are all of the things that you plundered?


Maltines: Ah, wellÖ


Carlos: Theyíre hidden for now.


Romero: Then bring them here sometime tonight. At least we should give them to everyone to eat.


Carlos: Well, thatís not quite right.


Romero: What? What do you mean?


Scene Seven Ė The Church ~The Chapel~


Renhart, who is listening in on their conversation, is discovered by Alicia, who is dressed as a nun. Renhart turns, and Alicia is startled when she recognizes him. He is also surprised to see her.


Renhart: You areÖ.


Alicia: What are you doing here?


Renhart: I could ask you the same. Ah, but this is a surprise!


Carlos and the others have noticed him, and come out.


Carlos: Whatís wrong?


Renhart: ÖÖ


Carlos: Who is he?


Alicia: ÖÖÖ


Renhart: Ah, no, Iím not really anyone suspicious.


Rino: What were you doing here?


Renhart: Nothing. Canít you come to a church?


Carlos: Who are you?


Renhart: Iíll ask you the same: Who are you?


Galeano: Doesnít matter who we are. Didnít we ask you what you were doing here?


Romero: Enough. Stop, please. Ah, excuse them. These boys are all students of mine. Iím the priest, Romero.


Renhart: Pleased to meet you. Iím Renhart. Iím from the American Embassy.


Romero: I see.


Renhart: Hereís my credentials.


Renhart moves to pull out his ID, but the priest waves him to stop.


Romero: Ah, no, thatís fine.


Maltines: But you didnít look like youíd come here to pray.


Romero: Hey.


Rino: There is something strange here.


Romero: ÖPlease stop.


Renhart: No, itís fine. Theyíre right, I certainly didnít come here to pray.


Romero: ÖÖ.


Renhart: Itís quite a stupid story, and Iím sorry to trouble you with it, but the truth is that I caught sight of the Sister here and, my attention preoccupied, I followed her in.


Romero: OhhhÖ?


Renhart: No, not with any wicked intent. I justÖ. Iím very sorry to have troubled you.


Aliciaís reply is distant and polite.


Alicia: Oh, no.


Renhart: HahaÖ. Not much of a position, is it?


Romero: No, I see. UhmÖ.


Renhart: If itís all right with you, Iíd like to take my leave.


Romero: Ah, yes, of course.


Renhart: Well then.


He moves to leave, but Romeroís voice brings him up short.


Romero: Faith begins from the most trivial of things. If you would like, please come again some time.


Renhart: Thank you. Please excuse me.


Alicia nods at him as he leaves. The scene changes.


Renhart: If that lot knew what they had, they wouldnít have brought them to a pawn shop. Meaning that theyíre not deeply connected to the KGB? Whatís the woman have to do with it? I donít think sheís a guerilla. Any way, couldnít I have come up with a better excuse? The instant I quit I started loosing my edge.


Scene Eight Ė A Street


Alicia comes out of the church and Renhart is waiting for her.


Renhart: Hey.


Alicia: ÖÖ


Renhart: Thanks for earlier.


Alicia: Is there still something you need?


Renhart: No, not exactly. I just felt that I couldnít leave with things like that.


Alicia: ÖÖ


Renhart: Hahaha, so I really am a bother?


Alicia: Iím grateful that you kept quiet about having met me at the tanguera.


Renhart: ÖDonít mention it.


Alicia: ÖÖ.


Renhart: It was just a hunch I had.


Alicia: ÖThereís money in it.


Renhart: YesÖ


Alicia: Itís for the orphans.


Renhart: ÖÖ


Alicia: There are many children at the church, all unrelated. We canít feed them enough on donations and allowances alone. There are institutions. But there isnít a single child who would want to go there.


Renhart: I see. ÖBut when you were dancing at the tanguera, you were doing it with all your heart.


Alicia: Because there wasnít another way, and I didnít think anyone would know me.


Renhart: Yes, thatís probably true.


Alicia: Can I go now?


Renhart: Of course:


Alicia: Ö..


Renhart: Ah, if itís okayÖ


Her cool demeanor cracks and she blurts out an accusation.


Alicia: The truth is that thereís something that you want to know.


Renhart: Eh?


Alicia: You came here to find something out, didnít you?


Renhart: Why do you think that?


Alicia: Because what you said before was a lie, wasnít it? About seeing me.


Renhart: ÖÖ


Alicia: When you saw my face, you were completely surprised, werenít you...?


Renhart: Well, thatís because, I mean, I didnít believe it. I thought at first that it was just a resemblance. But then when I got closer I saw that it really was you after all.


Alicia: ÖÖ.


Renhart: Itís the truth. Iím a genuine American. I donít have anything to do with the agencies of this country.


Alicia: But Iím a nun. Itíll cause me problems if you follow me around.


Renhart: I wonít do that. I just wanted to talk to you for a moment.


Alicia: Then are we through?


Renhart: (laughs) Canít you relax for a little? You act as if youíre being investigated. Those boys earlier arenít guerillas, are they?


She reacts as if stung.


Alicia: Why would you say such a thing?


Renhart: WellÖ


Alicia: Such a thing couldnít be possible, could it?


Renhart: I just wanted to try and say it.


Alicia: Well youíre mistaken, so please donít say such things.


Renhart: Iím sorry.


Alicia: They come from time to time to help out at the church with things. Carlos, the one who spoke to you firstó


Renhart: Yes?


Alicia: He was raised there. And theyíre all his friendsÖ They come to help with the children too.


Renhart: I made a flippant remark.


Alicia: If thereís a rumor, even a word of it, lots of people could be arrested. Then theyíll never come back.


Renhart: Yes, please forgive me.


Alicia: Well, as a foreigner you wouldnít know.


Renhart: Ö..


Alicia: Iím going now.


Renhart: Yes, thank you for letting me detain you.


Alicia: Well thenÖ


Renhart: Ö..


Alicia: Ö Iíve probably said too much here. Please donít mind any of it.


Renhart: Of course, itís fine.


Alicia: ÖÖ


Renhart: If I go to the tanguera again, could I see you?


Alicia: Please donít come again.


Renhart: But I like you.


Alicia: If you come Iíll pretend I donít know you.


Renhart: I donít mind.


Alicia: ÖÖ.


Renhart: Whatís your name? Iím Jay Renhart.


Alicia: ÖÖ.


Renhart: Surely you can tell me that much?


Alicia: ÖAlicia.


Renhart: AliciaÖ It really suits you. Itís a good name.


She leaves without saying anything.


Scene Nine Ė Abstract Places ~Street Corners and Such~


The people in the city are suffering. The nuns are handing out food to the ragged children. One faints and is carried away.



This was once called the Country of Joy

Is now a dream?

Was before an illusion?

More than the poverty

The days without hope are bitter



They slip by

All of them, no matter the promises

Grief, all of it to the other side of time

I want to seek for it, butÖ I want to believe in it, butÖ

A personís happiness is always fleeting

Tranquility is so far away

At least the children sleep in innocence

Surely the wishes from their hearts which know no hate will come true

Because they certainly werenít born here to suffer


Carlos and the guerillas come through the streets, guns in hand, carrying the boxes of weapons that they stole.



They take away from the people

They trample down the people

The lamenting voices arenít heard by those in power

Those who suffer are always the same

Tired out with surviving

They vanish in the swell of time

Murmuring, ďWhy was I born?Ē



Iím afraid

I canít see anything

Even if I continue to wait, nothing will change

I canít even fight with things as they are

I canít pass away and disappear


Scene Ten Ė In Front of the Church


The streets empty, leaving only Renhart. He suddenly darts forward and hides in a doorway. A suspicious man in trench-coat and fedora walks slowly along and passes by his hiding place. Renhart steps out, with one arm extended, a folded newspaper obscuring the hand he points at the stranger.


Renhart: Donít move.


Alexei: ÖÖ.


Renhart: Take your hands out of your pockets, slowly.


Alexei: You-!


Renhart: Letís do as I say.


Alexei: ÖÖ..


Renhart: Why donít you give me your gun?


Alexei: I donít have one.


Renhart: Liar, itís in your hat.


The man spins around to face him, enraged.


Alexei: I knew it must be you, Renhart!


Renhart: I told you not to move. Iíll shoot.


Alexei: Dammit, what are you up to?


Renhart: Enough. Just give me your gun. Leave it in the hat. Throw it here.


Renhart takes the gun out from Alexeiís hat, and once he has it safely in his hand he tosses the newspaper aside and reveals that he wasnít carrying a gun himself.


Alexei: Damnit, you tricked me!


Renhart: Yes. Ö. Itís been a while. I thought you were in Europe?


Alexei: Itís your fault.


Renhart: What?


Alexei: Itís your fault I got transferred.


Renhart: ÖÖÖ.


Alexei: Look at this eye; itís become practically useless.


Renhart: Donít be ridiculous. Werenít you trying to shoot me? Itís not my fault that your gun accidentally discharged.


Alexei: Itís all the same thing!


Renhart: What a cruel, unjustified grudge.


Alexei: (laughs) But arenít you the same? The fact that youíre hereó


Renhart: I quit.


Alexei: What?


Renhart: Iíve quit the CIA.


Alexei: Donít play with me. Whoíd believe such a thing?


Renhart: I work here at the embassy now.


Alexei: ÖÖÖ


Renhart: What about it? Why donít you scrap it and quit too? No matter where you go, itís all the same.


Alexei: What is?


Renhart: I saw the guns that the guerillas have. Theyíre Soviet. Do you really think youíll get a Communist revolution in this country? This lot isnít Communist.


Alexei: I know that.


Renhart: Then why?


Alexei: Because this is my job. Itís how Iím valuable to my country.


: Iím a professional spy.


: Alexei Azimoff.


Renhart: Donít say such ridiculous, provincial things.


: In any case, our doctrines have reached the end of their tethers.


Alexei: And why should that bother me? Iíll accomplish my job.


: Thatís all.


Renhart: What do you think handing out weapons to the guerillas will do?


Alexei: If we stir up social unrest, the government will be driven into a corner. Theyíll probably start a war with England to avoid the attack.


Renhart: And that would be your cue?


Alexei: Thatís one way of looking at it.


Renhart: And what about you?


Alexei: It doesnít matter. I just put my orders into action.


Renhart: Stop playing dumb. What youíre doing is no different from a corporate take-over.


: An official stance of impartiality and

a pretence at a peaceful doctrine

Selling out freedom

Suffering from poverty


Alexei: Itís the same in every country.


Renhart: Itís not a joke

Donít count us together


Alexei: Almost all of humanity is foolish.


Renhart: Your lot, for example


: Have you ever eaten delicious food? Can you imagine an affluent lifestyle?


Alexei: Donít say any more!


Renhart: What is happiness, and what is sorrow?


Alexei: Stop it!


Renhart: Do you even know?


Alexei: Be quiet!



I was once the child of a family of poor laborers

One time my bread ration was larger than usual

I chewed it happily with lots of thanks

But it was a trap

They called me

Greedy Alexei, Bread Thief Alexei

I was to spy on my friends as my atonement

At that time something in me was destroyed

If I was going to do it,

I would become a top-notch spy

I am a professional spy, Alexei

Former bread thief

Now Iím the man theyíve nicknamed The Razor

I have no use for principles

My country appreciates me for being able to carry out my mission

Thatís the value of my life


Alexei: I am a pro spy, Alexei Azimoff.


Renhart: The former bread thief. In my country, you decide your own value.


Alexei: ÖThatís true even though you quit the CIA?


Renhart: It is.


Alexei: Then why are you here? Why are you keeping an eye on the guerillas?


Renhart: Just some small reasons.


Alexei: Youíll report on our activities?


Renhart: Theyíll know it soon enough even if I donít do anything, donít you think? The police have confiscated your guns.


Alexei: That was taken into account beforehand. Everything is going as planned.


Renhart: Do you know what theyíve done?


Alexei: ÖÖ


Renhart: Alexei!


Alexei: Attacked a traderís warehouse.


Renhart: Thatís all?


Alexei: What else is there?


Renhart: Why donít we exchange information? Iíd like to know a little more about that trader.


Alexei: You first.


Renhart: A laser alignment system that was in the testing phase with NATO was mixed up in it.


Alexei: Really? How?


Renhart: I donít know.


Alexei: It was already finished? Ours is still in the prototype phase.


Renhart: In any case, itís not out on the market yet. Meaningó


Alexei: Itís coming first-hand from the military.


Renhart: Probably.


Alexei: Therefore making that trader one part of the route.


Renhart: Thatís what I want to know.


Alexei: Thereís no mistake, is there? A man in the company called Escalada works as a weapons broker from the back.


Renhart: Whoís his business partner?


Alexei: It appears that he works on an extensive scale, from here in South America to Africa. But how the goods get into the illegal channelsÖ.


Renhart: Thereís no evidence, but canít we think of another way?


A sound of movement reaches them, a kicked can.


Alexei: I think Iíd better be going now.


Renhart: Sure.


Alexei: See you, Renhart. Take care. If what youíre saying is true, itís not some half-baked opponent.


With this menacing warning, he tugs his hat brim low over his eyes and begins to stalk off.


Renhart: Your hat is on backwards.


Alexei spins it around, tugs it back down again, and leaves.


Renhart: Probably that alignment system ended up on the route by mistake. It leaked out, and the weapon being tested fell into illegal channels. Doing that doesnít always need a man in position. ďItís not some half-baked opponentĒ?Ö. This jewel search has turned into something serious. I thought Iíd be able to take things a little easy after quitting the CIA. Somehow it seems that the god of death likes me. Bruce, we wonít be freed after all, will we? Not until we die.


Renhart reminisces about his time as a spy.


Renhart: Actually, that was ordinary for us. We would do anything to get our hands on the information we needed, so that they didnít get ahead of us. Behind all that, how many were crippled, how many buried in the darkness? Bruce, you were one of them too.


Renhartís partner Bruce and rival Alexei appear. Unknown men shoot at the spies from the dark, and Bruce dies.


Rehnart: ÖWas it really necessary? In the end, nothing in the world has changed. Did we fight to keep things from changing?


Renhart faces off with his old boss, Hume.


Renhart (voice over): Hume abandoned us. If he had come to rescue us, I think Bruce wouldnít have died. European Bureau Chief? Hah! To him we were just consumable goods.


Renhart, alone.


Renhart: Weíre chess pieces in a match between major powers. But there can never be victory or defeat. Is that world peace? Even now I donít know what Bruce and I risked our lives for. But Iím never going back there. Itís all in vain now, but Iím going to live on for myself with what life is left to me.


: When I struggle on, the people are so very far away

My words of prayer, too, are torn away by the wind and disappear

What do I grieve for now?

I donít intend to hurt, but I wander without knowing where I go

My heart is heavy


I stop at a strange town

Rusted wishes and worries, Iíve thrown them all aside

When I walk alone once more, the road begins from futility


Solitude is better than any cure

Protecting nothing, searching for nothing

When you live alone, you plow through all the other faces

The road I follow today continues wandering on without end


Johanne: Mr. Renhart.


Renhart: Johanne, what is it?


Johanne: Iíve been looking all over for you. After before, I went back to the embassy and got a call from Officer Troilo. He says he wants you to call him back.


Renhart: I see, got it. Then letís go stop by the police station.


Johanne: Um, it seems that the investigation was closed.


Renhart: Investigation? What investigation?


Johanne: You know, when we went there and they were saying that guerillas broke into the warehouse.


Renhart: Yeah.


Johanne: He said the damage report was withdrawn. Then he said his place was here. (She hands him a piece of paper.) If you like, Iíll go with you.


Renhart: No, Iíll find a car and be fine. Will you be all right on your own?


Johanne: Yes, of course.


Renhart: Well then, see you.


Johanne: Good night!


Renhart (voice over): Somehow theyíve realized the situation. Thatís why the damage report was withdrawn. They intend to lose the police in the dark before they let the criminals drag things out to be exposed. Now, their priority is recovering the weapons?


Scene Eleven Ė Troiloís Apartment


A loud hammering fills the air, and Troilo crawls out of bed and stumbles for the door.


Troilo: I hear you, I hear you, I say! Donít knock so loud; youíll break the door. (He opens it.) Ö.. Renhart.


Renhart: Sorry itís so late.


Troilo: Nah.


Renhart: Where is it?


Troilo: Here, hold on a sec. What the heck is that thing?


Renhart: A new NATO alignment system. It was taken off of a gun.


Troilo: Oh. Eh? What?


He panics as a red point of light appears on his pajamas and tried to bat it off.


Renhart: Itís a laser. If that red point is used as a guideline of the gunís rangeÖ


Troilo: I see. Then all you have to do is point at the target and fire? But why was this in a pawn shop?


Renhart: The guerillas who broke into the warehouse were having trouble disposing of them, so they brought it in.


Troilo: Eh, thenÖ Ehh? Whatís it all mean?


Renhart: That warehouse was full of weapons. The guerillas broke into it without knowing that.


Troilo: Then thatís why the damage report was withdrawn?


Renhart: Thatís right.


Troilo: Then those traders are weapons dealers?


Renhart: Thatís right.


Troilo: And? You found out about the guerillas too?


Renhart: No, no information at all about them.


Troilo: Why?


Renhart: Not sure, but maybe they seem to have disappeared like smoke.


Troilo: But, that guy in the pawn shop. Wouldnít he have known?


Renhart: Iím saying they disappeared.


Troilo: Ö. Thatísó


Renhart: More importantly, that pawn dealer is a problem, donít you think?


Troilo: Why?


Renhart: This, you see, is a weapon in testing. It couldnít have been distributed cleanly by the usual routes. Which means what?


Troilo: Smuggling.


Renhart: Thatís right. Weapons smuggled through the black market. If thatís the case, can you leave it alone?


Troilo: But thereís no proof, right?


Renhart: Isnít this proof here?


Troilo: How will you prove the connection?


Renhart: Even if provisional, youíre police under a military regime, right? You can pull people in without a summons or arrest warrant, and make enquiries, right?


Troilo: Ah, that wouldnít work.


Renhart: What?


Troilo: At any rate, the administration gives us a fair donation. We canít lift a finger against them.


Renhart is disgusted.


Renhart: Oh, I get it.


Troilo: If there was something I could doÖ


Renhart: No, thatís fine. Iím taking this with me.


Troilo: What are you going to do?


Renhart: Shake up a certain trader.


Troilo: Thatís pointless.


Renhart: Thereís no other way.


Troilo: Why would an embassy worker like you go so far?


Renhart: ...


Troilo: I mean, what can you do alone?


Renhart: Thereís nothing for it now. If I donít investigate a little more, nothing can be done.


: Troiloís right. Itís not my job to clean it up alone. Itís a problem for all of NATO. But if I report, who should I bring it to? Right now I donít know who the enemy is, and moving carelessly could be fatal.


Scene Twelve Ė The Traderís Office


The trader sweats under Renhartís questioning.


Escalada: No matter how much you say, I have no idea what youíre talking about. That, what, alignment? Thatís not something that we deal with. Huh? NATO? Ö Well if you put it that way. No, that is. Ö Well, yes, Iíll speak, but the truth is it was a ruse by the guards. Geez, we pay them enough too. Well, thatís how it was, so wonít you please leave it be? Weíre speaking of an embarrassment for the company, so weíd like to stop any further inquiry. (He glances at his watch.) Now then, youíll have to excuse me, but itís almost time for a meetingÖ.


Renhart (voice over): That certainly got him flustered. I showed him the actual thing. This will get them moving, and then weíll see the shape of things.


Scene Thirteen Ė A Street


Troilo and Johanne are waiting outside the office when Renhart comes out.


Renhart: Hey.


Troilo: Good morning.


Renhart: Morning. Why are you two together?


Johanne: I heard from Mr. Troilo.


Renhart: Heard what?


Johanne: That youíre investigating the weapon smuggling.


Renhart: Yeah.


Johanne: I donít think thatís something for an embassy worker to do. Even the police are leaving it alone. What will you do if it becomes a diplomatic problem?


Renhart: Iíll be careful.


Johanne: And isnít that laser sight system a terrible weapon? If itís fallen into the hands of the East, you wonít be able to get it back, will you?


Renhart: Are you very familiar with guns?


Johanne: No.


Renhart: You know a lot about this thing you call the laser sight system.


Johanne: ÖI looked into it. I heard from Mr. Troilo.


Renhart: I see. Well, donít worry so much. I donít actually intend to do everything myself. For now-.


Johanne: Shouldnít you leave that up to the CIA? Or are you CIA?


Renhart: No, not at all.


: Leave it to the CIA? Yes, surely. I quit the CIA. Iíve run into this so far without thinking, but this isnít my job anymore. I guess Iím a guy with ingrained habits.Ö This is a favorable opportunity. After this thereís nothing but to leave everything to the proper agency. But before that thereís just one more thing I want to do.


Scene Fourteen Ė Near the Tanguera


Renhart: Alicia.


He notices that sheís being followed by two ominous figures, but when he walks up to them, they melt away into the crowd. He turns back to her, but she moves as if to leave. He laughs.


Renhart: Youíre not going to do that, are you?


Alicia: I told you Iíd pretend I didnít know you.


Renhart: Yes, but I really have something I must talk to you about. Canít you give me a moment?


Alicia: Talk about what?


Renhart: The connection between yourself and the people at the church.


Alicia: I see.


Renhart: But first I need to apologize.


Alicia: Ö..


Renhart: When I came to the church before, it wasnít because I caught sight of you. ďCarlosĒ, I think his name isÖ?


Alicia: Yes.


Renhart: I was following one of his friends.


Alicia: Why?


Renhart: Because theyíre guerillas.


Alicia: Ö


Renhart: You didnít know?


Alicia: I worried that they might be. But that they really areó What will happen to them?


Renhart: As I said, Iím an American, so that in itself isnít a big problem to me. Itís the incident theyíve gotten involved in which is the problem.


Alicia: What do you mean?


Renhart (voiceover): I only wanted to avoid her getting involved. And in my heart I understood Carlos and his friendsí feelings. I wished them success in their movements.


Renhart: The criminal will silence anyone with a connection to him, right?


Alicia: Ö


Renhart: No, itís not an immediate problem, because he hasnít identified Carlos and the others yet. But I canít state definitely that thereís no danger. Particularly for you, with them.


Alicia: What should I do?


Renhart: I wish you would stay out of sight for a while.


Alicia: Ö.


Renhart: Is it possible?


Alicia: What would happen to the children?


Renhart: If something were to happen to you all, then what could you do?


Alicia: Iíll have to talk to the priest.


Renhart: Please do. If anything happens, come talk to me too.


Alicia: But why did you tell me this? Itís not as if itís your fault.


Renhart: That may be true, but I couldnít ignore it.


Alicia: Ö


Renhart: I canít endorse the guerillas, but when I see you all, I can understand the emotions that make you do it. And although the current government is on friendly terms with America, itís not that we welcome a military regime.


Alicia: I wonder why we can never do it right, here in this country?


Renhart: There are all kinds of eras. In America the north and south split and battled too. And there have been wars. It will get better someday. Now things are at their worst.


Alicia: Whatís the most important thing to you?


Renhart: Freedom. And having hope for the future.


: More than grieving over the times, I want to fix my eyes on the future

Even in the middle of the cold wind, I want to warm my heart

The pain of foolish mistakes continues

If thatís living, I donít want love

If we live for the sake of sorrow, I donít want to pray in this world

Even while I stand still in the depths of despair



People continue to love people

Living without giving up their aspirations



People who share while starving

People who support others while escaping

Deep eyes which have been opened

Smiling through a blur of tears



Somewhere, surely, it will be found



I want to live, I want them to live

That is the truth of living things



An awakening dawn, a sparkling wind

The seasons turn and green things sprout

Even if itís too difficult now, we go on living in this world


Scene Fifteen Ė A Cafť


The two sit at a cafť and talk.


Alicia: My father also said that often.


Renhart: ÖÖ..


Alicia: He said you mustnít think of reality as truth. The fact that people are born and live is a much more distantly splendid thing.


Renhart: Yes. Ö But thereís also a time to die.


Alicia: Thatís true. ÖWhen my father died, it was painful to remember his words.


Renhart: Ö.I see.


Alicia: He died in prison. He was originally a politician, but he criticized the current regime, and then they held him for a long time. And then, two years agoÖ.


Renhart: But even now your fatherís words live on in you.


Alicia: I wonder.


Renhart: And where did the dancing come from? They donít teach that at the abbey, surely.


Alicia: From my mother. My mother was a dancer for a musical group. She was very popular.


Renhart: Then she must be very proud when she watches you dance.


Alicia: Ö


(She gives a small laugh.)


Renhart: What is it?


Alicia: Nothing.


Renhart: ÖÖ.


Alicia: My mother passed away. Soon after they took my father.


Renhart: ÖÖ..


Alicia: Ö..


She laughs at his expression.


Renhart: I put my foot in my mouth againÖ


Alicia: No, itís not your fault. Ö.That I can laugh at a time like thisó I havenít laughed in a long time. ÖIíve been in the abbey, you see. After my father was imprisoned, I didnít have a home to return to.


Renhart: Ö..


Alicia: Ö.Please donít be so quiet.


Renhart: Ah, oh, Iím sorry.


Alicia: And your family?


Renhart: My parentís areÖÖ.. well. Probably.


Alicia: Probably?


Renhart: Yes, they divorced when I was in high school. I went into my fatherís charge, but in the end I left home. I havenít spoken with him at all since I began working.


Alicia: Why not?


Renhart: That was the nature of the job. Though Iíve quit it.


Alicia: Ö..


Renhart: My partner died. That was my impetus, since he was the only one I trusted.


Alicia: ÖÖ


Renhart: Itís a callous world, after all.


Alicia: How did you get into such a job?


Renhart: I was scouted. Although actually, when I was in college I wanted to be a quarterback.


Alicia: A quarterback?


Renhart: Football.


Alicia: Ah.


Renhart: But I injured my shoulder. When I couldnít throw, that was the end of the quarterback.


Alicia: Really?


Renhart: Yeah.


Alicia: ÖKeeping a file of your sorrows is hopeless, isnít it?


Renhart: But isnít that the easy way? Youíll be more powerful when you start over again. When youíre just starting out, the bottom of the ravine you fall into is even deeper.


Alicia: ÖBut still you go on living.


Renhart: Yes, but if you donít like it you donít have to force yourself to begin something. You can simply do what you can, as you please, and watch the time slip past in front of your eyes. And yet isnít that all right? Thatís living too.


Alicia: ÖÖ


Renhart: When I say things like this, does it make God angry?


Alicia: Yes, probably.


Renhart: I thought so.


Alicia: But I think the most important thing is to want to live.


Renhart: ÖÖ.


Alicia: Despite it all, to want to live.


: Somewhere, surely, it will be found

I want to live, I want them to live

That is the truth of living things



Starlight in a sleeping town

Distancing myself from people, forgetting time

What should I speak of now to convey my emotions?


Alicia pulls away from him.


Alicia: Um, IÖ. Itís getting late.


Renhart: Iíll walk you home.


Alicia: Iím all right.


Renhart: But-


Alicia: Truly, Iím fine.


Renhart: Then Iíll give you my contact information, just in caseÖ


He pulls out his wallet and hands her a card, then notices something else in it.


Alicia: ?


Renhart: This is the partner I spoke of earlier. I wanted to hold a memorial service for him, so have it with me, but I still havenít done anything. If you could, would you pray for him?


Alicia: This manÖ


Renhart: What is it?


Alicia: I know this man.


Renhart: Eh?


Alicia: Iíve met him. I think.


Renhart: That was six or seven years agoÖ.


Alicia: Yes, I think it was around then. Because it was before my father was captured.


Renhart: Where?


Alicia: When I came home unexpectedly one time, he was there. With one more person.


Renhart: One more?


Alicia: A little older, with a small scar on his cheek, and a sharp expression in his eyesÖ


Renhart: Ö..


Alicia: Do you know him?


Renhart: What was their business?


Alicia: ÖÖ


Renhart: What was it?


Alicia: I heard it later from my mother, but they asked my father if he wanted to buy weapons.


Renhart: Ö.


Alicia: At that time, my father was being tracked down, and it would seem that he was thinking of organizing the guerillas. And thenÖ


Renhart: Wasnít there another one, a trader? Called Escalada.


Alicia: I think there were two then. But Iíve heard that name. The regime changed and father disposed of the mansion, but, yes, around that time a man with that name came and went as he pleased.


Renhart: BruceÖ. Itís Hume. The other man was Hume, no doubt about it. It canít beÖ He helped Hume and had a hand in diverting weapons into illegal channels?


Flash back to the past. Renhart and Bruce are hiding in shadows, breathing hard.


Renhart: Ö.At the time, we had finished our mission in East Germany, and were headed for the pick-up location. But there wasnít any support there at all.


Bruce: Whatís going on? Weíve been standing here for more than two hours. Damnit, once we lose the dark we wonít be able to move around.


Renhart: Donít get irritated, Bruce. Theyíre going to come for us.


Bruce: No, itís already too late. This is a trap. Weíve been set up.


Renhart: What? Who are you saying set us up?


Bruce: Never mind. I just made a mistake. Thatís right, I made a mistake. A stupidÖ Letís go; if we stay here weíll just get finished off. If we go like this we can escape alone. Come on!


A gun shot rings out, and Bruce is hit.


Renhart: Bruce!


Bruce: Run. Itís too late for me. Tell the chiefÖ Shit, never mind. Hurry up and run!


He runs toward the sound of the gun shots.


Renhart: Wait, Bruce!


Heís killed.


Renhart: That was to shut your mouth? You wanted to cleanse your sins. Knowing that, Hume set out to make you disappear. A trap? Thatís what you wanted to tell me. Hume had sold us out. Without knowing any of that, IÖ.


Renhart and Hume face off.


Hume: A valuable man is dead. Even though we had come to rescue youó


Renhart: Lies. You intended to sell us out! You weighed the risks and chose to abandon us.


Hume: Youíre wrong. The information leaked out from somewhere, and the KGB obstructed us.


Renhart: It doesnít matter. Even now itís the same thing. I get it. Weíre no more than consumable goods. Whether we live or die, nothing changes. And all you can think of is replenishing the men who are gone.


Hume: Wait, what are you intending? Right now youíre just worked up over Bruceís death. Cool down, Renhart.


Renhart: Shut up!


: DammitÖ Without suspecting anything I threw down my letter of resignation. Hume must have been laughing on the inside. What a stupid conversation. Did Bruce die in vain? Stupid bastard, you threw caution to the winds, all for money. You reap what you sow. Why are we here, living; what have we come here for? As things are, as things are in this incomprehensible town, what should I doÖ..?



Like looking into a broken mirror, my shattered heart scatters

Itís not because Iím scared, but the ground that I walk on sways

People pass through different times in their life, but I still canít flee from the past

Itís not as if I can be reborn, so what can I do with this life left to me?

I still havenít found a sign


He returns to the present, and Alicia is beside him.


Alicia: Are you all right?


Renhart: YeahÖ


They leave the cafť and start walking slowly through the town.


Scene Sixteen Ė The Harbor


Alicia: What will you do now?


Renhart: For now, please do what we talked about earlier.


Alicia: Disappear, you mean?


Renhart: Thatís right. Our opponent is the Chief of CIA operations in Europe. The man who used to be my boss. Heís ruthless and never off his guard. If something were to happen to youÖ


Alicia: I understand.


Renhart: Iím going to cool down for a while.


Alicia: ÖÖ


Renhart: If youíd like, youíre welcomeÖ.


Alicia: No, well, but thatís my wayÖ


Renhart: Well then letís walk a little.


Alicia: Yes.


Renhart: Ö..


Alicia: Your friendÖ.


Renhart: An idiot. He had a hand in the black market, so being killed isnít much of a surprise.


Alicia: But please donít hate him. Youíre only causing yourself pain.


Renhart: ÖÖ


Alicia: He was a good man to you, wasnít he?


Renhart: Yeah.


Alicia: And isnít that whatís important? Thatís the meaning of his life. Not being a criminal. Youíre the only one who can recognize that.


Renhart: Ö Thatís true. But I canít forgive Hume.


Alicia: Your former superior?


Renhart: Yeah.


Alicia: Arenít you in danger?


Renhart: This is as much as Iíll do. The rest is passed on to the embassy, and theyíll give a report to the CIA home office. The only problem is time.


Alicia: I see.


Renhart: Before all this started, I was feeling defeated. How foolish. I guess people are.


Alicia: There are times when you think that way. And to be angry.


Renhart: Ö..


Alicia: When a nun starts saying things like this, sheís done for.


Renhart: May I call you by your name?


Alicia: Yes.


Renhart: Alicia, Iím glad I met you.


Alicia: Me too.


Renhart: Ö.


He takes her hand.


Alicia: Mr. Renhart.


Renhart: Jay.


Alicia: But, I-


Renhart: Quiet now, this is a thank-you kiss.


A muffled gun shot rings out. Renhart pulls Alicia quickly to shelter.


Renhart: This way!


Alicia: What? What on-?


Renhart: Quiet.


He pulls out the little gun he stole from Alexei.


Alicia: Ö.


Renhart: Weíre being shot at.


Alicia: Eh!?


Renhart: Get down.


He tries to aim and fire, but the gun doesnít work.


Renhart: Damn, Soviet-!


He tosses it away.


Alicia: Ö..


Renhart: Weíll escape by sea.


Alicia: Eh?


Renhart: Can you swim?


Alicia: Ö.


Renhart: Can you swim?


Alicia: Yes.


Renhart: Jump in!


Alicia: Now? Like this?


Renhart: Well, there isnít exactly time to change into your swimsuit!


Alicia: Yes.


Renhart: Here we go.


Alicia: Wait!


He shoves her off the pier.


Alicia: Wait, what are you-? Let me gooooooooooo~


Renhart: At any rate, that was a quick response. Coming to kill me, does that mean they already know where the goods are? How would they know? How could our movements be leaking out? Who is it? Troilo doesnít know about the guerillas. Meaning it must beÖ..


Scene Seventeen Ė The Ambassadorís Residence


Ambassador Stewartís wife, Simone, is going through a heap of dresses. Finally, she brings one over to where Renhart and Alicia are standing, dripping onto her carpets.


Simone: This one is good. I bought it ages ago, but Iíve hardly worn it.


Alicia: Iím sorry.


Simone: Nn-nn. Itíll suit you better, Iím certain of it. Ö The design is too tight for me.


Renhart: Weíve put you to a lot of trouble. Iíd rather have visited under slightly more usual circumstances.


Simone: Itís fine! Iíve heard all about your job from my husband, so Iím not especially surprised. In any case, Iím glad neither of you was hurt.


Renhart: Yes.


Simone: But although I heard that you quit and was reassured, youíre still getting into trouble?


Renhart: No, we were just affected by chance, is all.


Simone: I seeÖ If thereís anything that Stewart can do, ask him. I called him, so he should be home soon.


Renhart: Thank you.


Alicia sneezes.


Simone: Ah, Iím sorry.


Alicia: Oh no.


Simone: Iím just all- Ah, letís go this way and get you changed.


Thereís the sound of a car stopping and the door opening.


Simone: Ah, heís home.


The ambassador enters.


Simone: Dear.


He seems preoccupied.


Ambassador: YesÖ.


Renhart: Iím very sorry for bursting in on you so suddenly.


Ambassador: No, itís fineÖ


Simone: This is Alicia!


Ambassador: Ah, yes, nice to meet you. Iím Stewart Grenger.


Alicia: Iím Alicia Fiorentino. Iím sorry for theÖ


Ambassador: No, please take your time.


Simone: Whatís happened? You look worried.


Ambassador: WellÖ


Renhart: ÖIs there something?


Ambassador: Youíve been indicted.


Renhart: Indicted?


Ambassador: By your former superior. It seems when he found evidence that you were involved in smuggling weapons with your partner, he sent an indictment against you to the Pentagon. I was only just told.


Renhart: Ö.


Simone tries to guide Alicia out of the room.


Simone: Now then, letís go.


Alicia: Wait a moment, please.


Ambassador: Itís truly outrageous, completely.


Renhart: Ambassador.


Ambassador: Did you need money that badly, that you sold weapons on the black market?


Renhart: Listen to me, please, thereís a reason for this.


Ambassador: What kind of reason? What kind of reason is there to do such a thing?


Renhart: Ö.


Ambassador: You need to object now. You canít stay silent like this. What kind of man is your superior, anyway?


Renhart: Then, you believe me?


Ambassador: Naturally. That you would do such aÖ. Did you really do it?


Renhart: I didnít!


Ambassador: Of course! You wouldnít.


Renhart: Thank you.


Simone: Now then, we canít let you catch a cold.


Alicia: Yes, butÖ


Simone: Itís all right, donít worry.


Renhart (voice-over): This is bad; heís preempted me. Thereís no doubt that heís got sufficient evidence for his defense. Well then, what now? Having me shot at was a blunder, and heís impatient. He intends to deal with me publicly this time. But he doesnít know yet that heís been uncovered as a murderer himself. Thatís his weak point.


Ambassador: I see, so he intends to blame you for his crimes?


Renhart: Thatís how it is.


Ambassador: It seems heís come to Buenos Aires to introduce things into the market.


Renhart: Really?


Ambassador: To save face for the CIA over his former underlingís misconduct by personally tidying it up; that seems to be what heís boasting.


Renhart: Proof that heís impatient. Thereís a lot that he doesnít want talked about, right? At all costs, he intends to get rid of me himself.


Ambassador: What are you going to do about that?


Renhart: With things as they are, I canít step out into public view without loosing, can I, so I need to think of somethingÖ.


Simone and Alicia come back into the room, with Alicia now in dry clothing.


Simone: Hey now, look at this.


Ambassador: HoooÖ


Simone: It really suits her, doesnít it?


Ambassador: I liked it when you wore it too, but for every person who wears something, it shines in a different way.


Simone: Thatís very true. But I think that speaking style of yours is cheating.


Ambassador: Hum. Well, Iím also going to go change.


Simone: Into some shining clothes?


Ambassador: Mm.


Simone: Now then, well, youíll have to excuse me, I have to prepare dinner.


Renhart: No, we couldnít-


Simone: Itís not like you to be so restrained! Listen now, thereís no rush; enjoy yourselves.


Renhart: Ö How about staying?


Alicia: Eh? But can you really afford to?


Renhart: Getting into a panic wonít help anything.


Alicia: What on earth are you going to do?


Renhart: Iím definitely going to win. Iíll think of what I need to do to win. Thatís all.


Alicia: Ö Um, thereís a home office, isnít there? What about contacting them? Iíll give testimony.


Renhart: No good. If it came to trial, for example, theyíd be a step or two ahead of us. Your testimony alone wouldnít do any good.


Alicia: Then how can you win?


Renhart: I believe that I can. Until the bitter end. I will definitely win.


Alicia: If you lose?


Renhart: I die, thatís all.


Alicia: Ö..


Renhart: You wonít go through that. Iíve asked the ambassador, and heíll keep you hidden. Please, forget that you know anything about it.


Alicia: ÖÖ.


Renhart: Ö.Iím a little unsure that Carlos and the others spoke frankly. But if I win, that will keep them safe.


Alicia: Then I canít hide.


Renhart: Ö..


Alicia: You should win, right? There has to be something that I can do too. If I act as the go-between, then you can collaborate with Carlos and the others, canít you?


Renhart: No, thatís-


Alicia: Please let me. It would be awful if I was the only one hidden and safe.


Renhart: Ö..


Alicia: Will I be a burden? But please understand. I canít bear to be left behind again, like when they took my father. I want to go with you.


Renhart: AliciaÖ.


Ambassador: Renhart, Iíve thought of a good one. How about this?


He spots them on the couch, obviously having a moment, and backs out of the room.


Ambassador: W-weíll talk later.


Renhart (voice over): In the end she had her way, though if I could have, I wanted to keep her someplace out of harmís way. But her words gave me a hint. It would be just as well if Hume came to us. For godís sake, if things keep up this way Iíll have a complete brigade. Nothing for it but to take the risk. Isnít that good, though? Iíll pick up Bruceís enemy.


Scene Eighteen Ė A Street


Alicia and Johanne meet.


Johanne: And how is his injury?


Alicia: It doesnít seem good.


Johanne: I see. Well, in any case, show me the way there. Iíll have one of my coworkers call a doctor.


Alicia: All right.


Renhart (voice-over): A mistake would be unforgivable. Not now that even Alicia is wrapped up in this mess. Whether things proceed as we expectÖ I must win? Ė Those words are more true now than they were the many times I was told them when I was a spy. I didnít think coming to this town would get me stuck once more with a job that depended on those words.


Scene Nineteen Ė A Harbor Warehouse


Renhart stands alone continuing his monologue.


Renhart: Buenos Aires, an appropriate town for a fallen man.


Everything up to this point has been Renhart remembering. Alicia and Johanne enter, and just before they come into view Renhart sits down and acts as if heís been hurt.


Johanne: Mr. Renhart, are you all right? Mr. Renhart?


Renhart: Johanne?


Johanne: Thatís right.


Renhart: Iíve been framed. Someoneís falsely accused me.


Johanne: Thatís why I told you to stay out of it, isnít it? Isnít there some evidence that can prove your innocence?


Renhart hands her something.


Johanne: Whatís this?


Renhart: As you said, itís a laser sight. Can you take it and hide it somewhere?


Johanne: Got it. This is all?


Renhart: No.


Johanne: Whereís the rest?


Alicia: Itís loaded in a car around back. We brought them here from where the guerillas had them hidden.


Johanne: I seeÖ. A car in the back.


Hume and an assassin come out.


Hume: Ö.


Renhart: Chief!


Hume: Youíve done something quite stupid. Thanks to you, the reputation of the CIA is in tatters. Iím in the worst position.


Renhart: No, this is a false accusation.


Hume: Give it up. Weíve found obvious proof. When it becomes public, America wonít be able to face Europe. Itís over, Renhart.


Renhart: No, wait!


Carlos and his bunch come in, guns pointed.


Guerillas: Stand still! Weíll kill you!


Hume: Who the hell are you?


Maltines: Quiet!


Carlos: What have you done with them, huuuh? Where are they? Iíve figured it out at last, what those things are. Pretty impressive, arenít they? Youíve all come here to make a deal, havenít you? You, youíre a broker?


Hume: No, Iím from the American government.


Carlos: (to Alicia) You were going to betray us, huh?


Alicia: Wait, please donít misunderstand. Itís because I was tricked.


Carlos: Where are they? Where?


Alicia: Ö.


Carlos: ĎChe.


Alicia: Stop, listen to meÖ.!


Carlos shoots Alicia. She falls to the ground, motionless.


Carlos: Now whoís going to talk? You? You?


Renhart: If we talk, youíll kill us.


Carlos: Iíll kill you if you donít talk. But youíll get tortured. Tell me truthfully and you might just be spared. Where?


Johanne: A car.


Carlos: What car?


Johanne: Itís parked in the back.


Carlos: Hey!


Carlos signals Rino, who heads off to check.


Rino: Sure.


Carlos: ÖYou said you were with the American government?


Hume: Yes, thatís right.


Carlos: Then what are you doing in a place like this?


Hume: I came to arrest that man.


Carlos: Youíre a cop?


Hume: No.


Carlos: I kill cops.


Hume: No! W-wait! I donít have anything to do with you. Iím just here to judge that man.


Rino: Theyíre there.


Carlos: Hmmm. We nearly lost big. Because of you.


Hume: No. I donít have anything to do with what youíre looking for.


Carlos: It doesnít matter. Line up over there.


Hume: Why?


Carlos: Hey, you, everyone.


Hume: Wait, what are you planning to do?


Johanne: Didnít you say youíd spare us?


Carlos: Stop complaining and line up.


: Hey now, get to it.


Johanne: Didnít you say youíd spare usÖ?


Carlos: Thatís why Iím sparing you the torture.


Hume: Wait, please, wait!


Carlos: Do you want to die so badly?


Hume: Listen to me! Itíll be to your advantage.


Carlos: Ö.


Hume: You want money, right? I can get you as much as you want. And weapons! I can supply you with as many as youíd like.


Carlos: Weapons, you say?


Hume: Yes, the very newest ordinance from NATO. The weapons back there are just the beginning. How about riffles too? Pistols or bazookas, or even Stinger missiles, anything!


Carlos: What, youíre really a weapons broker after all?


Hume: Ö Yes, thatís right.


Carlos: Liar.


Hume: What?


Carlos: Donít waste my time! Whoíd believe a story like that?


Hume: Itís not a lie.


Carlos: The latest NATO weapons, you said. Who could get such a thing?


Hume: I can. I can!


Carlos: Idiot!


Hume: I can do it. IímÖ IímÖ.


Carlos: Enough!


Hume: Iím the chief of European CIA operations. I can siphon off NATO weapons into illegal channels easily.


Unnoticed in his corner, Renhart breathes out deeply and stops clutching at his fake wound. He straightens up.


Hume: Actually, Iím the one who smuggled those laser sights. If you leave it to me, I can get you any kind of weapon. And money. Believe me; do you know the status the Chief of the European Bureau has? I can do anything. Anything you can dream ofÖ.


Renhart: Thatís enough, Hume.


Hume: Whatís wrong with everyone?


Alexei and his KGB step into view, and behind them Stewart appears.


Hume: Who are these guys?


Renhart: KGB.


Hume moves to grab one of the guns, but is pinpointed with laser-sights that the KGB agents are using.


Renhart: If you move youíll be Swiss cheese.


Hume: You are a traitor?


Renhart: Who is?


Hume: Youíve defected to the KGB?


Renhart: Spare us.


Alexei: Chief Hume.


Hume: Ö.


Alexei: Alexei Azimoff. Iíve recorded everything that you have said just now. We will take this evidence, and yourself, into custody.


Hume: What do you intend? Why is the KGB-?


Alexei: So that America owes us a favor. You said it yourself, didnít you? If this becomes public, America will lose status.


Hume: Itís all a misunderstanding. No. Listen to me, this is nonsense! Itís a lie heís telling to deal with his current situation. Heís the one who plotted it! Him and-


He turns and spots Alicia sitting up, obviously not dead.


: ÖThat woman. Itís a trap he set to bring me down!


Alexei: Your smuggler partner confessed everything. You know our interrogation methods well, donít you?


Hume: Renhart, are you serious? Are you really going to give me to them?


Renhart: Too bad.


Hume: This will devastate the spy network in Europe! Theyíll be able to steal national secrets.


Alexei: We wonít do that this time. I negotiated with him. Itís enough now that America will owe us a favor.


Renhart: Nothing to worry about. As soon as you speak to the authorities, youíll be returned. But you wonít get a welcome.


Hume: ÖÖ


Alexei: Bring him.


Hume: Wait, thereís been some mistake. Itís not me; heís the one! Dammit, let go, who do you think I am? A grunt spy could-? Donít mess with meÖÖ!


They take him away.


Renhart: Are you all right?


Alicia: Yes.


Renhart: You did well.


Alicia: Ö..


Carlos: You lay there well.


Renhart: Itís thanks to you.


Carlos: Geez, Iím sorry!


Renhart: Everyone, thank you.


Maltines: This gives us peace of mind too, so itís all good.


Carlos: All right, time to pack it up. Drop the guns and letís go.


Renhart: Tell the Father that I said hello.


Carlos: Sure.


Renhart: Tell him Iíll visit sooner or later.


Carlos: Got it.


Alexei: All as planned?


Renhart: Maybe.


Alexei: Regretting your retirement?


Renhart: Donít joke. Oh! Thatís right. Here.


He hands him a gun.


Alexei: What?


Renhart: A present from me.


Alexei: What for?


Renhart: Enough. Use it. Itís American.


Alexei: Ö..


Ambassador: You really are going to let them come back, right?


Alexei: Your witnessing it is the guarantee.


Ambassador: Whatís with the send-off?


Alexei: If this country starts a war with England, America is going to desert them.


Ambassador: Ö..


Alexei: When that happens, I donít want you getting in our way when we act.


Ambassador: You intend to turn this into a second Cuba?


Renhart: Thatís really up to the people here to decide. Neither we nor the Soviets can influence them.


Ambassador: Ö.


Alexei: That age is already over. All we can do is our jobs.


Ambassador: East and West spies in agreement, what can I say?


This draws laughter, and soon only Renhart and Alicia are left.


Renhart: It made my flesh creep.


Alicia: Eh?


Renhart: When Carlos shot you.


Alicia: I didnít think being dead would be quite so hard either.


Renhart: (laughs)


Alicia: Are things really all right now?


Renhart: Yes, although itís extremely ironic to be able to place your trust in the KGB.


Alicia: It would be nice if everyone were to become allies like they are now. Ö.Then we wouldnít need weapons.


Renhart: Yes. Ö.This time, at least, God can admire the things that Iíve done.


Alicia: Of course! Iím certain good things will come of it.


Renhart: Like what?


Alicia: Getting the things you most wish forÖ


Renhart: Really?


Alicia: Yes.


Renhart: No matter what they are?


Alicia: Yes.


Renhart: Even if theyíre living?


Alicia: Yes, probably.


Renhart: Even people out of my reach?


Alicia: Mr. Renhart.


Renhart: ďJayĒ.


Alicia: ÖÖ..


Renhart: Donít worry, this is the continuation of the thank-you kiss that was interrupted.


Alicia: Ö..


Renhart: I know!


Alicia: What?


Renhart: Letís toast to celebrate a job well done.


Alicia: Eh?


Renhart: Tonight is special; surely youíll be forgiven that much. Come on, letís go.


Scene Twenty Ė The Airport


Alicia (voice-over): Iím sorry I didnít see you off. Too much happened in too short a time, and I donít know how to feel. Without reflecting on the situation, I swallow my pride, and in the end your leaving for America really is painful to me. So thatís how things are, and I donít think I could bear to see you off. But there is one more thing thatís been made perfectly clear to me. And that is that I donít want to continue living as I have up until now. I think I shall set out once more to find a new life for myselfÖ..


Renhart is reading Aliciaís letter when Troilo comes up beside him.


Troilo: Got them, got them, got them!


Renhart: Ah, whatís up?


Troilo: Iíve found them.


Renhart: Eh?


Troilo: The jewels! Afterwards I went over the pawn shops with a fine-toothed comb, and we got them! They were in the 23rd one.


Renhart: Ohhh?


Troilo: What, I thought youíd be more surprised. Did your end go well?


Renhart: I suppose so.


Troilo: Tell me, will you. What on earth was it all about?


Renhart: I contributed to world peace.


Troilo: Youíre pulling my leg?


Renhart: Well, thatís what itís been called.


Troilo: Really? Will you get a medal or anything?


Renhart: Naw, Iíll just give evidence.


Troilo: That kind of thing?


Renhart: That kind of thing.


Troilo: Youíre coming back, right?


Renhart: ÖIím not sure.


Troilo: About what?


Renhart: Should I begin, or should I keep on living in comfort?


Troilo: What?


Renhart: Ah, never mind me. Woah, I have to get going.


Troilo: Come back! Because Iíll be waiting. Weíll kick back and have a drink.


Alicia (voice-over): When I think of it, after I returned to the abbey when my father died, I was afraid of beginning. My life is simply holding on to the diluted pain. I suppose for me, in that condition, the abbey was an ideal world. But there are still so many things that need doing in this country. Of course looking after the orphans is still one of those things. But I think there are definitely things which you canít see if you donít try to live among all the people. Iím leaving the abbey. And Iím going to live a full life, as a woman. One of these days, no matter in what form, I look forward to seeing you again.


As the words continue, Alicia appears. She is in the tanguera once more, dancing.


Scene Twenty-One Ė The Tanguera


Renhart appears. Alicia stops dancing.


Alicia: Youíve come back?


Renhart: Thatís right.


Alicia: Youíll go to America again?


Renhart: Often, but for now Iím employed by this embassy.


Alicia: ÖÖ..


Renhart: So next time, come see me off.


Alicia: And the time after that?


Renhart: Mm.


Alicia: And after that, forever?


Renhart: Letís begin again. Letís go back to when we first met here.


Alicia: Yes.


Renhart: A new life, together.


Alicia: Can you dance the tango? Jay?


They dance.