Takarazuka GRAPH Dec. 2003 - Variety Question: 5 Stage

Yuuga Yamato
Q & A Interview


>> Color?
light blue and orange.
>> Musical Genre?
Lately, jazz.
>>SMAP Member?
Katori-kun. Because he always keeps you wondering what he's going to do next (laugh).
>>TV Show?
I don't watch often, but when I do it's usually in the morning, "Hanamaru Market".
>>Fairy Tale?
>>Shopping Spot?
I haven't really chosen one, but just to say, Osaka.
None in particular.
Jasmine. But I like coffee more.
>>Oden Ingredient?
Chikuwabu (a flour paste cake in the form of a tube).


>>If one day all the seats in the audience were filled with men?
Certainly to start with I wouldn't know what to do (laugh). But, I think I'd want to play my otokoyaku role so that it was more believable than all those men.
>>If you were a man?
I don't think I could ever really be a man, but I'd want to be a sports maniac, or something like that.
>>If you woke up one morning the size of a thumb?
I'd play pranks on lots of people.
>>If you could build a summer house wherever you liked?
Someplace up high with a beautiful atmosphere. If it was somewhere foreign, I'd say Switzerland.
>>If you could change the capital city?
Osaka. Because it's close to Takarazuka, where I live (laugh).
>>If you could gain any skill?
The skill to do hair cuts and make up just like a beautician.
>>If you could speak in a language other than Japanese?
>>If you were in the Olympics, which event would you do?
The 100 meter run, or something having to do with track and field.
>>If you were invited onto Bistro SMAP, what would you order?
Something with cheese.
>>If you had your own TV show?
I'd want to invite different artists on, and appear with them.


>>Tokyo or Osaka?
>>Summer or Winter?
>>A High Place or a Dark Place?
A High Place.
>>Black Tailcoat or White Tailcoat?
Black Tailcoat.
>>An Anywhere Door or a Helicopter Hat?
An Anywhere Door.
>>A Woman Who Causes Rain or Causes Sunlight?
There always seems to be rain around, so a woman who causes rain.
>>Hiroshi Kume or Tetsuya Chikushi? (News Anchors)
Hiroshi Kume-san.
>>Meat or Fish?
>>Sauce or Soy Sauce?
Soy Sauce.
>>Anko or Chocolate?
I'm pretty torn. It depends on which I'm in the mood for, but right now it's chocolate.


>>If you were on a deserted island, what one thing would you want?
Rice. Because I'd die without food (laugh).
>>Something you have to take with you on vacation?
A camera.
>>What do you want to eat for your last dinner?
Umeboshi and rice.
>>If you have white rice then you want this!
I'll have to go with umeboshi. Whenever I chose what to eat, there's always umeboshi.
>>What movie do you want to see?
"Zatoichi" (Trans Note: Good movie!)
>>When you're tired but can't allow yourself to sleep, what do you want to deal with it?
I chew gum. But I generally fall asleep anyway (laugh).
>>What do you want the most right now?
A strong memory.
>>What kind of housework machine would you want?
One that can cook when I'm hungry, and knows what I'm hungry for (laugh).
>>What's necessary for a Takarasienne?
"Kiyoku, Tadashiku, Utsukushiku" ("Nobility, Righteousness, Beauty" -- The Takarazuka Motto.)


>>Average time you're in the bath?
About 30 minutes.
>>Average time you sleep?
5, 6 hours.
>>Speed you talk at?
>>After you get into bed, how long does it take you to fall asleep?
Right away! Only a minute or so.
>>When your alarm goes off, how long does it take you to get up?
Just as the alarm goes, I fly out of bed (laugh). I guess I'm good at sleeping and waking up!
>>From the time you wake up, how long does it take before you leave?
An hour and a half is my ideal.
>>What's your favorite time of the day?
When I wake up early in the morning, and at night, after I've come home, the time between my bath and when I fall asleep.
>>How long will you wait for someone?
If they let me know, I'll wait as long as they need me to, if not, about 20 or 30 minutes.
>>Your favorite kind of watch?
Something simple and western style that suits me and is easy to use.
>>If there were 26 hours in a day, what would you do with the other 2 hours?
Sleep (laugh).